Mad God - Volume 4 - Chapter 7

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The golden wolf head on the left said, “I bet you have never seen a werewolf as handsome as me.” His voice was clear and sonorous, as he spoke, he posed with the left side of his body and ignored everybody.

The head on the left said, “Hmph, stop being a narcissist, and how can you be as handsome as me?” This time, the voice was gentle.

“You have two personalities!?”

The golden wolf head said, “We have two heads. Naturally we have two brains, and separate personalities.”

The silver wolf head said, “That’s right kid! You scared? Hahaha, you aren’t allowed to run even if you are scared! Your only option is to fight us!”

I snickered coldly and said, “Hmph! Scared? Who is scared? You two are the ones who should be scared! I’ll tell you a secret, I’m not even human.” I immediately started to chant, Darkness condense in thy soul. To have fallen is to be freed. Awaken! Myriad of magical powers that hath slumbered in mine blood!

The two wolf heads cried out in surprise simultaneously, “A fallen angel from the Demon Clan!”

I gave a sinister smile and said, “Wrong, I’m not from the Demon clan either.”

Both the heads looked at each other, their four eyes filled with confusion. The golden head said, “Based on your transformation, you are definitely not an emissary of the Beast God, if the Beast God even exists.”

I sarcastically replied, “Then what about you? Aren’t you the so-called Wolf God?”

The silver head said, “Since we are both impostors, let’s have a match to see who is stronger; You and your Fallen Angel Transformation, or this fake Wolf God.”

I never expected them to be honest, but I had no time to think about it. The Wolf God had transformed into a streak of golden silver light, and was charging right at me. After my transformation, I was much faster than before, I beat my wings and immediately dodged their attack. Even though I dodged their attack, their silver golden chi brushed past my cheek, and I felt a burning pain. I didn’t dare act carelessly and reached out for Black Sable, watching their moves closely.

The golden wolf laughed and said, “Interesting! Interesting! Fighting against a Fallen Angel is just not the same!” The silver head nodded, adding, “Why don’t we use that attack, he may be able to withstand it.”

The two heads nodded at the same time and once again charged at me. But this time, he only used gold chi instead of both gold and silver. Although the intensity of the chi was lower than the last attack, I still felt that I shouldn’t take it head on.

Just when I was about to dodge, a giant frozen orb suddenly appeared on the left side of my body, and countless ice spikes pierced the air to my position. It was a level 5 water element spell, and it’s attack power was extremely powerful.

At the same time, to my left, a pool of densely packed fire orbs appeared. Each fire orb let out a ghostly blue color. Although I’ve never seen this magic, I understood that taking it head on would be a mistake.

These two magic attacks blocked my escape. I couldn’t go to the left or the right, nor could I retreat backwards.

Not Good! There were attacks coming from all four directions, and if I back off here, I would have to continue retreating; I would be at a complete disadvantage. But I didn’t have the confidence to confront the magical attacks without getting injured, so I did the only thing that I could. I grit my teeth, using the Dark Magic and Mad God chi to form a protective layer over my body and roared, “Violent Dance of the Mad Dragon!” My entire body transformed into a layer of bared fangs and brandished claws and violently rushed towards the Wolf God.

Just before I was about to ram onto Wolf God, a miniature tornado appeared between us, although I successfully passed through it, my Violent Dance of Mad Dragon’s power was instantly weakened a great deal.

I saw two proud looking wolf heads before I was blasted away by an immensely violent golden chi.“Hong!” I crashed heavily against the wall. Surprisingly the barrier protecting the wall the wall caved in a little. All my bones felt as if they were scattered, and a streak of fresh blood flowed down from the corner of my lips. Countless black feathers scattered in the air.

The Wolf God flashed to my side, the golden wolf head said to the silver wolf head, “Eh? This guy doesn’t seem badly injured, he’s quite tough.” I slowly stood up with Black Sable supporting my body disheartened. This guy was too strong, even stronger than the six winged angel I had met earlier. I wouldn’t stand a chance unless I transformed into a Crimson Angel..

However, my mind was clear as day and there was nothing that could anger me, so how could I transform? So what if I transformed and successfully won? Could I go against the 3000 guards outside? Would my adventurous plan turn into thin air just like that? Thinking about it, I fell into a state of turmoil.

The silver wolf spoke to me, “I bet that’s all you’ve got, and you dare challenge us, hmph……” I wiped the blood on my lips and said, “So what if I challenged you guys? I have one question.”

The two wolf heads replied at the same time, “You may ask.” Finished speaking, the two heads glared at each other and turned their heads to the other way.

I bitterly smiled, “Why is it that you guys could utilize magic without incantations, are you really gods?”

The golden wolf head laughed “hehe” and said, “You made us very happy today, so I’ll tell you. Who said we didn’t chant the incantations? The one who used chi to attack you was me, and the magic attacks were done by this one here.” Speaking, he pointed at the silver wolf head.

I immediately understood that each of them could actually use magic and chi, no wonder only golden chi appeared just now. Not fair, too unfair, I’m fighting two people now!

The turquoise stone continuously delivered powerful life force so I felt a lot more comfortable.

The silver wolf head said, “You made us feel very happy today, how about this, I’ll will not kill you since you are much stronger than Silver Arrow you can just stay here as our servant.”

Servant? letting me become a servant? A trace of anger rose from my heart, I roared, “Don’t even think about it, I will not be enslaved by you even in death!”

“Hmph!” Snickered the silver wolf head. I didn’t know who attacked and I felt myself being sent flying again, even though it wasn’t as heavy as as the other hit, the feeling of being hit was not great.

As I fell on the ground, I heard the golden head speaking to the silver head, “This guy’s skin seems to be very tough, I’m afraid I still couldn’t harm his internal organs with my attack just now.”

The silver head replied, “If it didn’t work the first time then just do it again.”

A light flashed, my body lightened, and once again, I hit the wall at the other side of the temple’s hall. I was humiliated like a sandbag, but I was secretly happy inside, because my anger was slowly being forced out by them.

I tried my best to recall the moment Layhu insulted me, and the scene of the bitch insulting my mother. Changes slowly started to happen within my body, my muscles gradually bulged.

The Wolf God happily hit me around effortlessly, but they didn’t land any heavy blows, just playing with me like a toy. Just as they sent me flying the eleventh time, I finally went berserk. My body abruptly halted in mid-air, letting out an immeasurably powerful energy in an imposing manner. The golden wolf head cried out in surprise, “Quick look, his wings turned red. What’s going on? Could it be that he is bleeding? I should have struck lighter in my attack just now.”

The silver head said, “No you didn’t. I also hit him before and he was able to take it.” I slowly opened my crimson eyes, and coldly said, “You asked for it.” A red glow flashed, I appeared behind them spreading my wings. Ping! The body of the Wolf God fell onto the ground. They blocked most of my lightning fast attack, but they were still hit a little due to their surprise.

I turned my body around whilst watching them closely. The two wolf heads felt danger for the first time, the mane behind their necks stood up, and the golden wolf head said, “This guy turned into a monster. He got so strong!”

The silver wolf head said, “Let’s use our ultimate technique, or we won’t be able to block his next attack.” I grabbed Black Sable with both hands, with my body slightly slanted, I pointed at them with the tip of the sword.

The two wolf heads turned as grave as ever then howled at the same time. Their clothes busted apart. An intense golden silver glow was let out from their body and continuously broadened the range.

When the glow dimmed, I surprisingly discovered that the Wolf God really turned into a real gigantic wolf that stood on four legs, its body was half golden and half silver, 3 meters high, 9 meters long. The four eyes were giving me a fiendish glare. So they could transform too. My whole body boiled with intense red glow, enveloping me entirely with the energy of the Crimson Angel. The Wolf God leapt up from the ground and it’s body spiraled with high speed in the air as it abruptly formed a silver golden vortex. A clear and sonorous voice, and a gentle voice rang at the same time, “Silver Gold Tornado Explosion!”

The Silver Golden vortex coagulated into a lump and rushed into my direction. I furiously roared, spread my wings, pointed Black Sable to the front, and like a flaming Phoenix escaping from hell, I fearlessly greeted them. In the instant I was about to clash with their ultimate technique, I suddenly snapped out of my anger and recalled my original motive which had brought me here. I forcibly redirected Black Sable from a thrusting into a horizontal movement..

An apocalyptic gigantic explosion rang throughout the entire Woer mountain range, the wolf tribe temple that had a barrier set up was abruptly blasted open by our clash. The barrier was utterly unable to block an energy that exceeded its capacity that much. The whole roof of the holy temple was blown open. A surge of golden, silver and red colored gas rushed through the sky.

The surrounding clouds within 90 miles were shaken and scattered apart by the shock of this domineering energy. A fine drizzle drifted down upon the mountain base. All of the Yuna territory’s people could see this magnificent scene, most of the werewolves that saw this immediately prostrated themselves to worship, thinking that it was their Wolf God, performing a miracle.

The Wolf God Guardians of the Woer mountain didn’t prostrate themselves because they knew, this wasn’t a miracle but it was caused by the confrontation of men, their God faced an unprecedented challenge.

Silver Arrow led the temple guards and immediately rushed into the temple. Due to my orders Wolf and the others did not dare act recklessly. They were blocked outside by the temple guards.

The Wolf God was the most important figure for Silver Arrow, he didn’t care about his orders if it came to protecting the Wolf God. When he entered the temple, he found it completely destroyed. Broken walls and debris were scattered everywhere. He and his men searched and shouted for the Wolf God. Finally, he found the Wolf God under a pile of rubble.

The Wolf God, which had already lost its initial energetic look, had turned back into his original form. The mouths of the two wolf heads continuously spewed out fresh blood. And his four eyes lay lifeless.

Silver Arrow supported Wolf God’s upper body letting him lean on his shoulders. He continuously transferred the tiny remnants of his chi into Wolf God’s body, calling, “Lord Wolf God, Lord Wolf God. How are you?”

The two wolf heads coughed a little and gradually became conscious. The silver wolf head said, “****, that kid is really quite impressive, he almost took our lives.”

His words startled Silver Arrow because he never thought that his most exalted Lord Wolf God could speak foul language. The golden wolf head said, “Fortunately, he held back at the last moment, or else……”

The silver wolf head said, “I wonder how he is now. Silver Arrow, we won’t die yet, quickly look for him, if he isn’t dead, he can’t be in any better shape than us.”

Silver Arrow respectfully answered, “Yes.” He let his subordinates support the Wolf God and led the other temple guards to begin the search. On the opposite end of where he found the Wolf God, he found my body. At that moment I had already returned to my human form. Although my outer injuries were healed by my berserk ability, I was paralyzed on the ground like a pile of mud.

Silver Arrow carried me and said whilst dumbfounded, “This is not the lionman from before! He, he is human!”

The Wolf God walked over to where I was with the support of the temple guards. The golden head said, “He’s that kid. When you saw him, he was disguised; this guy is not human, if I haven’t guessed wrongly, he’s probably a mix-breed. He is much stronger than what we had imagined, however, he held back his attack in the last hit, otherwise this situation would be hard to judge. Let me take a look.”

The golden wolf head placed his golden wolf arm on my chest and told the silver wolf head with surprise, “This kid’s life force is as tough as a cockroach; not only survive after sustaining such severe injuries, but his life force seems to be just as strong and lively. Although we also held back our power at the very last moment, he seems to be much tougher than we anticipated.”

The golden wolf head then hurriedly placed his hand on my body. It was exactly as he said: although my injuries were severe, my life force was still strong and lively. I definitely wouldn’t die.

But how could they have known that it was not my life force that was tough- although my defense was tyrannical, and I was also in the state of Crimson Angel, but the last clash was still dangerously close to taking my life- it was the turquoise gem that had delivered life force and guarded my heart pulse, and so I did not die.

The silver wolf head said, “This way, Silver Arrow, arrange a place for him, do not allow anyone to harm him, we were injured in a fair fight. Also, give his subordinates a place to stay as well, if he wakes up, I have some questions for him. Our injuries are very severe, we must heal immediately.”

Silver Arrow asked, “Harming you is the most heinous crime of our country, how can you let him stay?” The two heads of the Wolf God bitterly smiled at the same time, the golden wolf head said, “At the most crucial moment he held back his power, otherwise, the outcome would have been unpredictable. How could we take advantage of the precarious situation he is in and harm an unarmed man? If we did that, what right would we have left to be called the Wolf God?”

Silver Arrow first revealed an ashamed expression, then his face was full of reverence as he looked at the Wolf God and said respectfully, “As you wish, my lord.” With the support of the temple guards the Wolf God returned to his bedroom to heal. My escorts and I were arranged by Silver Arrow to stay at a monastery, also…… He sent 500 Wolf God guardians to “protect” us. We ate and drank a lot, the only problem was just that they didn’t allow anyone to go out.

As Wolf saw that I was badly injured, he didn’t dare fight them for the time being, he honestly took care of me in the monastery, hoping that I would wake up soon. During the time I was unconscious, he could only rely on feeding me some fluid food to maintain my life. They also tried using chi to heal me, but their chi could not enter my meridian channels, and they didn’t dare use too much force in case it would injured me. I could only rely on myself.


Ten days later.

My body couldn’t move, it hurt.

I woke up in my moan. Right then I couldn’t move at all. I rolled my eyes to look around, to find myself in a refined and elegantly decorated room.

Where is this, did I die? I went to hell? Then why are there still wounds all over my body? Did those Wolf God Guardians not kill me? “Young master, you finally woke up!” After a surprised and delighted cry, Wolf appeared within my vision. I asked with a coarse voice, “Where are we?”

Wolf answered, “This place is still the Woer mountain, we were house arrested by those bastards, it’s all their people outside. How are your injuries?”

Hearing his question made me recall the situation. I redirected Black Sable during the last hit, the absolutely powerful energy blasted both of us away, at that time I thought I would be finished. I never thought that the Wolf God would be so strong, he was the first one that could rival me in my Crimson Angel transformation. But since I held back, the Wolf God also retrieved part of his power during the last hit.

The instant I was blasted away, I knew that he wouldn’t die, his power was still somewhat stronger than mine. In this match, I lost. However, I could have risked my life and assured both of our destruction.

I checked my body’s condition, and I could only use “miserable” to describe it; almost all my meridians were detached, my Mad God chi was nowhere to be found, and only a little Dark magic was left in my brain, only heaven knew whether this could be healed or not. I bitterly smiled, “I’m afraid my injuries will not be healed anytime soon. I’m sure they didn’t make things difficult for all of you?”

Wolf shook his head and explained, “Aside from not letting us out, there’s nothing more. They would send us good meals everyday. There are a few hundreds of people guarding outside, I’m afraid with our power……”

I answered, “It’s fine, since the Wolf God did not kill me that time, what would be his reason to kill me now? Spend your time efficiently and train. Only after my injuries are healed we’ll have the hope of leaving this place.”

“Yes, young master.”

“You can leave now, I need some time alone.”

Wolf left, I tried to transfer the Dark magic left in a part of my brain to heal, but that energy only barely moved and didn’t move again. I tried again and again, but it was no use. Only the turquoise gem that kept sending life force slowly repaired my meridian channels, however, with this speed, I’m afraid I will need more than ten years for my complete recovery.

Suddenly, I recalled the scene where I first transformed into a Crimson Angel. I had also received critical damages at that time and my body was gravely exhausted. When I was repairing the meridian channels Black Sable helped me a great deal. It had delivered Dark magic and tidied up the meridian channels in my body, giving me the chance to recover.

Thinking this, I yelled, “Wolf, come in.” Due to my heavy injuries, I couldn’t call out very loudly, but even this had caused my body tremendous pain.

Wolf’s eyes and ears were very sharp so he heard my call and ran to my the side of my bed. He said, “Young master.”

I resisted the great pain while saying, “Where’s my sword? Bring it to me.”

Wolf found it somewhat difficult, he replied, “Young master, I only found you that day, I didn’t see your sword.”

Hearing what he said, I suddenly remembered that Black Sable flew out of my hand during the last hit so it must still be in the temple.

“Can you go and try to ask them for the sword. It has great significance to my recovery.”

Wolf nodded, “Yes, I shall go right away.”

I answered, “Ok, be friendly with them; I do not wish to fall out with them.”

Wolf turned and left the room, will those werewolves return Black Sable to me? This is still an uncertainty, if I am unable to recover Black Sable, I’m afraid my great plan of spreading the Beast God religion will fail.

At this moment, Wolf returned, I asked surprised, “That was quick, why are you back already?”

Wolf replied with a face filled with anger, “Those bastards, they wouldn’t let me out no matter what I said. At last, they only promised to inform their commander regarding the sword. If you hadn’t disallowed me from fighting, I would have gone all out on them.

I frowned and said, “Are you as short-fused as Mink? Remember this, do not use your hands when you can use your brain! Impetuousness will only lead to ruin. No matter how difficult the situation you’re in, you must be as calm as possible, do you understand? You may leave now. If they are willing to return my sword, immediately come see me with the sword.”

“Yes, young master.” After Wolf heard my words, his expression changed continuously, I hoped he would listen.

While waiting for three whole days they never replied regarding the sword. Whenever I sent Wolf to ask again they would say they have told their commander, but there was no reply.

Could it be that Silver Arrow has voracious desire for my Black Sable? Black Sable should be of no use to him, and furthermore he doesn’t look like that kind person. Right at this time, a bearman escort came running, he lowered his voice as he said, “Young master, someone came saying that he wants to meet you.”

“Who is it?”

The bearman escort shook his head and said, “I don’t know, that person was wearing a large cloak, I couldn’t see the face.”

Wearing a cloak? It’s probably Silver Arrow, this guy even became addicted to imitating the Wolf God. I ordered, “Let him in, you guys keep watch outside the door, do not let anyone disturb us.”

After a short moment, as I had expected a black clothed person walked in in a large cloak. I was immediately greatly surprised, although I did not see the face, I knew that this was not at all Silver Arrow, but the Wolf God himself. That was because even though he was wearing the cloak, the difference of the space that occupied a brain or two brains was still rather big.

I asked with astonishment, “Why have you come?”

The Wolf God lifted his cloak, exposing two big wolf heads that have a childish nature. The golden wolf head said while smiling, “Why? Do you not welcome us? I heard that you want your sword? We’ve brought it to you.”  

I replied vigilantly, “Thank you, please put it beside me.” The Wolf God took Black Sable out from under his cloak and placed it on the bed. The silver wolf head pressed his hand on my chest and a portion of gentle energy tried to enter my body, but the same situation as when the escorts were trying to heal me occurred; there was no way for it to enter.

He frowned, “The meridians in your body are all messed up, even though you have a great life force, I am afraid it will be hard for you to recover.”

I said with a sour voice , “Whose fault is that?”

The golden wolf head said, “That day, because you didn’t point your sword towards us we retrieved some of our power in the last moment, otherwise, no matter how strong your lifeforce was, i fear you would not have survived. That said, our injuries aren’t light either.”

I replied with a sarcastic repartee, “Even if I died, I would have taken you guys with me.”

Both of the wolf heads shook.

I said with anger, “You don’t believe it? Then let’s try it again when I am healed.”

The silver wolf head answered, “It’s not that we don’t believe it, but there is no way you could do that given the situation of that day. And we were also greatly injured, we have only recovered about 30% now. However, it is true that it was impossible for you to kill both of us.”

I was sure we were all completely aware of the situation that day. I really had the ability to stab Black Sable into their heart, but looking at the expression of the silver wolf head, he didn’t seem like he was joking.

The silver wolf head continued, “You could only kill one of us. Even so, we really respect your skills. Such a young age and you could already fight us to a standstill. I’ll tell you a secret, we don’t just have two heads, but also two hearts, because of that you could have only killed one of us on that day.”

The golden wolf head pointed to the silver wolf head and said, “Thank you for not killing this guy.”

The silver wolf head angrily interrupted, “What do you mean by killing me, he was clearly about to kill you, don’t forget that your heart is on the left!”

The golden wolf head said angrily, “What are you saying, normal people also have the heart on the right so how do you know that he wouldn’t stab to the right?”..…Their argument startled me, suddenly, the two wolf heads turned towards me and asked simultaneously, “Now, hurry up and answer us, which side were you planning to stab at that time?”

I said with a bitter smile, “What are you arguing for. The past is the past, I simply didn’t plan to kill you guys, which means I didn’t think about which side to stab.”

Actually, I wanted to stab to the left, but in order not to anger them, I could only answer with a reply which would satisfy both of them. The two wolf heads pouted, refusing to acknowledge the other and swung their heads to the opposite direction, averting their gazes.

Looking at them made me feel like laughing, I asked, “Then why did you guys put me here, what do you plan to do with me?”

The two wolf heads became excited and the golden head rushed to say, “We don’t want to do anything to you. How about this: you recover first, after that, we will properly discuss about it.”

The silver wolf head said, “That’s right, your recovery is the most important, our injuries also need about two months to heal, let’s leave everything until then.”

Looking at them, it felt as if they were trying to please me, which made me feel really weird. What they said was true, with my injuries like this, I couldn’t do anything, so I decided to wait until I fully recovered. Thinking to this point, I sarcastically said, “Then for the time of my recovery we will be in your care.”

The golden wolf head laughed, “Don’t mention it, don’t mention it, we have already instructed Silver Arrow. As long as you guys don’t want to leave, he will do his uttermost to satisfy your demands. We will go for now. You take a good rest.”

His words had given a great boost to my suspicion. It looked like he didn’t want to kill us, but also didn’t want to release us. And he even mentioned that he wanted to discuss something with me when I have recovered, and I remembered the loneliness they talked about in the beginning… I had a rough knowledge about what they were planning to do.

“Can I trouble you to send in one of my escorts when you are leaving?”

The wolf god agreed. After covering himself in his cape he turned and left.

After they left, the bearman escort walked in, “Young master, what is your order?” I ordered, “You come and support me, then put my sword under my body.”

The bearman heeded my orders, came to my the bed, and grabbed my upper body. Because of his rough movement my whole body was in pain, so much that I couldn’t endure it. I scolded, “Idiot, can’t you be a bit more gentle?”

The bearman repeatedly apologized, put Black Sable under my body, and slowly laid me down. When I came in contact with Black Sable, a surge of cold feeling entered my body. In the blink of an eye it covered my whole body and the pain slowly lessened. I was really pleased. I commanded the bearman escort, “You can go now.”

I carefully accelerated this difficultly acquired energy. While it was circulating in my meridians, the energy coming from Black Sable and the dark magic which I trained were completely different, but it was certain that they came from the same source.

I accelerated the energy to first circulate around my heart once and then moving upwards. My plan was to let it fuse with the messy Dark magic in the corner of my brain, followed by repairing my other meridian channels. This way I could achieve the best results with minimum effort. Time slowly flew by as I cultivated and very quickly, a month’s time had passed.   

I successfully linked all my brain and heart meridian channels, in addition to that I cleared all the meridian channels of my left arm. Now I could slowly move my head and left arm.

Today, I was able to circulate the black magic through my channels once. Afterwards I relaxed and was preparing to take a rest. Suddenly, I remembered about that place with the turquoise gem in the inner pocket of my clothes. Now that my brain and heart meridians were cleared: If I put it on my forehead, will it perhaps be able to regain my strength more quickly by making full use of its magnetic field of life? At least even if it can’t, it won’t make things worse than they already are. After I made up my mind, I tried to reach out my left hand into the direction of the inner pocket where I stored the turquoise. Due to my body still being in a state of not being able to bulge, no matter how much effort I put in, my left hand was still unable to touch the right side of my body.    

I couldn’t let the escorts help me: now that my heavy injuries weren’t healed, who knows which one of them wouldn’t get greedy. The time I have spent with them was still too short, I needed to be on guard.

I tried again, but again without success. Feeling helpless, I rested my hand on my body. Currently I’m nothing more than trash, I can’t even manage the simplest of tasks. As I was feeling depressed, I suddenly felt something hard beneath my hand. It turned out that I unconsciously placed my hand on the bottom left pocket of my vest. What was the gem inside? I was unable to recall it, I grabbed into the pocket and took it out.  

I brought it to the front of my eyes and looked at it, It was one of the black gems which I had the most of, even Jiyan didn’t know their purpose. The things that the fat pig baron compensated me with shouldn’t be any substandard so there might be some sort of effect. I placed it on my forehead, trying to feel it’s magical power. But the result was greatly disappointing, I didn’t feel anything at all, it was just a small stone that felt somewhat cold. ****, did that bastard deceive me by using these worthless things to make up for the number?   

In my fury, I accidentally moved my head, and the black gem rolled down immediately. I wasn’t able to catch it with my hand in time, I subconsciously swayed my head and opened my mouth, thus, the black gem successfully fell into my wide open mouth.    

I was really proud of myself. Luckily I had made it fall into my mouth, otherwise, If it had fallen to the right side, I wouldn’t have been able to get it back. Just when I was indulged in self-praise, an abnormal change occurred. I could feel the black gem melting within the saliva of my mouth. Under the great shock, I hurriedly reached my left hand in order to take it out, but the gem dissolved with great speed. By the time my hand reached my mouth, it had turned into an ice-cold liquid and flowed down my throat.   


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