Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 852

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The villa was facing the sea, and the sound of waves would come from afar in the dead of the night.

Ye Shengge lay down beside the man and grabbed his hand.

Ji Shiting grabbed her hand.

Ye Shengge was thrilled. She turned around and threw herself into the man’s embrace, but he yelled, “Lie down.”

“You used to hug me to sleep…” She mumbled in disgruntlement.

Ji Shiting’s breathing became heavier in the darkness.

“That’s in the past,” the man said assertively.

“Are you worried that you won’t be able to control yourself…” Ye Shengge said smugly.

The man paused for a bit and said, “I’ll go to the guest room if you talk anymore.”

“Don’t… I won’t say such things anymore.” Ye Shengge begged, but she still held his arm tightly.

She was already satisfied that the man was lying beside her.

The satisfied woman soon fell asleep.

However, Ji Shiting wasn’t sleepy at all.

He heard a light breathing sound beside him, and it felt familiar yet unfamiliar. His Adam’s apple moved, and he tried to ignore the heat in his heart and closed his eyes.

However, Ji Shiting woke up in the middle of the night because of the pain in his brain. Before he opened his eyes, he saw light as bright as day.

However, the light disappeared quickly, and it was replaced with darkness. His temples were throbbing as if he couldn’t take it anymore. He took a deep breath, and his heart was still beating fast.

He lifted the blanket and was about to get out of bed when he realized that the woman was still holding his hand.

Ji Shiting was dazed. He retracted his arm carefully and walked to the balcony with the cigarette and lighter.

He lit up a cigarette, and the pain finally subsided.

He had undergone a checkup before, and the doctor said that his amnesia wasn’t a pathological cause. At least, the medical world couldn’t give an explanation for it yet. In the past three years, his body had been very healthy, and this was the first time he had experienced such a situation.

Perhaps the woman’s appearance had triggered some sealed memories, which was why he suddenly had a headache.

And the white light he saw before he woke up…

Ji Shiting took a deep puff, and soon, he finished smoking.

He calmed himself down, put out the cigarette on the balcony, turned around and saw Ye Shengge standing behind him.

He could see the worry on the woman’s face under the moonlight.

Ji Shiting didn’t say anything, but he felt furious. He took a step forward, hugged the woman and kissed her.

Ye Shengge was about to ask, but she hadn’t expected the man to kiss her passionately. Her eyes widened, but she didn’t reject him.

However, the kiss changed very quickly, as if it was trying to possess her and venting his frustration. The man pressed her against the wall, and his burning body was pressed against hers. Ye Shengge was almost out of breath from his kiss. She was struggling, but suddenly, her lower body felt cold, and she took off her sleeping pants.

Ye Shengge was shocked and panicked, but soon, her panic became reality. The man grabbed her butt with both hands.

“Shiting!” She took a deep breath and put her hands on his shoulders. “Ouch… Ouch…”

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