Love Me Again - Chapter Epilogue

Love Me Again Epilogue – Maybe

Han Ting Hua had once asked himself, why would he fall for that woman;

That woman’s character was clearly one that people loathed. Since he and his mother entered the Luo family, she had unceasingly sought to trouble them. Towards his mother, she had always scorned and ridiculed her, dismissing her attempts to reach out, and verbally humiliated her. Every sentence she spoke was toxic and foul.

He hated her, to the point of wanting to stuff a dirty rag to block her foul mouth, to stop her from ever saying those harsh words. But his mother had always urged him to concede to her, and to endure since they were the ones who had wronged her.

He understood what his mother meant, and didn’t want her to worry, so he endured her insults and abuse, taking her as a crazy woman.

But, sometimes looking at her proud profile, there was always the impression that her solitary figure seemed a little lonely.

Lonely? How could that be? That arrogant and conceited woman, how could she possibly feel lonely?

Yet, as he unknowingly starts to observe her, he realizes she doesn’t have any friends and was always by herself. Even though many attended her birthday banquet and she became the centre of everyone’s attention, but after the party, looking at her lone figure returning to her room, appearing so arrogant yet isolated, Han Ting Hua can’t help but feel his loathing for her recede.

But it was only for that moment.

As she glances at him with contempt, he hatefully thinks, no wonder she has no friends. Someone who can’t coexist with others, who would want to be friends with her!

He still hated her, only, but he can’t help but notice her, gradually turning into a habit. He doesn’t know how, but he kept the habit for several years, unable to change it.

He knew she had always thought he and his mother were after the Luo family’s wealth, and found her delusions amusing. He wasn’t interested in what didn’t belong to him.

Only, seeing her guarded expression, and those ever proud eyes fixed on him, he was hit with the desire for his reflection to always appear in her eyes. So he entered the company.

Soon after, the competition between them became fierce. She always found trouble for him at the company, using all her energy to hinder him, and using any means necessary just so he could taste defeat.

Seeing her completely focused on him gave him a strange sense of satisfaction.

He never wanted the position of president, but he wanted her to look at him.

There was an inkling in his heart, but he forced himself to ignore it, not letting himself admit to those preposterous feelings. Or maybe it was because he knew too clearly that the thoughts in his heart would never be realized, so he pretended they never existed, thinking it was fine just to maintain things are they were.

But he never expected that the situation he had wanted to preserve would burst so easily.

She had died. For the sake of the president’s position.

The moment she died, he was filled with remorse.

He never wanted the position of president.

He never wanted to fight her.

He only, he only…..

He only wanted her to look at him!

Holding her picture frame, he trembles, his heart filled with remorse.

He was just that cowardly and weak, scared of being rejected, scared that she would stop looking at him, so he indulged in his own selfishness and arranged all this, leading to her death. It was all him! He had killed her!

Swallowed by his guilt, he came to her room every night, holding her photo, softly chanting her name in his heart.

On her birthday, he bought a cake, hoarsely singing a birthday song to her, wishing she was right before him, making a wish, then blowing out the candles….

He really wanted to ask: What did you wish for? Could she please let him have one of her wishes, so he could see her once more?

He counts the days since she left.

As time goes by, Uncle Luo and his mother both passed away.

He dismissed all the servants, so the huge mansion was left with only him. This was his punishment to himself.

He couldn’t sleep, and always laid on her bed with his eyes open until dawn.

He became anorexic, the shadow of death looming larger.

Later, when the doctor announced he had cancer, he didn’t have a trace of fear. Perhaps he had already expected this day would arrive soon.

An Hai … he only dared to call her like this in his heart.

An Hai, are you well?

An Hai, do you still hate me?

An Hai, actually I…..

He closes his eyes, holding her picture frame, feeling the pain fade. He didn’t want to receive treatment, he had always waited for this moment.

An Hai, do you know? I’ve stolen a birthday wish from you every year, it’s already been 20 years, what I’ve wished for…..

Please give me a chance to see her again.

So that he wouldn’t miss telling her —- An Hai, actually, I…..


Han Ting Hua opens his eyes, slightly dazed.

“You’re awake, how do you feel? Still uncomfortable?” Luo An Hai was sitting on a chair beside the bed reading, but her attention had always been on him.

When he woke, she immediately placed the book down, and sat beside him on the bed, wrapping her arms around his waist. His fever had finally died down.

Feeling relieved, she notices his gaze wandering over her. “What’s wrong?”

Han Ting Hua blinks, his arms circling her waist, as he buries his face in her soft belly, softly whispering “I had a nightmare.”

“What nightmare?”

His eyes turned dark and profound, as though hiding something, replying after a long time “Forgot….” as he holds her tight.

Feeling a slight pain from his grasp, Luo An Hai runs her fingers through his damp hair, hesitantly glancing at him. “What’s wrong? Still uncomfortable?”

“No.” Han Ting Hua pulls her onto the bed. “Sleep beside me for a moment.”

“I’m not sleepy.”

“Accompany me.” He firmly hugs her.

Luo An Hai felt he was acting a little strange, but thinking people liked to act whimsical when sick, and rarely seeing him act so weak, her heart turns soft. Obediently lying on the bed, she lets him hug her from behind.

Han Ting Hua holds her hands, intertwining their fingers.

Originally, Luo An Hai hadn’t planned on sleeping. But the moment she lies on the bed, all her drowsiness suddenly appeared. Rubbing against his chest, she moves around, before slowly closing her eyes.

Listening to her softly breathing, Han Ting Hua gently calls “An Hai?”


He shifts his head towards her ear, his cheek rubbing against her face, whispering “I love you.”

While she was already asleep.

Holding her tightly in his arms, his deep eyes slowly close. This time, he didn’t miss his chance.




LMA is now complete! The epilogue really gave it a satisfying finish.

I haven’t forgotten the remaining DKC chapters, but also haven’t worked on it either. They will probably slowly trickle out over the next 2 weeks.

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