Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 860

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“Yes, I don’t remember,” Ji Shiting said calmly.

“…” Gu Yimo was dazed for a while before saying, “Damn it! What happened?”

“My intelligence isn’t affected, and my body is healthy, so I don’t think my amnesia is caused by some drug,” Ji Shiting said.

“Damn it, you’re suffering from amnesia!?!” Gu Yimo grabbed her hair. “Are you lying to me again?”

“No.” Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow. “It’s true this time.”

“…You don’t sound right. Do you know that you pretended to have amnesia before? How could you know that you pretended to have amnesia in the past if you have amnesia now?” Gu Yimo said with bewilderment.

“I was with Shengge yesterday.” Ji Shiting looked at him.

“Does that mean she already knows…” Gu Yimo paused. “So you didn’t use the identity of Liang Shi to contact me on purpose?”

“No, I just happened to notice your research and found it interesting, so I approached you.” Ji Shiting smiled. “I didn’t know we knew each other long ago.”

Gu Yimo continued to scratch his hair, still unable to accept the fact that the man had lost his memory.

“But you know me and the address of the research institute!” He was suddenly excited, realizing the flaw in Ji Shiting’s pretense. The man had recognized him at first glance. They hadn’t exchanged photos.

Ji Shiting sneered, “Do you think I can’t find out your information?”

Gu Yimo was rendered speechless.

No wonder he had been missing for three years…

“…Who did it?”

“It’s probably related to Jing Zhiyuan’s fall.” Ji Shiting smiled.

“If they want to take revenge on you, wouldn’t it be easier to just kill you? Why did they make you lose your memory?”

“That’s the problem.” Ji Shiting’s eyes dimmed. “I’m inclined to think that the other party tried to run some mind control experiment on me but the experiment failed.”

Gu Yimo took a deep breath and said, “That’s why you asked me to investigate the organizations that are running illegal human experiments.”

“What do you think it means if Jing Zhiyuan or his accomplice did it?”

“It means that they might perform the same surgery on high-ranking government officials. If the operation succeeds, the other party will become their puppet…” Gu Yimo took a deep breath. “The operation failed on you, which means they didn’t succeed three years ago, but now…”

“Let’s push it further.” Ji Shiting thought for a bit. “Why did Jing Zhiyuan go to prison?”

“He embezzled money, and he caused a huge loss in the treasury,” Gu Yimo said. “That’s why he attacked T.S. Corporation to fill the hole.”

“But when he was arrested, he didn’t have much assets under his name.” Ji Shiting paused. “Neither did Jing Tong. Where did all his money go?”

Gu Yimo was silent for a bit, then he sighed and said, “Seems like he used them for illegal research.”

Ji Shiting smiled and said, “I think you know better than anyone how expensive research is.”

“Fortunately, you only lost your memory. If you were controlled, T.S. Corporation might have been theirs.” Gu Yimo frowned. “What do you plan to do next?”

They arrived at their destination.

Ji Shiting stepped on the brakes.

“Next? I’ll count on you next.” Ji Shiting got out of the car.

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