Magic, Mechanics, Shuraba - Volume 2 - Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Nobles have their own advantages

The night then passed without any incident. When Ouyang Xue woke up the next day, she did not remember anything. Ouyang Tao did not ask her and just persuaded her into drinking the antidote. After that, they proceeded down to the dining hall to gather as though nothing had happened.

Everyone listened to Tia’s arrangement while eating breakfast. They were going to split up and carry out their mission today. Tia and Ouyang Tao were going to the mining area to install the measuring device and perform a scan of the area. The remaining people would be led by Rem to the accounting office to investigate their accounts and take photographs as proof.

At 7 a.m. the mission started. Tia and Ouyang Tao drove to the mining area on the outskirts of the city.

The car was set on auto-pilot and, therefore, did not require a driver. The two of them sat face to face inside the car. The journey took quite some time and silence was always awkward, therefore, Tia looked for a topic of conversation to kill the boredom.

“Look at how good the weather is today? Are you no longer nervous after a night’s sleep?” Tia realised that Ouyang Tao’s nervousness yesterday was gone and replaced calmness.

Ouyang Tao laughed: “Haha, I guess so. I feel much better after a night’s sleep. However, why do you look like you did not sleep much?”

“Erm, a little I guess.” Indeed, Tia slept a little late last night and had a bit of dark eye circle. However, Tia suddenly realised something was weird in what was said, “Wait, what are you hinting at? Rem and I have never had any physical relationship! If you dare to spread rumours, I will not forgive you!”

Ouyang Tao felt baffled by what Tia said and blinked his eyes innocently: “How does this concern your boyfriend? I only think that you as our leader cannot be too tired.”

“Oh……” Tia also thought that maybe she was just overly sensitive. However, the reason she slept late did indeed involve Rem. Because they haven’t met in half a year, they unknowingly chatted until midnight, however…… “Wait! How did you know Rem is my boyfriend?”

“Oh…… I’m not stupid. There are so many couples in school, after a while, it became easy to tell.” Ouyang Tao shrugged and replied nonchalantly, “Does it matter? It’s not like it’s prohibited by the school.”

To Ouyang Tao, a relationship is a private matter where others should not be nosy about. Furthermore, he did not like to probe into other’s matters. However, to Tia, this was not so simple.

Therefore, Tia replied in a serious tone: “If that’s the case, I hope you keep this a secret, especially so from my father.”

Seeing how serious Tia was, Ouyang Tao could not help but laugh: “You’re overthinking things. Your father is the Prime Minister. How would I be able to meet him? Furthermore, you two are quite compatible…… So, why can’t you let your father find out?”

“Because……” Tia hesitated to explain but looking at Ouyang Tao, she felt that he would be able to understand. “Alright, there’s no harm explaining. Because Rem is the same as you. He’s from a commoner background and entered Augustus Academy’s Magical Swordsmanship department with his own hard work. My Swordsmanship was taught by him.”

“That’s encouraging.”

“However, my father would never allow me to get married to a commoner. Therefore, Rem chose to enlist into the Magician’s Army. Now, he is already an officer. We decided that after I finish my graduate studies, he will formally ask my father for my hand in marriage.”

“I think that this is just a problem with your father’s views? However, I shall not comment on other’s affairs.”

Tia shook her head laughing bitterly. The restrictions of a noble were something Ouyang Tao would never comprehend.

Sometimes, she hated her father. However, she knew that her father, who was deep in a power struggle has many difficulties.

Sometimes, she wished that she could give up her everything in order to obtain the freedom that Ouyang Tao has. However, she also knew that the status and privileges of a noble is something Ouyang Tao does not have.

Sometimes, she wished that she’s able to do what she wants without hiding or acting. She works hard towards the goal of being able to do so. However, she also knows that some things cannot be achieved with just hard work alone.

During her most impulsive moments, she suggested to Rem that they should elope. However, it did not happen as she was unable to take the first step.

Tia could never completely give up being a noble. That was why she chose to remain in the world of noble and continue being the young highness of the Archduke family.

At the mention of Rem, Tia’s expression would turn special. It was an expression that was bittersweet. Although Ouyang Tao did not know what it meant, he was certain that Rem had a special place in her heart.

Then, should he say those things?

After a long internal struggle, he finally decided to do it!

“However, Tia, out of kindness, I hope you keep some distance from Rem.”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“Because before we departed, Zhao Yuehan senior was staring at him for a long time. From what I know, this isn’t a good sign.”

“…… Just because of that?” Tia’s expression was full of doubt and even contained a hint of being accused.

“Erm…… How shall I put it? I trust that senior.”

“I also believe in Rem.” Tia retorted, “Furthermore, why haven’t you been properly addressing me as senior?”

“Ehhh? Now that you mention it…… That’s true……” Ouyang Tao just realised that he seemed to have not been respectful when talking to Tia and changing now was very awkward, “Do you mind?”

“Mind…… Not really…… Forget it, it’s not important.”

As she finished, the car stopped immediately as there was a road block in front. Two bald muscular men holding rifles walked forward and knocked on the car rudely while shouting.

“Come down come down, what are you doing! Don’t you know this is a restricted place?”

“Senior, I thought you already informed them yesterday?”

“Hmph, leave it to me. Watch and learn.”

Tia alighted from the care and without saying anything, kicked one of the men onto the ground and stepped heavily. Then as the other guy witnessed this and raised his rifle, Tia sliced the barrel of the rifle into two and placed the sword at his throat.

“Call your boss!” Tia commanded the man who was being threatened by the sword.

“You…… Just you wait……” The guy took out his communication crystal with a look of disdain and called someone.

“Give me that!” Tia flicked her sword lightly and the crystal was flicked into the air only to be caught by her. “I’m Tia Jacqueline. You don’t need me to explain anymore right!”

After a short conversation with the other person, Tia returned the crystal back to the guy.

“Yes, I understand boss…… I…… I’ll let them through immediately.” Instantly, his face changed from disdain to compliance as he apologised smilingly, “Sorry, the foolish one failed to recognize you. I’ll let you through immediately.”

Ouyang Tao could not help but feel like laughing in the car —— Such a personality. What kind of a guy must he be to have the necessary qualifications to win her affections.

To Tia, this was merely a part of a noble’s privilege……

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