Magic, Mechanics, Shuraba - Volume 2 - Chapter 10

Chapter 10: So it’s the alcohol’s fault?

What did his sister mean to him? This was a question that troubled Ouyang Tao as well.

He did not have any blood relations with Ouyang Xue. Because of this, to some extent, their sibling relationship was negligible.

In other words, ignoring their sibling relationship, their relationship would just be like any young couple.

If that were the case, would it mean that it was alright even if they had any relationship…… Ouyang immediately calmed himself down to prevent himself from making the wrong decision.

Seeing that Ouyang Tao did not speak, Ouyang Xue stuck closer to him. Their faces were touching each other: “Eh, Bro. Why aren’t you speaking?”

“I…… I……: Ouyang Tao could clearly feel that his sister’s face was very hot. It even felt a little feverish. His sister’s breathing also became slow and heavy. “Ah Xue, why are you so weird today?”

“I’m not.”

She obviously was! Ouyang Tao knew that even though his sister was intimate with him, it usually stopped at the point of a sister flirting with her brother. However, it was different now. Ouyang Tao could obviously feel that what his sister was doing was not flirting but more like…… Enticing?

Ouyang Tao acted slightly stronger, removing Ouyang Xue’s hands: “Ah Xue, remove your hands first. We can talk slowly.”

However, Ouyang Xue held her brother’s hand instead: “ What’s wrong with this? Don’t you want to feel your cute sister from closer?”

“Ah Xue, stop fooling around.”

“I’m not. It’s all brother’s fault, you don’t understand my feelings at all.”

“Your…… feelings?”

“That’s right.”

As Ouyang Xue spoke, she went in front of him. It was then that he realised that his sister’s face was scarlet red. Her eyes also seem dreamy and distant and yet, she still gave off some sort of unexplainable beauty. She had unbuttoned two of the buttons on her shirt and the lower portion had also been flipped over. Her messy shirt really made one’s imagination run wild.

“Ah Xue. That’s enough. Wear your shirt properly.” Ouyang Tao constantly reminded himself that although they did not have any blood relations, she was still his sister in his eyes and he should not do anything out of hand.

“No way.” However, Ouyang Xue jumped backwards and rolled onto her bed and lifted up her skirt which made her even more alluring, “How is it? Ah Xue is now a mature young lady.”

It was true that he growing sister was now a maturing young lady. Furthermore, she was even more alluring now, making people want to keep her in their possessions and gain ownership of her……

That’s not right, Ouyang Tao shook his head furiously. This situation was not right. This was not the Ouyang Xue that he knew. The young girl in front of him seem to have turned into a completely different person: “Ah Xue, what exactly is wrong with you today? This is not the usual you!”

“Of course, this is not the usual me, hehehehe.” Ouyang Xue said as she stood up and shook her head, “This is because, this was a special service for bro~”

“Spe…… Special service?” Feeling that his sister was becoming weirder and weirder, Ouyang Tao became strict. “Ah Xue, stop fooling around. If not, I’m going to become angry.”

“Alright, come punish me, come~” However, not only was she not flustered, she had purposely laid down and shook her slender waist, saying teasing words, “Come, didn’t bro always say he wanted to slap my buttocks, come~”

How did this situation become like this…… Ouyang Tao was not helpless. His own logical mind was also on the brink of breakdown.

“Alright, Ah Xue, stop fooling around, why not I leave first?” Out of the thirty six plans, escaping is the best one. Ouyang Tao felt that what was most appropriate now as to escape and let her sister cool down first.

“Hehe, you’re not coming over? Then I……” Ouyang Xue who was originally laying down suddenly turned towards Ouyang Tao, as though a lion about to pounce its prey “will come over~”

The young girl pounced off the bed and straight onto Ouyang Tao’s body. Ouyang Tao, who did not expect this was pressed to the ground by her.

“Hehe, I’ve caught you…… Ugh…… Huff…… Huff……”

“Ehh? Ah Xue? AH XUE?”

Ouyang Tao gently tapped his sister, but she did not react. There was only a slight snoring noise coming from her —— Ouyang Xue had fallen asleep on top of her brother.

An unexpected crisis had suddenly dissolved. Ouyang Tao did not know whether he should he happy, or…… Forget it, let’s not think too much into it.

He carried his sister and lay her down onto the bed and covered her with the blanket as he was prepared to check his belongings once again.

“Ehh? This?” Suddenly, Ouyang Tao realised the true “culprit” of the whole situation —— At the drawer beside the bed, there was a bottle of red wine. As he picked up the bottle, he realised it was actually empty. “Ahhh. So that was it…… I was nearly frightened to death.”

Thinking back carefully, his sister did indeed look like she was drunk. He guessed that she must have thought that it was fruit juice and drank it by mistake.

This also reminded Ouyang Tao that his sister was weak towards liquor. He would never allow his sister to touch alcohol ever again.

However, his sister had drank so much wine and yet she did have any smell of wine on her which was very unusual.

Now, Ouyang Tao started to become cautious. He looked at the wine bottle but did not understand anything because it was in another language. It was probably some high-class old wine —— This was a problem.

Because, such high-class wine would be expensive in such a hotel. Ouyang Tao opened the wine cabinet silently hoping that the wine was not too expensive.

However, what was shocking was that there was no missing wine.

Feeling confused, he looked at the checklist of items and compared the wines. He realised that there were only whiskeys and beers —— Which meant that the red wine should not belong to this room.

Ouyang Tao kept his guard up and sniffed the opening of the bottle. A whiff of fragrance entered his nose, causing him to feel very comfortable and relaxed. Even without drinking, he could feel slightly intoxicated.

Needless to say, that felt very good. Ouyang Tao could not withstand it and took in a large whiff —— So fragrant, this smell is simply too fragrant!

Suddenly, Ouyang started to feel giddy and his body started to feel warm. He started to think of some reckless actions inside his head. He felt as though there was a beast inside of him struggling to shake away his logical mind……

Slowly, his eyes focused onto the sleeping Ouyang Xue……

She’s so pretty. So pretty that he wanted to dominate her right there and then……

“Ughhhhhhhhh ——!” But suddenly, he felt an intense headache. It made Ouyang Tao unbearable as he threw away the wine bottle and held his head as he rolled on the ground. Not long later, a purple smoke appeared from his head and was sucked into the golden gloves hanging on his waist.

A few seconds later, everything reverted back to normal. All the reckless and rash thoughts evaporated from Ouyang Tao’s mind.

That’s not right! There’s definitely something wrong with this! Ouyang Tao sealed the wine bottle before taking out a crystal that had short range communication and transportation property: “Zhao Yuecheng.”

“Yes, big bro, I’m here.”

“There’s something here I want you to help analyze. I’m going to send it over now.”

The wine bottle was transported over using the communication and transportation crystal and Zhao Yuecheng had it in his hands instantly: “I’ve received it, give me five minutes.”

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