Mad God - Volume 1 - Chapter 8

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Chapter 8, Jisue, Trouble

After a good while, I patted her little face, softly calling: “Jisue, Jisue, wake up.” After few more calls later she hazily opened her eyes, confused and asked: “What happened?”

I lovingly and gently pinched her little nose, faintly smiling: “You sleepy worm, we’ve arrived at school, if we don’t hurry we’ll miss dinner.”

She then gradually became clear-headed, and seeing that the sky was already dark she cried, “It’s already so late? I’m finished, I’m finished, when I return they’ll tease me to death, it’s all your fault.” A small fist lightly beat at my broad chest.

My usually proud aloof and cold personality has already disappeared above the clouds, and now I just want to dote on this treasure in my embrace. I teased her saying, “If you hit me again, my old wounds might reappear.”

Hearing my words, Jisue quickly withdrew her fists and lightly caressed me. She then turned her head up to look at me, panicking, “What’s wrong, did I hurt you?”

She looked too cute, and I laughed loudly: “Silly fool, I lied and you actually fell for it.”

Jisue realized she had been tricked and angrily said: “You’re so bad, how can you… uuu…” I used the most direct way to cut off her words, greedily kissing her sweet lips. After little while, she pushed me away and angrily said: “I dislike these kinds of jokes, don’t make them in the future.”

“As you command, my baby.”

I went back into the school the same way we left. After we settled Black Dragon at the horse stable, we headed straight to the dining hall, holding each other’s hands.

As we came closer to the dining hall, we could see more and more people, Jisue tried to shake off my hand a few times, but my grip stayed firm. As we passed the students, we could feel their envy filled stares. 

As we came in sight of the dining hall, Jisue urgently said, “ let go of me, quick it’s not good to let others see us, not to mention romantic relationships aren’t allowed in the school.”

I replied, “What’s not good about it? There were already people who saw us, I want to let everyone know you are mine, unless you have objections? As for the school rule, it’s unreasonable in the first place, ignore it, if anything happens you have me.” Saying so I pulled her into the dining hall.

Jisue whispered: “You are killing my reputation, how can I go to class from now on?”

The light magic stone illuminated the whole cafeteria which was filled with many people. When I entered with Jisue, my tall figure and Jisue’s elegant and beautiful face immediately became the focus of everyone.

“This is the new student who fought with the nobles last time right? Guys look, he’s actually holding Jisue’s hand.”

“This guy again, he dares to actually hold Miss Jisue’s hand, I’ll go teach him a lesson.”

“Wah, he looks so cool, with Jisue they are a perfect match, I’m so jealous.”

I tenderly said to Jisue: “What do you want to eat, I’ll go buy it.”

Jisue’s face was flushed like the evening glow, she whispered with her head lowered, “You are really putting me to death, how can I still have an appetite for dinner? you decide.”

I lightly smiled, but just when I pulled her to buy the meals, Halun’s detestable figure appeared in front of us. He said with a pale face: “Let go of Jisue, on what basis can you hold her hand?”

I coldly smiled and looked at him: “Can you stop me? Does your arm not hurt? Want to go again? Get lost!”

Halun subconsciously touched his arm which had just healed, his attitude noticeably softened, and while holding in his anger he said: “Fine, you are detestable, if you have the guts don’t run away, you just wait here.” Saying so, he turned and gloomily left.

I gave his back a cold laugh: “Trying to scare me? If I am afraid I wouldn’t be here right now.”

Jisue pulled my sleeve: “Don’t cause trouble, you just came out from confinement.”

I smiled: “If you don’t give guys like him an unforgettable memory they will never give up, you don’t have to worry, you have me. We should go eat.”

Just when we bought our meal and sat down to eat, another familiar person showed up, it was the beautiful girl who some time ago fought for Jisue’s injustice, Jin Lily. I could see the surprise and hostility in her eyes. She did not care for me, she quickly sat at Jisue’s side and pulled on Jisue’s arm to ask: “Don’t tell me you didn’t attend a single afternoon class to be with this guy.”

Jisue turned to face Jin Lily and gently nodded her head imperceptibly, her face almost buried to her chest.

Jin Lily continued to ask: “How did he manage to trick you? He didn’t use any unspeakable methods, right?” Jisue firmly shook her head: “Sister Jin, I really like him, please stop asking me, we are truly in love….”

I did not interrupt them, these kind of things are better for Jisue to handle.

Those two chattered for half a day, at last Jin Lily was convinced by Jisue, she stood up and walked right up to me, fiercely looking in my eyes.

////editor note: I am assuming that “chattered for half a day” is a chinese expression, not sure though.

I did not back down and stared straight back at her, her fierce eyes under my overbearing watch gradually turned into an indistinct expression, she sighed: “I really don’t know what Jisue likes about you.”

I coldly said: “You are not her, of course you don’t know.” I am only gentle to the ones I love,  I will not be lenient towards arrogant people like her.

Jin Lily angrily said: “You, you…” Jisue saw Lily was becoming angry and quickly held her arm and threw me a pleading look.

Jin Lily held in her anger and boldly said: “You just remember, if you bully Jisue then I will not forgive you.”

I calmly replied: “That fellow who approached us just now said the same words but I’m still sitting here fine, but you can relax, I only have love towards Jisue, I will definitely not let her come to any harm.”

Only hearing the first few words, Jin Lily immediately started to be tiger-like again but Jisue firmly pulled her arm, and upon hearing the rest of my statement, her expression calmed down. Coldly snorting, she retorted, “Remember what you have just said.”

Seeing how she cared for Jisue, I did not want to keep provoking her and decided to ignore her. Jin Lily turned her head to Jisue and said to Jisue: “If he mistreats you, you have to tell me, older sister will take care of him. You guys eat, I’ll leave first.”

That was basically like a 3 people hearing, one group leaves and another comes, I lowered my head and said gently to Jisue: “It’s hard on you, but it has to be done, a short-term pain is better than a longer one, I don’t hope to keep dragging this out and find troubles in the future, do you understand?”

Jisue cutely nodded her head: “Eat quickly, it’s getting cold.”

“My wife’s command, I’ll immediately carry it out!” Saying so, I immediately held up the dinner in front of my eyes, the strange thing was, Jisue did not refute me, she only gave me endless meat from her tray.

“I have enough, look at how sturdy I am, you have to eat more, you are too skinny.”

“It’s because you are big that you sturdy you have to eat more, with your big body how can your nutrition be balanced?”

Just when I was reveling in this gentle meal, a familiar voice broke in: “It’s so sweet, I’m drowning from the sweetness.” Without looking I could tell it was Fenyu speaking. I looked at him, I saw he was holding two bowls while giggling.

I said: “Sit, even eating will not stop your talking.”

Fenyun sat at my side and ignored me, happily giggling and asked Jisue: “Miss Jisue, how did Layson trick you, can you tell me? You are the dream lover of most of the male students, to our surprise this fellow beat us to you first.”

Displeased, I looked at Fenyun. He acted as if he didn’t see me, and waited eagerly for Jisue’s answer.

Jisue first peeked at me, and said in a small voice: “I also don’t know, it should be I am the one who tricked him, from when I first saw him I couldn’t stop myself from liking him, but I never expected him to like me, I felt he was so independent and he seemed a little out of reach. I never imagined he would like me.”

My whole body was stunned, I never thought Jisue would so straightforwardly say her inner feelings. My eyes gushed with a strong feeling, and I immediately grasped Jisue’s hands, affectionately saying: “No, you can’t say that, you are the greatest gift from the Heavens to me.”

Fenyun yelled loudly: “I can’t take this, I can’t take this, I’ll depart first, you guys continue.” Then he turned and ran, Jisue and I looked directly at each other and smiled, continuing our sweet dinner.

Finished with dinner, Jisue saw me sitting without moving then realized I was waiting for Halun and the nobles, she then held on to me hand and said softly: “Let’s leave, okay? Let’s not lower ourselves to their level.”

I looked at Jisue, her face full of anxiousness, I could not bear to let her worry and gave up on my original plan, helplessly saying: “Okay, on your feelings I’ll let them go.”

I pulled Jisue towards the cafeteria door. Just at the door, we bumped into Halun who returned. I frowned, inwardly thinking, this fellow is really looking for death. Halun saw that I was about to leave with Jisue thought I was afraid of him, then he mocked: “Hmph! And here I thought how courageous you are, turns out you are only pretending, why in such a rush, want to run with tails between your legs? It won’t be that easy.”

I coldly looked at him: “Let me see how many reinforcements you’ve brought to dare be so rampant.”

Halun disdainfully said: “It’s not in the quantity but in the quality, today I’ll let you experience what is called real skill.”

“Really? Then I’ll wait and see.”

A cold snort came from outside the door, my mind shook and I immediately paled. Simply based on his voice he could control my state of mind, this person’s skill was definitely deep and unpredictable, no wonder Halun was so confident.

From the door walked in a person, this person was not below my height although not as robust but as ideal, even from his bones seem to come a breathtaking power, his face was thin and clear, eyes flickering in the light. Who is this? He was in control, just based on how imposing he was, I was at a complete disadvantage.

This person greeted Jisue: “Long time no see Miss Jisue, Liwa greets you here. Please give my greetings to his Excellency the duke.” His actions obviously showed he did not put me in his eyes. However, what surprised me even more was that Jisue’s father was on equal footing with a prince, no wonder no one dared to be rude to her.

Jisue calmly said: “Please do not be so polite, Senior Liwa. This year you should have graduated, how come you’re still joining in the fun here?” I was innerly thankful, Jisue clearly told me this person was in grade 5, from what I can see, even among nobles he was held at a high status.

Liwa naturally said: “I heard from Halun there was someone being disrespectful to Miss, so I specially came to take a look to discipline this arrogant student.”

Jisue said: “There is no need, he is my friend, and also the closest person to me, between us there is no need for outsiders to interrupt.” Her words immediately warmed my heart.

Hearing Jisue’s words, Liwa’s eyes exploded with fierce light, staring straight at me, I also did not back down and looked at him. He said: “Then I’ll have to see, what kind of person can make Miss Jisue who regards men as nothing, move her heart.”

Although I knew this person was not easy to take care of, at this moment I could not retreat, and I pulled Jisue to the side: “You stay here and watch, do not intervene, everything is fine if I’m here. If you stay I will be distracted, listen, behave well.”

Finally convincing Jisue who has ten thousand disagreements on separating, I covered my whole body in the Mad God’s battle chi, secretly casting a flying technique on myself and then firmly stared at my opponent. Everyone knows, that at any moment the battle could start.

////editor note: I think “ten thousand disagreements” is another Chinese expression.

“Who is causing trouble in the dining hall again?” A low voice came.

Liwa and I became stunned, from outside the cafeteria came a person, who turned out to be the vice-principal, his gloomy face sweep across the surrounding crowd and finally stopped at me.

Wrinkling his eyebrows, he said: “Layson, how come it’s you again, you just been released from confinement, did you forget?” As he said so, he gave me a signal with his eyes.

I still did not reply and Halun already opened his mouth, smiling apologetically to the vice-principal: “Vice-principal, hello, we are not causing trouble, everyone was just having a conversation.” He is actually trying to help me, why?

The vice-principal looked at him, strictly saying: “Liwa, you are Dragon General Liwo’s son and also the school’s Sky Dragon team’s chief, you should pay attention to your position in the school, this time I’ll pretend I didn’t see anything and forgive you guys. If you have to fight, wait until the school’s annual fighting tournament, if I hear about another private fight then don’t say I did not warn you, it’ll be immediate expulsion.” So it turns out Liwa has such an outstanding background, no wonder he’s so powerful, he is actually the Dragon General’s son, the vice-principal clearly told me of his identity.

Liwa bowed: “Yes, vice-principal.”

“Alright, everyone disperse, do whatever you are supposed to be doing. Liwa and Halun follow me, Layson, I’m warning you, your punishment was just removed, if you break the rules again, you heard what I have just said, let’s go.”

Before leaving Liwa looked deeply at me and quietly said: “I hope you can persevere in the school’s Martial tournament to meet me.” Halun stared fiercely at me.

I stared back steadily to respond to his challenge.

The vice-principal turned to leave, Jin Lily appeared from the vice-principal’s shadow and bounced over, pulling on Jisue and said: “How is it? I rushed over just in time right, I called the vice-principal, how are you going to thank me?”

I coldly snorted at the side: “Nosy.”

Jin Lily immediately angered to the point of transparent red skin and shouted loudly: “If it wasn’t for Jisue, who would help you, don’t you know how strong Liwa is? He is now already an upper level Earth Knight and is nearing a Dragon Knight’s strength, he’s not someone you can compete with.”

“That is also my business, I don’t need you to care.”


Jisue pulled on my sleeve, pleading with me.. I snorted at Jin Lily and softly said: “Jisue, I’ll walk you back.”

Jisue lowered her voice: “No need, I’ll go back with Sister Lily, she’s already angry with me.”

I tooked at look at Jin Lily who couldn’t even speak from her anger: “OK, you have to be careful, I’ll leave first. Let’s eat together during lunch tomorrow.” Saying so, I lightly pecked her little face and turned to leave the dining hall. I really like the feeling of kissing her, soft, white and delicate skin was very moving. Behind me was left the blushing Jisue and the fuming Jin Lily.

Jisue’s voice came from my back: “In the future you can’t go look for that nurse.” Seems like when it concerns someone she loves, even a shy lady like Jisue cannot let even one grain of sand enter one’s eyes! Hearing her words, I could not help but think of Kelan, those 10 days recovering in the hospital, I felt her feelings towards me, her expression was so clear and sincere, it looks like I have to find a chance to clear this up with her, after all, Jisue is my actual choice.

////editor note: Again I’m assuming “cannot let even one grain of sand enter one’s eyes” is a Chinese expression

Back at the dorm, Fenyun and the rest were all there, it seems like they want to collectively interrogate me.

I jumped onto my bed and laid down.

Hoxin’s voice came first: “Hey, Layson, how can you not say anything? You did not even say a hello.”

I said: “Say what. Didn’t that big mouth Fenyun tell you everything already.”

Embarrassed, Fenyun said: “How did I become big mouthed?

I leaned towards the side of the bed, looking at him: “Then you didn’t say anything?” Fenyun immediately became silent.

Hosin said: “Older Brother Lay, you are really… you actually caught Miss Jisue, quickly tell us your heroic battle.”

I smiled: “Don’t call me that, I might not be older than you, Jisue is a good girl, she’s good to me, and I also really like her, and naturally it became like this.”

Hoxin said: “With that said, with your confinement, our teacher was so worried and looked for the vice-principal a few times to plead your case, but that old vice-principal did not agree and confined you for 3 months. School has just started and you fell behind so much, how will you make it up?

I said displeased: “Don’t speak badly of the vice-principal, you don’t understand, he confined me for my own good, these three months were very important to me, but I have to thank Teacher Zuang, she is truly a responsible and good teacher.”

Fenyun asked curiously: “Quickly tell us, how come these 3 months are important for you?”

I stared at him: “Even without your big mouth, I also cannot say, but I suggest you guys go often to the library to take the look, there are many good books.”

Hoxin seemed as if he understood something and said: “I understand, is it because the vice-principal want to let you avoid the nobles that’s why he persisted in confining you and chose the library to give you an opportunity to self-study?

I nodded: “You are very smart, compared to a certain someone.”

Fenyun pretended to be angry at me: “What’s wrong with me?”

I replied saying: “who said it was you?” Fenyun immediately became cross causing the Ho brothers to laugh.

Hosin said: “Older Brother Lay, this time you seem to be different from before, looks it, during your stay in the library you must’ve learned many things.”

I asked: “How am I different?”

Hosin said: “You are more cheerful compared to before, no longer as dark, at least we can now chat for a few minutes, but before you wouldn’t talk and always keep a gloomy face, seeing you I was afraid.”

I chuckled: “What’s there to be scared of, how come I couldn’t tell you were afraid of me? Compared to before I am more cheerful, maybe it’s because Jisue melted my ice-cold heart.” Kelan probably deserves some of the credit, I wonder how can I take care of this matter without hurting Kelan.

Forget it, when the car arrives at the mountain there will be a road, I’ll just decide then.

////editor note: You guessed it, another Chinese expression.

“Everyone should sleep, there’s still class tomorrow.”

I laid on top of the bed and looked at the ceiling, I found that have grown to like the human country’s way of life, the things that I am getting attached to are growing in number. At this rate, perhaps I won’t be able to free myself when the time comes, but I already promised Jisue, no matter where I’ll go I’ll bring her, and I definitely cannot go back on my word. Now my mission is considered complete, should I head back to the Beast Country? This is a moving idea, but I immediately rejected it, what’s so good back there? there is not even one person to speak to. Everywhere there is death, theft, fighting, just thinking of it makes my heart turn cold, it’s still more comfortable here, and didn’t father give me 5 to 10 years to complete my mission? Good, then I will just stay here for 10 years and then go back to the Beast Country. Perhaps if father and the emperor knew I decided to do this, they would say I did not love our country, but I do not think so, what country can I love? The truth is, I also have a quarter human blood, alongside my beast and demon blood.

Early in the morning, I woke up to my roommates calls, ate breakfast, decided that before class I’ll go find Teacher Zuang and tell her I’m back. She cared for me so much, no matter what I’ll have to tell her first.

I knocked on the door and from the inside came a familiar voice: “Who is it? Come in.”

I walked into Teacher Zuang’s office, she was currently sitting behind the desk writing something. She lifted her head and saw it was me, her face showed a surprised and happy expression and stood up from the chair. Holding on to my arms, she said: “Layson, you’re back, has it been hard on you this whole time?”

Why did she care for me this much? I could feel that her concern came from her heart. Her words allowed my heart to feel some warmth and my nose turned a little sour, from when I was little until now, my mother never cared for me, but how could a teacher I just met less than 4 months ago care so much about me?

With a hoarse voice I said: “Teacher, thank you for your concern, I’m very well.”

Teacher Zuang sighed: “It’s all because Teacher is not strong enough, I wasn’t able to help you and I let the vice-principal shut you away for 3 months. From today on, you can come and make up classes in the evening,so that you don’t fall behind, your potential is good, and my expectations of you are very high.”

“Teacher, thank you, but, I think I don’t need it, actually the confinement from the vice-principal was for my own good, you should not blame him.” I once again told of the vice-principal’s painstaking efforts and my efforts at practicing during this time period to Teacher Zuang. However I hid the part about the Berserk God and memorizing books. In any case the Berserk God’s art is not suitable for everyone and I did not want to share it with anyone, not even Teacher Zuang.

She suddenly realized: “So I wronged the vice-principal, you’re really great, to be able to use 3 months time to learn all the elementary magics, it’s not an easy feat, in the future don’t fight with the nobles anymore, you’re no match for them.”

I bitterly replied: “So what if they’re nobles, they think because they are born with a golden key they have the all the rights? I look down on these types of people. It’s not thanks to their own efforts that they have their rights, and yet they are still so high and mighty, yesterday after my confinement release when I ate dinner, I almost fought with Liwa, he is the strongest of the nobles I’ve seen.”

“What, Liwa? He’s the Chief of warriors of this school, and also the chief of the Sky Dragon team, his family’s Descending Dragon battle chi is very strong, and his father is very influential in the imperial courts, how can you provoke him, he’s different from the other nobles, his upbringing is very good and will not usually provoke others. What on earth happened?

My face turned red: “Teacher, it’s time for class, I’ll tell you in the future.”

Teacher Zuang’s sharp eyes stared at me and sge suddenly realized: “Ah, I understand.”

I said embarrassed: “Teacher, it’s not Jisue’s fault, it’s because I can’t stand that Halun fellow.”

Teacher Zuang exposed a sly and prevailing expression and smiled: “I was pretending, but now I really understand. So it’s because of Jisue, she is a good lady, you have to cherish her! But, in the school you have to tone it down, since they do not allow romantic relationships.”

////editor note: I’m starting to like this Teacher Zuang…

I was stunned by what she said and recovered after half a day: “Teacher, you do not oppose Jisue and me….”

Teacher Zuang said as it it was natural: “Oppose? Why should I oppose you two, your age is when kids act on impulse, this is normal. The only thing I want from you, is that you have to hold onto yourself, and not to cause trouble anymore. Then again, I wonder what difference would it make if I oppose? Even though I have not known you for very long, I feel I can understand your personality. Silly boy, when you meet someone you like, you must not easily give up, and you also must not harm each other, understand?”

////Editor note: I wouldn’t mind having this teacher myself…

I nodded: “Yes, teacher.”

Teacher Zuang seemed to remember something: “Ah, that’s right, when you were in confinement, a lady was looking for you, she looks like a nurse from our school’s auxiliary hospital, very pretty and clever, I told her you were in confinement and she looked very sad. She said she’ll look for you when you are released, probably in the next few days, you’re not putting your leg on both boats right?[cheating]”

No way, Kelan really fell for me, why else would she take the initiative to find me? If she comes what do I say to her? I can’t say I don’t have feelings for her, but I’m afraid I’ll lose Jisue if I got involved with her, thus I fell deep into thought.

Teacher Zuang pushed me a little: “I asked you a question.”

I said “ah” and woke up from my thoughts, how can I tell Teacher Zuang, she’s so good to me, I can’t bear to lie to her, I cleverly changed topic: “That’s right, Teacher Zuang, I heard the vice-principal say our school has a one a year martial tournament, what is it?”

Although she knew I changed topic to escape the subject, she was still interested in what we were not talking about and replied: “The martial tournament is very important, it’s the school’s way to test the students. Once a year, starting in February, at the end of this semester, people compete. This tournament is also a way to take a step towards your future career, because the ones who place in the top 10 can enter the ranks of the Dragon Knights.”

I asked: “Everyone competes together?”

Teacher Zuang shook her head: “It’s divided into grades, the school has 5 grades and from each class they’ll select two students to enter the competition. the top ten that just now mentioned meant top 10 from grade 5, that is to say, every class from the 5th year will select 10 competitors to join. Although there are lower grade experts as well, generally the quality of the 5th years are the highest, and also they’re nearing graduation, every time the selected students from the 5th year are the favorite picks, and they will definitely be put to an important position, even if they don’t get in the top 10.

In order not to neglect the talented, the school set a rule, the champion of the lower grades can challenge any of the champions from the upper grades, then they can enter the 5th grade directly.”

So that is how it is, no wonder Liwa told me to persist in order to meet him, if I want to compete with him, then I have to become the grade champion.

Teacher Zuang then said: “That’s why, you have to practice well and become the grade champion for me, personally, I think it’s an embarrassment, the few magic-warrior classes in the same year competition, usually they end up being number 1 and 2 when counting backwards, you have to get our revenge, because we are enrolled with more students this year, in total there are 6 classes and 12 competitors, even if you don’t get the championship, you have to enter top 3. You and Fenwan have a lot of potential, at that time I plan to let you two enter the competition.

“Isn’t the class chief Fenjan? Is it alright to not let her fight?”

Teacher Zuang chuckled: “That fat girl, she is somewhat strong, but she recieved her position due to luck, do you think I can’t tell who is stronger? If it wasn’t for both you and Fenwan being injured she wouldn’t have became the chief. Aiya, let’s go, just talking with you I forgot about class.”

I also lost track of time and quickly went with Teacher Zuang to our class’s direction.

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