Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 959

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Chapter 959: That’s Why She Directed It At You

“So, Shiting doesn’t have any way to resist that electromagnetic wave?” Qiao Yanze interrupted him.

Gu Yimo nodded and said, “Although I have many instruments, I don’t have many with me. Fortunately, it’s made into cufflinks. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have had the chance to bring it in…”

“What does Shengge want to say by giving this to you?” Qiao Yanze thought. “First of all, she wants to tell us that she hasn’t lost her memory. Perhaps it’s to avoid arousing their suspicions, and for Shiting’s safety, she needs to continue pretending. However, since she hasn’t lost her memory, Xiao Ruilang shouldn’t be able to take advantage of her. She’s safe for now. However, Shiting is in danger. She wants us to think of a way to save Shiting.”

“There’s no need to say anything about saving Old Ji.” Gu Yimo frowned, still sizing up the balance device that was made into a black cufflink. He thought for a bit, then suddenly put the cufflink in front of him and looked at it carefully.

Qiao Yanze raised an eyebrow. “What did you see?”

Gu Yimo’s eyes widened. “There really is one. There seems to be a scratch on it. Let me see… There’s a fork. And… What’s this?”

Qiao Yanze immediately turned on the flashlight on his phone. “This can’t be a coincidence! Look closer.”

Gu Yimo squinted and looked at it for a while, but she still couldn’t be sure, so she handed the cufflinks to Qiao Yanze. Qiao Yanze looked at it carefully and said, “These are two letters. One is X, and the other is U. She definitely won’t transmit any information that’s too complicated, so this definitely means ‘Xu’. She must be talking about someone with the last name Xu.”

Gu Yimo nodded and said, “But there are so many people with the last name Xu.”

“I think it might be someone you know,” Qiao Yanze said. “That’s why she directed it at you.”

“Huh?” Gu Yimo was dazed. “The only Xu I know is my professor, Xu Wei. He died several years ago… Wait.”

Qiao Yanze stared at him and said coldly, “He feigned his death. He’s the main researcher of this project!”

Gu Yimo couldn’t believe it. “How is that possible? My professor isn’t that kind of person. I…”

“Hurry up and investigate this,” Qiao Yanze said. “Besides, if Shengge really hasn’t lost her memory, she’ll definitely find a chance to continue sending us news!”

“Why didn’t she tell us directly? Actually, it’s nothing to expose herself in front of Xiao Ruilang.” Gu Yimo frowned.

“We were on the streets after all. What if those people still send people to follow her if they’re worried?” Qiao Yanze sighed. “She just doesn’t want to cause Shiting any trouble.”

“That’s true. It’s really difficult now. Old Ji is locked up there. If Jiang Yu really sends a large number of people over, the other party can finish Old Ji before they arrive.” Gu Yimo sighed.

Qiao Yanze’s face turned even more sullen. “Don’t say such things. Let’s go back to the hotel first.”

Elsewhere, Xiao Ruilang brought Ye Shengge to a villa in Beijing. He loved staying in hotels when he was on business trips because it was more convenient, but since he had brought Ye Shengge back, he didn’t want to let her suffer.

When the car arrived at the destination, Xiao Ruilang got out of the car first and tried to carry her out of it.

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