Mad God - Volume 5 - Chapter 3

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One of the bearmen yelled like Gin, “Is anyone here alive?”

The snakeman served us the first two plates, dang lang! Before turning and walking to the table of the customers who just arrived. he asked annoyed, “What do you want?”

The bearman said, “Give us something to fill our stomach, be quick about it. We are in a hurry.” The snakeman immediately deduced that they were penniless. He rolled his eyes and said two words, “Wait here.” He left the table and turned to the kitchen. I was also somewhat hungry, so I picked up a piece of food whose origin was indiscernible. The very second that thing touched my tongue, I immediately spat it out and coughed repeatedly, without any sign of stopping. Silvin bursted into laughter.

Gin said, “Why are you in such a hurry! Eat slowly.”

After all the trouble, I was finally able control myself. I sat up straight once more and said while gasping, “What the fuck was that?? Yuck! Not to mention it’s crazily salty, it’s also spicy to death.”

Gin said, “No way, I think it tastes good.” As he spoke, he continuously ate more pieces. I didn’t know how he was even able swallow them, he even hinted me to try another dish.

For the sake of my stomach, I declined. I asked for plain water from the waiter. I took out the rations from a package which Wolf had given me and started to eat. Although it tasted so-so it was at least edible.

The snakeman continued to serve plate after plate onto our table. Each plate contained things that looked like chunks of black objects, all of which tasted and looked equally disgusting.  Silvin was eating with great pleasure, they were really beyond any help. I wonder how they would react if they tasted the delicious food of the Dragon Empire. Halfway through our meal, the bearman’s group started complaining about their service.

A bearman roared, “Waiter, come!”

The snakeman waiter took his time to serve us the last dish and walked over. He rolled his small bulgy eyes. His tongue unconsciously licked his lips as he asked with disdain, “What is it?” The furious bearman slammed his fist on the table with a bang. We heard the decrepit old booth creak and moan under the force of the bearman’s fist. He spoke with disdain: “Why haven’t we been served a single dish!? We have been waiting for a long time, what’s your excuse?”

The snakeman waiter’s eyes twitched, he crossed his hands on his chest and said coldly, “Your dishes? Wait just a moment longer. Don’t you know the principal of first come, first serve? They came first, so it’s natural they would eat first. You guys ordered only a few dishes, what’s your hurry?” The bear man slapped the table and stood up, that table could no longer withstand his huge and fast palm and ka cha! turned into a pile of fragments, “You fucking judge people by wealth! I’ll kill you, son of a bitch!” The bearman was furious, and it seemed like he was going to throw his fist anytime.

The foxman on the left quickly stopped the reckless bearman and said in a low voice, “Don’t get angry, just forget about it.” He turned his head and said to the snakeman waiter, “Hurry up and bring the things we want, we will compensate for this table.”

Even though the snakeman waiter saw that the bearman broke the table and was about to break-out, without the slightest hint of gratitude; he even made a “Puh!”-sound in contempt. as he spat out some concentrated phlegm and scolded, “Oh my, you came to our Sasi territory to act high and mighty? I’ll show you why so many come and never return.” Finished speaking, he blew a long whistle. The foxman’s complexion immediately changed, he said, “Brother, you don’t have to do this. We are just wandering out there, everyone is just trying to make a living, there is no need to resort to violence.”

The snakeman waiter coldly snorted, “I don’t care what you guys do for a living, if you cause trouble in our Sasi territory, we snakemen will not give you an easy time. It just so happened that our Nine-Headed Sage is in need of food. I think the both of you would make a fine gift for the old man.” Hearing this, I knew that being friendly was no longer an option for them, and that these foreign beastmen were in grave danger.

Silvin was still eating their food, unconcerned by the conversation. I had come here to accomplish a mission. Naturally I wouldn’t create any meaningless trouble. I lowered my head and ate my rations, acting like I had no idea what was happening. A large group of snakemen rushed into the restaurant and surrounded the outsiders. The snakeman waiter shouted, “Brothers, these outsiders humiliated me, and also humiliated our holy Lord Snake God! Say, what should we do?

I took a furtive look at them, these snakemen were all commoners. None of them were high level snakemen, but their numbers weren’t small. In total, they numbered around thirty to forty. However, these outsiders weren’t to be trifled with.

The leopardman at the back was clearly their leader, he whispered, “Make it quick, let’s go!”

The bearman at the front let out a furious roar and pounced on the restaurant’s snakeman waiter. It seemed that he really hated this guy. The foreign beastmen immediately started to fight with the group of snakemen, ping! Ping! Bang! Bang! The entire restaurant was beaten to a mess. I transmitted my voice to Gin, “Hurry up and eat, let’s leave quickly and don’t cause trouble here.”

Silvy said, “Isn’t it a pity to not interfere in such an interesting matter?”

I frowned and said, “What did you promise me when we were on the mountain? We have an important issue to deal with. If you want to stir up trouble there will be ample opportunities in the future.”

Silvy said helplessly, “Alright then, but in exchange you must give it your all during the battle with the nine headed worm! We have finished eating.” Gin and Silvy each grabbed a few pieces of the meal and threw them into their mouths, I threw several gold coins on the table and left the restaurant first.

Although the fight was heating up, we weren’t affected in the slightest. With an accelerated flash, we rushed right past them .

The moment we left, the fight in the restaurant had basically ended. Those strangers were very strong, after killing a dozen or more snakemen, they threw down the snakemen’s corpses and rushed out. The large group of snakemen chased after them. The beastmen ran in our direction. I pulled Silvin to the side of the road, letting the remaining six foreign beastmen rush past us.

The large group of snakemen followed them and had quickly caught up, they didn’t need weapons, as their sharp poisonous claws and teeth were their best weapons. The snakemen stared at us suspiciously when they saw us.

Gin said, “What are you looking at? They are about to get away! Aren’t you going to chase them?” That snakeman suddenly yelled towards his subordinates, “There are another two outsiders here. They’re probably with them, kill them!” His words immediately drew more than ten snakemen over. Gin helplessly told me, “It’s not that we wanted to cause trouble, but unfortunately these guys have lost the will live, what else can I do?”

I was actually quite angry about the snakeman’s rude and unreasonable actions, if it wasn’t for the purpose of recovering Sasi territory I would have acted long ago.

I groaned as snakemen that surrounded us, “I’ll give you one chance, disappear from my eyes right now, or do not blame me for my actions later. I’ll tell you, we are the Nine-Headed Sage’s friends.”

The snakeman who was just about to act heard the name of the Nine-Headed Sage and suddenly stopped. One of them asked doubtfully, “Do you have anything to prove that you are the Nine-Headed Sage’s friends?”

Gin laughed and replied, “Hehe, of course we can prove it. We are going to visit the Nine-Headed Sage right now, how about you follow us there. We are here to give him a present.”

Hearing that we were going to give a present, the snakemen couldn’t help but be less suspicious. One of them asked, “You weren’t part of the group before?”

Gin said, “Of course not, otherwise wouldn’t we have helped them when they passed? You guys better hurry up and chase after those outsiders who disrespected Nine-Headed Sage. We are all on the same side.”

I was very satisfied with Gin’s answer, my expression eased and said in a deep voice, “If you delay our meeting with Lord Nine-Headed Sage, whatever the result will be, you guys will be held responsible for it.”

Shou! A snakeman with black stripes on red scales leaped up from behind the crowd. He didn’t look young and he could be considered a robust one among the snakemen. He angrily shouted after he came over, “Why aren’t you guys chasing the outsiders! What are you all dawdling here for?”

“Report, village chief, these two outsiders said that they are friends of the Nine-Headed Sage. They even said they are going to present the Lord with gifts. We are interrogating them now.”

The snake village chief measured us with a few glances and being alerted asked, “What gifts are you going to present to the Lord?”

I coldly answered, “What right do you have to know. These gifts must be personally handed to the Nine-Headed Sage’s hands. Are you willing to be responsible if anything goes wrong?”

The snakeman village chief was choked by my words, his face became a furious shade of red, but with the pressure of the Nine-Headed Sage, he didn’t dare flare-up, “The distance between this place and lord tribe leader’s is already very close. Since you guys are here to present Lord Nine-Headed Sage some things, we will escort you there.”

I was surprised. Since when did these morons actually have a hint of intelligent life? This snakeman village chief seems to have some brains. But with just the few of them, they aren’t enough to pose any threat to us.

I snorted and said, “Do as you like, but we are leaving right now. If you are able to follow us, then go ahead and follow.” Finished speaking, I accumulated energy in my legs and I shot out into the air.

Silvin laughed and followed by my side. Our speed wasn’t something the likes of them could hope to reach. In just a few blinks of an eye, we had disappeared from their vision.

Silvy said, “Lay, you have quite the patience.”

I glared at her and said, “This is nothing, they weren’t a threat to us anyway, there’s no benefits from killing them. Eh? This should be the third time we met them today, what a coincidence.”

Not far ahead, we met those remaining six beastmen again. They were stuck with a dozen or more snakemen, still battling without rest.

There were three high level snakemen among the crowd, while the six foreign beastmen were attempting to resist the hoard of snakemen while standing back to back. It seemed that they wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer.

Silvy said, “To have met them three times in one day could be considered as some kind of fate don’t you think? Let’s save them.”

Gin mocked, “Heh, since when did you become so kindhearted? Do you even know how to save people?”

Silvy angrily said, “Why can’t I save people? My mood is good today, and these people are pleasing to my eyes, so why not?”

Gin tried to respond, “You……” but I interrupted them, “Aren’t the two of you tired of arguing? Silvy, do you really want to save them?”

Silvy nodded and said, “They don’t seem like bad guys, it would be a pity for them to die at the hands of these brutal snakemen.”

I looked at my surroundings and moved my chi to my ears, even the falling leaves wouldn’t escape my hearing within the surrounding 300 meters, besides the fighting of two parties and us, there wasn’t another living creature in the forest.

I met Silvin’s eyes and said, “Act now, end the fight as soon as possible.”

Silvy let out a joyful wolf howl, bringing their joint body under her control and rushed out as a silver chi wrapped around their body while I followed behind them.

Our arrival had surprised the snakemen. Just when a high level snakeman was about to say something, he was met with Silvy’s heavy kick. His reaction was still quite quick, he promptly opened his bloody mouth and met her kick. As long as his teeth penetrated Silvin’s skin just a little, they would be in danger.

Of course, I didn’t need to worry about those two crazy guys, Silvy’s “beautiful leg” headed towards the snakeman’s mouth, but before he could rejoice, he was blasted into minced meat by the violent silver chi. This Silvy… does she even have the slightest demeanor of a lady in her? She is even more violent than Gin…

My entire body let out chi, as a golden glow encircled me. I coldly determined the positions of the remaining snakemen, and my right leg slightly stomped the ground.


This is my improved Hurricane, I didn’t need to punch the ground with all my might anymore , I just needed to pour the Mad God chi into the ground and within a certain distance I was able to attack just about anybody at will.

The ground in the underneath the snakemen exploded, and a large amount of dust, crushed rocks and Mad god chi exploded beneath them. It was quite the sight, as they were annihilated violently. The Mad God Arts which had reached the 4th tier had been raised another step; this Hurricane merely used 70% of my full power had cleared all my problems.

Silvin who just eliminated two snakemen, looked at the pile of badly mangled snakemen on the ground and called out to me, “Leave some for us you greedy bastard!

I payed little attention to them while answering, “It’s your fault for acting so slowly, you obviously have the power but you insisted on playing around.” The six surviving beastmen stared blankly at us. They didn’t know what to say for a short while. I made two steps forwards and asked, “Were any of you wounded by the snakeman?” A foxman replied respectfully, “Benefactors, thank you for saving our lives, we aren’t wounded, just somewhat tired.”

I waved my hand and said, “Do not call me a benefactor, we just happened to be here. I advise that you leave Sasi territory at once, the snakemen here are very vindictive.”

Silvin walked over, Gin said, “Lay is right, did you guys have nothing better to do? Why did you come to the snakes’ nest? Hurry up and leave!” The foxman sighed and said, “Benefactors, it wasn’t because we wanted to come here, but we truly have no other option! We are formerly the people of the military troops. We were classified as different types of armies. You should have heard of our recent defeat in war. During the war, I was a quartermaster that was in charge of the Demon Clan communication. The Demon Clan created all kinds of difficulties for us and when the war finally ended: the Demon Clan said we the beastmen encumbered them, and caused them to suffer a great loss, thus they demanded compensation from us.”

I was surprised, “Compensation? Did those high officials of Demon Clan not know how poor we beastmen are? We weren’t even able get proper meals, what can we use to compensate? Did they want us to send them some bandits as compensation?”

The foxman bitterly smiled and said, “No, they wanted gold coins, they demanded us to compensate them with five million gold coins. Five million gold coins might not mean anything for the Dragon Empire. But for us, the Beastman Country, it’s a not a small amount. We just hurried back from the Demon Clan army forces, in order to save time and report this to his majesty as soon as possible. We had no choice but to pass through Sasi territory in hope of arriving at the Imperial City as soon as possible. But who knew we would run into such a situation.”

Silvy said, “Then why didn’t you just use your identity as a soldier and try to reason with them?”

The foxman shook his head, “What’s the use of our identity? It may have helped if we were in the Beamon Forces or His Majesty’s Wild Lion Corps. Does sir think that these people care about small officers like us? Sigh, if we don’t handle this matter properly, we will be in grave danger.”

Gin raged, “God dammit! the Demon Clan is going too far. It’s not like it’s entirely the beastmen’s fault that we were unable to defeat the humans, why must we compensate them?”

My complexion sunk heavily and I said, “This matter is indeed very serious, you must hurry back. How about this, we will escort you there. There shouldn’t be any danger after leaving Sasi territory. I’m the Vice Pope of the Beast God religion. Our religion’s goal is to protect numerous beastmen and live in this continent with peace and power. After returning, tell his majesty, ‘We must be perfectly prepared! The Demon Clan’s guys are evil wolves that wish to eat a person spitting out a bone.’ just say that I, Layson sent you.”

[TL: Chinese idiom that means: They take everything without leaving a single thing, or they refuse to suffer the slightest loss.]

My last sentence made Silvin snap, she said furiously, “What evil wolf that eats a person without spitting out a bone, is our wolf tribe so evil?”

I said embarrassed, “Sorry, it was a moment’s mistake. Silvin, escorting them out of Sasi is more important than this matter, we have to postpone our meeting with that nine headed worm.”

Gin said, “Doesn’t matter, the nine headed worm can’t run, we will listen to you. I also hope that no problem will occur in the Beastmen country.”

Silvin and I escorted the 6 quartermasters and sent them off in the direction of the Imperial City. It had already been five days since we had sent them out of the Sasi territory. We hadn’t realised that in this period of time a very large accident had occurred.

“Lay, look, the city in front is the largest spherical city in Sasi territory. That puny worm with his nine brains lives there inside the Nine Sage Palace.” Gin introduced me to this city which lay before my eyes. It wasn’t quite magnificent.

This spherical city looked like it was only 40 feet high. Its size was only one fifth compared to the beastman’s imperial city; what was most peculiar was the 1500 meters circumference of water surface around the city. In other words, this was an island city where all the buildings were built on the surface of a lake. The clear lake water became a natural protective screen for this city. All kinds of large trees were planted in the surroundings of the lake. It seemed, the snakemen still cared about their own city.

I asked, “Gin, do all snakemen love water?”

Gin nodded and replied, “Yup, once they enter the water, these guys will become even more dangerous. But unfortunately wars are seldom fought in the sea on this continent. Otherwise, a snakeman navy would definitely become notorious throughout the continent.”

Silvy, “Enough nonsense, hurry up and go in.” One could tell that Silvin took the fight with the Lernaean Hydra very seriously, their eyes were flickering with inconceivable excitement.

Arriving at the jetty, we saw more than ten anchored ferries guarded by snakeman soldiers. I took a few steps forward and shouted, “Which of these ships will enter the city?”

A strong and large snakeman soldier walked towards us, and scanned us from head to toe. When he saw Silvin who was wrapped inside the gown, an ominous aura flashed past his eyes, “You guys want to enter the city?”

I nodded and slipped him a silver coin, “Please help us out.” He flung up the silver coin in his hand and said, “You can enter the city, but you are not allowed to bring weapons with you.” Speaking, he pointed at my Black Sable. I frowned and said, “This sword is my life, if you want more we can talk about it, but I absolutely cannot leave this sword here.”

The snakeman soldier’s expression changed, he smashed the coin towards my body and said, “This is the rule of our snakemen, if you want to enter the city then you must obey the rules or get lost.”

When have I ever received such a treatment? A dense gust of murderous aura suddenly busted out violently. The air of death shrouded the entire jetty. The strong and large snakeman trembled, he yelled in a threatening manner but inside he was frightened to death, “Wh-what are you up to?” He raised his hand and threw a signal flare into the sky.  

A ray of red light rose into the sky. Immediately, a great amount of snakemen surrounded us. I was at the end of my patience with these rude and unreasonable bastards. Gin grabbed my arm and shook his head at me.

I circulated my Demonic Arts, using the ice cold dark magic to suppress my anger. If I slaughtered everyone here, then there would no leeway of going back with the snakemen tribe.

The surroundings snakemen were increasing in numbers, all of them were the doughty snakemen from the regular army. They were wearing leather armours with the word “vicious (凶)” displayed on it. These snakemen acted rather quickly. In such a short time, around 1000 snakemen had already surrounded the ferry. I was madly searching for a solution, trying to figure out a way to get out of this situation unharmed.

Silvin was not at all worried, they stood beside me without paying the slightest attention to the snakemen around us.

“Ha……Ha…… Ha, and I wondered who it might be, so it was only a two headed mongrel. What, aren’t you satisfied from losing last time and have come back for revenge?”

This voice was extremely loud. The water surface of the spherical city’s lake was continuously rippling under the vibration of the voice. The snakeman soldiers all lay on the ground; face down, and piously started praying.

Gin tore the cloak from his head and roared, “Puh! You little nine headed worm, if you have enough balls then come out and fight us! What kind of guy hides behind his tail?” The water surface of the spherical city’s lake vibrated stronger and stronger. The ripplings turned into waves, I yelled, “Watch out!” I quickly floated and left the jetty.

Silvin heard my warning and took off a few seconds after me. Under our feet, a sky high billowy gigantic wave heavily slapped onto the ground.

Even though it could not harm us. But if we were slapped by it, how could we still have the face to challenge the Lernaean Hydra in a sorry state? We flew and landed a hundred meters away from the jetty. Silvy roared in fury, “Nine Headed Worm! Get out here! Don’t you have any skills, or can you only attack us while hiding?”

The snakeman soldiers on the jetty were all swept into the spherical city’s lake by the tremendous wave. All of the snakemen could swim so they weren’t harmed in the slightest.

They crawled out of the water, yet still lying on the ground; face down. They didn’t dare to move. These were really faithful believers. Their arrogant and bossy attitude had disappeared into smoke.

“A loser who was defeated once dares talk big in my domain. Fine, I will let you know my might.”

The water surface of the lake boiled. The center of the water surface, which was right in front of the circular city was continuously emitting huge bubbles. Nine gigantic snake heads showed up and every one of them was as thick as a grown man.

Even though I couldn’t see its body, its size could be well imagined. The five heads in the middle had different colors. The one in the middle was purple, to the left was a blue and a yellow one and to the right there was a red and a green one. These should represent the four kinds of magic attributes and the one venomous attribute which Silvin talked about. The surrounding four heads were covered with armor and differently sized thorns. These four were leisurely swaying while guarding the five main heads from up front.


Silvy transmitted her voice to me, “Be careful, Lay, this is the strongest form of that nine headed worm. You better turn into that red thing. There is no room for words, if we don’t beat him, I am afraid that no one will be able leave.”

I was now sure that Silvin had been deceiving me.

With what I’ve seen from the Lernaean Hydra, there was no way they could have been able match him, much less almost fought him to a draw? Even if I transform, it might not be possible.

Thinking about it, I felt anger raging inside my heart. With the help of this wrath, I immersed myself in what I had witnessed from the snakemen: their rudeness, their irrationality, their arrogance and their brutality.

In front of so many people I mustn’t transform into a fallen angel. Otherwise, how could I face the beastmen ever again? Going berserk was my best option.

The head in the center of the Lernaean Hydra ridiculed, “Two headed mongrel, you have some balls. I left you alive last time, and you still dare to come back again.” He looked at me and continued, “Oh, so it’s because you brought a helper, looks like this little guy has some skills. You want to fight? I hate it when someone disturbs my shower.”

Having finished speaking, the Lernaean Hydra laughed maniacally without stopping. Hearing the order of the Lernaean Hydra, the surrounding snakemen speedily moved back to either side and started cheering on their supreme and holy snake from afar.

Silvin was so furious that they were unable to say a word, the two wolf heads howled towards the sky. The cloak which hid them was torn into pieces by the violent protection chi which exploded from their body. This revealed the golden and the silver fur. Strange changes were constanting occurring on their body: the size of their body explosively grew larger; the body leaned downwards; and they transformed into a 10 feet high and 30 feet long gigantic wolf which was half golden and half silver.

Under the oppression of the Lernaean Hydra, Silvin had no other choice but to transform into their original form, just to resist it. The Lernaean Hydra battered, “What? Do you want to gamble with your life? You disgraceful loser.”

The most depressing thing was that after trying for quite a while, I still couldn’t go berserk. I discovered that it’s becoming more difficult to go berserk willingly. This was perhaps caused by the unceasing development of my Demonic Arts. I needed to go berserk before I transformed into a Fallen Angel, so that the opponent would not discover that I possessed the power of the Demon Clan. But given the situation right now, there was no way I could achieve that. I transmitted my voice to Silvin, “I cannot go berserk now, you guys go first, I will join in when the opportunity arrises.”


Gin didn’t answer me. After a furious roar, the golden fur behind his neck stood up. He opened his mouth and a big fire orb was shot towards the venomous head of the Lernaean Hydra. The size of the fire orb was constantly growing midair. The scorching air flow could even be felt from where I stood.

That blue head of the Lernaean Hydra swayed, and it opened its mouth and spited out a large water orb to meet the attack. The two orbs collided in the air, producing zi zi noises. White steam rose from the blended space.

The Lernaean Hydra laughed, “Two headed mongrel, you Idiot. There is water everywhere and you still attack me with fire? Take this.”  The body of the Lernaean Hydra swayed, and the four surrounding heads dashed towards us. Three of them headed towards Silvin, one was sent to me, it’s mouth wide open. I was very calm, I focused my mind onto Black Sable, and lifted it above my head. It was flickering with a glistening yellow light, awaiting the arrival of the enemy.

As the snake that dashed towards me saw that I was not dodging, it immediately sped up. And when it was about 3 meters away from me, I exerted strength into my legs and jumped into the air, I roared “Heavenly Berserk mode.”

The Mad God Chi was once again violently poured into Black Sable which I was holding with both hands. The air around Black sable emitted a 3 meter-long yellow light, slashing towards the gigantic snake head. It was the first time I saw such a strange reaction from Black Sable and this was also the first time I used its full power after arriving at the fourth tier of the Mad god Arts. I never thought it would have such an unexpected effect.

After all, my opponent was only one snake head. It was connected to the body so it couldn’t dodge in time. It was immediately ruthlessly slashed in the middle of its snakehead.

The Lernaean Hydra and it’s nine heads roared miserably at the same time. After receiving my slash, the head which was attacked started to splash with blood. But the defence of this guy was truly astonishing. If it was a Beamon that had sustain my attack I’m afraid his head would have landed elsewhere, and this guy’s head was only severely wounded.

Silvin over there naturally wouldn’t let this opportunity pass. Their twin large heads furiously roared, “Golden Silvery Coiling Dragon Storm.” The gigantic wolf’s body started spinning at lightning speed. The golden chi was on the outside and the silver chi was within. They let out a tornado which was similar to a shockwave at lightning speed.

The Lernaean Hydra never thought that Silvin would risk their lives right at the start. Under the shockwave attack, the three attacking snake heads received massive damage; while the closest exploded with a loud bang. While the other two were also gushing blood. The Lernaean Hydra was careless for a moment and hadn;t utilized its full strength so they grabbed the opportunity to strike.

The four snake heads which had received heavy damage were strengthless as they dangled on the two sides. A large amount of snake blood had dyed the lake red. The Lernaean Hydra was urgently twitching in the water, withdrawing the four injured snake heads.

After a miserable cry, the five middle heads launched their attacks in their own ways. A sky filled with ice cones, wind blades and fire bullets shadowed the land and rained down. The two wolf heads speedingly chanted incantations and three consecutively layers of magical defensive barriers appeared before us, warding off the attacks of the Lernaean Hydra.

Silvy giggled while manipulating the defensive barriers, “This time that stinky worm will suffer a great loss! He sure never thought that we would improve so much. We came up and destroyed one of its head directly, we have a much greater chance of winning now.”

Gin lost his former playfulness and said in a serious voice, “Don’t be careless, this guy is not so easy to deal with. Have you not suffered enough disadvantages? Lay, if it’s still not enough, then transform into a Fallen Angel later. The sword slash a moment ago was really strong, even without transforming you were able to hurt one of his heads.”

I could feel that the Mad God chi in my body had a strong desire to burst out. There was a strong feeling of wanting to fight no matter what, “Gin, how about I fight him for a few rounds?”

Gin said, “No it is too dangerous”


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