Luna - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

There are many time when you think that life is unfair. There are many examples. First the most common one is birth. This is unfair to everyone.
When you are born as a noble, even if you are not smart, you can get the best teachers. But when you are born as a child of a serf, even if you are beautiful and healthy, it’s hard to have a contact with any educational materials in your life.
The country made this school called ‘Royal Academy’ to give education to people. They said it’s for the education, but unless you pay large amount of money or even if they accept you, you need to have a large amount of knowledge beforehand.
The point is people who can’t get any tutors and who are poor like stupid. serfs. and. commoners. is like dream to them. Of course even if you are a serf, you can get a book risking your life and study by yourself and luckily meet wise people and increase your knowledge, but it’s not always good that you get accepted to the Royal Academy.
That’s what I’m feeling deeply right now. Why did I do that? Why did I beg to those nobles and damage my small pride that I have left to barely get an old book to study all night? Is this all I get for trying my best to learn as much as I can?
So the serf is not even a bug under the noble's feet? I studied so much and was barely able to get accepted to this school. And the first thing I do after entering school is being a SERVANT for a noble babble? Of course, if other serfs or commoners become the servant of a noble, they will jump in happiness but not me.
I’m actually the prettiest girl in my town and if they teach me one thing, I know it up to 10. That’s how GENIUS I am. But only thing that was getting in my way was the fact that I am a serf, but isn’t that supposed to be covered by my genius ability? But this damn world labeled me as a servant of a noble babble even when I got in as a Senior Admission, even with my genius ability because I’m a ‘born as a serf.’ At least the noble that I will be serving is very smart and very powerful? Think of it as a grace? Still those people are all same to me. They are just noble babble who are similar age as me.
Up to here. Yes, actually I’m pretty nervous right now. I am cursing inside, But the noble babble that I will be serving is one of the two pillar in this country that holds half of the country’s power…… Frensia Duke’s second son.
I stopped in front of this at least three meter (9.84 ft.) tall door. Even me who was just thinking seriously about the segregation of the nobles and commoners felt a big wall blocking me. For the first time, I was able to meet those nobles who bully commoners so much. I promised to myself that whatever that noble babble does, I won’t take off my ten million masks(aka coy or brazen face). I knocked the big door.

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