Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 918

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Ji Shiting called several times, and the car arrived at their destination after he finished explaining everything.

Gu Yimo had packed a big bag and was waiting there. He opened the car door and got in when he saw Ji Shiting.

Ji Shiting asked the driver to get out of the car and told him to return to Qianfan Villa. He then sat in the driver’s seat and started the car.

“I’ve brought everything you wanted, but do you really want to go yourself? Why do I feel that sister-in-law was taken away by someone who’s trying to lure you out?” Gu Yimo sounded worried.

“No matter what their motive is, I can’t not go.” Ji Shiting’s voice was hoarse.

He had been very calm since the incident. He had understood everything he needed to know and told her everything he needed to. Thus, he couldn’t help feeling anxious and even afraid.

There was no doubt that Shengge had been implicated by him. She had been fine these past few years, and no one had designs on her, but she had been targeted a few days after he returned.

The other party’s actions revealed a very bad news. They had been hiding for the past few years because they didn’t want to attract attention, but now, they had kidnapped Shengge. Even if it was to lure him out, it was too big a move. This meant that their research might have been fruitful, so they didn’t have to worry anymore.

“Where did you expose yourself? You haven’t interacted with many people these days, have you?” Gu Yimo grabbed her hair.

Ji Shiting pursed his lips and didn’t say anything.

This probably had something to do with Yuan Junkun. That kid was very active, and he might have been targeted by someone. Yuan Junkun probably hadn’t been tested after he was taken away, letting the other party know that he and Shengge were in Yang City.

His whereabouts were hidden and he was very cautious. The other party couldn’t find a chance to attack, but it wasn’t difficult to find Ye Shengge’s whereabouts.

After all, it was his negligence.

“I need a new identity. Help me get it done before we arrive at the banquet,” Ji Shiting said.

“That’s simple,” Gu Yimo said. “Besides, I have good news to tell you. I suddenly thought of bringing my 3D printer here. Perhaps I can use it to make a face mask for you. As long as I write a facial recognition program, it won’t be difficult. I just don’t know how realistic the mask will be. If the mask is too fake, it’s better not to use it…”

“There are still three hours before we arrive at our destination. This duration is enough for you to study,” Ji Shiting interrupted him and said coldly. “Quick!”

Gu Yimo was a bit flustered. “I’ll write the program now…”

When Ye Shengge woke up, she found herself in a luxurious room, which was filled with gold. She suddenly recalled the nightclub named Night Banquet, which Ji Shiting had told her about.

She remembered that Xu Shaoqing had called her in the evening and told her about what had happened to her in the Xie family. Although Ye Shengge didn’t like her, she couldn’t stand by and do nothing when Xu Shaoqing lowered his proud head and asked her for help.

She had agreed to Xu Shaoqing’s invitation, but she hadn’t expected it to be a trap.

She couldn’t help smiling bitterly. Ji Shiting had just decided to stay away from the trouble in Beijing today, but who knew that there was nothing he could do to stop it?

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