Love Me Again - Chapter 9.2

Love Me Again Chapter 9B

Luo Cheng Hai is speechless. This is the first time Luo An Hai had ever mentioned this to him. Despite her stubborn demeanour, he can feel the pain in her words.

Suddenly, he falls silent.

His only daughter, how could he hate her? In front of other people, he was always proud of her but towards his daughter, he was already accustomed to acting stern.

Just then, he had only said those things out of anger. How could his pride be more important than his daughter’s happiness?

But even if they weren’t blood related, they’re still siblings. They say love now, but what if they fall out of love someday? At that time, how would his children interact?

Not to mention, An Hai had always hated little Hua, yet now she loves him? Although he didn’t want to believe it, Luo Cheng Hai can’t stop his train of thought from flowing in that direction.

Realizing her husband’s thoughts Mai Fang pats his hand, before turning to Luo An Hai. “An Hai, I only have one thing to ask. Being with little Hua, are you taking your revenge on me?”

Seeing their two children together, it wasn’t that Mai Fang wasn’t shocked, but she finally understood why her son had always refused to call An Hai his sister.

Mai Fang understood her own son. Han Ting Hua was a stubborn person. Once he decides on someone, it will be for a lifetime. But what about An Hai? Mai Fang can’t be sure, while her heart couldn’t help but suspect An Hai was using her son to take her revenge.

Luo An Hai is shocked, but once she sees her father’s expression, she immediately understood.

“I wouldn’t use someone’s feelings for revenge.” She knows how deeply love can hurt people, and definitely wouldn’t use her own feelings to hurt someone. Han Ting Hua smiles, rubbing her palm, causing Luo An Hai to glare. She tries to shrug his hand off, yet he grips even tighter, ignoring her struggle.

Han Ting Hua glances at his mother, smiling. “Mum, do you feel at ease now?”

Seeing their small exchange, Mai Fang watches as Luo An Hai fails to shrug off Han Ting Hua’s hand, then indignantly glaring at him, but no longer struggles, allowing him to grasp her hand. Such a simple action, but seeing her compromise, Mai Fang’s heart is shocked. She had always thought this girl would never yield to anyone, she hadn’t expected…….

Her heart is finally at ease, faintly smiling at her son with a tender expression. “Do as you like. You’re an adult now, you can take responsibility for your own actions.”

Not expecting Mai Fang would react like this, Luo Cheng Hai stares at his wife in shock. “Fang Fang, you’re just going to respond like this?”

“Children can take care of themselves when they’ve grown.” Mai Fang pats her husband’s hand…..

Luo Cheng Hai glares at the troublesome couple, finally waving his hand. “Just do what you want, this old man won’t meddle. But little Hua, you need to move out or I’ll rage every time I see you.”

Luo Chen Hai decides the less he knows the better, otherwise the two of them would infuriate him to death.


Luo Cheng Hai had only grudgingly approved of their relationship, but he also commanded them not to appear in front of him before his rage died. Also, he ordered them to resolve the matter with the tabloids. If he sees them mess around in some trashy magazine, he definitely wouldn’t be so easy to handle!

Luo An Hai thought the old man was just looking for trouble. If the paparazzi want to write nonsense, what can she do about it? If he doesn’t want to be angered to death, then just don’t read.

“Uncle Luo is concerned about you.” Only, not wanting to appear openly concerned, he could only rely on the magazines for information.

Luo An Hai humphs.

Her relationship with her father continued being neither good nor bad, but after that fight at the hospital, Luo Cheng Hai no longer scolded his daughter at every turn. However, given his advanced age, he’ll still occasionally ramble. While Mai Fang had sought her, explaining the matters of the past. Mai Fang had hoped she wouldn’t hate her father since the real person at fault was her, and selfish person was also her.

Not wanting her son to suffer, she willingly took up the role of the hated mistress. Mai Fang apologizes to her, telling her she really couldn’t make it up to her.

Luo An Hai didn’t accept Mai Fang’s apology, telling her she wouldn’t forgive her, but she won’t hate her either, since hating was too tiring. She had experienced that sort of exhaustion, so she never wanted to hate again.

She couldn’t say her father wasn’t at fault. Yet his faults weren’t something she should discuss since Luo Cheng Hai was still her father and she didn’t want to hate him, and didn’t want to repeat the matters from her past life.

Father and daughter were both learning how to get along with each other. While the results weren’t great, Han Ting Hua felt that at least they had made a start.

“What do you think we should do about the tabloids?” Han Ting Hua asks her.

He and Luo An Hai had already been together for over 6 months, while the tabloids had tracked the latest developments every day, and were becoming even more absurd. They even started fabricating lover’s disputes between them, for example; in order to get the Luo family’s wealth, the stepson Han Ting Hua had used every possible means to win the Queen’s heart, causing the always indifferent Queen to finally fall head over heels. It’s rumoured that she’s already decided to forfeit the Luo family’s inheritance, and willingly offer the Luo enterprise to him.

After she finishes reading, Luo An Hai immediately chucks the magazine in the bin. These paparazzi are really too creative!

Only…. Looking at the man she’s walking hand in hand with, the two of them currently on a date wearing matching clothes, Luo An Hai finds it really foolish. Luo An Hai had always scoffed when couples self-righteously claimed that lovers should wear matching clothes while dating. However Han Ting Hua had dismissed her disgust, so she could only wear it.

“Ah, do you really have no interest in becoming the Luo family’s president?” Luo An Hai eyes him, twisting the corner of her lips into a faint smile. “You’re not just with me because you want the Luo family’s inheritance, right?”

Han Ting Hua gazes at her, raising his brow. “What do you think?”

“I think….” Luo An Hai stops in her tracks, roughly pulling his collar as she knits her brows, “you don’t have the guts.”

Han Ting Hua reaches his arm out, pulling her into his embrace, as he lowers his head. “Do you know why I’m with you then?”


“Because…” he whispers softly into her ear “I love you.”

Luo An Hai scoffs in disdain. “Do you only know one line?”

“Alright,” Han Ting Hua wraps both his arms around her, firmly clasping her. “My love, how do you want to solve the trail of paparazzi following us?”

Luo An Hai eyes the paparazzi sneakily hiding in the corner, then clasps Han Ting Hua’s face, “Like this,” and kisses him.

Not surprisingly, this scene was photographed and enlarged for the cover of a magazine.

Han Ting Hua’s fingers lightly sweep over the magazine cover, his eyes filled with warmth as he stares at the woman on the cover, the corner of her lips raised into a slight smile.

Thinking of what Luo An Hai had said after she released him, “Do you know why I’m allowing you to be with me?”

Raising her chin, her expression proud and arrogant. “Because I love you.”

As for what rubbish is written in the tabloids, who cares? He only needs to know that he has her love. That’s more than enough.


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