Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 897

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Gu Yimo still had his head lowered, and his face was red. He said, “Choose any one of them! It’s the same once the lights are off.”

“Tsk… How dare a virgin say that?” Qiao Yanze blew smoke rings at him. “Choose quickly. Don’t waste my time. I have women to sleep with when I get back.”

Gu Yimo couldn’t sit still. He looked up and pointed, “It’s her!”

Qiao Yanze looked up, and the manager immediately dragged the girl chosen by Gu Yimo over.

“Fourth Young Master, this is Lisa, and she’s still a virgin. Her situation is a bit special, and the price is higher…” The manager smiled.

The girl chosen wasn’t old, and she was pretty. She said, “I… I want 500,000 yuan. I won’t accept anything less than that.”

Gu Yimo looked up and said, “So expensive? I can buy so many devices and equipment with that!”

The girl’s face turned pale, and tears welled up in her eyes, but they didn’t fall.

“Okay. Since it’s someone chosen by Little Gu, it’ll be more expensive,” Qiao Yanze said with a mirthless smirk.

“I want you to pay first.” The girl bit her lips and said. “You can only…”

The manager pushed her and said, “Why would Fourth Young Master owe you money? How insensible!”

“It’s alright, as long as she can make Little Gu happy.” Qiao Yanze took another puff. “Give her the money from your clubhouse first. I’ll ask my assistant to transfer it to your account immediately.”

“Okay, we’ll do as you say.” The manager smiled and pushed the girl. “Go now.”

He then left the room with the remaining girls.

Qiao Yanze looked up at the girl who was at a loss and kicked Gu Yimo. “Speaking of which, can you two virgins do anything? Do you want me to find someone to guide you?”

Gu Yimo’s hair stood on end. He glared at Qiao Yanze and said, “I know what to do. Don’t worry!”

Qiao Yanze sneered. He stood up and walked to the girl, saying, “If you don’t succeed tonight, your 500,000 yuan will go to waste. Even if he doesn’t want it, you have to force yourself onto him, do you hear me?”

The girl shivered and nodded.

After Qiao Yanze left, the girl mustered her courage and looked at the man on the sofa.

She remembered that Fourth Young Master had called him Little Gu, so she walked over and said, “Mr… Mr. Gu…”

Gu Yimo was pretending when he heard the girl’s innocent voice. He looked up and bumped into the girl’s head. Both of them gasped.

“Are… Are you okay?” Gu Yimo almost jumped up from the sofa and stammered.

“I’m fine. I’m fine.” The girl covered the spot where she had been hit and shook her head.

She hadn’t seen his face until now. ‘Mr. Gu isn’t old, and he’s rather good-looking, but he’s a bit slovenly. His hair and eyebrows are messy, and his face is flushed. He didn’t dare look at her, and he looked more nervous than her.’

The girl was terrified, but she relaxed upon seeing that.

She had thought she would definitely be sold to a pot-bellied lecher, but she hadn’t expected her client to be such a person. He had an aura that didn’t fit in with the clubhouse, and he could be said to be… innocent.

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