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Chapter 99: Wrong

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Behind Grandpa Ji stood Uncle Jin, who was in turn followed by several servants from the manor. There seemed to be people behind him, but Ye Shengge couldn’t be bothered to notice them all.

Because, they all watched her with looks of curiosity. Especially so for Grandpa Ye, who was beaming made Ye Shengge extremely uncomfortable.

She opened her mouth, but before she could say hi, Ji Shiting ahead and stood in front of her.

“Why are you here, grandpa?” he asked.

Grandpa Ji put away his loving smile and eyed Ji Shiting. “Come here!” He then looked at Ye Shengge and said gently, “My lady, come along too. I’ll definitely give the kid an explanation.”

He then turned around and started walking.

Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow and followed after Grandpa Ji. Ye Shengge hesitated for a bit, wanting to take the chance to leave, but the butler, Uncle Jin stood in front of her and gestured, “Please, Ms. Ye.”

Ye Shengge followed as well.

Uncle Jin instructed a few servants to clean up the room. He turned around and saw Xie Siqi standing on the other side of the hallway. He smiled and said, “Thank you, Ms. Xie. It’s all thanks to you that the Old Master can be so happy.”

Xie Siqi’s face paled, but she forced a smile upon hearing what Uncle Jin said.

She had suggested that Grandpa Ji host a dinner party so that he could find a chance to send Ye Siyan to Ji Shiting’s bed. That way, Grandpa Ji would be able to catch her on the second day and force Ji Shiting to be responsible for Ye Siyan.

Xie Siqi knew that Grandpa Ji didn’t really care who Ye Siyan was. The important thing was to have evidence that Ji Shiting was with a woman. If she herself had been the one in the same room as Ji Shiting, even if Grandpa Ji and Xu Shaoqing objected, Ji Shiting would have to marry her no matter what.

However, things didn’t go as planned. When she saw Qiao Yanze in Ji Shiting’s room last night, she knew that Ji Shiting must have noticed it long ago. She felt even more despair when she saw it was Ye Shengge who opened the door.

According to her arrangements, both of them shouldn’t have slept in the same room, but it turned out they did—this wasn’t a coincidence.

She could only hold it in. She couldn’t lose Grandpa’s trust now.

“You’re being too polite. I can’t wait for Grandpa Ji to ask.” Xie Siqi still had a gentle smile on her face. “I’ll see if the other guests are still around.”

“Thank you, Ms. Xie.” Uncle Jin smiled and walked toward the main building.

Xie Siqi bit her lips and walked to 207.

It was already ten in the morning. Most guests that had stayed in the guest rooms last night had left, so most of the rooms were open and the servants were cleaning inside.

But the door to 207 was still tightly shut.

Xie Siqi knocked on the door, and it took Ye Siyan a while to open it.

“Ah, Ms. Xie. Why is it you?” Ye Siyan looked a bit disappointed. “Where’s Mr. Ji? He was gone when I woke up this morning. I’ve been waiting inside for him ever since.”

Xie Siqi sneered inwardly. What an idiot.

However, the smile she put on was full of surprise and pity. “Mr. Ji? He slept in 203 last night! I gave you the key as well!”

Ye Siyan’s face paled. “Impossible!”

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