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Chapter 93: So Intimate

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“That’s not the case,” she explained. “Actually, I don’t really like him. I feel like… we’re more like partners. Instead… of being a couple. I used to trust him, but… but…”

However, it didn’t seem appropriate to use like or love.

Discovering the relationship between Mu Yanhuai and Mu Xiaoya had left her more furious and humiliated. He had never loved her, and had been using her all the time, which made her more uncomfortable.

That was why she could accept reality so quickly.

In other words, she and Ji Shiting were partners, but what they were doing was more like a couple…

Ye Shengge’s eyes sparkled at the thought of that.

Still, Ji Shiting seemed to be satisfied with her explanation. He said, “You’re a woman I’ve slept with before. Don’t just pick up a piece of trash and treat it as a treasure.”

Ye Shengge nodded, but her ears were completely red.

She didn’t know why, but she could hear tenderness in his words…

She must be hallucinating.

Ye Shengge kept taking deep breaths as she looked around, but she didn’t dare look him in the eyes as she promised, “Of course, of course… I’ll focus on my career…”

Before she could make a promise, that man stopped her.

However, it didn’t make sense. After he cut her off, he kissed her lips and sucked hard, then he moved his tongue into her mouth repeatedly.

Ye Shengge felt as if her mouth had been electrified, and the electrifying current spread throughout her body. Even her fingers were numb, and she couldn’t moan anymore. If he hadn’t held her in his arms, she would’ve fallen to the ground.

The man didn’t let go of her until quite some time later. He breathed heavily against her forehead, and Ye Shengge could only take a deep breath. Their breaths were intertwined with each other, and it was very intimate.

Ji Shiting swallowed hard and stared at her, sending Ye Shengge into a panic.

“Ji…” She had just said one word when her lips were covered by his again.

“Don’t speak.” Ji Shiting reminded her, kissing her lips carefully and slowly once more. After a while, he kissed her chin again, alternating between light nibbles and hard bites. It was painful and numb.

Ye Shengge couldn’t help tearing up. She hugged him tightly, afraid that she would fall to the ground in the next second.

However, Ji Shiting still wouldn’t let her go. He let out a deep moan, lifted her butt, and kissed the woman’s neck. He then bit down on her thin negligee, and he saw her slender and fair shoulders, which made stoked a fire in him.

He bit down.

“Sss…” Ye Shengge couldn’t help taking a deep breath as her body kept trembling. She clenched her teeth, afraid that she would moan in the next second.

It was… too intimate. Her heart couldn’t take it anymore.

That shouldn’t be the case. They probably only had a physical relationship but Ji Shiting’s gentle and overbearing kiss made her feel like she was being loved.

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