Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 877

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Chapter 877: Untitled

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Qiao Yanze’s eyes turned dimmer, and his voice became hoarse. “What do you mean?”

“What I mean is, I’ve never taken… those drugs that you think I have.” Li Yinian smiled sarcastically. “Because there’s no need to.”

Qiao Yanze immediately came back to reality.

He swallowed hard and said, “Li Yinian, what are you implying?”

“Qiao Yanze, I can’t have children.” She held his face and smiled. “I’m afraid you can’t give me children.”

“Impossible!” The man yelled, looking shocked and in huge disbelief.

“Or you should go to the hospital for a checkup.” The woman’s voice was cold and self-deprecating. She put her hand on the man’s well-defined belly. “You haven’t gotten me pregnant in three years. Since you don’t think it’s my problem, it’s yours.”

Qiao Yanze breathed heavily and didn’t say anything for a long time. Their bodies, which were originally pressed together, separated.

He suddenly felt his heart shatter upon hearing this news, but he didn’t know whether to feel sorry for her or be angry at her for hiding it.

“Is that why you left me?” He sneered.

Li Yinian moved her lips and said hoarsely, “Kind of.”

“Li Yinian!” Qiao Yanze clenched his fist and said. “Have you asked me? Have you discussed it with me? Why did you make the decision for me?”

Li Yinian was dazed. She asked, “Don’t you care?”

“I do.” His Adam’s apple bobbed. “But if being with you means I can never have my own child, then I’ll admit it.”

Li Yinian’s eyes turned red. She took deep breaths, trying to suppress her fragile emotions.

How could she let him know that she was infertile? It had never been because they couldn’t be together, but… in the end…

At that moment, she suddenly recalled the coldness and despair when the medical instrument was inserted into her body. She suddenly shivered and her voice trembled.

“Qiao Yanze.” Her voice was hoarse. “That’s not the most fundamental reason. It’s because I don’t love you.”

“Shut up,” the man interrupted her. “Li Yinian, listen. I don’t care. What you mind is never a problem to me.”

It didn’t matter whether it was because she couldn’t get pregnant or because his family couldn’t accept her. As long as she agreed, he would think of a way to resolve it. At most, he would give up everything now. At least he was confident that his value and ability wouldn’t disappear because he left the identity of Fourth Young Master Qiao.

However, she didn’t trust him, and she had never given him a chance.

“But I mind.” Li Yinian took a deep breath. “Qiao Yanze, if you didn’t love me so much, I might still be able to be with you, but the more you care about me, the more I can’t agree to you. Your efforts and your sacrifice are a burden to me. I’m a selfish woman. I don’t want to bear all of this.”

“So…” He sneered and pinched her chin. “You just let me sleep with you for three years? What’s this? An act of kindness to me?”

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