Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 835

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Chapter 835: I Don’t Want to Disappoint You

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Ji Shiting swallowed hard and stroked her face.

Ye Shengge wrapped her arms around his neck, looked up and said, “Are you… unwilling to touch me because you haven’t decided whether you want to go back with me or not?”

The man’s tense body showed his desire for her, but he was trying hard to control himself.

Perhaps in his opinion, if he got intimate with her here, it would mean that he would agree to return to Yang City with her and be Ji Shiting again.

However, it was obvious that the man still had doubts about this unfamiliar identity and responsibility, so he didn’t want to make a decision.

Ji Shiting blinked and said, “Can you stop messing around if I say yes?”

“Seems like I’m right.” Her voice was muffled, and her eyes were red. “But you’ll have to go back with me sooner or later. Ji Shiting, don’t think you can avoid your responsibility just because you have amnesia.”

The man pursed his lips and didn’t say anything.

It was because of the heavy responsibility that he couldn’t make a decision rashly.

Ye Shengge suddenly smiled and kissed his chin. “I won’t cling to you because of this. If you really don’t want to return to Yang City with me, no one can force you. So come if you want. Don’t have any worries.”

Ji Shiting looked at her and said, “I don’t believe it.”

If he really got intimate with her here, that woman would only think that he still loved her. If that happened, she would definitely pester him until the end.

Ye Shengge bit her lips and looked defeated. She started to slide her hand down again. “But you want it very much.”

Ji Shiting grabbed her hand several times.

“Ye Shengge, I don’t want to disappoint you.” He swallowed hard, trying to calm himself down. “You might regret it if I return to Yang City with you.”

“I won’t,” she said without hesitation. “Even if you don’t do anything, I’m already very happy to see you. How can I regret it?”

“Even if I don’t do anything?” The man raised an eyebrow and looked at her hand. “Really?”

“Oh, so that’s what you meant when you said you didn’t want to disappoint me.” She blinked. “Then you don’t have to worry at all. You’ve always been amazing. It’s alright even if you’ve regressed. I’m very easily satisfied.”

Ji Shiting almost laughed at her honesty.

That woman really dared to say anything.

Perhaps that was how they used to get along.

“I don’t remember anything, Ye Shengge,” he said. “I didn’t know my identity until today. Before this, I never thought you and I would be so connected, let alone that I’m the heir of T.S. Corporation.”

“But you know now,” Ye Shengge said. “Isn’t Green Peak going to buy algorithms from T.S. Corporation? But in reality, T.S. Corporation’s algorithm system was released when you were around. Also, even my speech today was copied from your report. Everyone thought I had foresight, but that was all your idea.”

Ji Shiting was dazed. He pursed his lips and didn’t say anything.

“Are you afraid that you can’t compare to your former self?” Ye Shengge suddenly smiled.. “But what you could have done back then is even more so now.”

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