Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 765

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Chapter 765: I Want to Bear Many Children for You

Ye Shengge looked down and saw the man putting her shoes on. She bit her lips and smiled, “Am I getting this luxurious treatment because of my son?”

Ji Shiting put on her shoes for her, stood up and hugged her again. He chuckled and said, “Don’t worry. Even if you’re not pregnant, I’ll still do it.”

Ye Shengge leaned against his chest and said, “Shiting, you’re too good to me.”

She had thought that the man had all kinds of problems, but now, he had changed almost all of them.

If he didn’t love her, that man wouldn’t have changed for her sake, given how stubborn he was.

Thus, he was perfect in her heart.

Every now and then, she would feel terrified that she didn’t deserve such happiness. Everything in front of her was just a figment of her imagination, but she would feel relieved every time she thought about that man’s determination.

The future was unpredictable, and the only thing she could do was try to live a good life.

The man grabbed her hand and smiled, “Ye Shengge, you have to know that me being good to you is not because of a positive trait of mine but yours.”

She sniffed and looked up.

“I won’t do that to others.” He looked focused. “It’s your ability to make me treat you like this, so just accept it with a peace of mind.”

Ye Shengge blinked and felt that what he said made sense.

“Are you hungry? What do you want for lunch?” Ji Shiting stroked her face. “Do you want to have Japanese cuisine?”

She nodded and said, “Yes.”

There were all sorts of amenities and facilities in the resort, including a swimming pool and a golf course.

Ye Shengge wanted to try riding a horse, but given her body’s condition, she could only imagine it. Thus, after the nap, Ji Shiting took her to play golf.

The man still looked stunning as ever in the sportswear and cap, and Ye Shengge couldn’t take her eyes off him.

Ji Shiting exchanged glances with her, curled his lips and waved his hand.

Although Ye Shengge had been in this sport before, her skills were average. Ji Shiting looked like an expert in this, and women admired him for his skills. The man’s heart skipped a beat, and he taught her personally.

There was no need for strenuous exercise and no danger was involved. Besides, Ji Shiting was very satisfied that he could have physical contact with her when teaching her how to play.

Ye Shengge was also very satisfied. If the man hadn’t been taking advantage of her from time to time, she would have been more satisfied.

They finally finished work when the sun set.

The golf course wasn’t far from their residence. Ye Shengge said pitifully that she was tired, and Ji Shiting stared at her for a while before saying, “Come on, I’ll carry you back.”

Ye Shengge climbed onto his back happily, but she didn’t behave properly. She recalled that the man loved to nibble her earlobe, so she did the same thing and leaned over to kiss his earlobe. He was so thrilled and aroused that he almost threw her down and told her to stop it.

She smiled and said, “Ji Shiting, I want to have many kids with you.”

The woman’s voice brushed past his ears, and Ji Shiting’s Adam’s apple bobbed.

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