Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 815

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A lie usually had to be covered up with countless lies.

The decision made by him and Old Yuan had caused this situation, but he couldn’t face the outcome after Ji Shiting knew the truth.

If it weren’t for him, Ji Shiting wouldn’t have been in trouble. He had been too ridiculous when he was young, and he had hurt many people and committed many sins, but in the end, it was Ji Shiting who had borne the consequences for him.

He didn’t even remember how old Ji Shiting was when he left the Ji family. He only remembered that his son had always been calm, but he showed reluctance when he was sick.

However, this reluctance couldn’t stop his excitement.

Ji Ziliang sighed and felt guilty, but he could only wait and see.

He walked over and put the fruit platter on the desk. He couldn’t help saying, “Don’t worry, Shiting. Old Yuan thinks there’s no need to go to such extremes for something so trivial. It’s not that he doesn’t trust you, otherwise, he wouldn’t have given you nearly half of the company’s shares.”

Ji Shiting put out his cigarette and smiled, “I know. Actually, I’m not interested.”

“Then… What are you interested in?” Ji Ziliang asked carefully.

At first, Ji Shiting had been reading all kinds of materials and books for more than half a year because he had forgotten everything.

Perhaps it was because he had learned it before, but even if he had forgotten it, a simple browse was enough to recall those memories, including the experience of running a company.

Later, when Green Peak was just established, he spent his time in the company. When the company became official, he basically only gave strategic guidance but didn’t interfere with the company’s operations.

Thus, he spent his time on expanding his interests. Ji Shiting learned everything very quickly, so it was difficult for anything to attract his attention.

Ji Ziliang shivered as he recalled how Ji Shiting had started to watch Ye Shengge’s movie.

Ordinary people might not think that the actress Ye Shengge was the same person as the current president of T.S. Corporation, but he knew very well that the actress Ye Shengge was Shiting’s wife.

Besides, Shiting probably felt something for her.

Thus, he was worried that Shiting would remember something after seeing Ye Shengge’s movie.

However, Ji Shiting was silent for a while.

“Are you satisfied with your life now, father?” Ji Shiting asked.

Ji Ziliang was dazed for a bit, then he nodded and said, “Of course. Besides, you’re here.”

He had hated living a regular life, but now, he cherished such a boring life.

If Ji Shiting hadn’t lost his memory, he wouldn’t have had the face to acknowledge him, even if Ji Shiting had recognized him. Now, he dared to call himself a father because Ji Shiting didn’t know that he had abandoned him.

“That’s good.” Ji Shiting smiled and stood up. “I’ll go to the gym.”

Ji Ziliang still had many questions, but he held them back. He was afraid that he would lose his son if he asked.

The gym in the villa was huge, and the facilities were complete.

After sweating profusely, Ji Shiting leaned against the wall and tried to breathe, but a woman’s face appeared in his mind.

She smiled brightly, and the stars in her eyes seemed to be because of him.

Ji Shiting suddenly had a physical reaction.

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