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Chapter 78: I’m the Lucky One

Ye Shengge was somewhat anxious.

She had finally seen Vice President Zhou’s number, but unfortunately, it was 15, so she was looking for the girl with the number 15, hoping to swap it with her.

She could only pray that Grandpa Ji wouldn’t draw number 15.

The heavens must have heard her prayers as Grandpa Ji announced. “Number 6. Please bring the two people with this number to the middle.”

Everyone took a deep breath and fixed their gazes ata Ye Siyan.

After all, everyone knew that Ye Siyan had gotten number 6 after Ye Siyan’s self publication.

Was Ji Shiting really the man with the number 6 tag?

Ye Siyan lifted her chin as she looked at Ji Shiting. She walked to the middle and bowed, “Grandpa Ji, I’m number 6.”

Grandpa Ji’s smile stuck the moment he saw Ye Siyan.

Via Xie Siqi’s arrangement, number 6 was undoubtedly in Ye Siyan’s hands, but the woman in front of her was the girl her son had fallen for.

Fortunately, Grandpa Ji was a kind person so he forced a smile and asked, “The lady is here. Now where is the man?”

Qiao Yanze covered his eyes, trying to suppress his laughter.

Yu Shuhang said sternly. “Shiting, you can’t just ignore your grandfather, right? It’ll be awkward if you don’t show yourself.”

“Yes, yes.” Qiao Yanze immediately coughed. “Get down there. That lady is waiting for you.”

Ji Shiting smiled, picked up the number 6 and put it in Yu Shuhang’s hand. “That’s right. Go.”

Yu Shuhang was momentarily stunned. He then threw the tag aside as if it was a hot potato. “Impossible!”

“Haven’t you been eying the project in West City for a long time? Let’s have a dance. I’ll transfer the project to you immediately.” Ji Shiting said calmly.

Yu Shuhang’s face twitched. “You’ve planned this for some time, haven’t you?”

“You’ll get hundreds of millions if you sacrifice myself.” Qiao Yanze tried to suppress his laughter. “Why are you hesitating?”

“Damn it!” Yu Shuhang picked up the number tag from the ground and rolled his eyes. He opened the window and jumped off the rack.

“Here.” He smiled. “Grandpa Ji, I’m the lucky one.”

Grandpa Ji was shocked, but he didn’t press further. He smiled and said, “Okay, let’s begin.”

Yu Shuhang had a good upbringing, so he even remained calm under Ye Siyan’s passionate gaze. He put one hand on her shoulders and the other on her waist, spinning her around.

Ye Siyan couldn’t have been more relaxed. She wasn’t good at socializing, so she had stepped on Yu Shuhang several times.

“Sorry, Mr. Ji,” Ye Siyan apologized, blushing.

Mr. Ji?

Yu Shuhang chuckled and said, “No problem.”

He would endure it for a project worth hundreds of millions.

Many people recognized Yu Shuhang. Thus, the news spread like wildfire as many snickered in secret.

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