Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 820

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Ji Shiting heard what Young Master Qi said.

His expression didn’t change, but his dark eyes looked more unfathomable.

Yuan Junkun was furious. “Is what he said true? That woman from T.S. Corporation is despicable. No wonder she asked for so much money and treated us like fools! Mr. Ji is so pitiful. Sigh!”

Ji Shiting suddenly said, “Kun, stop that Young Master Qi.”

He then told Yuan Junkun what to say.

“Huh?” Yuan Junkun was stunned. “Why?”

In his opinion, helping Young Master Qi was more like it as he felt that Ye Shengge was too despicable. Yuan Junkun had already treated Ye Shengge as an enemy ever since he was refused the last time.

“If you help her, the cooperation between the company and T.S. Corporation will be half completed.” Ji Shiting saw how enraged the woman was and said, “Go.”


“Aren’t you going to develop the company?” Ji Shiting said assertively.

Although Yuan Junkun was reluctant, he knew that what Brother Shiting said made sense, so he adjusted his tie and walked over.

Ye Shengge bit her lips and couldn’t say anything.

Qiao Yanze liked the two kids a lot, so he went to Qianfan Villa more often. However, he came with Li Yinian most of the time, and he would bring gifts for the two kids or play with them every time. Sometimes, he would also go to T.S. Corporation to talk to Ye Shengge about work, especially in the first year. He was probably afraid that Ye Shengge wouldn’t be able to handle it and wouldn’t be able to ask him for advice, so he came to her often.

In fact, Qiao Yanze and her conversation mostly ended in arguments. They probably didn’t have a good relationship.

However, she hadn’t expected that it would become evidence that she and Qiao Yanze had “hooked up”.

Young Master Qi’s words were too shocking. Everyone else looked at each other, but they couldn’t speak up for Ye Shengge anymore.

“Young Master Qi, it’s one thing for you to be dirty-minded, but please don’t judge others with your dirty thoughts.” Ye Shengge sneered.

“Hehe, I was right, wasn’t I?” Young Master Qi sounded malicious.

Ye Shengge clenched her fist, but before she could say anything, she heard the young man’s clear voice.

“Young Master Qi, I heard that your father, Mr. Qi is in his sixties this year, and he’s still very energetic. I wonder when he’ll retire,” he said with a smile. “You’re almost forty years old, yet you’re still being called Young Master Qi. You must be upset, aren’t you? Are you jealous seeing Miss Ye become the head of T.S. Corporation at such a young age? You said Mr. Ji was killed by Miss Ye… Hah, I think those things you said are what you want to do to Mr. Qi. Otherwise, ordinary people wouldn’t think that way. Um, it looks like I have to remind him when I see him next time.”

“You… You’re slandering me!” Young Master Qi felt like his tail had been stepped on. “Where did this kid come from? Are you in any place to talk here?”

“I’m not in any place to speak here but neither are you. The invitation you took was sent to Mr. Qi, right?” Yuan Junkun chuckled. “Seems like you really want to replace Mr. Qi.”

Young Master Qi’s expression changed, and everyone looked at him with an ambiguous gaze.

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