Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 902

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“Their third birthday is the day after tomorrow,” Ye Shengge said. “That’s why I invited you to their birthday party today. I planned to tell you then.”

Ji Shiting was dazed. “But Qiao Yanze’s family… Wait, the twins are my children! I’ve seen them before!”

Ye Shengge humphed and said, “You finally realized it.”

“They… also know that I’m their father…” Ji Shiting said.

“They’ve seen your photo before, so they definitely recognized you. However, those two kids are more scheming. I don’t know why they misled you.” Ye Shengge gloated. “They probably won’t acknowledge you.”

“No, no. They can’t bear to part with me.” Ji Shiting swallowed hard. His heart softened as he recalled how curious and dependent the two kids were. “They said themselves that they like me.”

“Perhaps it’s to ask you for something,” Ye Shengge said as she exposed him. “This is the trick of the two kids. They’re collectivists.”

Ji Shiting was rendered speechless as he recalled the watch and diamond cufflinks he had given away.

Ye Shengge knew she had guessed correctly when she saw his expression.

She humphed, rolled out of his embrace, and lay down on the other side of the bed. “I’ll go to sleep first.”

Ji Shiting hugged her from behind and said, “I want to see them.”

“They’re all asleep now. Besides, are you sure you want to return to Qianfan Villa at this time?” Ye Shengge closed her eyes. “Of course, it’s not impossible if you insist on returning. Sister Xiu will definitely open the door for you.”

She sounded calm because she was just stating the truth.

However, Ji Shiting could sense some resistance.

He pursed his lips and tightened his grip. “You’re still angry, huh?”

“No, you didn’t know after all.”

“Can you tell me about them?” Ji Shiting hugged her tighter.

“What did you say? Did you disappear before I gave birth?” Ye Shengge tried to explain calmly. “There was no news of you during the last two months of my pregnancy. Everyone thought you had met with a mishap. That’s how I spent the last two months in fear, then gave birth to them. I raised the two kids while worrying about the company… Is that what you want to hear?”

Ji Shiting’s breathing became irregular. His heart was beating fast, and his muscles were tense.

He had been immersed in the surprise that he was the father of the twins, but he hadn’t realized what it meant to Ye Shengge. On one side, there was his children child, on the other was the company, and on the other was his life and death. Especially before the child was born, he couldn’t imagine how she had survived.

“Shengge…” His voice was hoarse. “Sorry.”

He finally felt heartache and regret.

Ye Shengge’s eyes welled up.

“I understand. You don’t have to keep apologizing.” She took a deep breath and pushed his hard arm. “I’m sleepy. Don’t press yourself against me.”

However, the man didn’t let her go.

He suddenly grabbed her hands and pressed her against him.

“Ji Shiting!” She was furious.

“Shengge.” His voice was deep and gentle as he looked at her. “I really know my mistake. I shouldn’t have suspected you.”

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