Mad God - Volume 3 - Chapter 5

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While I sat on the couch feeling bored, Jiyan went to the bedroom to pack our things.  As I lazily looked around the living room, the box that Swist·Feizen had brought caught my eye. I wondered if Jiyan had seen its contents yet?

I didn’t even know what that fatty had brought. The black wooden box was made very delicately; in the center was a red gem, the sides had intricate carvings etched on it, and there were was metal covering the edges and corners. Could the box be pure gold? I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find a way to open the box. God dammit, isn’t this bloody fatty making things too difficult for me?

Jiyan’s voice interrupted me as I was about to crush the box with chi. “Lay-lay, I’ve packed our belongings; we can leave at any time.” As she finished speaking, Jiyan appeared carrying a backpack that was more-than-likely filled with our tailor-made clothing in addition to some essential items we would need on the journey. When Jiyan saw me, she asked curiously, “Um…what are you doing?”

“I want to see what that pig brought; but no matter what I try, I can’t open the box. I am so frustrated that I am about to break it open.”

After hearing what I said, Jiyan quickly ran over and snatched the box away from me. “You’re really stupid. Let me open it for you. It’s such a beautiful box, it would be a pity if you were to break it.”

I smiled at her and responded, “Do you like the box? If you do, then I’ll give it to you. Perhaps a few gemstones, too? Girls love those the most.”

Rolling her eyes, Jiyan retorted, “Do you think of me as one of those common women? All people desire beautiful things, it’s only natural; but I don’t see gems as anything precious, I prefer it when there is an inherent and natural beauty. Now watch, this is how you open this type of box.” As Jiyan spoke, she gently pressed the red gem in the center of the box, then turned it counter-clockwise, and finally pressed the gem again. Kecha! The box-top separated at the center and swung open.

The entire room was immersed in the rainbow luster from the various gems the instant the box opened. We could see seven distinct, dazzling, gorgeous colors of light shining out of the box; my vision blurred due to the intensity. Staring at the wonders present inside the box, Jiyan and I were completely astounded.

The interior of the box was covered in a blue velvet flocking, which had twenty small indentations pressed into it. Each indentation caressed a single gem. With a glance, I counted: five black gems, three red, three blue, three yellow, three green and three purple. I had seen gems in the past, but I had never seen such brilliant and lustrous ones.

“Jiyan, how are they so bright?! I was momentarily blinded.”

While lightly fondling each gem, Jiyan said, “Amazing, that fatty must be spitting out blood. These are the highest grade gems I’ve ever seen; I am certain they are top-tier. Look at this red one, it’s Bloodstone. I don’t think that such pure Bloodstone has ever been seen in the palace of the Dragon Empire; it provides clarity of mind by refreshing and restoring ones consciousness. I would guess that this blue one is cultivated; although I’ve never seen it before, I’ve heard that the Demon Kingdom has an extraordinarily solid gemstone called Diamond, with the Blue Diamond being the highest grade among all Diamonds. That’s all I know about diamonds. This yellow stone is also uncommon. Look at its crystalline body; I am unsure, but I think this yellow stone is Orpiment. I can’t remember if that’s the proper name or not, so I will just call it that. The imperial Jade seal used by the Emperor of the Dragon Empire is carved from Orpiment; but it doesn’t have the purity of the few in front of us. That green one is Turquoise; I know its name but not its purpose.

“This purple one is a Crystal of the highest grade that stores magic; among all the gems present, it’s probably the most practical. With these three purple Crystals, someone could store a supply of magic power in excess of ten times the magic power I currently possess. If I had them, I doubt I would ever need to worry about running out of magic power. While these gems can’t raise the ability level of the user or the strength of the magic used, they would allow me to continuously use magic power at my current level for quite some time before being completely emptied. Out of all these gems, the only one I am unfamiliar with is the Black one; it isn’t Crystal nor is it Jade. I wonder what it’s purpose is. The Black gem is probably a special product of the Demon Kingdom.”

I blankly stared at Jiyan. It was as if Jiyan was a book from heaven conveying its contents to me. “You are a truly a talented girl. If I were here alone, I’m certain I wouldn’t have known anything. If there are any gems you like, then take them.”

Jiyan smiled, “Don’t forget your words! Since you are so sincere, I’ll just take two of the purple Crystals. Consider them as tokens of love that you gave to us two sisters which can also store magic power.”

I gestured for Jiyan to do as she pleased and she merrily picked out two of the high-quality purple Crystals. “As long as you continuously direct magic power into the crystal, you can access it later when you need it. Look! It’s so pure…so beautiful.” She carefully put them into a small pouch and then shoved them in with her clothes.

Teasing Jiyan, I said, “And you said you didn’t like gems and that you weren’t a common woman. After seeing this purple Crystal, you revealed your true colors.”

Hitting me lightly, Jiyan said, “Meanie, you should probably keep the other ones. You might need them in the future.” While speaking, she passed me the box.

Looking at the wonderous gems inside the box I held, I smiled and said, These things can’t be eaten. What’s the use of having them? I should just give them all to you.”

As I tried to pass the box to Jiyan, she stopped me with a touch and with some severity said, “You should not look down on these gifts; it’s quite possible that everything included within this box represents the full fortune of that fatty and his uncle. If you were to run out of money in the future you could simply take just one of these gems and sell it for an enormous sum. Speaking conservatively, any one of the gems in this box could be sold for a minimum of a few hundred-thousand gold coins. Some of them could be sold for prices in excess of tens-of-millions of gold coins.”

Upon hearing these numbers, the color immediately drained from my face. “Whuh…What?!? Mil…millions of gold coins??”

Jiyan had a very serious demeanor as she nodded and said, “That’s why you MUST keep them and guard them. Once I return home, I’ll take the two pieces you gave me and have them made into magical staffs for Jisue and I. They will be very beneficial to our magic cultivation.” I was still bewildered by the numbers Jiyan had said. With so much money, does that mean I am a billionaire? It would appear that the Gu brothers were truly unfamiliar with the incident in the lobby; that fatty had truly liquidated his entire fortune to keep his life!

In reality, what I didn’t know was that Swist·Feizen didn’t illicit the help of the Gu brothers in an attempt to negate his need to purchase the gems. It was, in fact, his fear that the Gu brothers would expect a duplicate set of the gems as tything and he knew, even if he sold himself by weight, he would never be able to accommodate them in a timely manner. Money can be earned again, and very quickly with that fatty’s level of corruption, but it would be impossible if he lost his position and the end result was too dreadful for him to contemplate.

Of course, the main reason Swist·Feizen gave for requesting the Gu brothers come was in hope that they would be able to find some flaw in my identity. Thus, once I died at the hands of the brothers, he would be able to keep the gems and restore his fortune.

If someone were to list the ten greatest officials of the Demon Kingdom in terms of corruption, then both Swist·Feizen and his uncle would definitely have their names on that list. This city was a crossroads and nexus of many commercial and political interests allowing many goods and materials to be bought and produced while at the same time allowing the Demon Kingdom the ability to easily launch their attacks against the Dragon Empire. And the corruption this allowed…

“Lay-Lay, these gems are intrinsically beneficial to you. I think it would be better if you kept them on you. The box is quite inconvenient and you’re far too careless. It would be weird if you haven’t lost them after a short time.”

“Am I really that careless? Then how should I carry them? It’s not like I can glue them to my body, right?”

While Jiyan supported her head and thought, I couldn’t help but notice her sweet scent for the first time today. She interrupted my thoughts when she said, “There’s a way! Just wait here, it’s still early. I’ll be back soon.” She ran out of the room as she finished speaking.

I shouted after her, “What are you trying to do? We are strangers in this foreign place. Be careful!”

Jiyan yelled back, “Gotcha! I’ll be back soon.”

After Jiyan had left, I couldn’t help but secretly shake my head. Am I still the same Layson as before? When faced with Jiyan or Jisue, I could no longer put up my cold facade. Did I regret this? A singular word was shouted from heart: NO. Furthermore, not only didn’t I regret this change, I felt that I actually liked my life as it is now. Both of them have warmed my heart like I’ve never known before, from beginning to end, allowing me to feel what it’s like to have family for the first time.

It had been more than two hours by the time Jiyan finally returned to our suite. In her hands she held a black thing; I wondered what it was.

“Why were you gone for such a long time? It’s almost noon. If we were to depart any later we wouldn’t make it in time.” I couldn’t control my complaining.

Smiling, Jiyan cooed, “Why are you in such a hurry? Look!” As she spoke, she unfurled the black thing she had brought back with her.

As Jiyan presented her surprise to me, I could see that it was a vest. The vest had several small pockets covering the front. Suddenly I understood and said, “So, you’re telling me I should put all of the gems in this vest?”

Jiyan nodded and exclaimed, “Hurry and go try it on! You wear it under your shirt next to your skin. There are six pockets, in total, and every one of them contains five smaller pockets within that have a fastener. The gems shouldn’t move around once you put them inside. The idea came to me as we were talking and I had the tailor make it. In addition, if there are other small, valuable items that you acquire in the future, you can place them in the vest as well. Not only is it a good design, but the material is also quite good. The vest is made from the hide of something called the maxi-fish-hawk. The material is light and thin yet very durable; it’s as comfortable as a second skin. And even if you were to wear it every day for the rest of your life, it shouldn’t break. To make certain of this, I had them purposefully place two slits on back of the vest; even when you transform the vest won’t rip!”

After Jiyan handed me the vest, I could still feel the warmth that remained from the time she had held it against her body; my heart was aflutter. As she pushed me into the room, Jiyan said, “Stop day dreaming! Quickly, put it on! Weren’t you just saying it’s late?”

After I had donned the maxi-fish-hawk vest I noted just how comfortable it was; but more importantly my heart felt more at ease. I swore to myself, for Jiyan’s sake, I wouldn’t wantonly remove the vest. Jiyan looked me over with a discerning eye, “The vest fits rather well. I am impressed with the tailor’s skills. Here, let me put the gems in the pockets for you.”

Even though Jiyan was tall for girl, by human standards, her head only reached my shoulders. As she put the gems in the vest pockets, one-by-one, I could feel my heartbeat begin to race as I felt her tender, white hands caress my skin through the thin layer of the vest.

“Very good, all of the gems have been placed in the vest. My design is fairly good, no? Um…why is your face so red? Did you catch a cold? AH!”  Jiyan hurriedly jumped to the side while looking at me with a huff.

Absentmindedly, I looked at her; I was at a loss as to how I should proceed. While pouting Jiyan lambasted me, “I will NOT allow you think such bad things!”

Clumsily I responded, “What bad things? There was no thinking involved.”

In a demure yet jocular manner, Jiyan responded, “Shameless bastard, we need to hurry. As I returned I asked the innkeeper to prepare some rations for us so we could eat on the way.”

We left our suite and met with the innkeeper so that I could settle our account. To my surprise, the inn’s director refused to accept my money no matter what I said while kowtowing to us at the same time. I was left with no choice and finally decided to leave, but not before I threw a bag of gold coins on the counter. As Jiyan and I quickly ran out of the building, I could see a deep respect and gratefulness reflected in the eyes of the inn’s director.

The Gu brothers were waiting at the east gate by the time we arrived; even though they had been waiting for some time, they appeared to be at ease. I had expected to see more than just the brothers as representatives of the great and dignified Fallen Angel pantheon, but there wasn’t even one squire. The Gu brothers both wore the same black warrior suit and had a long sword strapped to their backs. Upon our arrival, I immediately apologized as politely as I could. “Elder brothers, I am very sorry. Due to some small matters were were held up and younger brother is late.”

Gwynn smiled and said, “It’s fine, let’s hurry and set out on our journey.”

As the Gu brothers set out, Jiyan and I followed along on Black Dragon. Even with the two of us on his back, my god-like steed never fell behind. If not for my deference to the Gu brother, Black Dragon would have overtaken their mounts; as it was I kept him at a relaxed pace beside the Gu brothers. Jiyan eyes soon closed as she nestled in my arms, there was no telling how long she had been asleep. Since we were traveling on the royal highway, it was well kept and smooth; and with Black Dragon galloping at a steady pace, my arms were the perfect place for a nap.

As I affectionately caressed Jiyan’s long, pale blue hair, I asked Gwynn, “Gu brother, I was wondering what the situation on the frontline is like. Are you aware of the situation?”

Gwynn smiled bitterly and then responded, “We’ve fought for so many years, how else can it go? We will see both victory and defeat over time. According to news that arrived in the Emperor’s city prior to our departure, when the battles began we had a slight advantage over our adversaries; but that advantage has slowly been whittled away to nothing. The Dragon Empire is not an easy foe to defeat. I heard tale from the beast side of the ware that they killed a Dragon Knight, but, in the process, their Beamon Troops lost almost one hundred people. I believe these are some of the heaviest damages seen by our side in a single battle in the recent 30 years. Those buffoons don’t know what they’re doing; such completely brainless trash needlessly sacrificing their own clansmen without reason.

Upon hearing Gwynn’s criticism about my beastmen, my heart became uneasy. With furrowed eyebrows I defended them. “There are too many tribes in the Beast Clan and it’s impossible to unite them. Every place has its own government with different rules. Even though their reproductive pace is quick and strong they are unable to fully develop their society. Only the Beamon Troop is able to mount a successful battle against an enemy.”

Griffin coldly rebuked, “Hmph! What was that about the Beamon Troops? Compared to those of us from the Fallen Angel Pantheon, they are sorely lacking in power and ability. If one were to only compare individual strength, even a Dragon Knight might not be a match for a Fallen Angel. It is only with the help of their Divine Dragons that they overpower us. If I were able to cultivate to a four-winged Fallen Angel, I would slaughter them and make them suffer crushing defeat.”

When I heard Griffin talking about wanting to become a four-winged Fallen Angel, I couldn’t help but feel moved since I had always trained in the Demonic Arts alone. Seizing this opportunity, I decided it would be beneficial for me if I could converse with the brothers in an attempt to benefit and further my own cultivation. I immediately asked, “If I might ask, I was wondering what tier my two Elder brothers have cultivated through?”

Gwynn said, “We have both cultivated to the initial stage of the fifth tier.”

I replied, “Oh! Looking at your pace, it won’t be long until both Elder brothers cultivate to a four-winged Fallen Angel.”

The Gu brothers looked at each other and Griffin frowned, “Are you being sarcastic?”

My face went blank and I replied, “Why would I be sarcastic? Little brother is speaking from his heart.”

Griffin chided, “Hmph! From your heart?!? Don’t you know that most of the people in the Fallen Angel Pantheon are at the fifth tier. Only a small number have ever reached the realm of the sixth tier?”

I shook my head and said, “I don’t know that I fully understand. Currently, though, I have reached the realm of the fourth tier and my improvements have been rather quick. With this speed, wouldn’t it be possible for both Elder brothers to reach the realm of the four-winged Fallen Angel in a short period of time?”

Gwynn woefully shook his head and responded, “Did His Majesty not tell you about the bottlenecks that occur when cultivating Demonic Arts?”

After my shock subsided, I shook my head and said, “No. His Majesty only passed down the Demonic Arts to me in my sixth year. I was left to cultivate on my own. I haven’t seen His Majesty more than five times in my life; each time we’ve exchanged less than ten sentences. He has rarely explained anything to me, saying that I must grasp it on my own.”

Feeling at ease after hearing me further explain my story, Gwynn said, “It’s no wonder you made your previous comments. Let me explain, from the fifth tier of the Demonic Arts and above there is a bottleneck that acts as a roadblock. Only by breaking through this bottleneck will you be able to advance to the next tier. Take us as an example, we have been cultivating at the fifth tier for four years yet we are still only at the initial stage of the fifth tier. Sigh…It is so difficult. Our father broke through the bottleneck of the sixth tier at the age of sixty-seven, this is considered an anomaly within the Demon Kingdom. His Majesty completed his four-winged transformation at the age of fifty-four; a feat that hasn’t been seen in the thousands of years the Demon Kingdom has existed. Even with our natural endowments, breaking through the fifth tier at the age of fifty was an incredibly difficult task for us. As for becoming four-winged Fallen Angels, we don’t even think about it. Unless there is some sort of miracle, it would be impossible for us to reach that realm.”

Surprised at Gwynn’s comments, I asked, “Is it really that difficult?”

Gwynn laughed and said, “Wait until you reach the fifth tier, you will understand what we are saying about the four-winged transformation being an unreachable realm. That bunch of Dragon Knights from the Dragon Empire are nothing without their Divine Dragons. Three of them combined wouldn’t be a match for his majesty. That damn Dragon Clan…only knows how to one-sidedly help the humans.”

Although I’ve never seen the capability of a Dragon General, I was able to surmise their formidability just from seeing the Dragon Knights. The Demon Emperor can surprisingly rival three Dragon Knights without their Dragons, what realm is that!? After listening to what they said, I was even more motivated to cultivate toward transforming into a four-winged Fallen Angel. Griffin continued, “It’s truly too bad. Once his majesty reached the seventh tier, it became difficult to make any further progress. That old man is already sixty-plus years old. You may not like hearing this, but, within another ten years after the elderly have passed away, I don’t know whether the Demon Kingdom will still be evenly matched against the humans considering the current situation.”

I curiously asked, “Is there no one in the next generation that can break through the sixth tier?”

Griffin slowed down his pace and slanted his head while saying, “It’s not that there’s no talented demons in the next generation, but after reaching the fifth tier it’s not just about having good natural endowments to breakthrough it. There must also be certain favourable circumstances. This kind of thing is something you can only hope to happen; you can never make it happen. But you are so young. You are the youngest person I know, other than the princess, that can become a two-winged Fallen Angel, after another twenty to thirty years, perhaps, you can really break through the sixth tier. When the time comes that you sit on the throne of the Demon Emperor, you’d better remember about us brothers~!”

I pretended to be downhearted and said, “With my identity, you shouldn’t mention me being the Demon Emperor. I can’t even be considered royalty.”

Griffin laughed “Haha! Nothing is absolute. If you made a breakthrough into the sixth tier, achieving the realm his majesty is in right now, who cares what your lineage is. In the Demon Kingdom, if a four-winged Fallen Angel is equal to a messenger of the Demon God, then wouldn’t the place of an Emperor be something that can be accomplished with extreme ease once one has reached the six-winged transformation?”

I never considered becoming Demon Emperor even after hearing what the Gu brothers said; I don’t really desire authority. But that tyrannical power of a four-winged Fallen Angel moved my heart a lot. Becoming a peerless, powerful man had always been my dream.

I smiled and said, “These are all after words, whether or not I have that opportunity, I will not forget about both elder brothers. Right, his majesty inserted his magic power into that sister I’ve never seen, dropping two tiers of Demonic Arts, I wonder when he will recover. If the Dragon Generals make a move, no one will be able to stop them.”

After listening to me saying this highest graded secret of the Demon Clan. Both of them had trusted me completely.

Gwynn said, “You don’t have to worry about this, the Dragon Generals won’t easily launch an attack, due to their destructive power being too strong, since a thousand years ago, the three clans made an agreement: after reaching their level, they aren’t allowed to participate in normal fights, only to command backstage. Every ten years the head of each race will find a place that has no one to put up a good fight, I heard that there will always be a  wager, as for what it is, only the people in their level will know. I had once asked father, and he was unwilling to tell us.”

Griffin coldy snorted, “It’s fine that he doesn’t tell us, but he even said that we are trash, that we won’t be able the reach that realm our entire lives. We have three Fallen Angels in our family,  and he is still unsatisfied, I really don’t know what he wants us brothers to do.”

I asked, “How’s the result of each competition?”

Gwynn shook his head and said, “I’m not clear about this, probably all ties. If there’s a chance, you can ask his majesty yourself, but unless you reach that realm, he might not tell you.”

It seems, following them is a wise choice, it let me knew about many secrets of the Demon Clan. Jiyan who was in deep slumber suddenly sat up, rubbing her blurry sleepy eyes, she asked me, “Where have we reached, ah, Ah Lay?”

Faint, what is this calling/name? I forcefully held in my intentions to laugh and answered, “Generally where have we arrived I don’t know either, but there should be about sixty miles from where we started.”

Gwynn laughed while saying, “Brother, your fiance is really beautiful. Our girls of Demon Clan win by their body figure, but appearances like hers are really rare, even in the royal palace it is rarely seen.”

Jiyan was basically wide awake, after hearing she smiled and said, “Thanks for your appraisal, sir.”

Right at this moment, The Gwynn brothers and I became alert at the same time, four people suddenly appeared on the broad state highway/official road. On both sides of the road were huge tall and dense forest of trees, due to this place being close to the borderline of the Demon Clan, very little people travel around here. The four people on the opposite side didn’t seem to be strong or formidable; all of  them are masked with black cloth, they stood in a horizontal line on the road, looking at the martial sword in their hands, they can’t be trying to rob us, are they? The three of us pulled the rein almost the same time, stopping at a place 3 metres away.

Without waiting for us to say anything, the leader of the bandits shouted, “Stand there, this mountain belongs to us. If you wish to pass, leave your valuables. If you don’t leave adequate valuables, hehe, we’ll kill~~~you;  we don’t care.” Speaking of kill, he intentionally pulled the sound of the word longer.

The Gwynn brothers and I glanced at each other, and we loudly laughed spontaneously. The great three Fallen Angels actually got stopped by a few bandits, if this were to spread out it’ll be too laughable. We are laughing at the overconfident bandits that have no idea of death or danger they were on, they met us it’s their tragedy.

I coldly snickered and said, “Elder brothers can wait here, little brother will go take care of them.” Killing bandits is one of my fortes: those bandits that died by my hand when I was in the Beastman Country were still being counted, and today these few pests met me. They can  count themselves unlucky.

Gwynn suddenly reached out his hand and stopped/blocked  me, “My worthy brother, I still want to ask them about something, in this highway, why would bandits appear? It won’t be too late to make a move after asking, surely it doesn’t mean that you fear they might run away!”

Jiyan spoke beside my ear softly, “Don’t easily kill people okay? I don’t like sanguinity.”

I disapprovingly answered, “Killing is not something I’m willing to do, but if you don’t kill him, he will kill you. Compared to the battlefield, killing a few bandits does not count as sanguinity.” As I spoke, Gwynn kicked the belly of his horse and headed towards the bandits, Jiyan said softly in my arms, “But…… fine, but, you’re still too inexperienced; they are much mature than you, they know that they need to ask and understand the situation first. Don’t be too rash, you’ll suffer losses.” Although her voice is very low, Griffin who was not far away still heard it, and a glimpse of smile revealed in the corner of his lips.

Gwynn rode his horse and stopped at a place ten steps away from the opponent, he smiled and, cradling his right fist in his left hand while raised in front of his face, sent an amicable greeting, “I wonder which mountain does each of you heroes belong to?”

The leader of the bandits “hehe” laughed he lifted the martial sword with both hands and placed it on his shoulders, “Why do you care where we come from, hurry up and give up the valuables, and I’ll let you pass. If not, today will be the day all of you die”

As Gwynn saw that the opponent did not answer, changes happened in his heart, and he angrily shouted, “Do you not know of your danger? How would my clan produce trash like this? Hmph.”

An imposing manner gushed out from his body, covering four of them at the same time, under the forceful pressure, the four bandits appeared like a duck in a thunderstorm. Gwynn laughed, he lowered his pressure on his opponents and shouted, “If you want to live get lost, today I don’t feel like killing.”

As we thought that a scene of slaughter would be avoided like that, at this time, I suddenly noticed a glimpse of coldness flashed in the eyes of the person on the far left. This is the divine light that only the experts have, I hurriedly shouted, “Gu brother, be careful, they aren’t normal bandits.”

Gwynn is a veteran in battle, after hearing my call he leapt into the sky without the slightest hesitation, his body like that of an arrow sped backwards. As I shouted, the opposite 4 people have also made a move, four forces of stagnated aura hurricane, four flashes of black glow heavily hit on the position where Gwynn was, Gwynn’s fine horse was blasted into pieces along with the black glow. The scene before our eyes dazed even Griffin who was always steady. Gwynn secretly wiped his cold sweat, if it weren’t for my reminder, if being launched a surprise attack by 4 opponents with such strength, the result will be unthinkable.

With a solemn face, he pointed at the opponent and asked, “Who in the world are you guys? What is your purpose?”

Without waiting for their reply, Griffin jumped down from his horse, pulling his hasty big brother, he said deeply, “You don’t have to tell, I also know who you are, is the Su Cha prince still well?”

After hearing Griffin’s words, four of them shivered at the same time, the leaders laughed loudly and said, “Not bad, not bad, as expected from you two brothers you’re well-deserved of your reputation, I thought that my disguise was close to perfection, how could be so sure that I’m the prince’s people? Regardless, whether or not you could recognize my identity, this will be the place you die, you should know, as Fallen Angels, four vs two, you guys had no chance, be sensible and take your own life, I can still leave your corpse intact.”

My heart skipped a beat, listening his manner of speaking, all four of them should be Fallen Angels, why would they kill each other?

Griffin said with disdain, “What’s so difficult about seeing through your disguise, right now most of the people from the Fallen Angel Pantheon are slaughtering the enemies in the frontline. Those who stayed in this land are only us brothers and the few personal bodyguards of the prince, coupled together, I naturally know who you are, stop masking your face, Su Er.”

That person that was called Su Er by Griffin tore down his mask cloth, revealing a piece of pale white hideous face, by the looks, he did not look like Fallen Angel, in contrast he looked more like a kind of special army of the Demon Clan——Vampire.

Griffin angrily rebuked, “Bullshit, with the few of you wanting to take our lives, it’s virtually dreaming in daylight.”

When they are conversing, Gwynn said in a lowered voice, “These four bastards are incredibly powerful; when we fight afterwards, leave us, take your fiancé and leave as fast as possible. Their targets are us two brothers, so when you meet his majesty you can just let that old man avenge us.”


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