Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 969

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Chapter 969: Back

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“Are you okay?” Li Yinian rushed up and hugged Ye Shengge, sizing her up.

“It’s alright.” Ye Shengge hugged her back and said. “Sorry to trouble you.”

Li Yinian shook her head and hesitated for a bit. She then looked at Qiao Yanze restrainedly before looking away.

Qiao Yanze smirked, not minding her indifference.

“Are you guys hungry?” Li Yinian let her go. “Go wash up. Look at the two kids. I’ll get you something to eat.”

Ye Shengge nodded and went upstairs without standing on ceremony.

She took a shower and went to the kids’ room.

The kids were sleeping soundly. Their beds were close to each other, and they were sleeping face to face, holding hands.

Tears welled up in Ye Shengge’s eyes and she walked over to hug them.

“Sorry, baby. I’m late,” she mumbled. “And I lost your father. Will you blame me?”

Ye Shengge finally burst into tears.

Jinqing suddenly moved and said with confusion, “Mom.”

Jinchen sat up from the bed and said, “It’s really Mom!”

“Did I wake you up?” Ye Shengge tried to smile. “Mom is back.”

They hugged her.

Ye Shengge hugged their soft bodies tightly and felt that she finally had some strength.

“Mom, we’ve received a lot of gifts.” Jinqing counted with her fingers.

“Great-Grandpa said Dad and Mom can give us another birthday party when they come back. Is that true?” Jinchen looked at her expectantly.

Ye Shengge couldn’t help smiling. She nodded and said, “Of course.”

The kids giggled and hugged her tightly while staring at the door.

Ye Shengge immediately understood what they were expecting, and her heart ached.

Jinchen and Jinqing looked at each other. Jinqing’s eyes were red, but neither of them asked about Ji Shiting.

They had just reunited with their father, and yet, he disappeared again. They were afraid that their father wouldn’t be back for a long time, and they didn’t even dare ask.

Ye Shengge smiled and said, “Mommy came back first. Dad will be here soon. Don’t worry.”

The two kids nodded obediently and it was unclear if they believed her or not.

Ye Shengge comforted them, coaxed them to sleep again, and went downstairs.

Grandpa Ji was already awake, and Qiao Yanze was talking to him. Ye Shengge walked over and joined them.

Grandpa Ji tried to suppress his grief and nodded as he listened to Ye Shengge and Qiao Yanze.

Ye Shengge suddenly couldn’t take it anymore. To Grandpa Ji, Ji Shiting had disappeared again after only an hour after he returned home. Normal people couldn’t stand the ups and downs.

However, to Ye Shengge’s surprise, Ji Shiting returned a few hours later.

She couldn’t sleep at all, so she got out of bed and prepared breakfast for the kids.

She was still in a daze when she heard noises outside. Then, Sister Xiu rushed in and said, “Young Madam, quickly come out!”

Ye Shengge was dragged out of the kitchen by her, only to see Ji Shiting walking into the living room.

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