Love Me Again - Chapter 6

LMA – Chapter Six

Luo An Hai crossed her arms, and ordered the trespasser into her office to avoid a public scene.

Han Ting Hua was impressed by Luo An Hai’s art books collection.

‘Why are you here?’ she asked.

‘I told you, to bring your lunch box,’ he said.

He setup lunch on her desk. He brought her favorite desserts and a flask of hot tea.

‘Uncle Luo asked the head chef to cook your favorite sweet dishes,’ he said.

She looked conflicted at the slice of chocolate cake.

‘How is my father?’ she asked.

‘He’s good,’ he said and sat on the chair in front of her desk.

He felt Luo Cheng Hua and Luo An Hai were two of a kind, they didn’t want to show their real feelings in public.

She sat on her office swivel chair like sitting on a throne. ‘When are you leaving my home?’

Her unwanted babysitter gave her no freedom. If she broke curfew he would threaten to report to her father.

‘It’s up to uncle Luo,’ he said and sipped tea.

‘Stop using my father to threaten me,’ she said.

She hit her desk and took a deep breath because she didn’t want her employees to overhear her private life.

It occurred to her that he enjoyed riling her since the day she stepped on dog shit. Why couldn’t he stay the same little boy who didn’t talk back to her because of Mai Fang’s guilt toward her?

He stood up and looked into her eyes. ‘Luo An Hai, I’ve made up my mind.’

She sat upright on her chair to distance herself from his body leaning over her desk.

‘I’m not going to concede to you anymore,’ he said.

She stood up, flinging her chair backward. The man in front of her had changed to the familiar man in her memories.

‘I look forward to you losing the challenge,’ she said. ‘Now leave, I have work to do.’

Elle knocked on Luo An Hai’s office door and interrupted the standoff.

‘An, since when has your taste changed?’ Elle asked, looking at Han Ting Hua. ‘At least you’re a cougar with good taste.’

‘Even if I’m hungry, I wouldn’t eat a little boy,’ Luo An Hai said.

‘An, are you and your lover boy having a love fight?’ Elle asked.

‘Elle, he’s not my-’ Luo An Hai said.

‘I’m Han Ting Hua, you can call me Han,’ Han Ting Hua said.

‘Han Ting Hua… An’s little brother?’ Elle asked.

‘He’s not my little brother,’ Luo An Hai said.

‘She’s not my big sister,’ Han Ting Hua said.

Elle looked at Luo An Hai exchange a lover’s glare with Han Ting Hua, and understood the root of Luo An Hai’s rare foul mood at work.

‘Elle, what do you need?’ Luo An Hai asked.

‘Oh, a male model for the ads you wanted done by next month,’ Elle said. ‘I haven’t found the right male model. But it looks like he’s here today.’

Luo An Hai shook her head at Elle.

‘Han, do you want to model for An’s company?’ Elle asked.

‘He can’t,’ Luo An Hai said. ‘Mr. Han’s a busy student.’

‘What a coincidence, I’m on a study break,’ Han Ting Hua said.

‘Elle, I’m the boss,’ Luo An Hai said. ‘I have the final say. Mr. Han isn’t the right model.’

‘An, you need to set an example,’ Elle said. ‘You should separate business from private life. Mr. Han, do you want to sign the contract today?’

Han Ting Hua shook hands with Elle.

‘My pleasure,’ Han Ting Hua said.

Luo An Hua suppressed her frustrations. It was clear Han Ting Hua accepted the model contract as declaration of war. He wanted to invade every aspect of her life.


The ads featuring Han Ting Hua was a hit. Elle organized a work dinner at a VIP pub to celebrate the successful ad campaign.

At the pub, Luo An Hai sat at the bar away from Han Ting Hua and his admirers.

Han Ting Hua politely chatted with Luo An Hai’s employees. But his eyes didn’t stray from Luo An Hai sitting at the bar. She wore a red dress that showed off her fit body.

Luo An Hai ignored the men hitting on her at the bar. She detested men who were only after one night stands.

‘Hi An, drinks are on me,’ Mark said.

Han Ting Hua shot daggers at Mark’s back.

‘Mark’s a persistent man,’ Lily said. ‘An rejected him many times, but he doesn’t give up.’

‘Who is he?’ Han Ting Hua asked.

‘He’s a rich player,’ Lily said. ‘I bet An’s going to reject his drink again.’

Luo An Hai’s employees were surprised Luo An Hai accepted a drink from Mark.

‘I’m seeing things,’ Elle said.

‘An lost her mind,’ Lily said. ‘There are plenty of better men than Mark here.’

Even Mark was shocked Luo An Hai accepted his drink. But he quickly recovered, it was his chance to strike gold.

‘An, it’s a beautiful night,’ Mark said. ‘Do you want to share this beautiful night with me?’

Luo An Hai smiled coldly at Mark, and walked off to the bathroom.

Han Ting Hua followed Mark who followed Luo An Hai to the bathroom.

‘You bastard, don’t touch me,’ Luo An Hai said to the battered Mark. ‘If you touch me again, I’ll kill you.’

Luo An Hai kicked Mark into a bathroom wall.

Han Ting Hua couldn’t believe how strong Luo An Hai was.

‘An, I’m sorry,’ Mark said. ‘Spare me.’

‘Bastard, you spiked my drink,’ Luo An Hai said.

Han Ting Hua didn’t stop Luo An Hai turning Mark into goo.

Luo An Hai kicked Mark’s stomach one last time. ‘Get lost. Never let me see you again.’

Mark hobbled out of the bathroom.

Luo An Han noticed Han Ting Hua leaning against the bathroom door.

‘What are you looking at?’ Luo An Hai asked.

‘Uncle Luo will be surprised his daughter has a potty mouth,’ Han Thing Hua said.

‘Go and report to my father,’ Luo An Hua said. ‘See if I care.’

Han Ting Hua helped the flushed face Luo An Hai stand.

‘Are you drunk?’ Han Ting Hua asked.

‘You’re drunk,’ Luo An Hai said.

It was Mark spiking her drink that made her body feverish.

‘I don’t need your help,’ Luo An Hai said.

‘I’m taking you home,’ Han Ting Hua said.

Han Ting Hua didn’t let go of Luo An Hai’s waist. He figured her drunk state was the effect of Mark spiking her drink.

‘Home?’ Luo An Hai asked. ‘Your home is with your family of three at the Luo Mansion. I have my own home.’

‘Luo An Hai, you’re drunk,’ Han Ting Hua said.

‘I’m not drunk,’ Luo An Hai said.

Luo An Hai held onto Han Ting Hua’s shirt. Seeing Han Ting Hua’s eyes up close reminded her of the same idiot man.

‘Han Ting Hua… do you love me?’ Luo An Hai asked.

Han Ting Hua tightened his grip on Luo An Hai’s waist.

‘Idiot,’ Luo An Hai said and poked Han Ting Hua’s nose. ‘Never fall in love with me. Love is crazy and painful. I’ll never fall in love.’

‘Luo An Hai-’ Han Ting Hua said.

‘Do you want to kiss me?’ Luo An Hai asked, cupping Han Ting Hua’s face. ‘Have you kissed your girlfriend?’

Girlfriend? Han Ting Hua guessed Luo An Hai mistook Angel as his girlfriend.

Luo An Hai’s heart hurt remembering Han Ting Hua embracing Angel.

‘Do you want me to teach you how to kiss?’ Luo An Hai asked.

Luo An Hai licked Han Ting Hua’s lips.

‘Too bad I’m not attracted to you,’ Luo An Hai said.

Not attracted? Han Ting Hua steadied Luo An Hai’s body against a wall.

‘Han Ting Hua, don’t you dare,’ Luo An Hai said.

Han Ting Hua smiled and caressed Luo An Hai’s waist.

‘I’m only accepting your challenge,’ Han Ting Hua said.

Han Ting Hua played tongue twister with Luo An Hai. He kissed her lips to numbness. She held onto his shoulders and rubbed her abdomen against his erection. He bit her lips, turned her body around and pressed himself against her hot bottom. His hormones battled with common sense. His common sense won the battle, it wasn’t the right opportunity to taste forbidden fruit. But he could tease his forbidden fruit. He pulled up her red dress to her waist, his fingers slid down her underwear, teased her wetness and his mouth swallowed her gasps.

‘You’re wet for me,’ Han Ting Hua whispered and licked Luo An Hai’s ear.

Han Ting Hua turned Luo An Hai’s body around, he unzipped his pants, pulled his underwear down and rubbed his erection against her wetness. He licked her cum off his fingers and kissed her lips.


End of Chapter Six


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