Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 979

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Before Li Yinian could answer, the man spoke again in a deep and soft voice.

“Are you jealous of Ye Shengge?” Qiao Yanze stepped on the accelerator and looked ahead. “She and Shiting love each other, and she won’t be stopped by anyone. She’s the only mistress of the Ji family, and she has two smart and cute kids.”

Li Yinian was dazed. “I do envy her for having two smart and cute kids.”

“Which means marriage, status, and a husband who loves you aren’t what you want the most.” Qiao Yanze curled his lips.

Li Yinian nodded and said, “Yes.”

Qiao Yanze was silent for a long time, then he nodded indifferently without saying anything else.

Li Yinian couldn’t help looking at his side profile.

Marriage, status, a husband who loved her, and even two kids…

She knew that the man wanted to give her everything, but… she didn’t have the right to enjoy it.

Ye Shengge was already asleep when Ji Shiting returned to his room with the food container.

He put the food box on the head of the bed, lifted the corner of the blanket, and saw that the woman was blushing and even snoring.

He thought about whether he should let her continue sleeping or wake her up for dinner, wondering which one wouldn’t give her a chance to complain.

He thought for a bit, took out the yogurt and fed her with his mouth. Thus, she could continue to sleep peacefully, and it would help her fill her belly.

Ji Shiting’s breathing was unstable after feeding her a bottle of yogurt, especially when he saw the yogurt stains on the woman’s lips. He immediately recalled how she had satisfied him with her mouth…

He swallowed hard, covered her with the blanket and turned around to leave the bedroom.

After Qiao Yanze and Li Yinian left, Grandpa Ji went back to his room to rest. There were only the servants in the living room. Ji Shiting went to the two kids’ room and saw that they were still sleeping. He nodded in satisfaction and went to the study alone.

Ye Shengge slept until night fell.

She woke up to see the kids playing chess beside her.

She blinked and sat up on the bed. The kids immediately jumped into her arms when they heard noises.

Ye Shengge hugged them and asked with a smile, “Why are you guys playing chess?”

“Dad asked us to play. He said that we can accompany you and won’t disturb your sleep,” Jinchen said.

Ye Shengge raised an eyebrow and said, “What else did Dad say to you?”

“He said… he’ll send us to kindergarten soon.” Jinqing blinked, looking aggrieved. “He also said he’ll teach us how to read every day.”

“But Dad gave us two candies,” Jinchen said as he opened his palms excitedly.

Ye Shengge had mixed feelings.

Ji Shiting didn’t say much to her, but he was patient with the two kids. She was jealous…

“By the way,” Jinqing said. “Mom, Uncle Qiao said you and Dad are making siblings for us. Are our siblings in your belly now?”

She then stared at Ye Shengge’s belly.

Jinchen said, “It won’t be that soon. Our siblings have to stay in Mommy’s womb for nine months before they can be delivered.”

Ye Shengge was still condemning Qiao Yanze for spouting nonsense to the two kids, but she suddenly realized something important!

She and Ji Shiting… didn’t take any birth control measures last night!

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