Magian Company 
A General Incorporated Association that carries out concrete activities in order to implement the objectives of the Magian Society, an International Mutual Aid Organization for the self-defense of the human rights for the holders of the gift of magic. It was established on April 26, 2100. It is based in Machida, Japan, with Shiba Miyuki as President and Shiba Tatsuya as the Executive Director. 
As an International Organization, the existing Magic Society is primarily concerned with the protection of magicians who are at a utilitarian level, whereas the Magian Company is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to open doors for people with magic disposition to flourish in society, regardless of whether they are militarily useful or not. Specifically, the company plans to develop magicians' non-military vocational training projects where they can learn practical knowledge as magians, and non-military job placement projects where they can be introduced to jobs that actually use what they have learned. 
It is a political organization whose name is an acronym for "Fighters for the Evolution of the Human Race". It was founded in December of 2095 as a response to the radicalization of the Humanists movement. The headquarters is located in Vancouver, and its representative, Lena Fehr, is a charismatic figure who is known as "Saint". The aim of the organization is to protect magicians from the anti-magic and magician exclusion movements, similar to the Magian Society. 
Reactive Armor 
The magic of one of the Extras, which was expelled from the former Tenth Research Institute, the "Toogami" family. It is an individual armor magic, which, as soon as it is broken, is reconstructed with built-in resistance to 'that same type of power as the attack that triggered it'. 

It was in 1999 A.D. that the first psychic, that would later be known as the "First Modern Magician," appeared to the world. Throughout most of the 21st century, nations continued to train, or rather, develop and improve Magicians as weapons. 
Japan was no exception. The National Magic University and its affiliated High School may have been nominally educational research institutions for Magicians, but their true purpose was to be a institution of development research institutions aimed at increasing the nation's war potential. 
However, in the waning years of the 21st century, the history and fate of magicians took a major turn when a single Irregular enrolled at the First High School affiliated to the National Magic University. 
The first disturbance was a minor one. Such an unusual set of circumstances refers to when, in April of 2095 A.D., a single high school student, along with a few fellow students, suppressed, or rather annihilated, a small armed group belonging to the International Terrorists 'Blanche'. Although it was not made public, this fact caught the attention of both military affairs and public order authorities, as well as those involved in crime syndicates, who were reminded of the value of magic as a fighting power. 
The following incident spans a chain of events that began with the disappearance of all the leaders of the East Japan branch of the international crime syndicate No Head Dragon in August of that year and culminated in the destruction of its headquarters in September. Apparently, the raid was the result of an exceptional joint operation between the Japanese and Great Asian Union public order authorities. However, the identity of the person who erased the top brass of the East Japan Branch was known only to a few military officials in Japan. 
Then, on October 31, 2095, a major event occurred that has been called a turning point in history by historians of future generations. The naval base at the southern tip of the Korean peninsula and the fleet assembled there were wiped out by a single magic bullet. Commonly known as 'Scorched Halloween'. A single Magician surpassed a single country, even a major nation's military might. 
A secret battle breaks out between the Stars, who at the time were called the world's strongest Magician unit, and Japanese Magicians over this mysterious magic and it's mysterious Magician who wielded it. 
Due to the intervention of the 'Parasites', Extra-dimensional Spiritual Lifeforms, this struggle ended without a conclusion, but had there been a decision, neither the U.S. nor Japanese troops would have been victorious. Instead, it was a private Japanese Magician organization, the 'Yotsuba family', known as the Untouchables, who would have prevailed. 
The year of 2096 was a year of lull in the world's history. It wasn't until the following year, 2097, that it became clear to the public that the world had changed in a decisive way. In January of that year, the name of the history changing Irregular 'Shiba Tatsuya' would make its appearance on the stage as the fiancé of the next head of the Magician family, the 'Yotsuba'. 
By this point in time, he was only well known within the small Magician community, but his name quickly rose to prominence. 
At the end of May, he announced the development of the Thermonuclear Reactor via Gravity Control-type Magic 'Stellar Reactor' technology and a project for the construction of a plant with it. Through the Stellar Reactor, in the first half of the 22nd century, humanity can, once again, gain access to vast amounts of energy that are not affected by climate change. With it, the roles of Magicians changed from "weapons" to "producers" and from tools of warfare to human beings in the truest sense of the word. 
August of 2097. At last, Shiba Tatsuya shows the world that he alone is capable of waging war on an equal footing with a nation. Thus, overturning the common sense that "an individual cannot resist the state". It is now clear that Shiba Tatsuya was the one behind the 'Scorched Halloween'. 
But the chaos and changes he caused did not end there…… 

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