Mad God - Volume 1 - Chapter 7

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From the beginner’s magic bookshelf I took out a book titled, “Introduction to Beginner Wind Magic,” it’s a very thick book. I flipped to the table of contents and it’s very comprehensive, including an intro, how to use wind magic, and examples on how to use it.

Chapter 7: Secrets of Fury Shift

From the beginner’s magic bookshelf I took out a book titled, “Introduction to Beginner Wind Magic,” it’s a very thick book. I flipped to the table of contents and it’s very comprehensive, including an intro, how to use wind magic, and examples on how to use it.

I picked a sufficiently lit area and sat down, enthusiastically starting to read.

Wind magic is actually very simple, through chants we can incite the wind in nature to do what we want, although before that one must have a certain level of magic power and concentration.

I tried to chant: “The free wind, hear my command, condense into a shield against all – Air Shield.” Immediately after the chant I felt the air flow continuously change in front of my body, forming an invisible air wall. My interest immediately sparked, it seems I could use other elemental magic, not bad.

I used 1 day to practice all the beginner wind magic once, and now I can basically recall them from heart.

At the head of the stairs I found a meal and water waiting for me. After I finished eating, I could see that the sky was already dark from the crack in the ventilator, all the lighting here basically relied on magic stones, I casted a beginner’s wind magic flying technique on myself and flew up to the 8th floor, this was really addicting! Speaking of flying techniques, it’s not really flying, it only increases the speed of one’s movements.

Since I couldn’t damage anything in here, I didn’t dare practice any attack spells, after playing for awhile, I stopped to recite a few times the incantations for wind magic until I was sure I wouldn’t forget it. What I didn’t know was, the Demonic techniques are a type of magic practice, I already studied it for 4 years, although it was only at the second stage, but its magic power was already at the level of high level magicians, that’s why I could easily use wind magic.

Since I already understand the essence of wind magic, then I’ll try to see if I can use other elements of magic. From the bookshelves I found a elementary fire magic book.

In this way, in the daytime I would practice magic, and at night I would practice my Demonic Arts. In 5 days time I totally mastered the basics of the four elements fire, wind, earth, and water magic. The only one I couldn’t grasp was light magic, I wonder if it was because it clashes with my Demonic magic. Regardless, being able to use magic to this degree makes me very satisfied.

Now that I have learned the elementary magic of all 4 elements, I should tackle mid level magic. By the way, on the continent, magic is separated into 10 ranks, beginner magic has 3 ranks, mid level magic has 3 ranks, high level magic has 3 ranks, and rank 10 magic is forbidden.

I ran into obstacles while learning mid level magic,I could barely use rank 4 magic, even a few spells would make my body would feel weak and I would be unable to concentrate. Basically, I cannot use 5th and 6th rank magic. Perhaps my magic power has already reached its limits. Since I can’t practice the spells, I’ll just memorize them and in the future as my magic power improves, I’ll try again, I used half a month’s time to memorize all the spells for rank 1-9 elemental books in the library, preparing to study them when I raise my magic power.

As time flies, it has already been 20 days since I’ve been here, these 20 days to me were very important, since it allowed my magic to break through. Everyday I had been focusing on researching magic, and my Demonic power finally broke through to the third stage, when I complete the third stage, I can transform into a Fallen Angel, at that time it will be a leap in power.

I already memorized all the magic, but to certify I won’t forget it, I used another two days to review, if I used the human’s standards, then now I’m a high level magician.

Nearing a month of magic practice, I felt as if my senses were better than before, I could easily focus, and a few of the dark magic I couldn’t use before now I can.

Raising magic ranks does not happen overnight, and I still have 2 months time, I’ll see if there’s anything I can read to improve my martial arts.

Martial arts are not as simple as magic, I spent two days to find a suitable fighting technique, but the ones I can understand are all relatively at the beginner level, and I could not comprehend the advanced fighting techniques, moreover the techniques are skill based. I again felt uneasy. Martial Arts are my roots, with a Beamon’s strong body if I don’t learn any advanced fighting techniques, it’ll be a waste.

I lied down on the ground and stared at the ceiling in a daze, what should I learn? Suddenly, I turned my head and saw that there seemed to be something in a corner under a bookshelf, but the shadow of the bookshelf blocked it, it looked less clear.

I curiously walked over to find  a dusty iron box under the bookshelf, and on the cover 3 eye-grabbing words – Secrets of the Mad God were carved. Opening the iron box, inside I found there was a surprising yellow title “Secrets of the Mad Gods.” My heart jumped, just from the name I could tell it was a rare book. Turning to the first page, the fonts were all very large, (under?) the title was the general explanation of this book: Secrets of Mad God also known as the Secrets of the Tyrant Emperor, is an inner technique, no matter what you learned before it is okay to practice this, as the technique uses one’s hidden potential as the foundation of a special fighting chi, (requirements:?) without the will one cannot practice, if one’s chi is not high one cannot practice, one who can’t Fury Shift cannot practice, if female can also not practice.

Turning to the next page page, the top is written, if one does not have a body suitable for Fury Shift, one’s body cannot sustain the power of the Mad God’s arts, if one practices it they will explode from the fighting chi rushing through the body, careful, careful. One without a strong will will not be able to sustain the power and turn crazy, the practitioner must control their bloodthirstiness, otherwise once they start they will be crazy unto death.

The arts of the Mad God is separated into 12 levels, the first is the most difficult, it transforms one’s original power into that of the Mad God’s, the book says if within one year one fails to transform the power then not to continue to practicing forcefully.

The back is the way to practice, this technique seems suitable for me to use, I can Fury Shift, that’s great, finally I found a fitting technique.

I excitedly followed the text on the book and began to practice. I took the power of Armor of Heaven Thunders and followed the chi channels according to the Mad God’s route, after an hour passed, my head was covered in sweat and I awoke from meditation. In one instant I tossed the book away, angrily cursing: “What broken technique is this, it’s impossible to practice.” When I just now tried going through, the chi channels cause splitting sharp pain, the force is only passing through one-tenths of the whole chi channels. If I continue to forcefully practice there might be a chance of chi channels bursting.

Give up? I was reluctant to give up, seeing the book’s description of how good the skill is, I picked the book back up and closely examined it once more. On the top it wrote, if one can keep doing this for one cycle then the first level is complete, that means I just completed 1/10 of the first level. Thinking so, my loss of confidence just now recovered some.

I took a deep breath, calming the surging qi and the blood within and continued to follow the book’s route. The chi channels which have already been broken through are now easily passed over, when at the one-tenth spot the intense splitting pain came back, I clenched my teeth and persisted to go through a little more until I really couldn’t handle it anymore.

this time I did not throw away the book, I thought, if my progress keeps improving at this pace, every time I’ll improve by a little and perhaps this can be completed. I’ll take a break and rest for now.

Lying on the ground, I flipped forward another page, the book described: Completing the first stage will allow one to send out their battle chi, which one could use to attack or to defend, also: One can use Mad God’s punch, first form – Hurricane. Hurricane uses the Mad God’s battle chi to hit against the ground and turn the surrounding into pieces, striking all around. This is most suitable for attack on all sides. On the bottom was the way to use… when completely mastered, one could control within a 15 meter circumference, controlling the shattered pieces at will to attack.

From the book’s description it seems powerful, if I can perfect it then I don’t have to worry about being surrounded or the enemy’s skills. Ha ha.

This time, the Secret of the Mad God sparked a deep interest in me, I breathed deeply, renewed my meditative pose, and started for the third time. In this way, I repeatedly attacked the chi points within my body, soon a month passed, to my amazement I broke through 99% of the chi channels, only the last breakthrough is needed to complete the first level.

However the truth had shown, the first level of Mad God is not that easy to complete. Another 10 days had passed, I still have no way to break the last point to complete the cycle. Discouraged, I leaned against the bookshelf and sat, using some strength to beat against the floor. (Not using any battle chi)

“Aiyo.” From the bookshelf came down a book, precisely smashing against my head, I angrily cursed: “His XX, even this crappy book is bullying me.”

Picking up the book from the floor, the cover is titled “The Revelation of the Mainland Military Matters.” Seems to be a book about military affairs. I put the book back, but seeing it reminded me, my main goal in coming here is to steal the human’s war strategy and tactics, even though being at the library was such a good chance, I didn’t learn anything. It has already been 2 months, I’m not tight on time and the mission is my priority.

I hurriedly open the book again, flipping for a few pages I was mesmerized by the contents. Perhaps, I am a person who likes fighting, in the book examples of successful battles and the war strategies were written one after another, and I was deeply enchanted.

As such, I read one strategy book after another, I did not strive to understand these military strategies, it was fine if I could remember them later. This is the most valuable thing to us Beastmen, I wonder if we only need to actively use it for it to be effective? I am not sure yet.

10 days later I felt my memorization skill was at its limits, if there was no way to memorize any more strategies, I will not force myself, even with just what I have memorized now I can now count my mission as complete. These days remembering this and that, It makes me feel like my head had grown bigger.

Today I will not read anything. In the daytime I’ll practice the arts of the Mad Gods, then in the evening I’ll practice the Demonic Arts, I’ll just pretend I’m resting for a day. I eliminated the restlessness in my mind and concentrated on practicing the secrets of the Mad God’s, it’s very smooth passing through the already broken chi points , but the last part was painful to the point of indescribable. If I couldn’t break through then all my previous efforts would’ve gone to waste, no matter what I will beat the pain.

I moved chi back and forth through the broken channels, letting the path become even more unhindered. When the critical moment came, I poured all my energy into the chi channel. When I’m halfway through the route, I pushed my energy with my full strength , much like running in the chi channels, endlessly bringing it to the peak of its’ speed and dashing straight at the last crucial point.

From my body came a “bang” sound, an un-withstandable striking pain touched every part of my body. The energy seemed to have stopped and left my body, I felt as if my chi channels has cracked open. My body shook for a bit and then I fainted.

So painful, ow, “Ah!” I woke up surprised, was this a dream just now? There was a bulging feeling throughout my body, and my muscles seemed swollen, the world in my eyes seemed even more colorful and exciting than before. I glanced around, surprisingly I could easily distinguish the grain of the wood past 20 meters away, a pleasantness struck my heart. It seems I broke through, and completed the first level of the Secrets of Mad God! I found out that the clothes on my body were completely soaked through, giving out an unpleasant smell, hence I immediately ran to the restroom and washed the clothes. When I was cleaning my body I realized from head to toe my skin was glowing in shiny red, I don’t know what happened. (What I didn’t know was that because I broke through the last chi point, the pure chi within the body was cycling repeatedly, washing out the impurities out of my body. All the small capillaries had increased in blood flow leading to the body becoming all red, but if I gave it some amount of time it would get better.)

I wore the soaked clothes and went to the side of the bookshelf, sitting down in a meditative pose, testing the Mad God’s battle chi, the speed seemed to be 3 times faster than before, and at the last chi point it passed through at once. A comfortable feeling coursed through my body, and my battle chi seems a bit stronger. I really broke through one cycle, but to improve my chi channels, I’ll solidify the path a few more times.

Just like this, I meditated according to the Mad God’s method, going through 49 cycles. My whole body seemed to be brimming with energy and unspeakable comfortableness, and within the Mad God’s battle chi there seemed to be a gradual desire to battle pushing at me.

I breathed in deeply once, circulating the battle chi back to my dantian. Opening my eyes, I felt the restless energy in my body, and then I concentrated and moved a little battle chi to where I wanted it to go. This feeling was too amazing.

Through the window I looked at the time of the day, and it’s evening. The clothes on my body have already dried, it seems as though a long time has passed. I comfortably stretch my back, I really want to throw a few punches and see this Mad God’s power.

My stomach suddenly growled, I’m hungry, it has only been one day since I didn’t have a meal, why am I so hungry? I quickly ran to the stairs area. Good, yesterday’s meal was still here, I wolfed down the food to console my stomach. Tonight I decided not to practice, I already improved so much, I should also let my body rest a bit.


The next day when I woke up early in the morning l, calculating, there is about 10 days before my confinement ends, I took the information on magic and military affairs that I memorized and constantly and quickly reviewed it in 2 days time, in the midst of reviewing I found my memory was pretty good, and I basically didn’t forget anything once I memorized it.

Ever since I finished the first level of the Secrets of the Mad God, I discovered the rate of gathering magic seems much faster than before, why is that so? Could it be that it had something to do with completing the first level of Mad God? At this rate, perhaps in a short time I’ll be able to complete the 3rd stage, and truthfully, I really am looking forward to the Fallen Angel transformation. Because, it will bring me a great power.

Today, when I was practicing the art of the Mad God, I heard footsteps coming from the stairs area, how can there be anyone here? It is not time for food delivery yet, and didn’t the vice-principal say the school does allow other students to come past the sixth floor? (Actually, the books in the 6, 7, 8th floor were also found on the bottom levels of the library, but those were copies, the books in the 6, 7, and 8th floors, were the very valuable original copies, it can be called the treasure house of books in this school.)

I quickly went to the top of the stairs: “Who dares to trespass this forbidden place?”

The vice-principal’s tall figure appeared at the stairs, laughing: “Boy, you’ve became the guard of the library, quite serious huh.”

I embarrassedly said: “Why did you come here? I estimated there were still 6 more days before I could leave.”

The vice-principal said astonished: “What, it’s already time, today is a full three months, don’t tell me you became addicted to staying here.”

Hearing his words I was dumbfounded, it’s already time, how can that be? I shouldn’t have remembered wrong right, don’t tell me I meditated for 7 straight days while practicing the Mad God’s art?

The vice-principal said: “A few days ago I heard the caretaker say you didn’t eat for several days, did you meditate for those days?”

I said: “Maybe, I also don’t know how long I entered the meditative state for.”

“A long meditative state is a good thing, alright, let’s go, we should return. But you cannot bring any books out of here.”

I said: “Ok, wait a minute, let me go clean up.” These books are not allowed for private use? How can that be, while I am okay with not bringing other books, my Secret of the Mad God must be taken out, I quickly ran inside and put the book under my clothes, it’s fine if he does not search my body. In this fashion, I followed the vice-principal and left the library.

Outside, I took deep breaths of the fresh air, under the bright sunlight, my whole body felt nice, warm, and comfortable. It felt as if I was a bird who just left its cage, as if the boundless seas and sky were left for me to travel.

“This period of time must have been very dry and dull, I can tell, you seem different from when you entered, your harvest was not small.”

I heartfeltly said: “Yes, I learned many things inside the library, this is all thanks to your guidance.”

The vice-principal said: “You don’t need to say these to me, this is all from your own hard work. You are a good child, you know to improve yourself. In the future you should learn well in school. Right now the four big educational institutes are competing fiercely to see who is the best, I hope you can gain glory for our school. Your foundation is good, do you know why I violated the rules to let you pursue your studies in the library?”

I puzzledly looked at him: “I don’t know.”

He looked at me deeply: “Because you are too talented, you are the first I’ve seen to use dark magic at such a young age, usually dark magicians are 70 years old before being successful, and this is with other magic to help them. You actually self-taught and could practice to this degree, this leaves me very surprised. And the thing which I am most satisfied with is that you are an upright child, hardly fearing the strong or those with authority and sought a fight with the nobles. That’s why  within the new students I want to cultivate you into an excellent person, in the future I believe you could become a Dragon Knight, in fact, you could definitely do it.”

I thought inwardly, I don’t know what you would think if you knew I was a spy sent by the Beast Tribe. But my mouth said: “Thank you for your trust in me, I will definitely not disappoint you.”

The vice-principal smiled, pleased: “You should rest for today and go to class tomorrow, your homeroom teacher seems to really like you and looked for me a few times to ask for you back. You cannot tell anyone that I confined you in the library, this is a violation of the regulations, only the president and I know. Do you understand?”

I nodded: “Don’t worry, you are so good to me, how can I give you trouble?”

“Then that’s good, return to your dorm, I need to go back to the office.”

Separating from the vice-principal, I did not return to the dorm but ran to the horse stable to check on my Black Dragon. Just arriving at the horse stable I heard a laughter much like the ring of a silver bell.

Who would be laughing here, is it Jisue? I walked to the horse stable and saw, it is her, she was currently holding Black Dragon’s big head, and he used his big tongue to lick her. She dodged while laughing, seems like her relationship with Black Dragon is not bad. She really is a kind-hearted girl, these days it is all thanks to her that Black Dragon has been fed.

Black Dragon discovered I arrived and happily whistled at me, Jisue looked back and her face became flushed, she shyly said: “You’re back.”

I nodded to her, walked to Black Dragon’s side and caressed his head: “You fellow, you’ve eaten a lot recently, huh? You’ve become somewhat fatter.”

Jisue lowered her head: “It’s all my fault, I fed him too much.”

I smiled at her: “How can we blame you, since I’m not here these days, I can’t feed him, it’s all thanks to you that he is not starving, thank you.

Jisue saw me smile for the first time and became a little lost at what to do: “No need to thank me, where did you go?”

Seeing her embarrassed and adorable look, I said: “ Because of last time, I was confined by the vice-principal for 3 months, today was the final day and then he let me out.”

“It’s all my fault, you suffered because of me.” Her head hung even lower.

I sighed slightly: “No, I should thank you, if not for you, I wouldn’t have had this chance.”

She asked strangely: “What chance?”

I felt a slip of tongue and quickly tried to remedy the situation: “Oh, I am saying this confinement let me practice well for 3 months, I made a lot of progress, so I need to thank you. Do you want to ride Black Dragon with me?”

Her eyes flashed a hint of excitement, but quickly dimmed down: “It’s better I don’t, if anyone sees they’ll find trouble with you.”

After hearing her words, my eyes showed coldness and I coldly snorted “Who is afraid of them, even if they don’t look for me, I’ll still go and settle my account with them, if I’m not afraid, what are you scared of, are you coming or not?”

She saw I that I had reverted back to my cold and proud face, and her eyes showed a perplexed expression, but she couldn’t help but say: “I’ll go.”

I smiled lightly and supported her onto Black Dragon’s back, eliciting a gasp. I said: “We’re going outside of the city, in the city Black Dragon can’t run to his content.”

She frowned: “But the school doesn’t allow leaving without permission.”

I smiled mysteriously: “We can sneak away, you just have to hold onto me.” (Author’s comment: This is totally kidnapping underage girls)

I guided Black Dragon until we arrived at the school’s 3 meter tall walls and said to her: “You hold onto Black Dragon, close your eyes.” Under my protective gaze(?), she sat smoothly on Black Dragon’s back, and since Jisue fed Black Dragon everyday, he did not resist. Jisue obediently closed her big cute eyes, while I secretly gave myself a flying technique, reducing the burden on myself and with both hands held on to Black Dragon’s abdomen, shouting loudly: “Up.” In one swoop Black Dragon was lifted, and then used strength on both of my legs, and with a whoosh I rose in the air, kicking the wall for a little leverage, I succeeded in floating out of the school.

Jisue felt as if she was in the clouds, when she opened her eyes, she was already outside the school. I leaped up onto the horse and said to her: “Sit tight, we’re leaving now.” Jisue held on to the reins, I used both my legs to knock the horse’s belly a little, and Black Dragon dashed out, scaring Jisue into shutting her eyes.

With Jisue we soon left the city gates, and at the outskirts, and Black Dragon finally can tramp around. He excitedly neighed, and gradually his speed reached the peak and the surrounding scenery seemed at if it’s going backwards as it flew pas ust. Jisue nestled up tightly in my arms, because she was scared, her face was a little pale. The strong wind whistling hit against my face and an indescribable pleasure came out, I felt that Black Dragon had run a far distance, I let Black Dragon slow down, lowering my head and said the the person in my arms: “Alright, open your eyes, we’ve slowed down.”

Jisue then opened her cute and big eyes and found herself leaning tightly in my arms, one of my hands were hugging her waist, she yelped, embarrassed, and put her face in my embrace and didn’t dare to come out, her lovely reaction made me laugh out loudly, I found I kind of liked this small cute person.

I let Black Dragon return to a strolling pace, and Jisue gradually relaxed, smiling: “The air here is so good, and look, the birds at the side are singing so cheerfully, Layson, do you know? I like to see you smile like this, your coldness is so terrifying sometimes.”

Her words brought out the matters buried in my heart, I deeply sighed: “If you experienced my childhood, you would be the same.”

She looked at me with vivid eyes: “Can you tell me? If you say it you will feel much better inside.”

I shook my head: “I can’t right now, in the future if I have a chance I’ll tell you.”

Jisue understood, and did not ask again and leaned in my arms. I softly held on to her waist, quietly enjoying the serenity and the warmth.

Suddenly, in my mind another beautiful figure came up, she wore a white nurse uniform, ah, it’s Kelan. It’s been 3 months since I last seen her, I don’t know how she’s doing. Thinking of her lively look, I want to laugh, I have to find a chance to visit her. After all, in my frozen heart she gave me traces of warmth. But what about Jisue? I couldn’t help but be restless inside, I found I couldn’t let one of them go.

Thinking so, I helplessly sighed, what’s the use? I do not belong here, there will be one day when I have to return to the Beast Country, I should not hurt them, it’s impossible for there to be anything between us, a bitterness swelled in my heart.

Jisue raised her head and saw my handsome face: “What’s wrong, did you think of an unhappy thing? That’s right, did you know? Today is my first time skipping class. Originally I wanted to feed Black Dragon, and then head to class.”

I smiled: “This says you are a good girl.”

Jisue said: “Of course, I am very well-behaved.”

“Can I ask you a question?”

Jisue blinked: “You can ask.”

I calmly said: “If, I’m saying if, there’s a day where I’ll leave here and never return, what would you do?”

Jisue turned and sat up straight, determinedly staring at me, eyes red, and crystal tears rolled out as she stared without saying anything.

Having never been in this situation I immediately became rushed and nervously asked: “You, what’s wrong?”

Jisue cried and said: “I, I am already like this with you, do you not want me? Asking this kind of question.”

I thought to myself, what? I didn’t do anything, but I couldn’t say this and I busily said: “I said ‘if’, not for real.”

Jisue looked affectionately at me: “No matter where you are at I’ll follow you.” I never imagined a shy Jisue will say words of love so directly, my heart became warm and in a swoop pulled her into my embrace, heavily kissing her small lips, at first she shook a few times then afterwards closed her eyes and let me kiss her.

I sucked the sweetness from her mouth, being deeply intoxicated, after a good while I let her go, deeply attentive watching her bewitching eyes. Her small lovely face became red, unusually moving.

I firmly said to her: “If you don’t leave me, no matter where I’m at I’ll take you too, this is my promise to you.”

I gently nodded, shyly said: “You have to remember your words.” Then she leaned against my wide chest and shut her eyes.

When we returned to school she was still asleep, seeing her cute sleeping face, I gently stroked her tender little face, in my heart for the first time it was filled with tenderness, it told me, that I have to protect this lovely angel for the rest of my life.

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