Mad God - Volume 3 - Chapter 2

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As soon as she had finished speaking, I felt a gust of wind off to my left and the figure of Myu in front of me slowly dissolved– not good. She was too fast; I could only see her after-images.

Although her narrow blade had not pierced my body yet, the sharpness of her chi had already gashed my skin, delivering a dull pain. With the next strike, Myu aimed for my temple; even if my defense had been stronger, there could only be one outcome: a one way trip straight to hell.

Since I was constantly focused on her movements, the moment I noticed something had changed I gripped Black Sable tightly and used it to neatly parry her narrow blade — the sound of clashing steel was exceptionally piercing. While I was rammed back by the powerful force of this one attack, her attacks were far from over. With wings beating, Myu appeared directly in front of me, her hands casting numerous shadows directly stabbing all of my body’s vital points.

Speed had never been my forte. I had my hands full with Myu’s attacks and was barely blocking the ones aimed at my vital points. I couldn’t afford to pay attention to any less crucial areas. The offensive power of a Fallen Angel was powerful; under her attacks, the blood flowed steadily from my body, dyeing my warrior’s armor red.

Suddenly, a bright light grenade hit Myu directly at the center of of her power-field. Although the aura from her sword scattered the magic attack into numerous threads of light, it did cause her to slow down for a moment. Thankfully, Jiyan was supporting me!

Without hesitation, I took advantage of this opening and began chanting: Darkness condense in thy soul. To have fallen is to be freed. Awaken! Myriad of magical powers that hath slumbered in mine blood!While chanting, an intense black glow started to radiate from my body.

I roared at the sky as huge wings sprouted from my back, tearing through my shirt in the process. My pale green hair turned an ebony black while a sinister smile appeared on my previously emotionless face. I could feel the vast powers cycling through my body at ever increasing speeds while the dark element present in the surroundings rushed into my body at an astonishing pace. As my wings beat, stones scattered and sand whirled about on the ground in a vortex with me at its center.

Under the sun’s rays, my irises had the appearance of shining black jewels. Black Sable formed an illusory layer of sword energy, blocking the Fallen Angel’s blade as she pursued further attacks.DING! DING! DANG! DANG! The air was filled with the sounds of clashing swords.

Myu’s gaze was filled with confusion and astonishment. “How? How is it possible for you to transform into a Fallen Angel? Are you not a human? Or are you one of the Demon Clan?”

Looking at Jiyan, whose eyes displayed the same astonishment, I smiled apologetically before answering Myu, “Did you think that only those of the Demon Clan could turn into a Fallen Angel? I didn’t intend to kill you, but you’ve left me no choice.”

I effortlessly raised Black Sable high into the air creating the illusion of a long black tower before charging at Myu, whose heart had been filled with terror and surprise. Techniques were meaningless to me, after my transformation my speed and power had increased by tenfold. I attacked with no wasted movements, and in a split second I had sent Myu flying with a single blow of my sword. If one were to compare our strength, there would have been no competition.

I chased after Myu, slashing her seven times successively, each strike more heavy and powerfull than the previous. Myu managed to endure my attacks with difficulty. The force of my blows had sent her crashing through four old, towering trees before she was able to stabilize herself. After my transformation I was completely filled with bloodlust; my only thought was the annihilation of the Fallen Angel before me. While in this vengeful state, one rational thought finally managed to form: Myu and I had attained the same form of a Fallen Angel. How is it, then, that I am able to completely dominate her with my speed and strength? I was on a completely different level, Myu was helpless before me.

The fact that Myu was able to transform into a Fallen Angel was itself an anomaly; she relied on the Demon Emperor’s dark magic that had been inserted into her body to forcibly change her physique. By comparison, my dark magic had been trained through many years of hard work. With this in mind the reason for the difference in power became obvious. Coupled with my years of training, I also have the tyrannical physique of a Beamon; there was no way she could be my match. Even with my advantages, my situation was beginning to deteriorate. After a day and night of pursuit I had exhausted a large amount of strength and lost quite a lot of blood. Even though the transformation had given me incredible power, fitful weakness continued to invade my brain. Ending this fight quickly and decisively was in my best interest.

With loathing in her voice, Myu said, “I don’t understand how you are able to transform into a Fallen Angel, but seeing as you desire my death let’s perish together!” With her hair fluttering in the wind, Myu gripped her narrow blade with both hands while her aura steadily grew stronger. The black mist around her disappeared and was replaced by a faint, black luminescence.

Myu’s desperation had become obvious, considering that she was willing to bet the outcome of our fight on one final attack. HMPH! She could try! With my defense, speed, and strength all above her own, even if she wanted to take me down with her, it would be nearly impossible for her. I decided to use the same tactic as Myu and began accumulating all my chi in order to utilise Violent Dance of the Mad Dragon, thus ending her life.

Killing a beauty wasn’t something I was proud of, but in order to keep my secret I had no choice. A fake act of chivalry would have been impossible for me. My aura was cresting continuously when Myu suddenly screamed and rushed towards me, her sword and body as one. I smirked and shouted, “Violent Dance of the Mad Dragon!” while allowing Black Sable to lead my body in attack. Wildly spinning, I transformed into a torrent of bared fangs and brandished claws. My aura covered me and took the appearance of a gigantic black dragon, facing Myu’s attack.

I had full confidence that our violent clash would lead to Myu seeking vengeance if she survived. As our indomitable attacks were about to collide, a blue light pulsed through Myu’s black aura allowing her to forcefully alter her trajectory and point her attack directly at Jiyan.

Taken aback, I suddenly realized that Myu had always intended Jiyan as her target from the moment she had uttered the words, “…let’s perish together!” I could not fathom how Myu was able to change direction in the middle of such a powerful attack. The only positive aspect of this situation was that I had only used eighty percent of my full power; the remains of the power I had saved would play a vital role. The enormous, black dragon formed by my aura’s fast spinning changed direction and chased after Myu. Unfortunately, it would be impossible for me to counter Myu’s attack before she could inflict a fatal wound on Jiyan; even though my speed was superior, I hadn’t understood Myu’s intentions quick enough.

I gritted my teeth as I rushed at full speed towards Jiyan. Just as the black glow emanating from Myu pierced through Jiyan’s Holy Barrier, my body — with its black dragon aura — moved into the path of Myu’s attack as it reached Jiyan’s body and blocked the attack’s full force. HONG! The immense reaction created by the collision of power left an enormous hole in the ground blowing dust and debris into the sky.

The violent air currents shoved Jiyan to the side, causing the blood to further drain from her already pale complexion. At the end I was left standing proudly in front of Jiyan, Black Sable in my hand with Myu’s blood dripping from the blade. Myu was about ten steps in front of me, her hair disheveled and feathers falling from her wings. Myu looked at me bitterly while continuously spewing forth mouthfuls of blood and putting pressure on her wound, her eyes glazed over. Sighing, I said, “Leave now, killing a woman is not worth sullying my honor. I don’t expect to ever see you again. However, I will find you if you ever leak a word of what you’ve seen today. You will not be safe even if you were to hide within the depths of the demon castle. If that moment comes to pass, not even you can blame me for being ruthless toward a lady.”

Myu glared at me ferociously before backing away, step by step. Abruptly, she whirled around and took to the sky, beating her wings with difficulty. It was obvious by Myu’s erratic flying that she was heavily injured. I heaved a great sigh of relief as I watched Myu’s swaying silhouette slowly disappear into the horizon.

Jiyan walked to my side and frowning, inquired, “Why didn’t you kill her?” I smiled bitterly at her but could no longer hold the large quantity of blood in my mouth, as the blood poured out my body collapsed from lack of strength and I crumpled to the ground. The wings on my back gradually receded back into my body; the Fallen Angel transformation slowly disappeared.

In order save Jiyan, I had used my body as a shield to block Myu’s attack. Although there wasn’t much damage on the surface, all my inner meridian channels had been heavily damaged; I had forcefully held in the pain to scare away Myu. If she had persisted with one more sword strike, I’m afraid that my soul would have immediately been sent straight to hell. Startled, Jiyan cried out as she quickly supported my body, “Are you okay?”

“My injuries are severe. Remember what I am about to tell you, we can no longer return the way we came. Even as we speak, there may be a large regiment from the surrounding Demon Clan army attempting to capture us. We must go deeper into the Demon Clan’s territory. Also, you cannot use your light-element magic to heal me; it will have the opposite effect. Let’s wait here until I recover some more. I’ll call Black Dragon in a little bit; be certain to bring me along with you.” A short time later I summoned Black Dragon and, with the help of Jiyan, I mounted my horse. Jiyan mounted Black Dragon and allowed me to lean on her while embracing her waist. I ordered Black Dragon to obey Jiyan’s requests and then fainted with Jiyan’s fragrance permeating my nostrils…


I woke up due to the severe pain caused by my damaged meridian channels and discovered that I was lying on a pile of leaves. Looking at the sky, I could tell that it was about midnight. Jiyan was using a stick to poke at the fire with an absent-minded gaze; I couldn’t tell what she was thinking about. Under the light of the fire; Jiyan’s face took on an exquisite radiance; any person seeing her face in this light could not help but want to bask in its glow.

I activated the Demonic Arts and attempted to repair the meridian channels in my body. However, an intense pain emanated from the broken parts of my meridian channels. I couldn’t bear the pain and wailed once more.

Jiyan snapped out of her brooding and ran to my side, “Lie down and don’t move, your injuries are quite severe. I didn’t dare try to heal you after what you said. We rode deeper into the Demon Clan’s territory for about 100 km, and only stopped because I was afraid your injuries might get worse. I’ve bandaged all your external injuries, but you’re the only one who can fix your inner wounds. We cannot let anything happen to you; you still have to protect me.”

The injuries this time weren’t as heavy as those from the last time I fought in my Fallen Angel form, but my old injuries that had just healed were now reopened by the new injuries. A complete recovery was not achievable in one or two days. I managed to nod and said, “Thank you, how’s your wound?”

Jiyan’s tone was very gentle and demure, “That kind of minor injury stopped being a problem ages ago; healing is a magician’s forte. Eat something, I brought rations.” While speaking, she quickly returned to the crackling fire, picking up a few pieces of dry, charred meat. Jiyan seemed somewhat embarrassed and her face turned red as she said, “I haven’t cooked before, just make do with it while you eat; there’s nothing else to eat right now.”

I tried to lift my hand to take the meat from her, but an intense pain halted my movements. Seeing my pained expression, Jiyan quickly repositioned herself in order to keep me from moving needlessly. She tore off a strip of charred, dried meat and placed it in my mouth. In the pitch black of the night, Jiyan’s actions evoked an undefinable feeling inside me to the point I didn’t even taste the meat. Neither of us spoke as Jiyan continued to tear off pieces of dried meat and feed them to me. I quietly enjoyed her gentleness. Every now and then, the tips of her fingers would touch my lips, sending an electric shock through my whole body. The only time I had ever experienced a similar feeling was my first kiss with Jisue.

A good while later, I broke the silence as my stomach could no longer hold any more food, “I’m full. You should also eat something.” Jiyan’s appetite was very small; she only ate a little food and then stopped. She effortlessly cast a low-level, water-element, magic spell and a few orbs of water appeared before us.

Jiyan took out two wooden bowls, and as she put the orbs of water into the bowls, she said, “Earlier, I used your sword to carve out these two bowls. You aren’t angry, are you?” As she spoke, I noticed that both the bowls had one of our names carved onto them. Although the taste of water made from magic wasn’t very good, I drank it with relish.

Jiyan took the cloak off her body and covered me, “Sleep now, I hope you get well soon. If there is anything you need, call me.” She finished speaking and walked to the fire to lie down.

I felt very rejuvenated, Jiyan’s skill at dressing wounds was rather good. I wondered where she had found the cloth she used. I also wondered, why she didn’t ask me about my Fallen Angel transformation? Wasn’t she curious? Her meticulous care had made my heart feel incomparably warm. Looking at the charming and graceful silhouette of her back, I slowly drifted off to sleep.


In the morning the crisp sounds of birds woke me from my dreams; a night of good rest had made me feel a lot more comfortable. The meridian channels were only dredged a little, but my body’s recovery ability was strong and the exterior wounds didn’t bother me anymore.

The crackling fire had long been extinguished, smoke trailing from the embers. Lying next to the ashes and embers, Jiyan had curled up to keep warm. I supported my body as I stood up, walked up to her, and covered her with the cloak she had lent me. At that moment, I noticed Jiyan’s face was red; it made me a little uneasy. I softly called: “Jiyan, wake up. Wake up.” To my surprise, she did not respond.

I placed my hand on Jiyan’s forehead and I was shocked to find that it was boiling hot. This was not good; she had a fever. With Jiyan’s accomplishments as a light-element magician, she shouldn’t have gotten sick this easily; but with yesterday’s events and her injuries, it had happened. Additionally, she had used her cloak to keep me warm while leaving herself to the mercy of the cold night. It was no wonder she had gotten sick.

Taking care of patients was an incredibly difficult task for me and before long my forehead was covered with beads of sweat. When I raised my hand to wipe the moisture away, I noticed that the dressing on my injured hand was not gauze but some sort of white cloth. I crouched down beside Jiyan, carefully raised the lower hem of her skirt and saw what I expected, there was only crystal clear snow white skin underneath her thin clothing. Yesterday, Jiyan had used her own undergarments as the base material to dress my wounds.

My head exploded with a HONG! A burst of confusion appeared in my eyes; Jiyan had silently sacrificed so much just for my sake. If it wasn’t for me, she wouldn’t have fallen sick. Even if I had a heart of steel, there’s no way that I couldn’t be moved by her selfless act.

I was lifting Jiyan, whose whole body was boiling, when she murmured: “Water…water…” With a wave of my hand I created a water orb, placing it into the crafted bowl that had her name on it and helped her take small sips. I tore off a piece of cloth from my own undergarments and soaked it with another water orb, folded it into a rectangle, and placed it on her head. I could only pray that she would wake up soon.

I gave Jiyan water more than twenty times throughout the day ,and replaced the cloth soaked in cold water on her head ten times more. As the sky slowly darkened, Jiyan’s forehead had cooled down a bit; the fever had finally broken. I restarted the campfire next to her and wrapped the cloak tightly around her. I didn’t dare fall asleep while Jiyan was in this condition and decided to train instead. While training I was conscious enough to attend to Jiyan’s needs and at the same time attempt to repair my damaged meridian channels.

“Layson…? Layson…?” I was woken from my training by Jiyan’s voice calling my name. As I opened my eyes, I discovered she was still asleep and sleep-talking, softly saying my name over and over again. I held her small, ice-cold hand and gently spoke in her ear, “I’m here, sleep well. When you wake up tomorrow everything will be alright.” Jiyan’s sleep-talking gradually faded away; the expression on her face returning to its original peacefulness. After falling back into a deep slumber, Jiyan’s grasp on my hand did not lessen; I decided it was better to leave my hand in hers rather than to disturb her further.

I completely separated the Mad God chi from the dark energies of the Demonic Arts and, bit by bit, I inserted Mad God chi into Jiyan’s body in hopes of dispelling her sickness. While it appeared successful at first, as the infused chi was about to take hold it was immediately rejected by the holy energies present in Jiyan’s body. The feedback from her powerful, divine energies nearly caused QiGong deviation in me.

My body’s pain and weariness caused me to experience exhaustion like no other and I blacked out. I collapsed next to Jiyan while still holding her dainty hand, I could feel the warmth in her hands return as I lost consciousness.

I felt something damp moving across my face, alternating between ice-cold and warm; I felt groggy and was too lazy to open my eyes as the dampness continued to move. As my brain slowly began to work and my mind became more lucid I realized what was on my face. It was a gentle, smooth little hand, and it belonged to Jiyan. Fearful that Jiyan might discover I was awake, I maintained my original position and breathing rate to avoid any awkwardness.

“Layson, you sleep really soundly! Although I wasn’t quite conscious, I know you were taking care of me yesterday. Why are you so good to me? Hmm…why is your face red? Ah!” A person as smart as Jiyan immediately noticed my conscious state and she swiftly retracted the hand that was touching my face.

I knew that I could no longer continue the charade and slowly opened my eyes. I moved my lips a little and only managed to squeeze out one word, “Morning.” Jiyan’s face was red as she nodded with embarrassment. “What morning? It’s already afternoon.” It was true, the sun had risen high in the sky, past its summit. “Ah! I slept for so long. Are you feeling better?”

After a few sentences of conversation, we gradually relaxed. Jiyan smiled, “It’s fine now, thank you for yesterday.”

“Thank me for what? That was something I had to do; if you hadn’t helped me flee so far, we may have already been captured. I bet you’re hungry, I’ll go find you some food since the rations have all been eaten.” As I stood up, I noticed that our hands were still tightly intertwined and my darker skin had started turning a bit blue. Jiyan’s pretty face became as red as an apple.

Our hands had grown stiff after being entwined for a whole night; we were only able to separate them after a few tries. An unspeakable emptiness entered my heart; Jiyan’s expression dimmed as well.


I bit into a fruit that I had found in the forest, eating it without even knowing what it was. Jiyan leaned against a tree, eating the same fruit. My original plan had been to hunt some small game for dinner, but Jiyan had said that we shouldn’t kill just to sate our hunger or else we might receive divine punishment. She wouldn’t let me hunt no matter what arguments I made.

I felt as if I had turned into another person. In front of Jiyan, I could no longer bring out the coldness and detachment I had in the past. Without any alternatives, I could only accept her request.

I brought back a plethora of assorted fruit. Jiyan looked at each fruit once, easily selecting the fruits that were edible and in that instant I became a vegetarian. By the time we were done with the fruit, the sky had already darkened and the sun’s afterglow gave the forest a yellowish tint.

Jiyan softly said in an awed voice, “If it weren’t for the coming of dusk, the sunset’s beauty would be infinite.” Looking at her expression, Jiyan appeared very emotional.

I suddenly felt very impulsive. I fought to suppress the secrets in my heart that wanted to burst free — wanting to confess themselves to Jiyan. I beat down the urge in my heart and lowered my tone as much as possible in order to keep my breath even, “Why do you suddenly feel such deep emotion toward the sunset?”

Jiyan turned her head and smiled at me and her tender expression stunned me for a short moment, “I just thought of my father and mother.”

Surprised, I asked, “Are…are they unwell?”

Jiyan smiled bitterly, “They appear to be well on the surface, but do you truly think their relationship is that harmonious? It isn’t. They are the sacrificial lambs of politics. That year, my grandfather took notice of my father’s potential and betrothed my mother to him. Father borrowed grandfather’s power and experienced a meteoric rise in the kingdom’s ranks, finally attaining his current position. At the same time, while I knew mother was always well-to-do, I also knew that any sincere love was absent between them. Although mother tried her best to dote on father, he merely returned a respect and concern that was expected of a husband toward his wife.”

Who could understand this matter better than me? The Duke had given his heart to my mother long ago. If my mother hadn’t been snatched away by my father, the Beamon King, you and your sister wouldn’t exist in this world. Of course, I wouldn’t exist either. In other words, the god of destiny makes fools of the people.

“Of course,” I said, “They would have their own way of living after so many years. It’s not something you can change, let nature take it’s course.”

As the sun slowly disappeared below the horizon, I brought the firewood I had gathered back to camp and made use of a low-level fire spell to light the campfire. “Jiyan, you should come closer, too. You just recovered from your fever, you can’t afford to catch another cold.”

Jiyan smiled sweetly, “I’m not that frail.” Although that’s what she said, she still came to the fire and sat down. “Are your injuries better? By protecting me that day, you sustained heavy injuries.”

I frowned and said, “You don’t need to thank me so profusely, okay? Didn’t you save and nurse me as well?” Asking this question, we looked at each other simultaneously, our eyes met and we lowered our heads simultaneously as well.

As time passed, we just sat there in silence. I was the one to break the silence first, “Why didn’t you ask me why I could transform into a Fallen Angel?”

Jiyan’s body trembled and she said flatly, “I realise that it’s your secret to tell, that’s why I didn’t ask. I’m also afraid of knowing the truth. Although, I hope that if you ever wish to tell me, you will tell me.”

I sighed and said, “Thank you for respecting my privacy. I don’t know why, but I really want to tell you what’s in my heart.”

Jiyan smiled, “Didn’t you just say that there was no need for thanks? Just tell me whatever is on your mind, I’ll always be willing to listen.”

Listening to her words, my whole body trembled as I lifted my head. It seemed to me that there was more to what she was trying to convey than what she said.

“I’m not human.” Finishing this sentence, I immediately saw a flash of horror in Jiyan’s eyes, but it was gone in an instant. She really did have great self-discipline; in merely a moment she had composed herself again. “I’m not a Demon either. Strictly speaking, I would be counted among the Beastman.”

This time Jiyan could no longer contain her shock, “What? You’re a Beastman? But you don’t look like one at all!”

I glanced at her, and spoke slowly, “I’m a human, Demon, and Beastman hybrid. I have a Beastman’s tyrannical strength with a human’s appearance and wisdom. As for the characteristics of a Demon, I think it comes down to me being able to turn into a Fallen Angel and use dark magic.”

To Jiyan, every word I had said was a shocking discovery. Although she willed herself to remain calm, she couldn’t completely suppress her shock, “But my father investigated you; your identity didn’t match what you just said in any way.”

Calmly I said, “That was just the cover I used in order to gain entry into the Dragon Empire. My true identity is as the vice leader of the Beamon Corps, and the Beamon King is my father. The reason I can turn into a Fallen Angel is because I obtained a copy of Demonic Arts from the Demon Clan. My grandmother was a princess from the demon race, which makes me part of their royal lineage. After years of hard work, I was finally able to transform for the first time during our last school break.”

“If you really are a Beastman, for what reason did you come to the Dragon Empire?”

“To steal your military tactics and to learn your secrets, of course. The Beastmen are the weakest out of the three empires. Every time we participate in a major war, we always suffer the most casualties. At this rate, the continent will no longer have any territory for the Beastmen. We’ll end up as slaves to the Demons or humans. For this reason, the Beast King dispatched me, with my human appearance, to blend in with Dragon Empire’s human population. For the most part, my journey has been going smoothly. I managed to learn quite a few things from the Sky City’s library. I am scary, aren’t I?”

Jiyan’s face twisted and her voice gradually rose in pitch as she said, “Then what about Jisue? Did you deliberately get close to Jisue for this reason?”

I shook my head, “No, my feelings for Jisue are genuine.”

“Then does she also know your true identity?”

“No, she doesn’t know; I didn’t want to tell her. I’m afraid that if I did, she would leave me. Aren’t I selfish? You’re the first person to whom I’ve admitted the truth. I don’t know why, but I don’t want to hide anymore. I feel very worn out.”

I held her hand tightly, while she spoke with a slightly trembling voice. “In other words, you really did deceive my sister. Why? Why would you lie to her? If she knew about this, do you think that she would reject you? My sister’s feelings for you are very deep.”

I didn’t bother answering her question, and with glazed eyes I continued. “I once asked Jisue what she would do if I were to leave here and never return. She replied that she would follow me wherever I went. It was from that moment that I completely gave myself over to her.”

Jiyan’s voice softened a bit, “This is all too shocking. Even if Jisue truly doesn’t care about these things, what about Father? Could he accept you, a Beastman spy?”

I laughed bitterly, “Yes, I’m a Beastman spy; but I’m also a failure as a spy. To be honest, I don’t really want to return to the Beastman country. The days I spent in the Dragon Empire have been really heart-warming. How will I be able to return to my country? But, after all is said and done, I have Beastman blood in me. Who can understand the pain in my heart? Rest assured, I haven’t done anything to Jisue; if she isn’t willing to accept me, I will not touch her. We’ve only spent a short time together and, even if she has deep feelings for me, it can be forgotten over time. Today, I’ve revealed myself to you and, therefore, I can no longer return to the Dragon Empire.”

Jiyan stood up, walked around the campfire, and sat beside me. She gently placed her arm around my shoulders, “Come on, don’t be like this. I was too harsh just now. I’m sorry.”

I said plainly,  “There is nothing to apologise for. You have listened to me calmly; that isn’t an easy task. You were probably right, perhaps I’m really not the best match for Jisue.”

“When your wounds are healed, what will you do?”

“What can I do? Originally, I thought that the troops of the Demon Clan would give chase, but it would appear that they either went in the wrong direction or that the Demon Princess really hasn’t revealed our identities. How about this? We’ll wait for two days whilst I think of a way to send you back. Once I have seen you safely on your way, I’ll return to the Beast Clan. Please tell Jisue everything about me. If she is willing to accept me, tell her to wait for 3 years. After three years have passed, I’ll come back and find her. If she isn’t willing, I won’t resent her for it. I only hope for her sincere happiness.”

“Are you really not coming back?”

I nodded, “Didn’t I just tell you? Because I’ve told you all these things today, I don’t plan to go back anymore. You can tell them whatever you like; you can say that I perished in battle or even that I was captured.”

Jiyan suddenly glared at me, her eyes widening, “What if I never heard what you just said?”


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