Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 875

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Now that they had seen their father in person and realized that he was better than they had imagined, they were naturally very excited.

“Is Dad going to stay for good this time?” Jinchen looked at Li Yinian expectantly.

“I don’t know either.” Li Yinian stroked their heads. “But he’ll definitely show up on your birthday. Ask him when the time comes.”

“Okay.” The two of them nodded with a smile.

At this moment, Qiao Yanze and Ji Shiting walked into the living room.

Qiao Yanze coughed and said, “Babies, your beloved uncle is leaving. Come say goodbye to him.”


Jinqing and Jinchen immediately jumped off the sofa and rushed toward Ji Shiting. Ji Shiting had to squat down and welcome them with open arms.

“You’re leaving now, Uncle?” Jinchen blinked.

“Uncle, have dinner with us before you leave.” Jinqing tugged at his tie.

Ji Shiting’s heart softened when he saw the reluctance on their faces.

“Sorry, I have something to do.” He said. “I’ll come see you when I have time, okay?”

The two of them nodded and asked for a kiss. Ji Shiting had to kiss their faces to satisfy them.

He found it amusing. He suddenly felt that the two kids had picked up Ye Shengge’s antics. They both liked to act spoiled, and they were very clingy.

However, he enjoyed it.

He thought that perhaps, it was time for him and Ye Shengge to have their own children. He didn’t know whether their children would be like the two little ones.

Ji Shiting said goodbye and left.

Qiao Yanze walked him to the door.

“Be careful of Xiao Ruilang. He’s never been on good terms with you, and he’s always been coveting Shengge. The people in Beijing might not find your traces immediately, but it’s hard to say for Xiao Ruilang. He’s a lunatic,” Qiao Yanze said. “Contact me if you need anything, but it’s best to change the place we meet. It’s not safe here.”

The man’s eyes dimmed. “Understood.”

He walked down the stairs and turned around, only to find that the two kids had arrived at the door and were staring at him.

Ji Shiting pursed his lips, and a portion of his heart suddenly sank.

He waved at them and eventually disappeared into the night.

Gu Yimo was waiting for him in the car, and he had taken a nap because he was bored.

After Ji Shiting got into the car, he yawned and asked, “Is it done?”

“Yes, let’s go,” Ji Shiting said, but he couldn’t help looking at the door of the villa in the distance. He could still see two small figures.

Ji Shiting suddenly clenched his fist. At that moment, he felt as if he had felt their fetal movement before. That warm and powerful feeling was too real, but when he tried to recall it, his mind began to hurt like there were needles pricking him.

He frowned.

After dinner, Qiao Yanze sent the two kids back to Qianfan Villa. It was already late when he returned to Jade Spring Palace.

Li Yinian hadn’t left yet. She was sitting on the sofa, looking like she was waiting for him.

Qiao Yanze threw the car key on the coffee table and curled his lips. “Shall we go back to our room?”

“I received news from Qin Hongyu. He said that he wanted to come back to look for me after paying the bill, but he was pushed out of the restaurant by two bodyguards in black. He was then sent to a taxi. When he finally returned to the restaurant, I was already gone.” Li Yinian looked up at him and said calmly.

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