Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 868

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“No.” Li Yinian refused without hesitation. “Qiao Yanze, let’s make a bet. If my date comes back, can you leave?”

“Then, if he doesn’t come back, come back with me, okay?” Qiao Yanze sneered.

Li Yinian bit her lips and nodded. “Deal.”

“Very good.” Qiao Yanze sat in Qin Hongyu’s seat. “Five minutes is enough time for him to pay the bill. If he doesn’t show up in five minutes, come home with me.”

Li Yinian looked at him, held the kids’ hands and asked with a smile, “Are you guys full?”

The two of them nodded profusely.

“Aunt Li, Uncle Qiao brought us to the zoo this morning.”

“I love giraffes. Their necks are so long and interesting.”

“I like elephants!”

“I really want to raise a small animal.”

The two of them talked to Li Yinian affectionately. Li Yinian listened with a smile, as if she found it interesting.

Qiao Yanze suddenly felt something hit his heart.

Qiao Yanze had noticed that she liked kids a long time ago. He hadn’t taken any precautions in the past three years, and he had hoped that the children would change her attitude, but that woman obviously wouldn’t give him a chance.

She couldn’t wait to draw the line with him just because she heard that he was getting engaged, and she started to look for the next man…

That woman had never trusted him, and perhaps she had never loved him.

The man’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he thought of this. He suddenly felt that it was such a glaring scene. He looked away and looked out the window, clenching his right hand on the desk.

Five minutes later, he said, “It’s time to go.”

Li Yinian was dazed for a bit before realizing that Qin Hongyu had disappeared. She mumbled, “Impossible…”

“Ha…” Qiao Yanze smiled. “I thought you never had any expectations for men.”

Li Yinian bit her lips. She had thought Qin Hongyu was different, but she hadn’t expected him to run away after hearing the two kids call her ‘Mom’.

Qiao Yanze was even more upset seeing the disappointment in her eyes. He couldn’t help but mock, “Li Yinian, your taste has gotten so bad. Why? Can’t you bear to part with that kind of trash?”

Li Yinian’s eyelashes fluttered. “I admit defeat. Let’s go, we’ll send the two kids back first.”

Qiao Yanze stared at her for a few seconds and stood up.

After returning to the car, Qiao Yanze told the driver to leave and took over the wheel himself. Li Yinian rode in the front passenger seat while the kids got into the backseat.

Qiao Yanze had planned to return to Qianfan Villa first, but the anger and indignation in his heart kept surging, so he subconsciously drove to Jade Spring Palace. Li Yinian tried to remind him, but he interrupted her coldly.

Just as the car stopped in front of the villa, Qiao Yanze unbuckled his seat belt. Li Yinian unbuckled her seat belt too and was about to get out, but she suddenly felt a hand on her waist. The man pulled her into his arms and kissed her without any restraint.

“Ugh!” Li Yinian tried to push him away. “The kids…”

‘The two kids are still behind!’

“They’re sleeping,” Qiao Yanze said. He grabbed her body and kissed her lips hard.

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