Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 745

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Chapter 745: Perhaps He’s Still Alive

“What do you mean, Shiting?” Xu Shaoqing’s expression changed.

“Do you remember when you started to show your concern?” Ji Shiting smiled sarcastically. “It was after Grandpa gave me shares when I took over T.S. Corporation. Before that, I only knew that you were my mother, and you rarely saw me.”

Xu Shaoqing’s face paled. She forced a smile and said, “Shiting, that’s because… That’s because…”

“Because you need to gain a foothold in the Xie family, you’re afraid that you’ll make Xie Rui unhappy if you show too much concern for me.” Ji Shiting smiled. “After I took over T.S. Corporation, you started to show your motherly love because you needed me to take care of the Xie family in business. That way, Xie Rui will value you more.”

“Shiting, you’re mistaken…” Xu Shaoqing started to shake her head.” How can I not care about you? You’re my son after all. ”

“That’s why I’ve done what you wanted. I’ve been cooperating with Xie Rui for all projects in the Xie family business these days.” Ji Shiting flicked his fingers. “You’re doing very well now. What’s there to be dissatisfied with?”

Xu Shaoqing was rendered speechless. She suddenly covered her mouth and cried silently.

Grandpa Ji sighed again.

He knew that his son was in the wrong first, so he didn’t mind whether Xie Siqi remarried or not. He didn’t mind that she barely showed Ji Shiting any concern either. Thus, his attitude towards her was rather gentle.

However, Grandpa Ji had nothing to say if Ji Shiting didn’t want to see her. He could only say that they weren’t fated to have a close mother-and-son relationship.

“I won’t stand aside and do nothing if you face any trouble in the future.” Ji Shiting looked at her. “But that’s all. I hope you can focus on being Mrs. Xie in the future and never disturb me and Shengge again.”

Ji Shiting wouldn’t force Xu Shaoqing to like or accept Ye Shengge. After all, Xu Shaoqing’s opinions and preferences weren’t important to him at all, but he couldn’t tolerate Xu Shaoqing’s malice toward Ye Shengge.

If he let that bit of malice go, it might cause unpredictable consequences in the future. He wouldn’t take the risk.

Thus, he could only be firm and ruthless.

Xu Shaoqing left crying. She didn’t argue further, but even Ye Shengge felt sorry for her.

However, Ji Shiting wasn’t moved at all.

Ye Shengge wouldn’t be so silly as to be a saint. If Xu Shaoqing knew what was good for her and stopped stepping into Qianfan Villa, Ye Shengge would definitely want that.

Grandpa Ji didn’t say anything for Xu Shaoqing. He sat on the sofa, looking rather aged.

“Actually, I didn’t see your father’s corpse back then,” Grandpa Ji suddenly said. “I once thought that he might still be alive, but it’s been more than twenty years.”

Ji Shiting held Ye Shengge’s hand and said after a long while, “Is he really that irresponsible?”

“Perhaps. Actually, if his cruise ship hadn’t gotten into that accident, he would’ve returned soon. He was spontaneous and his passion always came and went very quickly.” Grandpa Ji shook his head. “When you were just born, he was also very passionate and doted on you, so your impression of him was always positive… But after another woman ignited his passion, he forgot that he was still a father.”

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