Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 861

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“You want me to get close to that girl? I really can’t do this job. Please get someone else.” Gu Yimo looked miserable. “Would I still be single if I had that ability?”

“Unfortunately, you’re the only person I can engage now.” Ji Shiting looked at him. “You have no choice.”

“Damn it! Are you trying to threaten me with research funding again?” Gu Yimo was furious. “You’re not the one paying me now!”

“Do you think Shengge will listen to me if I ask her to stop funding your research?” Ji Shiting smiled.

Gu Yimo was speechless.

‘Damn it! Why did he come back? He should just continue to stay missing!’

Gu Yimo had a huge laboratory to himself. His food and lodging were not far from the laboratory, and it was the most remote place in the entire research institute.

“Here. All my research results are here.” Gu Yimo brought him to the laboratory and showed him everything. “If they can be produced in bulk, I would’ve made big bucks a long time ago. I wouldn’t need your help.”

Unfortunately, his research results were mostly harmful, and it was impossible to pass the assessment and to be mass-produced. He could only provide small-scale output to regular customers.

“These.” Ji Shiting chose a few. “How much do you have? Give them all to me.”

Gu Yimo gritted his teeth and said, “You’re so rude…”

Although he felt sorry, he couldn’t reject his sponsor. Strictly speaking, all his research results belonged to Ji Shiting.

“Put on hold what you’re doing first. If you’re bored, focus on making the ones I want.”

“Got it.” Gu Yimo rolled her eyes. “What about you? Where will you live if you don’t return to the Ji family? Are you going to stay here with me? Although I have a place to stay here, it’s very messy. You live in luxury, so you won’t be used to it.”

“Clean it up if it’s messy.” Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow. “Is this how you treat your guest?”

Gu Yimo looked pained.

“Show me what you’ve found.” Ji Shiting ignored his reluctance and said. “They won’t set up the organization in a remote place. I reckon it won’t be too far from Beijing.”

Gu Yimo nodded and said, “There are indeed many suspected organizations near Beijing… To be honest, do these big shots think the most dangerous place is the safest place?”

“No, they’re just afraid that the organization will be out of their control.” Ji Shiting smiled coldly. “Besides, they’ll get carried away if they hold power for too long.”

Gu Yimo mumbled, “I hope their research isn’t successful. Otherwise, it’ll be terrifying…”

Gu Yimo didn’t get a response, so she turned around and saw Ji Shiting pick up the phone.

“It’s me,” the man said gently.

“That’s great!” Ye Shengge said excitedly. “I almost thought you wouldn’t pick up the phone. Where are you now?”

“Yang City.” Ji Shiting smiled. “Are you relieved now?”

“No.” She sounded upset. “Shiting, I miss you…”

“I’ll find a chance to see you.” Ji Shiting looked at his watch. “It’s getting late. Shouldn’t you go to sleep?”

Ye Shengge was about to ask for the address of his exact location when she heard a seductive female voice.

“Mm… Ah… Harder…”

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