Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 818

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Ye Shengge had rarely attended such events in the past few years, so she caused quite a bit of a commotion when she showed up.

After all, Ye Shengge was enough to arouse everyone’s interest, be it as an actress or the current acting president of T.S. Corporation.

Most of the people attending the meeting were big shots of the industry, and many of them came to talk to Ye Shengge.

Ye Shengge was at ease with that, and Sun Ye was also reminding her about the identities and preferences of each big shot.

Sun Ye was indeed capable. It was no wonder that Ji Shiting trusted him.

Ye Shengge had never been afraid in an occasion like this where she needed to showcase her emotional intelligence and ability to read people’s expressions. All the big shots she had talked to were satisfied.

However, there were still some discordant voices.

“Didn’t you say this was a high-end summit? Why is there an actress here?” Someone suddenly said disdainfully and meanly. “Can’t T.S. Corporation find anyone capable enough? They actually let an actress take on such a high position?”

The person who spoke didn’t lower his voice at all, and was obviously trying to embarrass Ye Shengge.

Everyone fell silent.

All the attendees were big shots in the industry. Even if they were in disdain of Ye Shengge, they wouldn’t say it in public, so they were all stunned when they heard that voice.

Ye Shengge looked over with a smile and saw an ordinary face. He seemed to be in his thirties.

“Young Master Qi?” Mr. Zhao, who was chatting with Ye Shengge, recognized him, so he smiled and mediated. “We just talked to Mr. Ye about the blockchain problem. What do you think about that?”

However, the man called Young Master Qi ignored Boss Zhao’s offer.

“Does she even know what blockchain is?” Young Master Qi sneered. He lifted his chin and looked at Ye Shengge. “If she hadn’t been lucky enough to marry into the Ji family and if Mr. Ji hadn’t gotten into an accident, she wouldn’t have the chance to call the shots in T.S. Corporation. Tsk tsk… Everyone says that women are the most vicious. I wonder if Mr. Ji really had an accident or was schemed against by someone close to him.”

Ye Shengge didn’t take his provocation to heart.

However, her face turned cold and sullen after hearing those words.

“Please be careful with your words, Young Master Qi!” she yelled.

Everyone’s attention was attracted by this change, so no one noticed two men walking in.

The tall man was wearing a suit and had a cold expression. The young boy beside him was also wearing a suit, but he looked a bit weird.

“Why do you look more handsome in a suit, Brother Shiting? I can’t feel like that.” Yuan Junkun complained.

Brother Shiting usually wore casual clothes. This was the first time Yuan Junkun had seen him in a suit, and he felt that Shiting should be wearing it like this.

He looked around and said, “What are those people talking about? Why are they all surrounding a woman?”

Ji Shiting didn’t answer him because he saw the woman not far away.

The man pursed his lips and his eyes were dark.

It was her indeed.

The woman was wearing a suit jacket and pants, which made her waist look slender and long. She looked capable and feminine. Her temperament was completely different from in the movies, but there was no doubt that they were the same person.

Ye Shengge was still the same Ye Shengge as before.

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