Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 773

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Chapter 773: Who Is He?

Grandpa Ji was shocked. “What do you mean?”

“Jing Zhiyuan made a mistake in his work, so he has to make up for the financial losses as soon as possible. That’s why he’s targeting the Ji family.” Ji Shiting smiled. “Do you think his daughter is that easy to marry? If I marry her, my pockets will bleed. If I don’t marry her, he won’t let us off either.”

Grandpa Ji thought for a bit and said, “If you marry her, it’ll be a marriage alliance. The Ji family will help him get through this, and he’ll definitely give the Ji family enough help after he retains his position. We might not suffer any loss.”

“So you agree?” Ji Shiting said, sounding a little oppressive.

Grandpa Ji said in displeasure, “I’m just saying. Shengge is pregnant with your child. No matter how heartless I am, I won’t force you to marry another woman.”

“Mm.” Ji Shiting relaxed a bit. “By the way, I forgot to tell you that Shengge is pregnant with the twins.”

Grandpa Ji immediately froze. After a while, he rubbed his hands and said, “Why didn’t you say so earlier… Just try your best to deal with Jing Zhiyuan. If you can’t handle it, admit defeat. At most, you can just pay more.”

Ji Shiting smiled.

It wasn’t easy to satiate Jing Zhiyuan.

Jing Family in the capital.

Jing Tong wasn’t happy these days.

Ji Shiting kept his word and used all kinds of tricks to let everyone know that she had an outstanding mysterious pursuer. Jing Tong announced that Jiang Yu was already a thing of the past to her, and she received many curious and jealous gazes. However, at this time, she realized that this wasn’t what she wanted.

She felt so disappointed that she wanted to cry.

She still wanted to look for Jiang Yu. Even if he was annoyed by her, she would still be happy as long as she could talk to him.

However, everyone knew that she didn’t think much of Jiang Yu anymore. If she looked for him again, she would be slapping herself in the face.

She went downstairs grumpily and saw her father sitting on the sofa.

She walked over and greeted him.

Jing Zhiyuan looked at his upset daughter and smiled, “What happened? Did your suitor anger you?”

“No…” Jing Tong was still listless.

Those gifts were probably prepared by Ji Shiting’s assistant.

“I heard that your mysterious suitor is Ji Shiting?”

She had attracted a mysterious pursuer after a trip to Yang City, and many people had guessed that it was Ji Shiting.

Jing Tong shook her head and said, “No, Dad.”

“Who is he?”

Jing Tong was rendered speechless.

“Don’t lie to me. It’s not difficult to find out where those things came from.” Jing Zhiyuan smiled. “Don’t worry. Since he provoked you, I will definitely make him take responsibility.”

Jing Tong was dazed. “What responsibility?”

“To let him marry you, of course,” Jing Zhiyuan said. “Didn’t you say you wanted him to be your husband?”

“I was kidding!” Jing Tong said.

“How can you joke about that?” Jing Zhiyuan’s face turned sullen. “I’ve reached an agreement with Grandpa Ji, whether you want it or not.”

Jing Tong exclaimed, “How is that possible?”

“Why not?” Jing Zhiyuan stood up. “Tongtong, just stay at home these days and don’t run around.”

He then turned around and left.

Jing Tong stared at her father’s back and couldn’t come to her senses for a long time. She didn’t understand why things had become like this. Why was her father so autocratic?

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