Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 3860

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A large group of people had gathered outside the Ancient Night Demon Palace.

These were all experts under the command of the Ancient Night Demon Palace. There were only a few Rulers among them, but there was a large group of Principles Masters.

At this moment, they were all staring intently at the battle in the void ahead.

The two sides in that battle were the ancient night Demon Monarch, whom they had already determined to be invincible in this Star Field, and the other was the Blood Sword Master.

At the beginning, they had thought that there would be no suspense in this battle. It was already impressive for Blood Sword Master to be able to withstand a single move from Demon Monarch Ancient Night, but in the end?

The two of them had been fighting fiercely for quite some time now, but there was still no victor?

What kind of concept was this?

“Demon Monarch has already taken out his strongest offensive divine weapon, but in the end, he still isn’t able to take down Blood Sword Master.”.

“Not only is he unable to take him down, but the Demon Monarch hasn’t been able to gain the slightest advantage in his battle with the Blood Sword Master. Instead, he’s been making things difficult for the Blood Sword Master’s Sword Arts.”

“Isn’t the Blood Sword Master just a Principles Masters?”

“And it was said that his battle prowess has barely reached the threshold of a peak Ruler, right?”

“But looking at the current situation, how is this just the threshold of a peak Ruler?”

“He is not much weaker than Demon Monarch.”

The experts of Demon Monarch Ancient Night were all shocked at this moment.

They did not know Jian Wushuang’s strength before and thought that Jian Wushuang’s strength was still at the beginning of the Red Cloud World. At that time, Jian Wushuang was only comparable to a Superior Ruler at best.

But in Demon Monarch Ancient Night’s words, an ordinary Superior Ruler was like an ant.

Ancient Night Demon Emperor could kill so-called top-tier Rulers with one move. For example, Sky Roc Ruler of North Sea Palace was killed by ancient Night Demon Emperor with one move.

At that time, Ancient Night Demon Emperor did not even use his supreme true treasure godly weapon.

But now, he had used his supreme true treasure godly weapon. Ancient Night Demon Emperor obviously did not hold back any more power, but Blood Sword Master could still fight with Ancient Night Demon Emperor to a standstill. He even had an advantage by relying on his sword techniques, this was terrifying.

“No wonder Blood Sword Master was able to walk out of Dark Demon Region alive. He is so powerful that even if he entered the deepest part of Dark Demon Region, he might not encounter much danger.”

“Before, I thought that Demon Emperor was absolutely invincible in this star region. But now, it seems that there is still someone who can contend against him. and the only one who can contend against Demon Emperor is probably Blood Sword Master.”

“Blood Sword Master is just a Principles Master, but he can fight against Demon Emperor like this. Amazing!”

All of them could not help but exclaim.

There was nothing they could do. The battle strength that Jian Wushuang displayed was not something that a Principles Master could have.

It was too heaven-defying.

On the battlefield, Demon Monarch Ancient Night was getting more and more shocked.

He had indeed shown his strongest strength, and his power had reached its peak. However, Jian Wushuang, who was in front of him, had used a part of the power of the nomological treasure, the Wu Qi Divine Sword, and performed many secret skills at the same time, his power would not be much weaker than his. Jian Wushuang’s swordsmanship was extremely high, and his comprehension of sword principle was much higher than his comprehension of fist techniques.

His only advantage should be that he had stayed in the Eternal Dark Prison for too long and had rich battle experience. Even so, with his swordsmanship, Jian Wushuang could still match up to him and even have a slight advantage.

Most importantly, Demon Monarch Ancient Night had another hidden danger, which was the huge gap in the magic weapon and supreme treasure.

“The power of a principles true treasure is too powerful. Although my fist gloves are also top-tier among supreme true treasures, they are still far inferior to a principles true treasure. When I fought with Blood Sword Master, my fist and his principles true treasure godly sword expanded time and time again. Every time they collided, my supreme true treasure fist gloves would be slightly damaged. Since the fierce battle until now, my supreme true treasure fist gloves have already suffered a lot of damage. If this continues, I’m afraid my fist gloves will be shattered.”

Demon Monarch Ancient Night frowned.

But at this moment…


An extremely majestic aura suddenly came from the void above.

Demon Monarch Ancient Night immediately looked up and saw a towering stone tablet that was 30,000 feet tall. It was magnified in his pupils.

The surface of the stone tablet was surrounded by countless dense secret engravings. These secret engravings were extremely complex. In an instant, the towering stone tablet came crushing down on him.

“A principles true treasure! Another principles true treasure!”

Demon Monarch Ancient Night roared in his heart.

A principles true treasure! He had stayed in the first level of eternal darkness prison for so many years, and he had encountered countless prisoners. However, he had never seen a principles true treasure from these prisoners, but now…he had escaped from Eternal Darkness Prison and arrived at the star domain at the edge of the universe.

In such a remote Star Field, not only did he see the rule supreme treasure, but he also saw two of them at the same time. Both of them were created by the same person.

The second rule supreme treasure was naturally the heaven-suppressing tablet!

When Jian Wushuang returned to the Eternal Chaotic World, he refined the heaven-suppressing tablet and took it away.

After comprehending a trace of the universe principle, he was able to control the heaven-suppressing tablet. However, because of the special nature of the heaven-suppressing tablet, its true power was weaker than that of a normal rule supreme treasure, but it was still powerful enough.

At this moment, the Heaven Suppression Tablet was pressing down. Demon Monarch Ancient Night spoke about the threat of Jian Wushuang’s swordsmanship. He could not resist the pressure of the Heaven Suppression Tablet.


The huge Heaven Suppression Tablet directly smashed into Demon Monarch Ancient Night.

The terrifying power instantly smashed Demon Monarch Ancient Night into the ground and heavily smashed into the earth star, leaving a deep and invisible hole in the ground.


Many experts of Demon Monarch Ancient Night looked at this scene in horror.

They saw that the invincible Demon Monarch was directly smashed into the ground by a stone tablet controlled by his opponent.

Suddenly —


A figure soared into the sky again. It was Demon Monarch Ancient Night. However, at this moment, Demon Monarch Ancient Night’s face was a bit pale and he looked a bit embarrassed.

“Impressive, you actually have two law-type supreme treasures.” Demon Monarch Ancient Night stared at Jian Wushuang.

“You’re also impressive. You didn’t even get hit by my Heaven Suppression Tablet. It seems that not only is your divine body strong, but the Supreme Treasure Armor on your body is also very impressive,” Jian Wushuang said.

“Humph.” Demon Monarch Ancient Night snorted, but he began to think in his heart. ‘This Blood Sword Master is very powerful, and he has two law true treasures in his hands. In a head-on confrontation, I’m not even his match. Now, it’s almost impossible for me to capture him alive. In that case, I can only use my last move and kill him directly!’ Ancient Night Demon Emperor snorted.

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