Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 923

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“That’s right…” Xiao Ruilang smiled and looked at her.

Ye Shengge was terrified. This guy might really expose her identity in public.

“Mr. Xiao, have you tried to conquer that woman from T.S. Corporation?” Young Master Cheng asked. “I heard she’s not bad-looking. There are also rumors that she used to be an actress.”

“No way. How can an actress be so capable? Ji Shiting isn’t dumb enough to give all his assets to an actress,” someone objected.

“Mr. Xiao, you must’ve seen her before, right?”

Xiao Ruilang smiled again and looked at Ye Shengge. “I’ve seen her before. Speaking of which, this pretty lady here looks like Miss Ye.”

Ye Shengge’s heart sank. She knew that he wouldn’t let her go easily.

“Haha, no way, Mr. Xiao. You said that Meimei looks like your first love. Was your first love Ye Shengge who then married Ji Shiting?” Young Master Cheng laughed.

The others also smiled, thinking that Xiao Ruilang was kidding.

Most importantly, no one had expected the ‘Meimei’ kneeling beside the pool to be Ye Shengge.

Ye Shengge finally relaxed after hearing them change the topic, but Xiao Ruilang smiled and said, “Tell me why you’re here, and I’ll consider helping you.”

Ye Shengge bit her lips. She couldn’t say that the other party was trying to lure Shiting out, and there were no other plausible reasons.

She shook her head and said, “I don’t know either. I was dragged to do my makeup after I woke up.”

That was the truth.

Xiao Ruilang snorted and said, “You’re hiding something from me.”

“No,” Ye Shengge gritted her teeth.

“Let me guess… Is it related to Ji Shiting?” Xiao Ruilang’s eyes lit up.

Ye Shengge’s eyelashes fluttered. “No.”

However, Xiao Ruilang had confirmed his answer from her loss of composure. He chuckled and said, “Seems like it’s really related to him. Have you found his whereabouts? Tell me and I’ll take you away immediately.”

“…That’s right. I did find his whereabouts, so I came to find him myself.”

“Liar.” Xiao Ruilang chuckled. “You’re still not telling me the truth.”

Ye Shengge gritted her teeth. ‘This guy is too difficult to deal with. If he knows that Shiting is back, he would definitely cause trouble.’ Ye Shengge didn’t dare take the risk.

However, she didn’t want to stay here anymore. Every minute she stayed here meant greater danger. Besides, Ji Shiting must have found a way to find her. She didn’t want Ji Shiting to be in danger.

At this moment, the heavy door was pushed open again.

The leader walked in and gestured, followed by a tall man.

“Oh, it’s the young master of the Huo family.” Young Master Cheng sat up straight in the pool. “Didn’t he say he wasn’t coming?”

Xiao Ruilang looked over and raised an eyebrow.

Ye Shengge also looked at the person.

The other party was very tall, and his face was well-defined. He wasn’t very handsome, but he was very masculine. He walked to the side of the pool and looked at a group of people casually. When he passed Ye Shengge, his gaze didn’t stop at all. He was also indifferent when he saw Xiao Ruilang as if he didn’t know them at all. Instead, he greeted the other second-generation heirs.

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