Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 944

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Professor Xu smiled and crossed his arms. “That’s right. So, what do you think, Mr. Ji?”

“I think we can cooperate.” Ji Shiting smirked. “You lack funds, and I happen to have some.”

“I’m not surprised at all…” Professor Xu clicked his tongue. “But I have to suspect that you’re just trying to get out of here by suggesting a cooperation.”

“Professor Xu, you said Gu Yimo was your student, right?” Ji Shiting looked at him.

“That’s right. He’s very smart. I’ve taken care of him for several years. I was all alone, and I left him all the useless information after I faked my death.”

“Then, you might not know that Gu Yimo established a research institute after returning to China.” Ji Shiting smiled. “Like you, he likes to do some unorthodox research, but it’s difficult to market it, so he couldn’t find sponsors and investments until he met me. I’ve been sponsoring him for the past six years, and the amount is increasing every year. Even during the years I was missing, Shengge didn’t cancel the funding. Last year, the funds from my personal account to Gu Yimo’s research institute were forty million. This is only a year’s funding, and I didn’t ask him for specific requirements. I decided the research content and direction based on his likes.”

It was powerful evidence. Professor Xu’s eyes widened.

“You can verify it yourself.” Ji Shiting smiled. “I can provide evidence if you trust me.”

“40 million isn’t enough for me.” He smiled.

“Of course, your research is far more important than Gu Yimo’s small-scale study. We can talk about the specific amount of funding. Double or triple is just a matter of a word.” Ji Shiting crossed his legs and said. “Professor Xu, you can understand if you think about it a bit. You insisted on operating on me. It’s fine if it succeeds, but if it fails, you’ll have nothing. With your current success rate, which choice do you think is more risky?”

Professor Xu was silent for a while before saying, “Mr. Ji, you’re very eloquent. I was almost tempted.”


Ji Shiting frowned.

“You’re right. Considering the risks, it’s more likely for me to get money by cooperating with you. Unfortunately, you didn’t mention the risk of these two choices.” He smiled maliciously. “If you lied to me after I chose to cooperate with you and breach the agreement after leaving here, then this research institute will most likely shut down. However, if I operate on you and your operation fails, I’ll at most maintain the current situation, but there won’t be any risk. I’ll still pay for this.”

He then enjoyed Ji Shiting’s expression. He thought Ji Shiting would be irritated, but he saw the man opposite him smile.

“You’re right. I’m very relieved that you can think of that. I also like cooperators who are cautious enough.” Ji Shiting tapped his index finger. “Then, how about this? I’ll give you a large sum of money first, and to prove my sincerity and to gain your trust, you can decide on the amount. How about that?”

“Mr. Ji, I’m afraid you don’t have the right to mobilize a large sum of money now, do you?” Professor Xu was skeptical.

“That’s right, but Shengge can.”

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