Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 871

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Chapter 871: Can You Be Our Father?

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The two kids were very reliant and trusted him for no reason, but he couldn’t help palpitating.

“Okay.” Ji Shiting’s voice was hoarse. He then bent down and picked up the two kids with each hand. The kids hugged him and leaned against his shoulders.

Ji Shiting found it strange and was feeling quite helpless.

This was the first time he was carrying a child, and he didn’t know whether his actions were accurate or not. Would it be uncomfortable to hug them like this?

However, it shouldn’t be a problem because the two kids seemed to be very happy. The girl even put her face against his and rubbed it.

The man’s heart ached at the soft touch. At that moment, Ji Shiting thought that he was lucky he had shaved in the morning

“Is that okay?” he asked gently.

The two of them smiled and nodded.

“Uncle, I like you,” Jinqing announced solemnly.

“Me too.” Jinchen counted with his fingers. “Uncle, can you be our father?”

Ji Shiting smiled and said, “What about your father? Don’t you want him anymore?”

Jinqing rolled her eyes and chuckled, “We want you.”

“Okay.” Ji Shiting nodded. “I’ll talk to him later, okay?”

The two kids looked at each other and chuckled.

Ji Shiting didn’t understand what was so fun about that, but kids will be kids…

After a while, the two kids asked to get down so Ji Shiting put them back on the stone bench. However, Jinqing took a liking to his wristwatch and asked him for it.

Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow, took off his watch and handed it to her.

He turned around and saw Jinchen looking at him in puzzlement, as if he was thinking about what he wanted.

Ji Shiting couldn’t help smiling. He flipped his wrist and showed him the diamond cufflinks.

“Do you want them?”

The boy’s eyes lit up, and he nodded profusely.

Ji Shiting took off the diamond cufflinks and handed them to him. Fortunately, he was wearing a shirt today, otherwise, he wouldn’t have gotten anything.

The little guy played with it for a bit and looked at the watch in his sister’s hand. The two kids then exchanged gifts again, laughing happily.

Ji Shiting smiled and stroked their heads.

At this moment, Qiao Yanze and Li Yinian finally realized that the two kids were gone.

Their faces turned pale, and they got out of the car. Fortunately, they turned around and saw the two kids not far away, but there seemed to be a stranger standing beside them…

Qiao Yanze rushed over and questioned with a stern expression on his face, “You are…”

The moment he said that, the other party turned around and faced him.

Qiao Yanze felt as if someone was strangling his throat.

Li Yinian was a step slower. She was wondering why Qiao Yanze stopped walking, and when she looked up, she couldn’t help gasping.


“Daddy, Mommy,” the two kids interrupted Li Yinian and ran toward them.

“We met a very good uncle.”

“He even gave us gifts.”

“We invited Uncle to our birthday party, and he agreed.”

“Dad, this uncle seems to be here for you.”

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