Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 808

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Grandpa Ji sat opposite him, staring at the two kids. He hadn’t been as energetic as before, but he was still in good spirits, thanks to the kids.

Grandpa Ji doted on the two kids a lot. There was once when Ye Shengge saw them fighting. One of them was riding Grandpa Ji’s neck, and the other was grabbing his beard. Grandpa Ji wasn’t angry and even let them do whatever they wanted.

Ye Shengge was amazed.

However, not to mention Grandpa Ji, even she was the same. If it weren’t for the two kids, she might not have been able to persist on until now.

Ye Shengge’s eyes dimmed when she thought of that.

Grandpa Ji saw her lonely face when he looked away.

“Shengge.” He sighed. “Ever since the political situation stabilized, I’ve asked a few old friends to investigate Shiting’s whereabouts, but they have limited power, so they might not be able to help much… Jiang Yu should be the one winning the elections in the second half of the year. I remember you said he has some ties with Shiting. If all else fails, there’ll be news if you ask him.”

Ye Shengge looked down and nodded.

Ji Shiting had seen her at the hospital, and Ye Shengge had been convinced that the man would return to her and their kids soon. However, she hadn’t expected him to still be here.

At first, she could comfort herself that perhaps it was because the situation was still unstable, but after the political situation had completely calmed down more than half a year ago, she still hadn’t heard from Ji Shiting. She finally panicked.

‘Where is he? He had said he would be back soon, so why is he making me wait so long? The kids are about to have their third birthday soon.’

No matter how determined she was, she couldn’t help thinking about the worst possibility…

She felt as if her heart was being clenched by a hand.

“It’s been hard on you these past few years,” Grandpa Ji said. “I know how heavy the company’s burden is.”

“Not at all.” Ye Shengge perked up and smiled. “Actually, I didn’t do anything at all. It’s all because of Shiting. If it weren’t for his foresight, the company might’ve been destroyed in my hands.”

“Don’t be humble. Even if you’re only carrying out Shiting’s plan, it isn’t a walk in the park,” Grandpa Ji said. “Shengge, if I really receive bad news one day, I won’t force you to stay in the Ji family. Just like how I didn’t force Xu Shaoqing, you…”

“Stop it, Grandpa,” Ye Shengge interrupted him. “I won’t leave no matter what. I’ll raise the two kids well.”

She couldn’t accept the worst outcome. If it weren’t for the good news, she would rather never receive any news. Her only belief was to wait. She didn’t believe that Ji Shiting would really abandon her and the children.

“You’re as stubborn as Shiting.” Grandpa Ji shook his head and smiled. “Come have dinner.”

After dinner, the two kids said goodbye to their Grandpa Ji and returned to Qianfan Villa with Ye Shengge.

At night, Ye Shengge took them to wash up. After a long time, she finally sent them to their beds.

Ye Shengge kissed their faces and said good night to them before returning to the master bedroom.

The room was empty as usual.

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