Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 812

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Thus, no matter how vexing it was, Old Yuan could only endure it.

He sighed and stopped them. “Stop arguing! Kun, you’re in charge of this. What do you think we should do?”

Yuan Junkun was Old Yuan’s eldest son. He couldn’t continue studying, and it was useless even if he broke the stick. Old Yuan had to arrange a place for him in the company. Fortunately, this kid had finished high school, so he wasn’t that useless among this group of useless people.

“Dad, that woman from T.S. Corporation is such a bully. Do you know what price she offered? This much!” Yuan Junkun spread out his fingers. “500 million, and it’s the old version that’s been obsolete! Why don’t she go rob a bank instead?”

“That’s right!” Old Ke was the manager of the company. He had been with Yuan Feng for the longest time, so he couldn’t stand being held back after opening the company. “Why don’t I kidnap that woman and use T.S. Corporation’s lousy algorithm as ransom?”

The others immediately agreed and started to discuss the details of the kidnapping.

“Shut up, all of you! Kidnap? How dare you think of that! We’re a serious company!” Old Yuan was furious. “They offered a price, and we can’t afford it. This deal is invalid. What else is there to say?”

Old Ke wasn’t convinced. “Then let’s not open this troublesome company. We’ve never been so particular when doing business before.”

“Because all the businesses you’ve done in the past were illegal!” Old Yuan glared at him. “We’re already so old, and it’s fine if we just keep doing this, but what about our children? Are you going to let your daughter inherit your legacy? Without a proper status, how will your children survive in society?”

Everyone fell silent.

Yuan Junkun said, “Dad, but how are we going to answer to Brother Shiting? He asked me to buy T.S. Corporation’s algorithm at all costs.”

“At any cost?” Old Yuan mumbled and frowned. “This won’t do. It’s too expensive. We might not be able to afford it even if we split the company up and sell it.”

The meeting stopped again.

Old Yuan had to admit that they were all useless, including himself.

They wouldn’t have been able to do anything without Ji Shiting.

However, he felt guilty at the thought of Ji Shiting. Ji Shiting treated T.S. Corporation as a learning partner, but he didn’t know that everything in T.S. Corporation belonged to him.

Old Yuan sighed.

He had made a mistake and left her behind, but he knew that the man would leave sooner or later.

He had never belonged here.

After the Qingfeng Gang established the Green Peak Trading Company, Old Yuan had bought two villas by the sea. One was for himself and his subordinates, and the other was for Old Liang and Ji Shiting.

He probably didn’t want to disturb Ji Shiting unless he had to, but both his kids idolized Ji Shiting and liked to look for him. Old Yuan couldn’t stop them.

The man was watching a movie in the room.

He was wearing casual clothes, and his long legs were spread out. He had his hands in his pockets and he looked rather nonchalant.

However, his dark eyes were focused on the computer screen.

In the movie, the beautiful lead actress was sizing up her male idol, and her eyes were glistening.

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