Magic, Mechanics, Shuraba - Volume 2 - Chapter 15

Chapter 15 The dangers of beauty

Although he felt that something was wrong, making a girl wait on the outside was extremely discourteous. Therefore, Ouyang Tao still went to open the door.

Liu Xinya who was waiting on the outside was wearing a pearl-coloured strapless silk pyjamas and holding a bottle of red wine in her hand.

“Can I come in?” Liu Xinya kept a sweet smile on her face and said with her gentle but clear voice which sounded like music to the ears.

“You…… Aren’t you shopping with Ah Xue and the others?” Ouyang Tao asked in confusion, as he retreated a little feeling suspicious of what Liu Xinya was wearing.

The pyjamas were only knee length and it seemed as though she was not wearing any undergarments. Her shapely body caused one to have unlimited fantasies. Her long hair was in a mess and water droplets could still be found on them and few stray strands of hair were stuck to her face. This caused her to look alluring in addition to her originally graceful temperament. The young girl’s body also gave off a faint fragrance causing one to be attracted by it —— It was obvious that she had just bathed.

“Yes, it’s just that I was a little tired and therefore, I came back first. You wouldn’t make me stand out here any longer right?”

“Ohh, my apologies. Please…… Come in.”

Ouyang Tao invited her into his room and closed the room door. At that instant, he suddenly felt some sort of abnormality as though the space within had been sealed, separating him from the outside world. However, the feeling quickly disappeared and Ouyang Tao did not think much about it.

After which, Liu Xinya placed the red wine on the coffee table and skillfully went to the wine cabinet and took out the wine glass and decanter: “I found a bottle of Rafi Wine that is rather aged and would like to share with you, would you give me this pleasure?”

Taking out the tools before asking. It was obviously to make Ouyang Tao unable to reject it. Furthermore, who could resist an invitation from a beautiful girl like Liu Xinya.

However, why would such a beautiful girl suddenly dress up like this and request to have a drink together? —— If it was not because some things had already happened, Ouyang Tao would not immediately have such thoughts.

“Although I don’t mind drinking together, I don’t know how to appreciate such things. I only care whether it’s nice or not unlike those who really enjoy wine. I’m unable to give much feedback on the wine.” Furthermore, the most important point was that Ouyang Tao disliked drinking alcohol and wanted to reject it outright.

“No worries, just treat it as a casual drink and chat alright?” Without waiting for Ouyang Tao’s answer, Liu Xinya opened the wine bottle. With the dropping of the cork, a lingering mellow aroma filled the air. Even an outsider like Ouyang Tao could tell that this was a rare and excellent bottle of wine.

Then, Liu Xinya poured all the wine from the bottle into the decanter, but did not rush to pour it into the wine glass —— Just a little while longer would make it the best time to enjoy the drink.

Although it was only such a simple action, Liu Xinya’s every action was meticulous. A little more and it would be too much and a little less and it would be insufficient. It was as though she was performing a dance. Ouyang Tao could not help but think just what kind of an environment was needed to produce a lady which such demure and grace.

After handling the wine, Liu Xinya placed the decanter and the wine glasses onto a tray and brought it to the coffee table before slowly sitting down on the sofa, and before giving a smile to Ouyang Tao who was still standing at one side: “You’re not sitting down?”

Towards the young lady’s invitation, Ouyang Tao shook his head embarrassingly and laughed silly: “I…… Hehe…… Miss Liu, you really make a country bumpkin like me feel ashamed and embarrassed to sit with you.”

Although he said that, Ouyang Tao could not help but admit that his determination was wavering —— Of course you could not completely blame him. Facing a young beauty in such revealing clothes in front of him, how many growing young men would be able to withstand the temptation in front of them.

“You’re too humble, there is only us here. You need not act so formally. I guess that it might be me that has been too formal making you nervous.”

“Ermm…… Perhaps a little.”

“Then, what about now?” As Liu Xinya spoke, she laid down on the sofa and her slender and snow white legs were almost completely in Ouyang Tao’s vision. She had inadvertently gone into more alluring and tempting position “Are you more comfortable like this?”

“No, I’m even more nervous……” Ouyang Tao kept reminding himself to remain calm and maintain a straight mind…… However, it did not seem to have any effect.

The young lady in front of him seemed to have some sort of magical powers causing Ouyang Tao’s attention to involuntary turn towards her. Then, he was attracted by her gentle demure and seems to have started to fantasize……

This form of attraction was different from the one that Ouyang Xue had after ingesting the magical potion by mistake. The Liu Xinya in front of his eyes gave off the modest feeling that caused one to want to submit to her commands. It was as though she was the core of the world and without her, life would become meaningless.

“Ugh…… This is……” A dizzy spell attacked once again. It was the same feeling as when he smelt the bottle of magic potion yesterday. However, this time much stronger.

Ouyang Tao felt that his body and soul had separated. Although his body stayed firmly on the ground, his soul has already started to float elsewhere. It was a weird feeling but at the same time felt very comfortable. The senses of his body had already turned chaotic.

After which, his body turned immovable and his consciousness started to dull. In his mind, there was only Liu Xinya’s graceful appearance and he was submitting to this beauty as he gradually knelt down.

Liu Xinya’s smile turned wider as she slowly stood up and walked in front of Ouyang Tao. She used a finger to push his chin up and said: “Come, stand up.”

Ouyang Tao lifted his head and his eyes were already dazed. He looked completely calm: “Yes my lady.”

“Lift your head and look into my eyes.” Liu Xinya’s eyes emitted a creepy purple light that was able to charm the soul, furthering her control Ouyang Tao’s remaining consciousness.


“Tell me, what are you?”

“Yes, my lady…… Ugh……” A large sense of pain suddenly attacked Ouyang Tao’s body causing him to regain consciousness at once. However, his body still acted as though it had lost all its strength and did not listen to his instructions. This meant that he could only hold his head and retreat: “You…… Who exactly are you?”

“You can actually resist? You’re such a stubborn man.” Liu Xinya raised her brows slightly revealing a sense of shock and amazement. However that was all she did, “However, how long do you think you can resist me?”

“You…… How could you……I clearly……” Clearly did not drink the wine. Furthermore, Ouyang Tao had also drunk an antidote before opening the door, how did it turn out like this.

“You’re amazing, my eye techniques don’t seem to be working, and you’ve already prepared against my magical potion. You’re forcing me to reveal my killer technique……” As she spoke, she removed her clothes and whatever that was left covering her body seem to fall to the ground which revealed her flawless alluring body, “Sigh, beauty is such a sin.”

“This…… How can this be……” Ouyang Tao realised that he could not control his gaze as it became fixated on Liu Xinya’s body once again with his consciousness slowly fading.

He completely did not expect that this young lady’s body was actually the fatal poison.

“Sigh…… Men are such pathetic creature…… They cannot resist temptation.” Seeing that she had already completely controlled Ouyang Tao, Liu Xinya shook her head and smiled with disdain. She believed that Ouyang Tao was now completely under her control.

In Liu Xinya’s eyes, people that are able to resist to such an extent are rare. She felt that she should give this slightly harder to train servant some punishment. She stretched out a leg: “Come, lick my feet.”

“Yes, my lady.” Ouyang Tao prostate on the ground like a dog and laid flat on the ground just like a dog, as he crawled towards Liu Xinya.

“Yes, that’s a good dog. Hahahaha……” This was the first time Liu Xinya laughed hysterically.

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