Mad God - Volume 3 - Chapter 1

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As I walked closer, their voices became clearer, “Jiyan, let me protect you tomorrow. I can disguise myself as a student and enter the battlefield with you. I can only be reassured if I fight by your side tomorrow.”

Can you stop bothering me? Why are you such a pest? I can protect myself, I don’t need your help. Do you think that you are impressive? Huh? Prove it! Make a full-frontal assault at the frontlines and make a full-frontal attack, wiping out both the demon and beast races in one fell swoop!”

Liwa sounded troubled as he replied, “Jiyan, why don’t you understand my feelings? We have known each other for years, but you still won’t accept me!”

Jiyan smiled coldly, saying, “I only like those who are powerful, I have told this to you many times. Although you have become a Dragon Knight, you are still weak. Come talk again when you become a Dragon General, I may consider you at that time.”

Liwa smiled bitterly and said, “Aren’t these conditions a little difficult? Nobody has ever become a Dragon General before the age of forty-five. Could it be that you want to marry when we are both forty some years old?”

Jiyan replied, “Who said that I wanted to marry you? There are always powerful individuals in this world. I advise you to find another target for your affection and stop bothering me in the future. Anyways, the night is late; I need to go back and rest.”

“Jiyan……” Liwa grabbed Jiyan’s arm, pleading piteously.

Jiyan leered at him. Even Liwa, who had a tyrannical mastery of martial arts, couldn’t do a thing about her. Under her forceful glare, he had no choice but to let go.

Jiyan quickly withdrew her arm. Sniggering coldly, she turned around and left.

Liwa found himself staring idiotically at Jiyan’s departing silhouette under the moonlight. Suddenly, he spoke, “You have seen enough, come out.”

My heart skipped a beat, it seemed like my powers were still lacking compared to his. Despite the precautions that I took, I was still discovered. I came out of the shadows and walked up to Liwa.

Liwa looked at me from head to toe, “Oh, its you Layson. Your powers have been growing at an incredible pace; If by chance, I hadn’t noticed the sound of your breathing, I really wouldn’t have discovered you.

I said plainly: “You still discovered me, anyways, I was only passing by.”

Liwa let out a long sigh and said: “You also witnessed the scene just now. I just don’t understand why Jiyan won’t accept me. I have tried every tactic I could think of, but I haven’t moved her heart at all. What do you suggest I do? Did you encounter such trouble chasing after Jisue?”

Looking at Liwa’s helpless expression, I couldn’t help but have the urge to smile, as I said: “Sorry, but I can’t help you with this one, as I am inferior to you in this area. However, I feel that you will be fine if you let nature take its’ course. Perhaps the more you chase after her, the less she will care about you.”

Liwa hesitated for a second before nodding in agreement. He stepped forward and patted my broad shoulder saying, “You are the only person in the school whom I think highly  of, be careful out there tomorrow. War is not a trifling matter. Also, please take care of Jiyan for me, I don’t wish for her to get hurt.”

I saw Liwa’s sincere side for the first time under the shadows of the whirling and untrimmed trees. As I turned around and walked back in the direction that I came from I said, “She is Jisue’s sister.”

Liwa looked at the departing silhouette of my back, his eyes revealing the trace of a smile.

We stood within the city wall, prepared for the coming battle. We all wore battle armor supplied to us by the military. Due to our special identities, the army gave us the best quality equipment. I equipped myself with everything but a weapon. I already had my best partner -Black Sable. I stroked its’ body lightly, thinking, My friend, today I will let you drink the fresh blood of our enemies until you are full. Even if they are of my clan.

Fenyun’s voice called out  from the left: “Brother Lay, aren’t you even a bit nervous?”

I shot a glance at him: “Nervous? What’s there to be nervous about? Just don’t forget what I said yesterday, and do what you are supposed to do.”

“Boss, I’m a magician. don’t expect much from me, in that formation I’m pretty much useless.”


Not far behind me, Jiyan stared at me with perplexed eyes.

A general walked up to us. He wore silver chainmail, a forked helmet, and held a long spear. He looked to be about 40 years old and from his heavy solid and imposing manner, I could tell that he was a commander that had experienced countless battles. “Students of Sky City academy, today, you will face our most deadly foes: the Demon Beast Alliance. The Marshal has arranged for you to join my left winged forces. In the entire army, my platoon is the most valorous and vigorous. On the battlefield, you can only survive with your own strength. I understand that this is your first time, but I request that all of you face this boldly. If anyone becomes a burden for us or a burden for my brothers, I will not hesitate to end that person’s life. Do you understand?”

“We Understand.” The reply seemed low spirited.

The general glared furiously and shouted loudly: “Do you understand?”

“Understood!” Under his pressure, the students became noticeably louder.

The general raised his spear high in one hand and shouted: “Depart.”

The army troop that the General led was a heavy cavalry unit. Heavy cavalry units were also most expensive units to maintain. We were assigned to the leftmost flank of the unit, while the sides were filled with the heavy cavalry units. They were covered from head to toe with black armor, including their war horses. Every single person carried an assault spear around 3 meters long. I looked at their strictly organized unit, then looked back at our laxly spread out one. Us 100  students looked unremarkable compared to the whole heavy cavalry unit of 30,000 people, standing in formation. Their dense bloodlust pervaded the air. The Dragon Empire’s way of training soldiers really was amazing; I’m afraid that, only our beast clan’s Beamon army troops could have a chance of defeating them. It was a good thing that the Dragon Knight heavy cavalry units did not have a lot of people. Around me, all of the Sky City students relaxed, it was obvious that they were relieved that such powerful units were protecting them.

A large amount of troops from the Dragon Empire stood in front of the fort in a complex formation. I was unfamiliar with this kind of formation, as it did not coincide with the descriptions in the military books that I had read.

On the two flanks of the Dragon Empire’s army, there were the heavy cavalry troops, the center consisted mostly of infantry, and behind the infantry lay the magicians. The light cavalry units were nowhere to be seen. I was confused, The center of the formation could easily be broken by the enemy’s heavy units. But I doubt that General Liwo would make this kind of mistake with his experience. Then is it a trap to lure the enemy too deep inside the army? But I don’t think this is the case either.

The beastman army forces are on our front right and the demon clan on our front left, which meant the enemy that we were going to confront was the demon clan. I secretly let out a relieved breath, I’m a member of Beamon clan after all: I do not want to confront my own clansmen, killing a few demons doesn’t really mean anything to me though.

The armor that we wore was three inches thick, it was tougher than even black steel armor and also considerably lighter. I straightened my head and donned my steel helmet. After wearing it, I turned to look behind me at the people I wanted to protect.

“Charge!” The Demon Clan, on the opposite side, initiated the attack; countless different kinds of low level demonic beasts could be seen rushing towards us.

The silver-armored general, who gave us an admonitory talk just now, lifted the long spear in his hand and all of the heavy cavalries held their 3 meter long steel spears with both hands and leaned their bodies forward, pointing their spears straight ahead. I immediately understood the meaning of their actions.

Under the lead of the silver-armored general, the heavy cavalry troops on the left flank charged towards the demonic beasts, like a lump of black cloud. Our student army forces were left behind by this unexpected charge, and some of the students even purposefully slowed down their horses; was it because they wanted to eat dust? The scene of the thousands of soldiers charging at their enemies made my blood boil intensely, arousing the berserk ability that slept inside me.

In a low voice, I said to Fenyun, who was next to me, “You and Jiyan cover us from the back; Fenwan, how about we rush to the front to kill the enemies at the frontline?”

Fenwan’s said in a slightly rigid voice, “I’ll listen to you; we can’t let our school lose face.”

I coldly snorted, saying, “Don’t be nervous, we aren’t doing this for the face of some bullshit school. Do you want to improve your martial skills? Then this is the best place to do so.” After saying these words, I pulled out Black Sable and kicked into Black Dragon’s belly, charging out onto the battlefield like an arrow.

Fenwan gritted his teeth, and then urged his own war horse to follow. Jiyan’s voice came from behind, “Layson, be careful.”

I waved Black Sable in my hand. Black Dragon had already reached his highest speed, and soon, I had caught up with the heavy cavalry unit at the front.

Just when we are about to confront the demonic beasts, countless light grenades flew out from behind us, bombarding the Demon Clan’s camp. As the bombardment occurred, numerous demonic beasts were torn apart by the gorgeous magic. It seemed our magical backup had arrived.

The heavy cavalry assault left a very deep impression on me; no matter which demonic beast we encountered would fall. All demonic beasts seemed weak and frail before the shining, 3 meter long, black steel spears.

As I coagulated the Mad God chi, Black Sable released a constant stream of circles of yellow light. I finished off any demonic beasts that tried to approach me without a hitch.

There weren’t many obstacles. And at the frontal charge where I was, a small gap was torn between the demonic beasts’ troops. The silver-armoured general raised his voice and shouted: “Slow down, turn around and charge back.” The whole heavy cavalry unit followed his orders right away and split into two forces, splitting to each side and charging, one half towards the left and the other half towards the right; going back after the demonic beasts that were dispersed and scattered around.

Fenwan had caught up to me at this point, and he constantly sliced out wind blades, chopping the demonic beasts in his vicinity into tiny pieces.

I bellowed, “What are you doing? Just killing them is enough; save your power!” At that moment, I suddenly felt a sharp wind piercing through the air from behind me. I ducked my head, and just as I was thinking of counterattacking, I discovered that the demonic beast who was sneaking behind me had been crushed into pieces. Jiyan waved her staff in the distance, and her assistance warmed my heart.

Charging back towards the fort, the heavy cavalry units reformed their formation and I noticed the army as a whole had not received much damage; and the formations had withstood the first clash. On the other hand, our student unit was the most disarrayed: most of them didn’t even know that they had dropped their helmets, and although none of us were badly injured, everyone besides me had a pale face. It was obvious that everyone was terribly frightened.

The silver-armoured general shouted: “Everyone prepare for the second charge, the main forces of the Demon Clan have appeared!” And sure enough, the Demon Clan’s regular troops, donned in armor, appeared before us. The silver-armoured general waved his spear towards me, indicating that I should join him.

I spurred Black Dragon with my heels, and came up beside him.”Young man, you were very courageous in the previous charge. Do you dare charge with me in the front?”

I proudly replied, “What is there to fear?”

“Very well, get ready. Brothers, the Demon Clan bastards are coming at us again, everyone follow me and charge!” A black vortex was once again stirred up. The silver-armoured general held his spear and charged to the forefront with me at his side. The feeling of leading thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers caused my spirit and chi to rise up to its peak. And just like the sharp point of a long straight spear, we were first to slice into the enemy’s formation.

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The warriors in the demon clan’s troops all had large builds and, just like us, they were heavy cavalry. There can only be one result of the two forces of heavy cavalries clashing together, and that was close combat. I no longer had time to care about the big picture, as Demons came rushing at me. With the cold power of my chi and Black Sable, not a single cavalryman could stand in my way.

As I fought alongside the silver-armoured general. I could only describe his spear skills as those of someone who had reached the pinnacle of battle. Every single thrust of his spear lead to the death of an enemy; with an invisible hole in his throat.

Overcome with bloodlust, we found ourselves deep inside the enemy’s camp. Fenwan and the others were at the rear, so they weren’t in much danger. The enemy forces had less cavalry than us, and their battle powers were lacking. It was inevitable that they would get destroyed.

The silver-armoured general suddenly bellowed, “Not good, steady your footsteps and stop charging forward!” I cut down two enemies with a swing of my sword, and concentrated my vision. I quickly realized the danger we were in; we were now too far from the fort, and on the other hand we are closer to the Demon Clan’s main camp.

The silver-armoured general stabbed at the surrounding enemies while saying to himself: “Weird, why haven’t the reinforcements come yet?” Right at that moment I felt a sharp pain in my back; crap, I was struck by an enemy. Fortunately with my Beamon defense, I wasn’t severely injured; it was just that the spot that was struck gave me a burning pain.

The silver-armoured general yelled, and the long spear in his hand turned the sky into  luminescent spots and he cleared all my surrounding enemies in an instant. But this also exhausted quite some amount of his strength. He was breathing irregularly as he asked, “How are you, young man, can you still bear it?”

“I’m fine; I now know why the reinforcements haven’t come, look there.” I pointed at the other end of the battlefield.

As his eyes followed the direction of where I pointed, the silver-armored general couldn’t help but draw in a cold breath. With heights measuring 4 metres and above, the giant Beamon troops had come out. They were equipped with maces in their hands and the heavy cavalry were facing complete annihilation. As the fort sent reinforcements towards them, and 10 dragons appeared in the sky; all of our Dragon Knights had also been dispatched.

“The beastmen are going all out, the Beamon army forces have appeared.”

I suddenly thought of something, my expressions changed as I said, “General, let’s retreat, I’m afraid that the Demon Clan will match the beastmen’s assault and go all out as well.”

The silver-armoured general, while wielding his spear, said: “No, we definitely cannot retreat. Once we retreat, I’m afraid we will be completely wiped out. Quick, go to the rear and gather the students to retreat along with you. You all are our hope for the future, I will stay here to stall the enemy as best as I can.”

As we were talking, the sky in front of us suddenly darkened, and dense sheets of black mist flew towards us. The silver-armoured general said with surprise, “Black magic! Damn it, what are our magicians doing?”

Actually, the mages couldn’t be blamed, we had charged ahead too quickly, and had already surpassed the perimeter of their magic protection.

“Young man, hurry up and go. I’ll stay here to hold the line.” How was he supposed to defend against that? Even his armor could not block such large scale Dark Magic.

And in an instant, the black mists had drifted to our position. Just when I was about to bring out Demonic Arts to block the enemy’s magic, I suddenly realized that there was a layer of light shield in front of me. The black mist dispersed in succession as it met the light shield, and I did not receive damage from the magical attack. Without looking, I knew that I had been protected by Jiyan.

However, the silver-armoured general wasn’t as lucky as me: even though his chi was powerful; the corrosion of the black magic made his armour become besmirched with rust. And it even had holes in some places where it was eaten by the strong corrosion effect of the black magic.

Big blocks of infantry rushed out from the Demon Clan’s camp. They charged towards us, two parts of them came from our rear. It looked like they wanted to encircle us.

The battlefield echoed with screams and cries. Although our heavy cavalry was powerful, most of them were only at the level of middle standard warrior. In the face of such large scaled black magic attack, how many could defend against it?

Cavalrymen and horses kept screaming and crying as they fell on the battlefield, and once they fell they never got up again.

In my heart, I was secretly shocked: such large-scale black magic could only be sustained by at least a thousand of the Demon Clan’s Dark Wizards, =it seemed as if they were determined to take us down regardless of the cost.

But that was not the end; as the black magic slowly dispersed, I saw an even more terrifying scene. Behind the Dark Wizards, a unit of demons flying in the air with black feathered wings, wielding a special weapon- a narrow-bladed sword. I couldn’t couldn’t feel more dread, the trump card of the Demon clan had appeared—- The Fallen Angel Unit.

TL: this is how a narrow sword looks like,

As I looked at their diving shadows, I immediately understood one thing: the heavy cavalry was finished.

I no longer wished to fight side by side with that silver-armoured general. I spurred Black Dragon and sped off, I didn’t wish to die, and I didn’t want to let my friends die either, especially Jiyan; she definitely couldn’t die. A black shadow swept past in the sky above me; it was aiming towards Jiyan who was continuously casting light magic.

Since the time when the black magic appeared, our students had started to back off. They were terrified.

At this time, they have finally displayed the fruit of their normal training in the academy: they totally gave up their horses, and all manner of chi and wind-element magics were used and tossed out in extreme standards as they were fleeing for their lives. Was there even a need for me to lead them? Almost all of them had run away ages ago.

The Fallen Angels’ formidability was fully displayed; although the fort had sent quite a number of Dragon Knights as re-enforcements, their aid was too slow to be of any help. The Fallen Angels had already gone straight into the army’s heavy cavalry forces, and they were slaughtering my battle companions with terrifyingly speed; with a flash of black light, a heavy cavalryman would fall, never to rise again.

As I possessed this ability myself, I understood their power well. It is absolutely possible for them to utterly eliminate all of us before the Dragon Knights arrived to help us. Facing the Fallen Angels, our fighting spirit completely vanished, and we could only passively get slaughtered.

One relief was that Fenyun and Fenwan had not left; they were still at Jiyan’s side, protecting her from harm. Through their protection, Jiyan’s light magic’s deadly damage against the Demon Clan was able to be fully displayed.

As I saw, one Fallen Angel successfully get near them; I roared loudly: “Jiyan, be careful! above you!” How could Jiyan not have noticed the Fallen Angel? She started to concentrate the magical powers within her entire body, and released a protective screen that was composed of light-element magic. But the Fallen Angel sniggered, and slashed horizontally with the narrow sword in her hand. Black luminescence flashed passed, and with a single blow Jiyan’s light-element shield was reduced to shreds of light, scattering into the air. I continuously fired low level magic from my hands, trying to stop her from harming Jiyan, but it was just like when I faced Liwa; these low level magics could not even break through the protective layer of the chi of her body.

I suddenly discovered in shock that from her voluptuous body shape, that fallen angel was actually a female.

Weren’t females unable to train in the Demonic Arts? How could she? She let out a laugh like silver bells, and her narrow blade easily blocked Fenyun’s and Fenwen’s attacks, dispelling them immediately. She then lowered her left hand and grabbed Jiyan.

“You are such a beautiful young lady; come, let’s go back to the Demon Clan together, haha.” In that instant, I had finally caught up to them, urging Black Dragon forwards. Black Sable let out a green light, and I aimed directly at the center of the wings on her back.

The fallen angel raised her sword to parry it, paying no attention to my attack. A huge power rushed towards Black Sable from her sword, and I was only able to stabilize myself after using my Demonic Arts. Angrily, I shouted, “Let her go.” The fallen angel, seeing that my longsword had not been sent flying, smiled lightly in surprise, “Do you want to become a hero that saves the beauty? If you do, follow me.” Flapping her wings, she fled the battlefield.

“Fenwan, you two quickly retreat! Once you meet up with the Dragon Knights, you’ll be safe. I’m going to go save Jiyan.” Leaving behind these words, I spurred Black Dragon, and like a streak of black lightning, I chased after the fallen angel that had just left.

That fallen angel seemed not to want to shake me off her trail. Her speed would suddenly increase or decrease; every time I got closer to her, she would speed up, and every time the distance between us grew, she would slow down to wait for me. Jiyan was lying in the crook of her arm, immobile, and I couldn’t tell if she injured in any way. My heart was extremely uneasy; if any harm had come to Jiyan, how would I face Jisue?

It was a good thing that the fallen angel had chosen only to run on the major paths. Otherwise, I could only catch up with her by transforming into a fallen angel. I didn’t want to reveal abilities, and preferred to only to transform as a last resort, so I persisted on chasing her with Black Dragon.

I chased her from day to night, and then again from night to day. I wasn’t sure how far we’d run, but I understood that we had already entered the Demon Clan’s territory.

That fallen angel suddenly stopped at a forest, and threw Jiyan onto the grass nearby with a shake of her arm. In a delicate tone, she said, “Don’t run anymore, I’m tired to death. You stupid human, is she your wife? Why do you so desperately chase after her?”

My sweat flowed down as I reined Black Dragon to a stop; just in order to decrease the weight and thus increase the speed, I had already thrown away my helmet and all of my armour to reduce our weight while chasing after her. Right now I was only clothed in my sweat-soaked warrior suit.

I panted heavily as I looked at her, thinking that this Demon is surprisingly beautiful, her eyes were large, black, and gave off a mysterious feeling. Her age seemed to be about the same as mine, and her leather armour was only protecting the important parts, the narrow sword in her right hand was shining with cold, pitch black luminescent; it’s probably a treasured item, if not, it would have been broken in half by Black Sable when we crossed our swords.

She was comfortably stretching her body, flapping her wings behind her lightly; she looked arrogantly young and cute. Her well-developed adult body did not seem like those of her age, the double humps in front of her chest were vividly portrayed, her slim long legs were particularly tempting as well. The sight of her standing there in the light wind would cause anyone to imagine the view from under her short black leather skirt.

EN: Yeah that was really there…

When my thoughts reached that point, my heart quickly turned austere. No wonder there were legends about the demonic body figures. Even I, who has a strong will, it engendered reverie in me. I coldly shouted: “Let her go, and I will let you leave here safely!”

“Hihi, and what if I don’t let her go, what will you do? Will you be able to defeat me? Haven’t you thought it strange how although I have the power to kill you guys, I haven’t done so yet?”

I coldy snorted, “If you can kill us, then why haven’t you acted yet?”

She jumped up, smiling, “Of course there’s a reason. I’ve never seen humans before. Looking at your appearances, you guys seem to be the prettiest amongst the humans I saw. So I was curious, and I baited you out here to examine you. You should just quickly tie yourself up and wait to be captured. I might just leave your corpse intact.” Although she was talking about such vulgarity of beating and killing someone, for some reason, I couldn’t feel the slightest hint of killing intent.

I slowly lifted my arm, pointing Black Sable at the ground, “Do you think I am scared of you? Little girl, If you want my life, then you’d better start trying to take it.”

The fallen angel’s eyes lit up, her purple irises glowing with an obsessed gaze, “Wow, you’re so stylish, much stronger than those other trash. It’s unfortunate that you’re a human, otherwise I might be chasing after  you. Your sword is pretty good too. After you die, I’ll take it. My name is Myu; when you fall to hell, you’d better remember it.”

Her words made me wonder whether I should laugh or cry, do all the girls in Demon Clan pay for the keeping of an unprofitable business? I jumped down from Black Dragon’s back and patted his head, Black Dragon knowingly ran to the side.

“Before we begin, I would like to ask you a question. Aren’t male royals of the Demonic Clan the only ones capable of training to becoming Fallen Angels? Why are you capable of it?” This question had spun around my mind right from beginning to end. Before we fought, I had to figure out the answer.

Mo Yue laughed, “Hihi, I’m a special case. Since you’re someone who will die anyways, it’s fine if I just tell you. I’m the youngest princess of the Demonic Clan’s royalty. My father always doted on me, and added onto the fact that he was already unable to break through the six wing stage of the Demonic Arts, he made an exception to the rule and injected his own Demonic Arts into my body, giving me the chance to train in the Demonic Arts. However, for this reason, father also lost two tiers of his magical powers. Now he is unable to transform into a 4-winged fallen angel; he said he would need two years to recover.”

So is how it was. And here I had thought that the Demonic Arts grandmother had given me were wrong. I switched my sword to my left hand, and my right fist heavily slammed into the ground, using my most familiar move——Hurricane.

Mo Yue felt my power fluctuate, and her face showed a trace of surprise. Her pair of wings flew up, however the perimeter of my attack was extremely large, and with a ‘hong’ sound, the ground exploded, creating a large hole, spraying out countless shards of rock surging with strong Chi towards where she was flying in the air.

She looked down on me too much, and now I shall let her know my prowess. Myu wielded her narrow blade in her hands and formed a layer of black screen, and the shards of rocks that were flying towards here were continuously reduced to ashes under her powerful chi.

The Mad God chi was cycling in my body madly, causing my hair to flutter in the air; a layer of yellow light enveloped my body and I roared loudly: “Heavenly Berserk.” When facing an enemy, how could I give her a chance to gasp for a breath, as I roared angrily the Mad God Fist second mode was shot out like a blast. Wave-like yellow chi madly gushed toward Myu; under the shock, her little face seemed a little pale.

At the moment of the assault of my chi, Myu suddenly closed her wings and wrapped her body inside them. The huge wings completely enclosed her slim body, not leaving the slightest hint of a gap. The remaining shards of rocks and the chi of Heavenly Berserk were heavily hitting her. Especially the Heavenly Berserk, the power was so incredible that Myu’s body was sent flying like a bullet and rammed into the forest.

I know, this was only successful because of her carelessness, with the strength of a Fallen Angel, it couldn’t have inflicted any fundamental damage to her. Using the gap of the time before she recover, I flashed to Jiyan’s side and grabbed her body, as I touched her, my heart eased at the same time, she wasn’t injured, her meridian channels were just temporarily sealed.

Under the shock of my chi, Jiyan let out a infantile voice, and opened her eyes: “I’m not dead yet?” Rescuing Jiyan, my heart was filled with unconcealable joy, revealing a rare smile: “Yes, you haven’t died yet, but the danger is not over. You can just rest at the sidelines and watch me take care of the enemy.”

A strong force assailed me from behind. Hurriedly, I pulled Jiyan towards me and dodged by rolling to the side. The previously intact ground that we stood on was blasted into a giant hole by a violent power.

Mo Yue beat her wings and flew into the sky above us, she looked a bit like she was in a difficult situation; her originally neat hair was now messily spread out on her shoulders. Fuming, she pouted her mouth, “Human, it seems I’ve underestimated you. You’ve already lost your chance of keeping your corpse intact; go die.” A dense dark black mist rushed out and surrounded her body, making her narrow sword(narrow sword) carry a cold glint.

I pushed away Jiyan, whom I had been holding, and just as I was planning to use Black Sable to face the attack, I discovered that it was already too late. The narrow blade had already pierced my right shoulder. Mad God chi combined with my original defense were able to deflect the narrow sword to the side, however, the force was very powerful, it still managed to leave a deep bloody scar on my shoulder.

An ice-cold feeling quickly spread from the wound and to the rest of my body; I felt numb momentarily. The Demonic Arts activated without my control, and quickly began to dispel the invasion of dark power, causing a burning pain in my shoulder.

Mo Yue did not pursue her attacks; she looked at me surprised, she was thinking, that attack with her blade just now should have pierced through my body no matter what, but in truth I was only lightly injured: “In my completed fallen angel transformation, you are the first one to directly receive my blade, and yet be able to retreat afterwards.”

I made use of the Mad God chi to seal the blood vessels in which the blood and qi circulate. Due to using too much strength with the right hand that held Black Sable, blue veins bulged from my hand, I stared straight without taking my eyes off her, waiting for her next attack. Jiyan, who was thrown to the side by me, just seemed a little pale, observing the situation with concern. I sighed secretly. If I wished to live today, it is impossible without transformation.

Berserk is not something I could fully control yet; what I can use now is only the Fallen Angel transformation, but Jiyan was just beside me. If I were to transform, my time being a spy in the Dragon Empire will end, and Jisue’s feelings will also…. Just as I was hesitating.Myu turned around and pointed her narrow blade at me, she said sinisterly: “If I killed you, would the humans lose a potential Dragon Knight?”

“Dragon Knight? I’ve never thought about it, but something’s for sure, you cannot kill me.”

Mo Yue chuckled without a hint of anger, “Is that right? You have a lot of self-confidence. Let me test you and see: is your confidence strong enough, or is my blade stronger?”


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