Mad God - Volume 6 - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

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Volume 6 Chapter 6: Four Winged Angel

Translated By: Demenious, GX

Edited By: F1amet0ngue, Derand, (maybe more? I only remember these two on the document)


Grichen quickly tried to gloss over his comment, “Ah, it’s nothing. My prince, you should hand over the command of your troops quickly and go back to the Demon Capital. Don’t worry, I don’t think His Majesty will be too hard on you, after all you two are brothers.” Suchar smiled wryly and said, “Hopefully. Brother Grichen, you must be careful, Beamon King is in Stanla City as well. Since he injured my four subordinates last time, he has never appeared again. I don’t know what they are planning.”

Grichen nodded , “Thanks for the warning, my prince.”

Suchar let out a sigh. Understanding that he would not be able to contend with the Demon Emperor for the time being, he walked up to the Commander’s seat, retrieved the Commander’s Insignia, and then handed it over to Grichen, “Brother, I will entrust this to you.” Grichen nodded his head and accepted it. Suchar sighed again, bringing his trusted aide along, he left.

Seeing Suchar had left, Grichen said with hatred, “Hmph, that old wreck also has a day like this.”

Gwynn said, “That’s right, how I wish to cut him to pieces.”

Grichen frowned and said, “Well, you guys leave first, take over Suchar’s troops, then get ours settled in. Princess, you….”

“Uncle Grichen, don’t worry over me, I will go with the twins to take over Suchar’s troops. Don’t worry, I won’t cause you trouble.”

“I hope so.” The powerful and mighty Grichen had absolutely no idea how to handle this little lass.

Leaving the commander’s tent, Griffin pulled Myu and said, “Little princess, you haven’t explained the matter from last time.”

Myu stared blankly and asked, “What matter?”

Gwynn said, “That matter about Lay·Lucifer. When we met you previously, we told you how Lay saved us, but you told us not to mention this to father and the Demon Emperor, so we didn’t. Why did you tell us to hide it? Moreover, why is his horse with you? Could it be that you siblings have acknowledged each other?”

Myu said with contempt, “Hmph! His sibling? You can leave this matter alone. I will handle it myself. Remember, do not let this leak out. Lay, I will surely show you my greatness.”

Just tens of miles away, I suddenly shuddered, “What was that, have I been too tired recently? Even my ability to resist against the cold has weakened a lot…”

Due to the Demon army’s forces not attacking right after arriving, only stationing their troops in their original tents, and constantly repairing and fortifying their defenses, I was actually quite free. Together with Silvin and Panzen, we were having dinner on top of Stanla City’s wall.

When Gin was eating, Silvy said, “They have been here for three days, how come there is no movement at all!” Hearing Silvy’s words, Gin quickly put down the delicacies in his hand and covered her mouth, pleading, “My dear, please stop talking. It’s good enough that they are not attacking. We are afraid of this mouth of yours.”

Thinking about that super effective crow’s mouth, I suddenly shuddered and hurriedly stood up to look in the direction of the Demon Clan’s main battalion. Fortunately, there’s still no movements from the Demon Clan’s main battalion.

Silvy pulled away Gin’s hand and said, “Fine I will stop. Boss, where are the reinforcements you mentioned? Our underlings are already very tired; also our supplies are increasingly scarce, and our defense is slowly reaching its limit. With the increase in the enemy’s forces, if we continue this crazy battle, we won’t be able to stand against them. We may need to withdraw and search for an escape route.”

Pansen sighed, “I have already sent someone to convince them, but there is still no reply. Let’s wait a little more. Since we have already come this far, it would be a waste to give up halfway through.”

I nodded, “You are right. Let’s preserve a little longer, and if we really can’t ward them off anymore, then let’s think about this question.”


Panzen stood up quickly; it was his subordinate, a Naga scout.

“Report, your Holiness. The reinforcement are 25 km away from the city.”

We were immediately overjoyed, I grabbed the naga and asked, “How many and from which tribe?”

The naga answered with respect, “Apt came, there are about two hundred thousand, including ten thousand of the wild lion army. There are also troops from the other tribes. Almost all of the tribe leaders came.” We looked at each other in dismay: the tribe leaders personally leading their armies is clearly to get a piece of the cake of our accomplishments.

Pansen snorted angrily, “We’ve already fought the hardest part of the battle! What are these bastards from the other tribes doing here? I really want to leave them here and go. Let’s see how they deal with the Demon Clan army.”

I patted Panzen’s shoulder and said, “Big brother don’t be angry. It is better than not coming. Be at ease, they will not get anything. Have you already forgotten that a quarter of the Dunde Province’s plunder have gone to your Sasi Province?”

Thinking about all that plunder, Panzen’s expression lightened up, and he nodded his nine heads, “You are right, now let’s prepare to welcome them.”

I thought a little, “We can’t let them enter the city, big brother. You must realize that even though Stanla city is not small, if we take in the hundreds of thousands soldiers, it will overload. Also the soldiers from these tribes are not well disciplined, so who knows what they will do if they enter the city? We can only let the 10 thousand of the Wild Lion army force enter, and the rest can camp outside.”

Pansen doubted, “Will they agree?”

I snorted coldly, “Can they not agree? I think the commanding rights of these troops are in our hands, if they don’t listen to our command, how can they explain it to the Beast emperor? The authority of the Beast Emperor is steadily growing, they need to worry about it a little, let alone that father is still in the city, we can fake the imperial edict. The name Beamon King still has some deterrence among the beast men.”


As expected, even though the tribe leaders were not very pleased, they had to submit in the face of the Beast Emperor and father. And stationed their troops outside the city. In order to appease them, I invited all the tribe leaders to Stanla city and entertained them with the best food and wine. This time, four big tribes came;, and there were the Tigerman tribe, Leapoardman tribe, Bearman tribe and the Centaur tribe. These four tribes are quite the backbone of the beastman’s strength – the ferociousness of the tigerman and leopard man, the heavy vehicle armor legion of the bearman, and the Godly Archer legion of the centaurs; they are all incredibly well known. Even though they’re not as formidable as the four great corps under my command, they could be considered the best of the beastman troops, from the look of their soldiers, I could tell that these troops are the elites of their tribes, with this strength, I didn’t need to fear the Demon’s army. I could even invade the Demon Clan with full confidence. With the sudden increase of 20 thousand soldiers of the army in StanlaStantla City, there was a large increase in morale throughout our forces. After entertaining all the tribe leaders, Mink came as soon as I returned to the city wall.

“Fourth bro…….” Mink’s eyes were red, he grabbed my shoulders.

“Third brother, you came just in time! I didn’t think you would really bring such a huge army of elites from the beastmen.”

Mink laughed and replied, “Well yes, fourth brother, do you know? In the past when his majesty asked them to send their troops, they would use all sorts of excuses, or they would just fill the numbers with common soldiers. But this time, they heard that we gained quite a lot of benefits from the frontline, so they even brought their best troops. These 200 thousand people are absolutely the elite among the elite, I had thought of asking his majesty to send more of his Lionman tribe’s men, but his majesty said they are enough for your command, and he said you will understand his meaning.”

I nodded, “His majesty was right, I did understand it. Originally, I didn’t want either sides to suffer from the fight with the Demon Clan, I just wanted to deter them with these forces.

Mink continued, “His majesty said, nominally, all the troops are commanded by the Beamon King……”

I interrupted him, “I understand that, hehe, father is in seclusion now, that means I am his representative! haha.”


The Demon Clan’s main battalion.

“What? The beastman’s reinforcements came so quickly, we just arrived three days ago! Father, what should we do?” After hearing the report, Griffin couldn’t suppress it anymore and stood up, he was pacing back and forth within the commander’s tent. His eyes were full of worries.

Grichen gave him a glare and said, “Sit down properly, you are already in your thirties, and you’re still so easily worried, there’s no need to make as a big fuss of such a small matter.

“Small matter? Father, are you……, did you not hear what the scout said just now? The reinforcements of the enemies are the elites of the beastman, we will not be able to gain the slightest upper hand if we clashed head on, although we have the Black Magicians’ support, but, do not forget, the beastmen have an innate defense against our demonic attacks. If we don’t think of a countermeasure now, I’m afraid we will follow in Suchar’s footsteps. Then how will you be able to explain to his majesty when we return?”

Grichen shot a glance at him and said, “I know what I’m doing, you don’t have to worry about it. I was waiting for their reinforcements, though I didn’t expect them to come so quickly. Looks like Suchar was right, they have an excellent commander in their camp- he was able to predict the arrival of our reinforcements before we came.


In the morning, Panzen, Silvin, Mink and I were standing on the wall of the city, observing the terrain below. I ordered the four tribes that came to support to be arranged into four matrices in front of Stanla city. The tigerman tribe, bearman tribe and leopardman tribe were arranged in the front while the centaur tribe was at the rear. I knew that the Demon’s would choose to act as soon as they noticed the arrival of our reinforcements. Our reinforcements are fresh troops, since they wish to show off, I will give them a chance, I absolutely believe that with my current extravagant battle formation the Demon Clan’s commander will not send his troops here to die. And my remaining soldiers need some rest now. For these past few days, they have had to be in a state of constant vigilance. Now that victory was in our hands, they needed to rest. Although the four elite corps suffered losses from this war, I believe that their fighting strength will rise greatly.

A black point suddenly rose from the enemy’s camp, flying directly towards Stanla City. Today’s weather was sunny and cloudless, and since Silvin had the best eyesight, he saw the black point the moment it rose into the sky. Gin said, “A flying enemy is approaching. It’s probably a Fallen Angel, but why did they only send one?”

I said calmly, “When the enemy is 500 meters away from Stanla city, have the Centaur’s marksman fire a volley.”

Centaurs are born excellent archers, the Godly Archers among them are the strongest marksmen on the battlefield, the longbows they use don’t only have an astonishing range, their accuracy is also extremely high. They were practically at the level of perfect accuracy. Within the entire Centaur tribe, these Goldy Archers are extremely rare, but in this war the tribe leader brought 50 of them here.

Silvin was startled. “What a terrifying speed, quick, look! The Fallen Angel has four wings.”

I concentrated my vision and looked there, indeed, the biggest difference between this Fallen Angel and those in the past were his four wings. The only four winged Fallen Angels alive were the Demon Emperor and the Gu brother’s father. I concluded that this person was in fact the Gu brother’s father as it was impossible for the Demon Emperor to be here.

In an instant, he had flown into the Centaur’s firing range. Although the Godly Archers who received the order were astonished by the enemy’s speed, they didn’t hesitate in the slightest. Fifty strips of black lightning cleaved through the sky, attacking Grichen who was still flying towards them. These fifty arrows were not concentrated on Grichen but rather distributed around him so that no matter which direction he flew in, he would get hit by at least twenty arrows.

Grichen laughed brightly in the sky, and praised, “Good marksmanship.” The four feathered wings behind his back suddenly spread open, then fanned downwards. A faint dark energy swept down. Even though the penetration strength of the arrows fired Godly Archers was terrifying, they were easily ‘intercepted’ by the dark energy and were reflected, the arrows were then directed at their owners. Amongst the shocked centaurs, Silvin massed their strength and fired an energy ball. The golden and silvery energy immediately exploded mid air, forming a gold silver net, which then completely shielded the Centaurs from the 50 arrows.

Gin and Silvy let out a stuffy groan beside me, it was clear that they had come out worse from the exchange. I was secretly apprehensive, Grichen had casually struck out and his attack had such power, looks like four-winged Fallen Angels lived up to their reputation.

After seeing his own brother suffer from the exchange, Panzen became angry, he secretly chanted an incantation, and with a swing, his true form appeared. By now, Grichen had already flown in front of the city. At the sight of Panzen’s abnormal form, he said, “So this kind of race really exists? No wonder Suchar almost suffered a defeat.”

Even though Panzen was in the midst of rage, he knew that the enemy wasn’t going to be easy to go against. The purple head in the middle suddenly grew and sprayed a thick purplish mist at Grichen.

While the mist was around 20 feet away from Grichen, he could already smell a sweet scent, his body uncontrollably swayed a little. Grichen immediately realized how formidable the poisonous mist was. He abruptly drew back and spread four wings, while clasping his hands before his chest and Grichen shouting, “Dark seal! Gapless Defense!” A thick, light beam made of  dark energy was emitted from the magical hexagram behind him, which then immediately covered Panzen’s erysipelas. Panzen still wished to spray more but I stopped him, “First brother! It’s useless!” Grichen’s both hands moved upwards, the energy beam which contained the erysipelas suddenly rose up and instantly turned into a black energy ball, floating on his palm. A faint purplish mist could be seen lingering inside the energy ball. Grichen was secretly happy, with this magical seal bomb which contained the erysipelas, he could resist against thousands of soldiers. However, he did not attack us, merely floating in the air, looking at us calmly. When his gaze swept passed me, a trace of amazement appeared on his face, I knew, he had mistaken me for a human. What’s most surprising was that the Demon Clan’s battalion hadn’t moved the slightest. Did Grichen want to wipe out my hundred thousand grand army by himself? If that was his plan, then he’s too arrogant.

Panzen, seeing his hard accumulated erysipelas taken by the enemy, was incredibly furious, his nine heads roared at the same time, countless lvl 3 and 4 magics seized the sky as they were fired at Grichen. Grichen wore a cold smile, a thick black mists was continuously emitted from his body and shielding him inside. Nothing could harm him, wind blades, fireballs, water bullets, ice pillars, every single magic would immediately melt upon touching the black mist. The 200 thousand beastmen below the Stanla city were dumbfounded upon the scene, the gorgeous attacks blew their mind. They excitedly discovered that the beastmen could actually contend equally against the Demon Clan’s Fallen Angel.

Not knowing who started it, the slogan “Beastmen will triumph!” filled the entire battlefield. Under the huge cheer, Panzen once again executed the Meteor spell, a giant meteor descended from the sky, rushing towards Grichen who was in the air.

Grichen frowned and shouted with fury, “Is there no end to this?

Black light sharply shone around his entire body, it condensed to form a 10 meter wide giant black ball. Faint crackles of purple lightning could be seen throughout the black ball. I, who was standing on top of the Stanla city wall, was dazed by what i saw; I couldn’t even imagine that the Fallen Angel’s power could be used in such a way.

Grichen who formed a giant black ball around himself, suddenly rushed upwards, and surprisingly, he faced the meteor directly- one solid, the other energy- both different nature of attacks met in the sky. “BOOM!” A loud bang rang, and the meteor was unexpectedly turned into dust, scattering away. Panzen was a little stupefied while looking at his own lvl7 earth elemental spell destroyed in such a way. Since he arrived at his current realm, no one had ever dared to smash his meteor directly. Of course, this did not include the Fallen Angel who had used forbidden magic to self destruct.

Grichen hovered in front of us, his appearance was slightly dusty, while his face clearly showed that he was furious. Obviously, he had been enraged by the unceasing interruptions and attacks. Grichen placed his palms in front of his chest and pushed against Panzen. From his palms came a  perfectly pure and concentrated dark energy pillar which pierced the air, charging towards Pazen.

My expression changed, and roared, “First brother! Dodge!” However, from the unwavering determination on Panzen’s face, I could see that Panzen had no intention to listen to me.I suddenly understood, since his ultimate attack had been blocked by the enemy just now, Pazen would definitely block this attack for his pride and honor. There’s no time to think, I used the Mad God’s chi and activated Heavenly Berserk with full force, I directly attacked the side of the dark energy pillar. Silvin did not have time to transform, they used all their strength to produce silvery golden chi, and attacked the other side of the dark energy pillar. Panzen’s four physical attack head took the front, with countless magical barriers added onto them, met the dark energy pillar head on.

Upon seeing three of us using our full strength, Grichen immediately urged his dark magic to its peak, once again, the dark energy pillar he was firing thickened.

Both mine and Silvin’s energies first hit the sides of the dark energy pillar, a huge rebound of shock wave tossed me into the sky and I heavily rammed into the city gate tower behind me. Fortunately, my body was tough, on top of that, it was just a rebound from the side of the energy. Although my Qi were rolling frantically, I only suffered little aftershock injuries. Silvin’s condition was slightly better than mine, but he was forced back 10 steps or more, and fell backwards sitting on the ground. Whereas, Panzen took the attack head on with his strongest defense. Despite me and Silvin reducing parts of Grichen’s energy, it’s absolute power was way too strong. Panzen’s gigantic body was heavily struck into the sky, and only stopped when he crashed into a city gate tower. The four physical attack heads were completely shattered, a rain of blood splashed into the sky.

Even though Grichen inflicted serious damage on Pazen, he was not in a good condition himself. Under our combined attacks, he had suffered certain internal injuries. Knowing that this was absolutely not the right time to show weakness, he brought forth the vast and surging dark magic within him and suppressed his injuries.

Grichen stood on the balistraria of the city wall and spoke coldly, “Now, can we have a talk properly?”

“I wondered who dared to bully his way to our doorsteps, and even created such a tremendous energy fluctuation. So it was you brother Grichen, it’s been awhile since we met, please accept my greetings.”

Father’s majestic and mighty appearance emerged in gate of the city, all the beastmen army uniformly shouted with excitement, “Beamon King! Beamon King….”

Upon seeing father’s appearance, I immediately let out a breath of relief, only father could contend against an insanely powerful man such as Grichen.

Silvin and I ran to the side of Pazen to check his injuries, Pazen’s venomous gas head smiled bitterly while saying, “This time’s condition is worse than the last time you guys beat me into, the meridians in my body are invaded by his dark powers. I’m afraid this old snake will be going soon.”

Listening to this point, I didn’t speak a word and gave Silvin an eye signal. I sat behind Panzen who had returned to his human form, concentrated dark magic into a ball and forced it into his body, the dark energy ball which was made by me was under my control, like a magnet, it absorbed the invading the dark magic. Panzen’s face relaxed, he quickly urged the remaining strength in his body to drive the invaded dark energy to where my dark energy ball was.

Silvin stood in front of us, he maintained a solemn and protective stance, the playful duo have become serious.

Father raised his hand to stop the beastmen from continuing to shout, he looked at Grichen with a placid expression, “Brother Gu, what’s your business in your lone visit to our place?”

Before father even appeared, Grichen knew that his plan today was facing the danger of fizzling out, aside from father he never anticipated anyone else being able to contend against him briefly, and moreover wounding him. Grichen sinisterly smiled and said, “Brother Leo, it’s been awhile!(Grichen did not participate in the war with the Dragon Empire) We have always been allies, why has it come to this? I’m afraid that this is not your territory, your beastmen invaded our Demon Clan’s territory for no reason, and even occupied it by force, aren’t you going too far?”

Father snorted and said, “Too far? You were the ones that went too far, if your Demon Clan haven’t pressed us into such state, would we have to meet on the battlefield? May I ask, how many men of your Demon Clan died during the war with the Dragon Empire? How big was the loss?”

Grichen furrowed his brows, “I’m not sure about that, I wasn’t the commander of the last war anyway.”

Father’s intonation rose, he continued, “You aren’t sure, very well, I will tell you about it, the losses of your Demon Clan weren’t big at all, the number of fallen soldiers did not exceed 100 thousand, and the true number was in fact lower than what I just estimated, you can investigate it when you return. What about ours? Do you know how many the beastmen’s lives were lost? A total of more than 300 thousand brave warriors forever remained in the battlefield on the Sterlu fort. Compared with that, your loss was much less severe. However, your people used all kinds of excuses to demand money and food from us. The beastmen are poor, and your people know that. Since we are a friendly alliance, why must your Demon Clan still extort us in such ways? It was obvious that your Demon Clan is afraid of us breaking free from the Demon Clan’s control as we grow stronger. In order to stop our development, the Demon Clan even sent Fallen Angels to assassinate the emissaries of the Beast God religion, is this how you treat our friendly alliance?”

After Grichen listened to what father said, his expression did not change the slightest while saying indifferently, “There’s a saying, as long as the races differ, their heart will differ, we must also think for our country and people, i admit that we are wrong this time, but you have already occupied Dunder province for nearly two months, is this not enough? Just a few dozens of men died on your side, but we lost four Fallen Angels, compared to that, our loss was bigger.”

Father angrily snorted, “So you think of your Fallen Angels as lives, but not our beastmen warriors? If you came here just to say this, then you may leave. Let’s meet in the battlefield, we shall see whether your Demon Clan is better or our beastmen are bolder.”

Grichen wrinkled his brows, he was aware that with his injured condition he might not be able to fight the Beamon King and win, while swallowing his pride, he said, “Then what can we do to for you to withdraw your troops? In other words, what are your conditions?”

Beamon fixed his eyes on Grichen and replied, “Our terms are simple. First, in this war your clan was in the wrong, that is why we will not provide compensation at all. As for the plundered loots, we are certainly not returning them. Consider it a reparations for the repression the Demon Clan has been giving us all these years.”

Grichen had foreseen these terms long before, he slightly nodded and said, “This is agreeable, I can agree to this. Since things have happened, in order to prevent further hatred between the two clans, I represent the Demon Emperor to promise this request. Is there anything else?”

While pondering Grichen’s sincerity, father continued, “Secondly, I hope that the Demon Clan will sign a pact of armistice for the next three years, which means, the Demon Clan must not perform any conduct of retaliation due to this incident.”

Grichen bitterly smiled, “We did not hold any enmity towards the beastmen in the first place, the incident last time was completely caused by Prince Suchar’s instigation behind our back. Right now, the Demon Emperor has kept Prince Suchar in custody. Anyway, I will represent the Demon Clan to also agree on signing the armistice pact. The Dragon Empire is our common enemy, is it not? If we had wasted too much military strength between ourselves, and the Dragon Clan chose to attack during it, how will we defend ourselves? Both you and I do not want to become eradicated by them, am I right? That is why the alliance between our clans is the only way out. We both have some unpleasantness during this affair, but I promise, we will absolutely not bear grudges against the Beastman Clan.”

Father nodded with satisfaction, he said, “Thirdly, without the permission of the Beastmen Clan, the Demon Clan is not allowed to take a single step into our territory. In the future, we no longer need your supplies. Equally, do not think of exploiting us again. We the beastmen will wholly stand alone and become a country with a complete sovereignty.”

Grichen was shocked, “I can understand that you don’t need our supplies, and do not let us…. Exploit. But not allowing us into your land, what if war breaks out, should we not provide our aid too?”

Father coldly replied, “It’s still early to discuss about this matter, at the very least, I do not wish to see any people of the Demon Clan in my own land right now.”

Grichen thought about it for awhile and said, “Alright, I will also agree on this term, however, brother Leo, for the sake of peace between us, we have done so much, how do you plan to show your sincerity in return?”

Father said, “We, the beastmen never go back on our words, how about this, tomorrow afternoon, after officially signing the armistice pact in the center of the battlefield, your troops will withdraw 25km, then my troops will pull out from Stanla city. After that we will slowly withdraw from the border of the entire Dunder province. At the same time, we will also release the captured Dunder’s governor-general. What do you think?”

Grichen slowly floated and smiled, “It’s settled then. My old friend Leo, see you tomorrow, I hope that you will keep your promise.”

Father did not reply, he stared at the figure of Grichen until it slowly disappeared before he finally let out a breath of relief. Silvin came forward, Gin asked, “He was alone. And during our combined attacks just now he had certainly sustained internal injuries, why didn’t you keep him here? If we killed him, the Demon Emperor will undoubtedly lose a right hand man.”

Father glared at Silvin and said with disdain, “What do you know? Do you think Grichen is so easy to fight against? Even me during my peak period would not be able to keep the injured him here. Let alone now, our purpose is achieved, why do we have to go so far? If we really killed Grichen, the Demon Emperor will very likely lose his mind and fight us to death, that is not something I want to see.”

I who sat not too far away took a deep breath, I slowly kept my powers. The dark magic within Pazen was finally extracted by me, and he could start self-recovery. When I came back to my senses, it just happened that father and Silvin were speaking, in order to prevent their conflict, I quickly interrupted, “Father, you cannot beat Grichen?”

Father turned around and looked at me, “We beamon warriors will not lie to obtain a little glory, you’re right, I cannot beat a four winged Fallen Angel. Even when I was at my peak, let alone…..” Father’s expression dimed.

I was surprised, “let alone what?”

Father shook his head,”Nothing, there are things you shouldn’t know for now, when it is time, I will naturally tell you. How is your First brother?”

I looked back a Panzen, he was solemnly circulating his chi, when Silvin saw me coming just now, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to quarrel with father and returned to Pazen to protect him. “First brother’s injuries were severe but it’s no longer life threatening. Grichen, that guy’s powers were way too terrifying, I didn’t know the gap between a two winged and a four winged would be so big.”

Father looked at the distant Demon Clan battalion, and said in a mocking fashion,

“Did you know that when I was young, I fought 6 times in total with Grichen. At that time we were really young, your grandfather was still alive, and because your grandma was of the Demon Clan, the alliance with them was very sturdy, so we often visited the demon tribe. My physique was outstanding and even among the Beamon I was considered a genius, my skill improved faster than anybody else; when I was at your age, two winged fallen angels were simply no match for me. When I was a little older, even the Demon Emperor and Grichen together were no match for me, I could defeat them single handedly. Grichen at that time swore that one day he would definitely defeat me. The oath was fulfilled only after 30 years of time, they are a bit older than me, so they are more than 60 years old now.

About 10 years ago your grandfather passed away, I also became the number one warrior of the Beamon. It was just the time where I was proud of my success, when Grichen came alone from the Demon Clan. Saying that he has reached the 7th tier of the Demonic Arts, thus arrived at the four winged Fallen Angel stage. I always loved to fight, if there was an enemy who could make me fight to my fullest, that would be the greatest thing for me, that is why we found a secluded place and fought. That time, I lost, I lost really hard, and that was the time I knew that I am already not at the peak anymore. Even though I trained really hard these past years, I could only keep my skills in check, I could not advance a single step. After transforming into a four winged Fallen Angel, there will be multiple times of increase in powers, if you ever faced Grichen in the future, you must immediately run away.”


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