Mad God - Volume 1 - Chapter 4

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Why is my face wet? Only half-conscious I opened my eyes, turns out Black Dragon was licking me. Laughing, I pet his large head, “Be good, what time is it now?” After the words left my mouth then I realized he couldn’t  answer me. I fed him something and then went back to the inn to wash up and eat a meal. Back in the room, I continued on playing chess with Duke of Zhou. [a.k.a. God of Dreams]

When I woke up it was still in the middle of the night, I stretched my body and went to the yard to practice 13 Fists of Wild Thunder. After one day of rest my body has basically recovered. If not for relying on dark energy, I’m afraid even if I survive I won’t be able to get out of bed. I wonder how the other candidates are doing?

Sitting crossed-legged on the bed I began to practice the demonic techniques. Dark magic cannot be used casually in the Dragon God Empire, even though there are dark magic magicians, their numbers were small. If they found out I could use dark magic they might say I am a spy sent by the Demon Tribe. After two hours of practice, the dark energy within my body reached their peak condition. I raised my right hand and chanted: “The mighty Gods of Darkness, with my soul as an offering, with my life as a bridge, please grant your endless power, become the shape of a solid guard, protect your servant ——- Dark Barrier.”

As I chanted, with my body as the center, in front of my body a meter thick blanket of dark mists appeared and began to wrap around me, this is the strongest black magic I can use now, it is very similar to a dark magician’s dark barrier, but its defense is much stronger, enough to hold off mid-level magic attacks.

That’s right, with this Dark Barrier, my defensive power is now even stronger. I slowly drew back my dark magic, in a flash my body could not help but feel faint, the side effects of dark magic is indeed hard to deal with, even my sturdy body could not resist fully. Quickly circulating the dark energy through my body, the dizziness gradually fade away.

The sky was already bright for the for the most part, I first went to the horse stable to stuff Black Dragon with food, who knows how long this testing round would take?

In the Sky City Institute, the field was revisited by exactly 1000 people, according to the identification number we lined up and formed 20 rows, forming a rectangle.

The voice from last time spoke again: “All exam candidates, today is the second round of the exam. This time from among you 1000 people we will select 300 students, we hope everyone will bring out their best power. In front of every row will be an exam teacher, everyone please follow their identification number for the test.”

On the field was arranged a row of tables, lying on top of the table was a large iron plate approximately 3 centimeters thick, behind the table sat an examiner.

I was the first one to go up to the table, the examiner was holding the name list: “Number 1, Layson?”


“Good, the content of the exam is to leave a mark in your own numbered grid on the iron plate, the deeper the better, you can’t use weapons, but magic and battle force is acceptable. Start now. You have half a minute.”

I lowered my head and looked, on top the large iron plate were 50 numbered grids, isn’t this too easy, iron in my hands were no different from tofu. The corner of my mouth revealed a disdainful smile, I extended my right hand’s index finger and pressed on top of the metal board, ready to drill a hole. The examiner saw my disdainful smile and sneered inwardly, he thought, this kid is waiting to be humiliated, the iron board’s sturdiness is magically enhanced.

When my finger was still about 1 centimeter away from the iron plate it wouldn’t go any further, an invisible flow of air prevented me from pressing deeper. I suddenly realized there was more to this, as I thought earlier, this couldn’t be that simple. I took the force of Armor of Heaven Thunders and gradually gathered it in my index finger and shouted loudly: “Break.” Pressing down firmly, I could feel an intense friction between my index finger and stream of air, and every second my finger went down more. The degree of the stream of air’s toughness and durability went beyond my imagination, but gradually the iron plate and the obstructing air became concave and left a still becoming deeper mark.

Seeing I could not break through the stream of air I added another burst of energy, I took a bit of the dark energy in my body and sent it to the tip of my finger, with the sound of “pa” the air flow was broken, and without the protection of the stream of air the iron board was like paper as I smoothly poked a hole, even the table below was not spared.

The examiner’s mouth turned into an O shape, because, even he thought to break the enchantment to this degree must be very hard, but a new student like me could surprisingly do it.

My chi returned to my dantian, and I slowly took back my finger and asked in a cold voice: “Teacher, is this fine?”

The examiner was shocked for a bit before coming back to earth: “It’s fine, I am an examiner for this many years, but there was none with as much strength as you. What technique did you use just now, why did your finger become black?” While at it he also wrote down on the name list my evaluation. Since I was tall, and because I could see anyways, I snuck a glance, seems like he wrote I broke the iron plate, the examinee probably has a strong power.

I had thought of an excuse long ago: “This I learned from an old person, he said it’s called ‘Black Sky Finger,’ I never thought I would get to use it today.”

The exam supervisor picked up the iron plate: “Can’t be used anymore, the spell is broken, I need to get a new one. You can go to the field and take a rest, wait until the end of the exam and we’ll announce the results.”

After bowing I stood to the side. I didn’t want to go too far, because I want to see how the other candidates are doing, to gauge whether I can be selected or not.

Not many moments later, that examiner switched to a new iron plate and called the next number candidate for the test, after I saw 10 people, none could compare with me. The most was making 1 cm dent, and one examinee was extra funny, he was probably learning fire magic. One fireball after another continuously attacked the iron plate, but not even one mark was left, and he saw that time was almost up and chanted: “Omnipresent fire spirit, grant me your endless raging flames, burn all in front of your eyes – Bursting Flame!” This is a mid-level fire magic, from looks it seemed to be very powerful, the examiner quickly casted a water shield. After Bursting Flame passed with a “Boom,” it drew all the examinees to look over, the truth was the table collapse, but the iron board was not in the least damaged.

That candidate saw this situation and knew he had no hope, not knowing whether to cry or laugh he turned and left, many candidates began laughing. The one who actually didn’t know whether to laugh or cry was the examiner, while writing the examinee’s evaluation he talked to himself: “Why am I meeting freaks today, one broke the iron plate, one burned off the table, seriously.…”

I felt that I can probably pass and did not observe the other candidates anymore, walking to the side and finding a shaded tree to sit down, I breathed in the pure and freshness of nature and waited for results.

I was resting with my eyes closed, but suddenly found there was an extra person at my side. Opening my eyes, it was the guy who used fire and burned the table.

He sat at my side and was looking at me, seeing that I opened my eyes, he said: “Brother, hello, just now I saw you pass through the iron, why can’t I do it, after messing for half a day the table broke, but the iron plate was fine.” After he said so his face was full of helplessness.

I looked at him once and his words made me want to laugh. I said: “Concentrate your strength in one area.” After I said so, I closed my eyes, even though I only said 6 words, it was a big enlightenment for him.

He slapped his own head: “That’s right, how come I didn’t think of it, let me see, I know a drilling fire magic, should be useful, let me go try.” After he finished speaking, he left.
I shook my head, don’t know if the examiner will let him try again. With closed eyes I continued to rest.

After some time, the broadcast rang: “All students, please form the original lines, following, the exam results will be announced.

I opened my eyes, it seems everyone has finished and was idling about the field in twos and threes, I went to my original spot and stood, thinking in my heart, I can definitely pass this round.

Sure enough, the examiner from earlier came over, and followed at his side was the table burning fellow. The student saw me and did a success hand gesture.

The examiner helplessly looked at him: “Go, line up first.” He shrugged and ran to the back.

“Well, I will announce the students who passed: Layson, pass. Hason, passed…..” He consequently read 10 names. The examiner closed the name list in his hands: “The students whose name was read should stay, the others can go back now, if not more than the age of 18, you can come back next year to re-test.”

Many candidates turned and left with drooping heads, the other groups’ announcements were almost done, and on the field only the 300 passing candidates were left.

Twenty unevenly matched rows stood on the field, in about a meal’s time, a few teachers whose age were much older and their positions much higher came.

Among them a 50 years old teacher wearing a magic robe said: “Alright, everyone be quiet for a moment, I am the director of the Teaching Department, Janfen, congratulations to you for being admitted to this institute, next please welcome our esteemed magic instructor, President Yuhan, to make a speech.” From his voice I could tell, he was the one making the broadcast.

On the field came the sound of applause. A magic instructor about six, seventy years old stood out, first coughing twice: “I am the president of this institute, first, I represent our school and welcome you in becoming the new first year students. Secondly, I hope you will not be afraid of hardship in your future studies, with hard work, you will improve yourselves. This institute had educated 230 Dragon Knights and is the number one school in the Dragon God Empire (later I learned, each of the four big educational institutes all call themselves the number one school), I hope among you there will be someone who can attain this glorious title. Lastly, this is also my request, this school bans male-female relationships. That’s all, my speech is over.” He turned and went back to the school building.

His words, especially the part about the Dragon Knights, arouse all the hot-blooded students’ enthusiasm (all excludes me, the Dragon Tribe will not accept anyone except of the human race). They all ccouldn’twait to ride a dragon and show their might. However, upon hearing the last sentence everyone became down. 16, 17 is the age of haziness towards female and males, full of fantasy and imagination. Hearing the president’s speech, it’s hard to not to be dissatisfied. immediately the field was filled with discussion.

The director of the Teaching Department looked with dissatisfaction at the president’s back, his eyes obviously showed discontent towards the way the president spoke, and he said loudly: “Everyone be quiet, everyone be quiet, the president is right, in order to learn and practice even better in the institute, that’s why it’s best to not have relationships to avoid impacting your studies. Now we will divide into groups, students who learn fighting techniques stand to the west, students who learn magic stand to the east, students who learn both stand in the middle.”

All the students, one after another separated, I thought for a bit, since I am here to steal and learn then learning a bit of everything is better, I’ll just stand in the middle. The group learning fighting techniques was the biggest, taking half of the students, the magic group also has over 100 people, ones learning both only has about 40 students. Afterwards we began to divide into classes, in total there were 6 classes, 3 for fighting, 2 for magic, 1 for magic and fighting.”

After we separated into classes, the director of the Teaching Department said: “Good, class assignment is finished, today everyone can go home and pack their things, tomorrow bring your living necessities to the school and report, afterwards except for holidays you cannot go home, without exception all will live on campus. Now you can disband.”

While Director Janfen didn’tleave yet, I ran up to him and said: “Director Janfen, can I bring my horse and raise him in the school?” I must find a good place for my Black Dragon.

Director Janfen wrinkled his eyebrows, strictly said: “You best find a place to deal with him, sell, or you can raise him at another place.”

I said: “But my horse only eats when I feed him, he is a good horse, I’m willing to pay more school fee. You see, can you possibly bend the rules a little?” For Black Dragon, the proud and aloof me cannot avoid humbling myself.

Once he heard I will pay more money, the director’s eyes immediately lit up, he thought a bit: “Tomorrow you can bring your horse here, I will arrange for him to stay in the teacher’s horse stable.” Having said so he turned to leave. Are all the teachers now like this? Having such an interest to money.

I pulled him again, annoyed, he said: “Is there anything else?”

“My horse is violent, it’s best for to arrange a separate horse stable, otherwise I’m afraid he will kick someone else’s horse.”

Director Janfen impatiently said: “Fine, but you have to pay extra, one month 3 gold coins.” He sure was evil enough, the school tuition for half a year was only 20 gold coins, the horse stable fee was not much different from the school tuition. Fortunately I still have some money, before I left father gave me a Dragon God Empire’s gold card of 5000 gold coins, enough for me to use.

“Alright, thank you director, I’ll bring him here tomorrow. I’ll leave first.” The director saw my leaving figure and smiled secretly and talked to himself: “Seems like I can get some extra money.”

Back at the inn, I packed my things, and went to the bank to take out 200 gold coins, then at the horse stable I scrubbed Black Dragon.

I finally got admitted to Sky City Institute relying on my own abilities, I took the first step towards completing my mission. In my heart was a rare excitement.

(Author’s note: Hello readers, I need to clarify that the nature of this book is very different from how it currently is. At the same time, the MC will not stay for long at the academy, Layson entering the Sky City Institute was mainly to complete his mission. In the second book, he will break away from the school, and later the content will be even more exciting. I welcome everyone to read it)

I pulled Black Dragon and arrived at the Sky City Institute, just arriving at the door the guards stopped me.

“You are a student, right? Sky City Institute doesn’t allow horses, don’t you know?”

I coldly said: “I don’t know, I only know Director Janfen told me to bring him here.”

The guards became speechless, I pulled Black Dragon and went inside, and faintly heard the guard’s dissatisfaction: “He’s just a new student, what’s there to be proud about.”

Entering the institute, I ran directly to the school building. Telling Black Dragon to wait for me outside, I must first complete the admission procedure then I can find a place for Black Dragon. I came to the Teaching Department. Knocking on the door, from inside came the voice of Director Jan: “Come in.”

I pushed the door and entered into the Teaching Department’s office, this place was really big with 8 office tables, and there were several teachers sitting there. I felt I already came here pretty early, but in this room there were actually 6, 7 students, from a glance they had a look of new students. Director Jan obviously remembered that I was the student who would spend money to rent a horse stable, and he took the initiative and said hello: “You came, I waited half a day for you. You can first do the admission procedures. What’s your name?” The other new students looked at me, all of them were male. One male student even said: “We were here first, why is he before us.” Director Jan glanced at him sideways and he didn’t dare say anymore.

“My name is Layson.” I calmly said.

“Layson right?” Director Jan flipped through the name list, then looked at me: “The school tuition for one semester if 20 gold coins, lodging is 5 gold coins, meals are 5 gold coins, book fees are 1 gold coin, deposit is 2 gold coins, you still have a horse, right? I’ll charge you half a year for 18 gold coins, let me see… in total it’s 51 gold coins, pay up.”
The other students were shocked, using an amazed expression to look at Director Jan like they want to say something, Janfen returned his sharp eyes, scaring back the words hanging at their lips.

I knew, he must be scamming me, but to stay smoothly in the school for the future, I pretended I didn’t know and pulled out 51 gold coins to hand over.

Director Jan at once counted the gold coins with a smile filled face. Only after a while did he wake up from his infatuation with gold coins. Passing over a key, he said: “For you, go find the dorm with the number on the key. Tomorrow go to the main academic building 1st floor room 106 for class.”

I received the key: “OK. Then where will my horse stay?”

Only caring about taking money, Director Jan had long forgotten this matter. He awkwardly smiled, and said quickly: “I’ll bring you there now, you guys wait here first.”

I followed him out the school building, barely at the entrance we were both shocked, there were several dozen students surrounding the doorway, most of them were whispering.

I made use of my strong arms and separated the crowd to go through, not out of my expectation, the one they were surrounding was Black Dragon, they were all evaluating him from head to toe. Even more there was a bold girl who wanted to touch him, saying: “Hello, little black horse ( I almost fainted, Black Dragon was 12 feet lengthwise, 8 feet in height. A “little black horse”? Isn’t she too childish? ), do you have an owner? Let me touch, OK?” I wanted to stop her, but was a step too late.

Black Dragon let out a long hiss, raising his front hoofs highly, just about to stomp on the girl. The girl was hit by the suddenness and fell terrified to the ground, when she was about to become Black Dragon’s second unjustly killed ghost, I appeared.

I quickly flashed over, in one move propping up Black Dragon’s descending hoofs, just like when I tamed him. Because of the suddenness, I stepped back from Black Dragon’s strong momentum. Black Dragon saw it’s me and let out a happy whistle, then I loosen my grip on his hoofs. I turned my head and shouted at the terrified girl: “You looking for death? Why did you have to touch him.”

That girl stood up from the ground, a very cute young lady with a head of long purple hair down to her waist, a petite figure, and a beautiful face with skin like white jade. A pair of big eyes filled with mist and a small pale face, trembling said: “I’m sorry.” Seeing tears around the eyes, I waved agitated: “In the future stay away from Black Dragon.”

“Who is this fellow, what a great strength.”

“He’s so vicious, it’s my first time seeing someone be so fierce to Jisue.”

I pulled my horse and was just about to leave, from the side sprang a few upper grade students, led by a 1.8 meter tall, very handsome, and from his eyes a ruthless guy. He held out a hand and stopped me: “Quickly apologize to Miss Jisue, you scared her and you still want to leave?”

I brushed off his extended hand and coldly said: “Can you stop me?”

He immediately became furious and haughtily said: “Those who dare to bully Jisue will be my enemy. I’ll take you down.” Saying so he rushed up.

A clear and bright voice sound up: “ Wait a minute, Halun, why are you causing trouble again. Leave quickly and I will look away, otherwise you can go to the Teaching Department and stand as a punishment.”

The young man called Halun saw the director of the Teaching Department, hatefully snorted and put down fierce words: “Brat, you just wait, I’ll show you in the future.”

I disdainfully smiled, “Anytime, but, I’ll tell you first, my hand is not merciful, if you are missing an arm or have a broken leg then don’t blame me.”

Halun was angry to the point where his eyes were bulging out and shouted loudly: “You….”

Janfen said: “Alright, don’t quarrel, if you continue both of you will be in confinement.”

Halun hearing so took his lackeys and left, the table burning student from yesterday came. He leaned over at my side and quietly said: “I’ll find you later.” I turned to look at him and did not reply.

Janfen walked up to Jisue and asked: “Jisue, are you okay? In the future don’t be so reckless.”

Jisue lowered her head and said: “Yes, director.”

“Okay, you can go first, everyone disband. Layson, follow me.”

I look sideways at Jisue, and she was also staring at me. Looking face to face Jisue quickly lowered her head, her face flushed red, showing an expression with a cuteness I can’t say. I stared stupidly and upon hearing Director Jan’s call I turned and ran up to Black Dragon and followed him.

On the way, Janfen praised while looking at Black Dragon: “Your horse is truly not bad, but he is too violent. It seems, I really have to find you a separate stable. In the future you should be careful, in order to increase the student’s enthusiasm and training, the school allows fair fights.” I did not expect the snobbish director to care about me, hearing his words I discovered he had the air of a senior.

“I will take note, thank you.”

After Black Dragon was settled, I intended to find my long-term nest of stay, I looked at the key in hand, on top was carved 6-3-4, I don’t know what it means.

Just when I was walking, the table burning student ran over, gasping: “I finally found you, is your horse settled now?”

I ‘eung’-ed.

“Which dorm are you in?”

I handed him the keys to take a look, he said: “6-3-4, this is great! We are in the same dorm room, building number 6, 3rd floor, room number 4. Let’s go, go, go, I just came out from there.”

“My name is Fenyun, what’s yours?”


“Ha! We are really tied by fate, wind and thunder (in their name, Lay is thunder, Fen is wind). That’s right, I didn’t get to thank you for that day, the method you taught me really works. I made a 1 cm deep hole.”

I strangely asked: “How did you get the exam teacher to agree for a re-test?”

He smiled mysteriously, his thumb and index finger pinched together and he had an evil smile: “Ho ho, money talks. It costs me a month of work earnings to settle this.”

I almost fainted, are all the teachers in this school like this? Only recognizing money.

“Layson, you are so tall, in humans it’s rare to see someone as tall as you.”

“Oh!” You haven’t met my tribesmen yet, all over 4 meters tall. Nevertheless, not meeting has its own good, otherwise they will tear him apart. Huh, why would I suddenly care about this guy I just met. I shook my head, wanting to put aside this thought.

“Your horse is still a pony right?”

“Really? How do you know?” Hearing him talk about Black Dragon sparked my interest.
“I learned horsemanship before, your horse is probably only a year old. Your Black Dragon is the best horse I’ve ever seen.”

“Actually, I don’t know how old he is, I bought him from the horse racecourse.”

“The racecourse actually sells a horse this good, in the future if I have the opportunity I have to go check it out. OK, we’re here, this is our nest, go inside quickly.” I was pulled by him and entered the dorm room.

The dorm’s condition was not bad, the most inner part has two bunk beds, on top were all new beddings. From a glance four people will live here, now there’s only Fenyun and I. There were also two desks and on the other side there were 4 metal cabinets, probably to put things in. In the corner there was a broom, a basin, a mop, and other daily necessities.

Fenyun pointed to the lower bed on the right side: “I’m sleeping here, Layson, where are you sleeping?”

I pointed to his top bunk bed: “I’ll just sleep on your top bed.” I picked a cabinet and dumped everything inside.

Fenyun said: “The fellow who just now looked for trouble with you have a lot of influence, a third year student, I think learning martial arts. His family is of nobility, his dad is a something viscount, later on it’s best to avoid him.”

“Being a noble lets him be so outrageous?”

Fenyun thought inwardly, your rudeness and unreasonableness is not much worse than his, however out his mouth he said: “That’s right, in the Dragon God Empire social classes’ rule is very strong, the nobilities all have a lot of advantages. Most of the people here want to gain some skills and then in the future join the army and get a title.”

“What’s the background of the little girl with purple hair?”

“Her? She is the princess in the hearts of many in the institute, a second year student, one of the school’s flowers[1], there are many suitors but the school doesn’t allow boy- or girlfriends, that’s why there’s no owner[2] yet, what, you fancy her?”

In a deep voice I said: “Stop talking nonsense.” But in my eyes, Jisue’s cute face appeared. The term “school flower” was very novel to me, then I asked: “In the institute are there other school flowers?

“Of course, the school has about 2000 people, among them are the 8 great beauties, and Jisue is ranked number 6. The others if we see them in the future I’ll tell you.”

Curious, I asked: “How do you know so much about the school, aren’t you a new student too?”

He smiled embarrassed, and told me in a small voice: “I’ll tell you, but you can’t tell anyone else. Last year I did a lot of odd jobs in the school, that’s why I know so much about the school.”

I suddenly realized, it seems he did not spare any effort to get admitted here.

At this time from the outside came in two people, what makes me shocked was that they had the same face, this is the so call “twins” of the human race? I secretly guessed so.

Fenyun saw them come in and took the initiative to greet them: “Are you also staying in this dorm room?”

One of them said: “Yes, my name is Hosin, he is Hoxin. We are twins and came from Kunsi City.”

Fenyun happily said: “Then we are roommates, I am Fenyun from Halin city. He is Layson, ah, that’s right. Layson, where did you come from?”

In my heart I secretly feared: “I have no home, wandering everywhere.”

Fengyun said: “Oh, you must had a hard life, both Brother Ho, you guys can take the bed on this side. You both are identical, how can we tell you apart?”

Both brothers smiled at each other, Hosin said: “I am older, and on my right eye there’s a small mole, my brother doesn’t have one.”

“Ah, now it’s easier to tell. Your family name is fire, are you both learning fire magic?”

Hoxin nodded his head: “We are both magic and martial practitioners, using fire magic to match sword techniques.” Turns out they were like me, from appearance, they seem to have good strength.

Fenyun said: “It must be very powerful, you three are all magic warriors, only I am a magician.”

Hosin said: “Lei Xiang is also a magic-martial practitioner? What magic are you learning?”
I coldly said: “I have never learned magic, I’ll learn it later.”

“Ah? How are you doing to attend magic-martial class if you never learned magic?”

How is he talking so much nonsense, not any less than Fenyun, I impatiently said: “I like magic, isn’t it fine if I learn it later?”

Fenyun saw that the atmosphere was a little tense, and busily injected: “Let’s go eat, I’m all hungry.”


Lying on top of the bed, I looked at the ceiling less than one meter away from my face and thought, I finally took the first step towards my mission, in the future I have to learn and practice more. I calmed my heart and began to practice the Demonic Arts. In order not to be found out, I can only lie down and practice, even though it’s not suited, the effects are not so bad.

Early in the morning, I got up, they were all still sleeping. The first glimmer of light touched the sky, I ran out alone to the front of the dorm to practice a round of 13 Fists of Wild Thunder to stretch my muscles. The dining hall was not yet open, I ran to the horse stable and Black Dragon was doing pretty well. I fed him and then pulled him out, riding him we ran about the sports field a few rounds until the sky had brighten up, then I sent him back.

Back at the dorm, the three of them were up, seeing I returned Fenyun asked: “Layson, where did you go this early?”

“I went to take a stroll with my horse.”

Both Brother Ho asked curiously: “The school allows you to bring horses?”

Thinking of the costly horse stable, I smiled bitterly: “I spent 18 gold coins to rent a semester of the horse stable.”

Fenyun widened his eyes, and said unbelievably: “18 gold coins, this school is too evil.”
I sighed: “What other way is there? Can I not rent? Black Dragon won’t leave my side, it’s fine anyways.”

Fenyun sighed: “You are really rich. Let’s go, go eat breakfast, then we go to class. The first day of classes we better not be late.”

After we finished breakfast, Fengyun separated from us in the main academic building, his classroom was 104, our classroom was 106.

[1] school’s flowers – means prettiest girls in school

[2] author literally says owner…

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