Mad God - Volume 1 - Chapter 2

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The night fog saturated the area, I did not see the person’s appearance clearly, but from his stature I could tell at a glance, definitely Beamon. Who could it be? The current situation did not allow me to think more, protecting my life takes priority. If I take a hit, from the enemy’s strength to going against my half-tuned Armor of Heaven Thunders, there is only one result , that is I will be fully turned into meat paste.
There is no other way, I can only go all out. I gathered the little dark energy that I have to my hands, which began to emanate a weak dark Chi. It is the same method as earlier – to go all out (later, after suffering from many “one strong subdues all wise”[1] battles then have I realized the importance of planning and techniques). Two fists collided simultaneously. I discovered when the dark energy was gathered in the hand, the shocked and injury from earlier healed to 60 or 70 percent.


I felt as if my whole body was splitting open and the powerful force blasted me away. A mouthful of blood spurted out, and I crashed heavily on an empty clearing more than five meters away. If not for the dark energy, just this one punch can take half my life.

For some reason the enemy did not continue to pursue and attack, if he had fetch up one more punch I will be absolutely doomed. I got up from the ground with much difficulty. Only after staggering a bit then could I balance myself, but not without spurting out another mouthful of blood.

From the other side came a sound of surprise.

I could barely lift my head to stare ahead. Dumbfounded, the powerful person who wanted to take my life, turned out to be father.

I asked with much difficulty: “Father? How could it be you?”

Father’s face revealed a smile of satisfaction: “I did not expect you could take two of my punches, now I can feel assure to give you a mission.”

A mission? My heart was filled with suspicions.

Father subsequently said: “My first punch had a tenth of my strength, but I added another tenth to the second. Initially I thought you wouldn’t be able to get up, but to my surprise you could still stand. Seems you’ve been practicing diligently.” This was probably the reason why he was so odd earlier.

I laughed bitterly to myself, this is a father? Completely disregarding his son’s life and death, if my real strength was just a little worse, perhaps now I would be on my way to meet grandma.

“Just now what was that dark aura on your hands?” Father asked.

Secretly startled, I recall grandma said I must not let father know about the existence of the Demonic Arts. Feigning ignorance, I said: “What dark aura? You probably saw wrong, maybe the sky is too dark.

The simple-minded father didn’t think any further, merely knitting his eyebrows: “Never mind, tomorrow morning come look for me. I have a mission for you.”

I nodded, and calmly said: “Okay.” Finished speaking, I dragged my injured aching body and went back.

A Beamon’s body is indeed very sturdy, in addition I already finished the first stage of Armor of Heaven Thunders. In just one night, my injuries recovered for the most part.

I wonder what kind of mission does Father want me to complete, leading the troops to war? Not possible, all my brothers are home, it doesn’t make sense to have a novice to go on the battlefield. What’s the task? Except war, with father’s prestige in the Beast Tribe all other tasks are just at a word away from completion, does he even need me to go?

With uneasiness I arrived at father’s door, lightly knocking. Father’s deep voice echoed: “Who is it?”

“Father, it’s me, Layson.”

“Come in.”

I pushed the door and walked inside slowly. Father was sitting on a tall high-back chair, narrowing his eyes at me. I calmly stood there, not in the least affected by his swift and fierce eyes.

“Layson, you’ve grown up. Before I always thought you were the most useless coward, but since four years ago when you Fury Shift, I’ve been very satisfied by your performance. Although you do not have your brother’s grand figure, your strength is any inferior. Your potential is even higher than them. The Beast Emperor has given me a very important mission, I want to send you to complete it.”

Turns out it’s a mission from the Beast Emperor. I have not the slightest emotion, only replying in a calm voice: “What kind of mission is it? You can hand it to me, I will definitely complete it.” No matter what I have to impress him, I need to let father see me become an exceptionally strong person. When I think about grandma’s death, hatred flashes through my eyes. Ever since grandma passed away, I learned to bury my heart. No one could see through to my real thoughts, I will never express my resentment towards father before I acquire real strength, but the seeds of revenge has been deeply planted inside my heart, grandma’s enemy – I will definitely avenge her.

“Good, you are indeed worthy to be my, Leo’s, son. The Beast Emperor wants me to find someone to go undercover. You are also aware, our Beastmen have always been the weakest of the three race, why? First, we do not know magic. Second, because a common Beastmen’s wisdom is low, we do not have as many outstanding generals as the humans do. The mission this time, is to go to human society to steal their information on tactics and magic.

“Where in the human places?”

“That’s right, you are sixteen years old this year, and, most importantly, you have human blood in you. Just based on your human appearance, you can definitely infiltrate into the human groups. I’ll give you five to ten years, you must learn everything you can and bring it back, then we will use 10 years time to train our forces. Later, the continent will become a world of the Beastmen’s. That’s why, you should know the importance of this mission. If you can succeed, the seat of Beamon King will be yours.

Father has indeed told the truth, seems like the Beast Emperor is not an idiot, even more he know his own race’s weakness. This is a good plan, but whether it can be achieved or not depends on me. To me, this is also a good opportunity, if I can learn the human’s knowledge it is also a good way to increase my power. Besides, I have, after all, the Beastmen’s lineage. Letting the Beastmen become more powerful, this is also my wish.

I firmly answered: “Father, do not worry, I will not disappoint you.”

Pleased, father nodded his head: “Good, tomorrow I’ll take you to see the Beast Emperor, then a merchant familiar with the humans will train you for three months, then you’ll set off.”

“Yes, father, then I’ll leave first.”

Receiving father’s nod, I back away out his room. On the way home, my heart was rippled with emotions, this is something that never occurred in the past four years, humans? Humans who look the same as me? I, Layson, is coming.

Back in the room, my emotions were still in excitement, I should go practice. Changing into a practice outfit, I came to the yard, first using Armor of Thunder Heavens to cover my body, then with a shout, I began to practice the Eighteen Fists of Heaven Thunders which father passed to me. This fighting technique is entirely used to charge and break through the enemy lines. This is most suitable for Beamon beasts to use, it is completed by father in the recent two years, every punch presses forward courageously, it is completely a resolute and determined way to go all out.

As if the air is my enemy, every punch is charged with all the strength in my body. Bang, bang, bang, bang. The sound is continuously produced from my fist, the yard was swirling with dust.

Only when I ran out of strength then I stopped, from head to toe I was dripping with sweat, an indescribable comfort.

At the imperial palace for the first time, I examined the large surrounding buildings with curiosity, although the crafting was crude, everywhere was imposing. All the buildings were built with huge granite, appearing to be exceptionally sturdy and heavy.

My father and I stopped in front of the largest building, at the door the leopard race imperial bodyguard noticed father, then very respectfully said: “King Leo, hello [2].”

Father “eung”-ed, and said: “Help me inform the emperor.”

The imperial bodyguard bowed: “Understood,” then turned and shouted: “Beamon King Leo calls for an audience!” The sound is transmitted to the palace interior, and not a moment longer came a leopard guard from the inside who then said to father respectfully: “King Leo, Your Majesty invites you.” He then turned to lead the way.

My father and I followed him and entered the most magnificent building I’ve ever seen. The Beast Emperor’s palace hall was 20 meters high, and both sides were supported by huge granite pillars a meter wide in diameter, which made me seem even more tiny.

While I was still glancing left and right father had to pulled at me, then came his voice: “Your Servant Leo and my son Layson greets Your Majesty.” I hurriedly fell to my knees, and together with father shouted: “Long live the King.”

A deep and steady voice came over from the front, “Please rise, us brothers need not be like this.” My father and I stood up together, raised our heads, then finally saw our Beastmen’s ruler.

The Beast Emperor is of the lion race, sitting there it’s hard to tell his height, but he’s certainly bigger and taller than I am. Roughly around the same age as father, on his grand body he worn an official robe with a jade belt, on his head a glistening gold crown. At the same time he’s sizing me up. The pressure from his bright eyes told me he was in no way inferior to father, his wise eyes were not what I had ever seen before, no wonder among the Beastmen he is King, indeed there is something extraordinary.

“Leo, so this is your son . If you did not say so, I would have really thought he’s a human.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. The little one’s mother is a human, he inherited the power of Beamon, at the same time carried on his mother’s looks.”

The Beast Emperor praised: “No wonder you say your son is the best candidate to go undercover, the humans will surely not recognize our Beastman blood in him. Child, our Beastmen’s prosperity will be entrusted to you, you mustn’t let me or your father down.”

“Yes, Your Majesty, Your Servant (because I am Beamon Corps’ vice leader, so I must also use “Your Servant”) will certainly do my best and only death will stop me.”

“Good, Brother Leo, how is your youngest son’s martial arts?”

Father laughed: “Your Majesty, this you can be reassured, he can now withstand three-tenths of my punch (Father is exaggerating to save his own face, I might not even be able to take two-tenths). Although his build is not like our Beamon’s, but he definitely has a Beamon’s power.”

The Beast Emperor did not doubt father’s words, and happily said: “Truly a young hero, good, so be it, let Layson go undercover in the Dragon God Empire. This matter is extremely confidential, you must not disclose it to anyone. This operation, I did not even notify our Demon Tribe allies. Little Layson, you might be faced with great difficulties, but, this mission can only succeed without fail, otherwise, this Emperor will not let you off lightly. As long as you complete this mission, I will appoint you as your father’s successor, as the next Beamon King.” The Beast Emperor was giving penalties and favor. At the same time he also explained the importance he placed upon this mission.

I quickly kneeled on the ground, “Yes, Your Servant will live up to Your Majesty’s trust.”

The Beast Emperor then turned to father and said: “Alright, it’ll be like this then. Tomorrow I will let the chosen merchant go to your estate to teach Layson the human etiquette and precautions.”

Father then replied: “Yes, Your Majesty. Then Your Servant and this child will now take leave.”

Outside the palace, father actually affectionately patted my shoulder, happily saying: “Son, you must win honor for our Beamon Tribe, this opportunity is very good, his Majesty is placing his hopes on you.”

I replied indifferently: “Yes, father.”

Starting from the second day since I’ve met the Beast Emperor, with the merchant who went to the Dragon God Empire I began to learn the human etiquettes. My memory and my ability to imitate were totally beyond their imagination, originally it was a three-month training program, but now after one month they had no more to teach. Ever since I learned the human etiquette and heard of the human stories, I developed a deep interest towards the human countries. After all I have a quarter of human lineage, I wonder what mother’s homeland is like.

From outside came a deep voice: “Layson, father is looking for you.” It is big brother Laylon, out of the three older brothers only brother Laylon is still relatively friendly to me, the other two brothers simply look down on me. If they don’t bully me that’s already a good thing.

Going out the door, the bright sunshine warmed up my body, the majestic body of brother appeared before me, and walking next to him made me look unexpectedly small.

“Brother, why did you personally come, why didn’t you call a messenger to inform me?” I flatly said.

“Ha ha, I happen to be at father’s and took the opportunity to come see you. I heard you must carry out a secret mission, we will not see each other for a long time.”

I nodded my head, but did not answer. Brother is used to me being like this and did not feel surprised.

“Well, we’re here. You go in then, I’ll leave now.”

“Okay. Bye.” After those words I walked straight into father’s room. Father was sitting behind his desk holding a stack of papers in hand.

“Father, I’m here.” Father raised his head, looked at me, then passed the papers in his hands to me and said: “Take a look, this is your undercover identity, you need to memorize it while you’re on the road. I’ve heard the merchant say you already grasped what they taught you. Sooner rather than later, tomorrow, pack your luggage, you will leave secretly by yourself.”

I took a look at the paper, it says, Name: Layson, from Luomu Village of Dragon Empire’s Aika City. Father: Layfu, artisan, Mother: Shadia, handicrafts production, liked martial arts since childhood. At 10, father died of illness, at 13, mother died of illness. Wandered alone around the continent for three years until now, introverted man… The rest introduced details about the identity. From the information, there is not a slightest flaw. I know, this person who has the same name and last name as I do was definitely killed by father’s men. This has always been father’s style, not leaving the slightest opportunity for the enemy.

I turned around and looked deeply at the city which I spent sixteen years of my life in, took a deep breath, and began my journey to complete the mission.

Father arranged for me to go directly to the capital of the Dragon God Empire – Dragon City, where the Sky City Institute, one of the four big human educational schools, is located. My task is to go there and study and try to learn every kind of knowledge. It is now May, enrollment begins in August in Sky City Institute, so I must be there before August to take the entrance examination.

Today’s weather is really good, for thousands of miles was a cloudless blue sky. On the road, from time to time sharp melodious chirps of birds came from the trees on either sides. Leaving the cage where I’ve spent sixteen years of my life, my mood was as clear as the sky.

I was wearing a warrior’s outfit, on my head was a big bamboo hat and from the hat hung a three feet long veil. No one could see my face from the outside. This is still the Beastmen Country, humans are not welcomed. Therefore, I only conceal my human appearance in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Before I came out from the house, I went to see other. She was still the same, eyes devoid of feelings, very quiet. I went, but she still gave me the cold shoulder.

“Mom, I must go to a distant place. Within a short time I’m afraid I won’t return.”

She only looked at me once, then turned her head and ignored me. It seems that my life or death does not concern her. So many years, I had already become numb, except grandma, no one had ever given me warmth.

But she was still my mother, although she did not raise me, she still gave birth to me. I sighed deeply and said: “Mom, this time I have to go to the Dragon God Empire.”

Hearing my words her whole body shook, and she turned her head: “Is that true? Are you going to Dragon God Empire?” Mother’s eyes finally lost their ice-coldness, with a trace of human breath.

I nodded heavily, “Yes, I’m going there to complete a secret mission.”

Mother shakily got up from bed, I quickly step forward to support her, she murmured: “Empire. Empire, king father, king father, Ahfeng, Ahfeng.”

“Layson, can you help me do something?”

I nodded: “Tell me, as long as it’s within my capabilities I will certainly help you.”

Mother took out a small bell from under the mattress, shaking it with her hand, a clear sound came out. The little bell seems like it was made from special materials, emitting a weak blue light. Her eyes were very conflicted, suddenly gentle, suddenly angry, sometimes helpless, then reluctantly parted with the bell to my hands, a translucent drop of tears fell on the bell.

“When you are at Dragon God Empire look for a person called Linfeng, give this bell to him, tell him, tell him Lingling is sorry.” When she finished this sentence, mother’s tears rushed forth like spring water then fell on the bed. With the bells in my hands I stared blankly, not knowing what to do.

When mother was tired from crying, she took out a necklace from her bosom. It was a silver-beaded necklace and hanging from it was an exquisitely carved amethyst in the shape of a little dragon.

She looked at me in silence, then put the necklace around my neck.

“I had never cared for you for even a day. You help me accomplish this task, this necklace can be counted as your reward.” Her words were still so ruthless.

I choke back the endless sadness, gripping the dragon-carved amethyst tightly and let the hard crystal pierce my palm. I took a deep breath to calm my surging emotions, then said: “Okay, I will definitely help you deliver it.” After these words I left without turning around from the mother who gave birth to me but hates me.

However, before I left I still had to ask brother to take care of her.

Already very far away from the Beast Imperial City, my mood gradually lighten up. I have never went far from home so everything I see is new and strange.

The sun has risen right above, even though it’s only May, but the sunlight is already very cruel. Walked for a whole morning, I became a bit exhausted. I looked up and found, on the right side of the road there seemed to be a simple pergola. They probably sell something to eat. I quickly went forward, sure enough, it’s a fruit stall. The owner was a female wolf, from looks seemed to be about fifty years old.

She saw me walking to the booth, and asked: “Come pick some fruits to eat, this is all homegrown, guaranteed freshness.”

I took out a silver coin and threw it over, and coldly said: “A bit of every kind.”

She saw my bad temper and dared not say more, immediately she put a bit of every kind in a bag, then handed it over. It was a really big bag, enough for ten people to eat, when will I finish?

“Not so much, take away three-quarters, give me the rest.”

The old woman showed a troubled expression: “But I have no change to give you.”

I thought inwardly, they can’t even find change for a silver coin? Are the Beastmen’s lives that difficult? I couldn’t help but asked: “Is life that difficult? I don’t need change, it’s fine if you just take out the extra fruits.”

While the old woman was taking out the fruits, she helplessly said: “You are a good person. Over many years of war, the places near the capital are still okay, but the war zone commoners are suffering even more. Our Beastmen, only those who are soldiers or those with power can have food to eat. A person like me who can’t go to war if I can scrape a meager living then it’s already not easy. Is this much fruit enough?”

I took the fruits she handed over, and my heart could not help but feel sorrow. The ones who suffer from war are the commoners, no matter which country it’s all the same.

I picked up the fruits and when I just turned to leave, a hidden earnest voice said: “Boy, put down all the valuables from your body, otherwise, you will become these uncles’ dinner.”

I turned around and there were already three people who surrounded me from the back, a bear, a fox, and a werewolf. The one who spoke should be the fox, foxes are the most cunning. They’re all just very average characters.

I coldly snorted, “Is this a robbery?”

All at the same time the three burst out laughing, the bear jeered: “No kidding! If not robbing you what else did we stop you for? Don’t let us waste our breath, hand over your things immediately, if not we will simmer-fry you and then eat you with wine.”

I asked plainly: “Do you often rob and eat the passersby?”

This time the werewolf replied: “That’s right, in this world it’s the law of the jungle, the weak can only become food and prey for the strong. Don’t you even understand such a simple truth?”

My eyes quickly swept over them: “I see, I understand. Thank you for your teachings.”

I stepped forward heavily, giving a heavy punch to the strongest, the bear person.

They obviously did not think I would strike back, at the same time the knife in the hands of the werewolf and the longsword in the hands of the fox chopped at me. I did not pay attention to them, still punching straight at the bear person. The bear person’s body was not too different from mine except for looking more stout and strong. Seeing me attack him, very clearly, he raised his huge bear palm to catch my fist.

If I did not wear a bamboo hat, they might’ve seen a cold sneer from the corner of my mouth.

The first unlucky one was the bear, his palms produce a deep low noise. At the same time both the bear person and I heard the sound of his bones shattering. Without a chance to scream, his tall body have already been shot away past five meters. I am very confident of my own hands, I know he can only wait until next life to rob someone.

When the bear person was flying, two weapons cut down at the same time in my left shoulder and right side of my back. The werewolf and the fox felt as if they did not cut any enemy but a steel plate, simultaneously the weapons vibrated, but my clothes have not been scratched at all.

I half-turned and kicked the chest fox person, the sound of bones breaking were clearly heard, and like the bear person he flew far away and dropped on the ground, blood flowing out his face, from a look he will not survive.

The werewolf was stunned by what he saw, his knife clattered to the ground, then he violently shouted and turned to run. I laughed coldly and used my feet to kick up the knife he dropped, then with a rotation of the body I kicked the knife, which traveled like lightning and crucial part of the werewolf ’s back. Pa. The handle went straight through and was nailed to a tree on the side.

I walked slowly to the werewolf’s body, then coldly said: “It is you who told me principle of the law of the jungle, I hope you can be smarter in the next life.”

The werewolf groaned: “You…. you… very… ruthless…” Then took his last breath.

The fruit store old lady had long ago been frightened and curled up shivering, I walked to the fruit shop, picked up the purchased fruits, then tossed a gold coin over and said: “Bury them.” I turned and sped away.

I did not feel sad because I killed someone, since young my father had taught me, within the Beastmen only true strength is money. No one will pity the weak, to the enemy one must not show mercy. One must kill in one hit, not leaving the enemy any opportunities to fight back. Even if a lion was fighting a rabbit he must go all out, one must use any methods to kill off the other.

Out of the scope of the capital, I then learned that my journey of slaughter had only just began at the fruit shop. Everywhere there were Beastmen bandits, robbers. Except for the large towns defended by guards, burning, killing, and looting could be seen everywhere. It’s no surprise that Beastmen who were born with bodies surpassing humans and demons could only be the third of these races. At this point, the folks are all insecure and endangered, how can people grow to be strong? In this case I’ll just help the Beast Emperor clean up a bit.

Using a “bloody trail” to describe my trip in the Beastmen Country is not a bit exaggerated. Each and every robber or bandit whom I met will perish at the hands of what I call the sound of thunder methods. Later on, I don’t know how many people I killed, but I had long ago became numbed to it.

Through this journey I also understood why the Beastmen were not a match for humans. The Beastmen were born brave, if you talk about experts, there are practically none. In my massacre of a hundred people, none fit the bill. Just relying on my strength from the Beamon tribe, it was similar to a tiger entering flock of sheep.

At least I arrived at the border between the Beast Country and the Dragon God Empire. The Stelu fortress of the Dragon God Empire across the junction of these two countries, the tall city walls obstructs the onward road of the Beastmen.

I arrived below the city walls and shouted loudly: “Can I trouble the generals to open the gate for me?”

A human-like high-ranking officer at the top of the city walls looked down, then yelled loudly: “Who are you”

I followed the script planned since long ago: “I am a merchant who went to the Beastmen’s for business. Our caravan was robbed by Beastmen bandits, I am the only one who managed to escape back here. Look, I am a human.” I pulled down the bamboo hat that I’ve worn for more than a month.

The general looked from afar, saw that I was really a person, moreover a human, his tone became softer: “These Beastmen robbers, dammit. You guys too, always going there to do whatever business. It’s not worth your life. Someone, open the city gates a little to let him in.”

After a while, the city gate cracked open a bit, a few defending generals welcomed me in.

The general who was just up on the city walls was among them, he then saw my handsome and bright appearance and tall figure and developed a favorable impression of me: “Were the losses big?”

I pretended to sigh: “Don’t even remind me, coming back with my life is already very fortunate. Generals, you don’t know how frightening the Beastmen are, they would rob anything they see.”

That general then said: “Well, don’t feel too bad, don’t worry. Our Dragon God Empire will sooner or later exterminate them. Go now, you should rest, there’s nothing to be afraid of when you’re on human territory.”

I said a lot of thankful words, and my heart secretly felt relieved.

Stelu fortress was built from the foundation of Stelu City. The first time being in a human city, I found everything to be new and exciting. This place is truly more prosperous than the Beastmen world, the main streets were bustling with activity. Openly selling, openly buying, a scene of a booming economy.

I went in accordance with what the merchant teacher taught me, to first find a relatively clean inn to stay. Intending to rest for one night, tomorrow I will continue to Dragon City.

In the human society here, I no longer felt the need to wear a bamboo hat. The first time seeing so many people with similar appearance to my own, it’s hard to avoid feeling excited. Although among the Beamon I was the shortest, but here, almost no one could compare to me. Walking along the main street I had a feeling of a crane among a flock of chicken.

Many women who were coming and going threw me curious or strange looks. Seeing my face, their face would flush with red. The merchant teacher told me during a lesson, my appearance among the humans count as very handsome. When I arrive at Dragon God Empire, I will certainly attract many girls’ like. However, I never expected the girls here would be so bold. It seems my decision to not wear a bamboo hat was wrong. Yet, the human girls compared to Beastwomen looked much more pleasing to the eyes. I secretly told myself this may be because they have a similar appearance with me.

This city was completely free from the smokes of war, everyone gets along in harmony. I took a stroll around the city and bought something to eat then went back to the inn.

It was deep into the night, I took out a map of the Dragon God Empire from my bag. This place was still 3900 km away from Dragon City. It’s not close at all, tomorrow I have to leave without delay. It’s still better to be there early, this way there will be sufficient time to prepare.

Putting away the map, I sat cross-legged. Practicing in accordance to the Demonic Arts, a penetrating ice-cold feeling gradually enveloped my whole body. Recently I feel as if my Demonic Arts is improving very fast. After practicing the second rank for around half a year but I can already use mid-level dark magic. Now the dark energy and the Armor of Heaven Thunders have fused better than before, perhaps it’s because I killed a lot of people recently? Actually, I don’t know, the Demonic Arts are the Demon Tribe’s highest level skill, a combination of martial and magic. The first part of the basics are more oriented towards killing, darkness, coldness. Because I killed an awful lot of bandits, it fulfilled the Demonic Arts’ requirements, that’s why I improved at lightning speed.

[1] The saying means that in the face of true power, all schemes are useless. He says he only realized later how much he suffers from that kind of thinking.
[2] The politer hello, with a respectful “you”

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