Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 986

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Chapter 986: Face It bravely

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In Beijing.

Jing Tong couldn’t figure out why she had stayed in Jiang Yu’s house until now.

She was supposed to leave the night before, but she was hit by a car.

She had finally made things clear with Jiang Yu last night, and when she was about to leave, Ye Shengge and the others came. She stayed because she was curious, but she fell asleep listening to them. When she woke up, she was in the room. She didn’t need to think to know who had carried her back.

She calmed herself down and prepared to leave, but she was stopped by the servants.

The reason was that it would be difficult for them to answer to Jiang Yu if they left.

Jing Tong had emphasized many times that it was useless even if she had told Jiang Yu. Seeing the servant’s begging eyes, her heart softened, and she could only stay and wait for Jiang Yu to return.

They waited for another day.

The Jiang manor was basically where he slept. Sometimes, he would stay in the Ministry or the presidential residence when he was busy.

Fortunately, he finally returned at night.

Jing Tong had just had dinner, so she didn’t feel guilty at all when she saw him walking in. She didn’t want to starve herself just to wait for him.

“Jiang Yu, you’re finally back!” She rushed to him. “The servants won’t let me go unless you come back! Can I leave now?”

Jiang Yu paused and said, “Let’s wait a bit longer. I came back to get something. I have a mission later, so I’m afraid I don’t have time to send you.”

“I don’t need you to send me!” Jing Tong blurted out, sounding anxious. “Really! I’ll take a taxi to the airport. I’ll be in Yang City soon! I’ve been submitting resumes to all the corporations in Yang City recently. I might have an interview notice tomorrow!”

Jiang Yu’s heart sank.

It seemed that she had decided to settle down in Yang City. If that was the case, there would be very few chances for them to meet.

However, he didn’t have any reason to make her find a job in Beijing. All the friends and classmates she had known since she was young were here. If anyone knew about her current situation, they wouldn’t give up the chance to hit her when she was down. Although her life wasn’t in danger, sarcasm and bullying were inevitable.

He didn’t want her to suffer either.

“Okay, let’s go together.” Jiang Yu nodded. “I’m about to bring people to seize Night Banquet.”

Jing Tong was stunned upon hearing what he said. “What? You’re going to seal Night Banquet now?”

“Yes, Ji Shiting has returned to Yang City this morning,” Jiang Yu said. “I’ve also gotten a permit, and the higher-ups are paying attention to this.”

He then nodded slightly and walked upstairs.

Jing Tong was still standing there in shock after he got what he needed.

“What’s wrong?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Can… Can I go with you…” Jing Tong said. “I won’t be in the way. I just want to know…”

She just wanted to know what misdeeds her father had done…

“Are you sure you want to see it?” Jiang Yu said, looking gentle and sympathetic.

However, Jing Tong didn’t see it. She just nodded firmly and said, “Yes.”

Although she didn’t know what her father had done, she couldn’t ignore it, and she couldn’t feel that everything had nothing to do with her.

She had to face it bravely.

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