Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Volume 31 - Future Arc - Chapter 8.4

9:30 am While the fierce battle continued on Miyakijima, the situation at the sea changed.

A huge lump of hydrogen plasma appeared above both on the destroyer Hull that was anchored 30 kilometers east of the island and the destroyer Ross that was stopped 30 kilometers west.

Needless to say, it is not a natural phenomenon. It is an artificial phenomenon created by two magicians. The name of the magician who created the eastern plasma is Miguel Diaz. The west magician is Antonio Diaz. These two were identical twins.

The magic casted by two magicians hasn't been completed yet. The plasma cloud, which once grew to 50 meters in diameter, shrinks to 5 meters in diameter in seconds, correction, it's compressed. 

Both plasma clouds, compressed into a perfect spherical shape, began to dash at exactly the same rate at exactly the same time.

The plasma cloud above the destroyer Hull is to the west.

The plasma cloud above the destroyer Ross is to the east.

The two plasma clouds rush through the course of head-on collision at a speed that is more than 10 times the speed of sound.

Tatsuya coincidently recognized the magic cast on the east and west seas when he'd just taken out the parasites.

(Are they trying to make high-density hydrogen plasma collide above the Miyakijima?)

(Approximately 6 seconds until collision)

(Nuclear fusion does not occur even if it collides at this speed, but if you continue to apply pressure from the east and west at the timing of the collision, the story changes)

(This is ...  Synchroliner Fusion!?)

The time for thinking about 1 second. Five seconds left until the collision.

He didn't have time to estimate the exact explosive power it has, but considering Brazil's use cases, it may reach at least a few kilotons of TNT equivalent, and possibly tens of kilotons.

Tatsuya didn't hesitate to use Gram Dispersion to nullify it.

(The basis of magic is plasma creation, diffusion prevention, activate)

(The very identical magics are used, with only the direction is reversed)

― The first step, the decomposition analysis of the magic sequence.

(Judging from the nature of this magic, erasing any one sequence of these magics can stop the magic activation)

(But here, I'll erase both magic sequences)

― The second stage, aiming at the magical sequence to nullify.

― And the final stage.

(Gram Dispersion, activate)

At that moment, the luminous bodies flying at supersonic speeds over the east and west of Miyakijima were scattered.

…… This is a bit of a pause, but at the meteorological observatory, which is observing Izu Islands on a satellite, there was an out-of-season UFO turmoil.

However, destroyer Hull didn't realize as much as the meteorological observatory station and there was no uproar.

"Synchroliner Fusion has been nullified!"

"Nullified? Not failure?"

"No! It's nullified by somebody's interference!"

Miguel Diaz was arguing violently with his CAD operating-assistance magician.

Then, the destroyer Ross sends a message to Miguel.

"Miguel, it's me"


The one calling him was Miguel's twin brother, his partner for casting Synchroliner Fusion, Antonio Diaz.

"What is this, Miguel? I never heard that our magic is nullified.”

"I'm the same. Antonio, let's do it again!"

"Even when we don't know why?"

"It's because we don't know why. This time, let the engineers observe."

"So even if it's going to be nullified again, we can observe the cause, like that?"

"If we know how to nullify it, we can take countermeasures."

Miguel Diaz wasn't saying he would take steps to make this operation successful. It's for the next battlefield.

If there's a method to nullify Synchroliner Fusion, they have to find a magic that nullify that nullifier method  or the meaning of their existence will be shaken.

"You're right."

Very likely Antonio too thought the same thing. He immediately replied with confirmation words.

"For the future too ―"

However, the lines following it break off unnaturally.


Miguel can't hear the contents from the speaker, but the buzzing sound is heard, so the communication is not cut off.

"What happened, Antonio!"

"Major Diaz┅"

It wasn't his younger brother Antonio who answered Miguel's screams.

Miguel, who was attacked by an ominous feeling, holds his breath and waits for the next line.

"That ... Mr. Antonio suddenly disappeared."

"…What do you say?"

"Antonio Diaz left a small blast and disappeared in an instant!"

Miguel didn't immediately understand what he was saying.

"... does that mean my brother was bombed?"

"No, I think it's different. Let alone corpses or parts of his body, there's even no drop of blood left. When I thought his body's silhouette was swaying, but there's wind and he disappeared! As if he himself is turned into the wind!"


"Major Diaz. What is happening? Is this your magic? Did Major realize the teleportation magic?"

"┅ No, I don't. I don't even know what ┅"

Perplexity runs through two destroyers.

The engineer in the destroyer Ross said that he was "turned into the wind and disappeared", is correct, but no one of the two ships seriously thought about such a thing.

(Target is erased, confirmed)

Tatsuya, who killed Antonio Diaz using Mist Dispersion, puts back Silver Horn on his right hand to his waist holster.

(Nevertheless, I never expected that Synchroliner Fusion was a magic that casted by a pair of people)

The fierce battle continues on the island. It's not a situation where he can leisurely analyse the magic.

Even knowing that, Tatsuya couldn't help thinking about the secret of the strategic-class magic Synchroliner Fusion he had just acquired.

(Make plasma clouds run face-to-face with exactly the same magic to make a head-on collision.)

(It is a magic that will not happen if the course or timing is a little off.)

(Perhaps, it even needs a Magic Interference power at the same level too)

(In fact, the level of the Phenomenon Interference power contained in the magic of Miguel Diaz and Antonio Diaz that I observed was completely the same.)

(The magicians I know who are likely to meet the conditions ...)

(…… Kasumi and Izumi may be able to use it)


At the same time that something that seems to be a conclusion came out, a communication came in from Miyuki.

"What's happened, Miyuki?"

It was the right time to get out of his current thoughts. By responding, Tatsuya stored his thoughts on Synchroliner Fusion into his memory and refocused his attention on the ongoing battle.

“I felt strong magical power from the two destroyers that stopped east and west of the island. I thought it was an attack on us, but did Tatsuya-sama prevent it?"

"Both are correct. The Synchroliner Fusion released from the destroyer was nullified using Gram Dispersion."

"Synchroliner Fusion! Was Miguel Diaz of Brazil involved in this battle!?"

"Yes, but don't worry. Diaz as a strategic magician has already been neutralized."

"Thank you. As expected, Tatsuya-sama, it's just as wonderful as usual ... Just in case, should I neutralize by locking movement of those two destroyers first before the assault landing ship?"

"I think it's a good decision. Do it."

"Then, I will take immediate action."

"Yes, please do."


Communication with the command room is cut off with a polite word.

Ten seconds later, Tatsuya perceived a mighty spell from the command sky on the west coast of the island.


Miyuki had already deployed the aim-assistance arm of the commander's desk.

A specialized compact size CAD is set on the arm.

On the main screen of the command room, the image of USNA destroyer Hull captured from the sky is projected. It's an image of thirty kilometers on the eastern sea, but the resolution is perfect.

Until a while ago, the question of "where is this taken from?" stuck to a corner of Miyuki's consciousness, but there's no idle-thought within her right now. Because of a word "please" from Tatsuya, her consciousness was completely focused on the magic that's about to be activated.

It can be said that Miyuki was in a kind of trance. The extreme concentration made her unrealistic beauty look more inhuman and transcendental.

The command room is calm. The cooling system adopts a method of cooling the walls and ceiling from the outside. Nevertheless, the tip of her long hair when she's sitting on the commander's seat swayed a little.

The CAD is aimed at the destroyer which is projected on the screen. Miyuki, with his back straight and in a neat posture, grasped the CAD grip with a powerless motion, and then silently pulled the trigger.

All mechanical processes are handled automatically. There is no voice which reports the processes step by step. The coordinate data is converted into activation-sequence format by tactical computer in the command room then sent to CAD. Miyuki read the data which already combined into the activation sequence in CAD.

There is one type of magic that can be selected with this CAD.

The aiming processes are handled by machine.

In order to reduce the burden of the caster, there's no variable for specifying range on this magic. The circular effective area centered in the target range is defined according to Magic Interference power used.

Miyuki only has to decide how powerful the magic is casted.

Since it was the first time to actually use it, she decided to activate magic with 80% of the power. ―Except for the Spiritual Freezing magic, Cocytus, it is rare that she draws 80% of her full power of Phenomenon Interference.

The Magic sequence construction is complete, and the first magic hits the target. Miyuki certainly felt the response.

The magic effect didn't show up immediately. It was about 0.8 seconds after that the rewritten phenomenon became reality. Considering that 0.5 seconds is a tentative measure of magical activation flux, it's reasonably slow.

However, none of the people watching the main screen in the command room could afford the extra thought. They were just holding their breath in the sight spread on the screen.

A piece of ice.

An ice field that fills up the screen.

The vast land of ice, which is not an ice island, that appeared in the midsummer sea.

The icy land which centered on the destroyer Hull spread in an instant and had grown to a radius of 10 kilometers. It's obviously bigger than this island.

A new magic, Glacier Age, that's created by Tatsuya just for Miyuki.

As its name suggests, this magic, as if recreating the Ice Age rather than the coldest winter of the Arctic, was overkill for a single destroyer.

This magic is suitable for confining a large fleet.

The magic that makes a large fleet neutralized with a single blow.

If the magic is able to destroy a fleet-scale naval force with a single blow called Strategic-Class magic, it invites a wondering question whether this magic, Glacier Age isn't considered as strategic-class magic because of the difference between "destroying" and "neutralizing".

The staff, who were finally able to take their eyes off the sight of the shock of filling the main screen, turned their awe to the Miyuki sitting at the back of the command room.

Miyuki, who was keeping a calm mental state, misunderstood the staff's line of sight as seeking the next instruction.

"Put the destroyer on the west thirty kilometers to the main screen."


In response to Miyuki's order, the staff member in charge of the search system turned in hurry to the console and operated it.

The ice island that contained the destroyer Ross had a radius of 5 km, and the ice field that captured the assault landing ship Guam had a radius of 1 km. At the third time, Miyuki seems to have finally grasped the power scale.

In less than a minute, the USNA surprise attack's naval forces were completely silenced.


(I've predicted to some extent ... but this is completely at the strategic-class level. And, what's more, it even exceeds the scale of the origin magic ...)

Looking at the Glacier Age when Miyuki activated it, Tatsuya had a headache in his mind.

Tatsuya compared it against Bezobrazzof's Tuman Bomba. Strictly speaking, it's his monologue for comparing the scale of chain cast used in Tuman Bomba and Miyuki's Glacier Age.

(I didn't intend to flaunt the magical power needlessly, but it's Bezobrazzof who created this chain cast system. He would have noticed that Glacier Age implemented the chain cast)

And of course Bezobrazzof must have noticed that Miyuki’s Glacier Age was better in terms of scale than his Tuman Bomba.

(It's because he seems a man that is highly prideful ... I just hope this doesn't lit his annoying competitive pride)

Though thinking so, Tatsuya was convinced that Bezobrazzof would intervene in this battle.


(Again! Stolen again!)

Just as Tatsuya thought, Bezobrazzof sensed the activation of the Glacier Age. However, the point which made him angry was a little different from what Tatsuya's thought. Bezobrazzof was angry because part of his magic, Tuman Bomba, was used.

For Bezobrazzof, the magic linked expansion system that Tatsuya (personally) calls as the chain cast is not an independent technique, but it's just only a part of Tuman Bomba. For him, the Ocean Blast used by Ichijo Masaki and Miyuki's Glacier Age are magics that plagiarize Tuman Bomba's process.

There is no intellectual property right like a patent right because magic developed for military use is never revealed. Even if some part of the magic process is misappropriated, it is not possible to claim infringement.

But emotions are another matter.

Just because he doesn't have legal rights on it, it doesn't mean he likes it if his original magic is stolen. Especially the one who steals it is his hated enemy.

Originally Bezobrazzof intended to intervene in Clark's Miyakijima surprise attack on July 30th. No, it may be more appropriate to describe it as "taking advantage" rather than "intervention."

No matter how many surprise attacks are done, it is just not enough simply using magic against Shiba Tatsuya. Though it kinda offended him to admit, he couldn't turn his back from this fact. His pride does not allow further defeat. Bezobrazzof decided to bring down Shiba Tatsuya surely this time.

Bezobrazzof speculated that the reason why sudden surprises didn't work was because Tatsuya was able to remember something like Bezobrazzof’s magic waveform. It was not Shiba Tatsuya that prevented the first strike of the surprise attack on Izu. However, after the second shot, he ate a painful counter before Tuman Bomba was completed. Perhaps magic has something like a waveform peculiar to the magician who invoked it, and Shiba Tatsuya can recognize it. Bezobrazzof thought so.

―If so, if he creates a situation where Tatsuya needs to take other urgent measures on a battlefield where powerful magics fly around, he may be able to eliminate Shiba Tatsuya without him even being aware of a surprise attack.

That was the conclusion made by Bezobrazzof. Following this idea, he was looking for opportunities.

And there, a large scale magic using Tuman Bomba technology. He screamed in his heart "chance!" while angry and crazy when he found that.

Bezobrazzof requested the military command department to carry out the plan prepared in advance.

A hypersonic missile was launched from the Birobidzhan missile base, located 150 km west of Khabarovsk, in accordance with an order issued by the Eastern Siberian Army Command. The target is Miyakijima. The speed exceeds Mach 20 and it takes less than 5 minutes to land.

The Japanese Defense Force detected the launch of the missile, but gave up the interception as soon as the expected landing point was determined. Even with modern technology, the chance of succeeding in shooting down a hypersonic missile is about fifty percent. When it was determined that it would not fall into the mainland, the Defense Force calculated to let it drop into territorial waters and use this case as diplomatic material.

Three minutes after the Birobidzhan missile base launched a hypersonic missile, this time the Kthozov, which was lurking in the sea forty kilometers south of Miyaki Island, surfaced to a depth of 50 meters and launched bombardment missiles one after another.

Kthozov is the latest Soviet missile submarine. It can fire missiles from deeper depths as well, but this time, low depth and short range attacks were selected to emphasize plan success rather than concealment.

Six missiles were launched. It takes about a minute and a half to finally accelerate to Mach 2 and land on the west coast of Miyakijima.


Tatsuya constantly allocates half of the capacity of his Elemental Sight to monitor any threat targeting Miyuki. The target of monitoring is any physical phenomena or magical activation sign that can harm Miyuki. Since it is not a foresight, he may not be able to notice remote magic that jumps over a spatial distance and suddenly appears until it's activated, but if it is a physical phenomena that is moving in the space continuum, he can certainly know that it's moving toward Miyuki.

Even now Tatsuya was aware about the hypersonic missiles at the Birobidzhan base, and the bombardment missiles from Kthozov at the time they were launched. He didn't destroy the missile coming to Miyakijima immediately after launching because he felt he had to wait until the last minute.

It's not like he has a concrete basis, it's just his intuition. It can be said also that this is his bet because he's confident that he'd be on time.

However, He didn't really have enough time to say "I have been waiting."

A missile approaches the sky above the island.

(So this is the limit)

Tatsuya did not take the Silver Horn but used thought-operated CAD from his suit to cast Decomposition.

He didn't use his hand to complement the image for aiming. He's aiming purely with magical perception.

First, the six bombardment missiles are decomposed down into elemental levels.

Immediately, he's magically aiming at the hypersonic missile. While it is a missile that is difficult to track with the interception system of the conventional weapon system, it is no different with a fixed target for Tatsuya, who focuses on its information..

Like the bombardment missiles, this missile wasn't a nuclear missile.

Chemical weapons, biological weapons, and elements other than nuclear are also not included.

All missiles that target Miyakijima, broken in very small pieces at the sky above it ―― the pieces meant are the pieces that decomposed close to atomic level.


Bezobrazzof, using large-scale CAD for Tuman Bomba installed in Khabarovsk, sensed a magic that Tatsuya casted over Miyakijima.

A magic with extremely strong phenomenon interference that crushes bombardment missiles to the level close to molecules without leaving any fragments.

(Good, as calculated!)

Since this magic is so strong to extend the bending reality that much, it must be difficult to differentiate with other magics, even if it's the caster's magic.

This was common sense for modern magic researchers, including Bezobrazzof.

(The influence of the large scale magic that frozen the USNA ship should still remain)

(Now is the opportunity!)

Bezobrazzof thought so immediately after the destruction of the missile fired from the submarine Kthozov, just before the destruction of the missile fired from the Birobidzhan base.

Tuman Bomba has set its aim.


Bezobrazzof casted Tuman Bomba at the exact moment when Tatsuya's magic finished destroying the hypersonic missiles.


At the same time as casting Decomposition which targets hypersonic missiles, Tatsuya recognized a magic sign that hasn't been activated yet and pulled out the Silver Horn with his right hand.

 With single action. He pulled a large gun shaped CAD with his fingers on the trigger and extended it toward sky above his head

Tuman Bomba is an aggregation of many magic sequences. Moreover, the magical sequences are subtly different from one another, and so those cannot be grouped and decomposed at once. Tatsuya's Decomposition is only able to erase a part of it, but the countless remaining magical sequences will be activated independently of it. In simple words, there are still 99 threats after taking out 1 from the 100 threats.

However, the magic chain expansion system, the process Tatsuya named it as Chain Cast, begins with a single magical sequence. Before the chain unfolding, Tuman Bomba can be nullified by destroying the first magic sequence, which should be called the Genesis. Since the magic sequence structure has been obtained in the past battle, it can be nullified if the coordinate of the Genesis magic sequence is known before the magic casted. 

For example, like now.

―Tuman Bomba, activate.

―Gram Dispersion, activate.

Copying the sequence, rearrange it, and put it in adjacent coordinates. 

Before that process was completed, Tatsuya's Decomposition decomposed the psion of magic sequence Genesis for each process it unfolds.

Bezobrazzof's Tuman Bomba was completely sealed by Tatsuya.


(Not unfolded ……?)

(Is Tuman Bomba just erased ...?)

Certainly the response of Tuman Bomba that activated was lost, and Bezobrazzof was severely upset.

(Impossible! How on earth!?)

(Did he destroy all thousands of individual magic sequences?)

(It's impossible. No human processing power is able to do that!)

(What kind of trick is used?)

(Did he create a virus that infected magic sequences unfolding at high speed?)

At the failure of his magic and that magic also his raison d'etre, he's completely deprived of his consciousness.

Between his honest feeling of "Impossible" and "I don't want to believe" to scientist's pride of "escaping from reality is unacceptable", Bezobrazzof was sandwiched between those both sides of feelings.

The only way to come to terms with feelings and pride was to convince himself by reasoning a scientific explanation for the failure of Tuman Bomba.

He is unaware.

He's already been caught in magic.

The muzzle was aiming at his heart and the trigger was about to squeeze it.


In late June, Tatsuya got this Russian magician's individual information after he was targeted by Bezobrazzof during class time in First High.

When he was child at age of six, Tatsuya's mental structure was modified by his own mother as the subject of an artificial magician experiment. Not all good things resulted from that, but since then Tatsuya has been able to accurately put into and retrieve information from memory no matter how complicated or how much the data.

Tatsuya found out that Bezobrazzof was in Khabarovsk laboratory using his information he got previously. If he didn't get attacked two months ago, he wouldn't remember Bezobrazzof's individual information and he wouldn't find his current location this easy. Since the remnant of decomposed Tuman Bomba scattered in the information dimension, he could still also use those to discover his position, but it wouldn't be this fast.

The time he needs to search may not be enough if the second or third wave missiles launched. The resource for searching would be greatly reduced in order to handle incoming missiles, and it's highly possible to lose the tracking while doing so.

Bezobrazzof sits in a box-shaped CAD, like a railroad container, in a robust building shaped like an astronomical observatory.

It has a simpler structure than the CAD he saw before, but the basic functions seem to be the same.

Last time, he only destroyed the connecting CAD and as result should damage the mental too.

That was to keep the world military balance intact.

But now he can't be that weak hearted anymore.

Since it's possible that he will face a harder future than now, he decided to cut off with Bezobrazzof eternally, whether it's for himself or for Miyuki.

Tatsuya was resolute.

(Retrieve information about the magical defense of the laboratory)

(Obtain information about Bezobrazzof's magical defense ― without personal zone interference)

He returned the CAD to the holster and turned his right arm north-northwest in the direction of Bezobrazzof. He speculated that the thought-operated CAD which built in suit would be more suitable than the Silver Horn for his next attack.

Tatsuya is holding tightly his right hand as if holding a fist.

(Zone Interference Decomposition Magic, construct ― complete)

He extended the index finger from the right hand that's gripping the fist. As if counting "1".

Over the distance of approximately 1,700 km, the magic which decomposes the information body is activated.

The zone interference field surrounding the Bezobrazzof’s laboratory disappears.

(Data Fortification Decomposition Magic, construct ― complete)

Now he extended the middle finger while the index finger was still as it's before.

The magic that neutralizes data fortification is activated. The roof and walls of the laboratory and all structural materials are exposed to magical attacks.

(Building information structure decomposition magic, construct ― complete)

With this he extended the ring finger. There are three fingers extended.

The substance decomposition magic is activated, and the astronomical observatory-shaped laboratory over a distance of 1,700 km disappeared without traces.

(CAD information structure decomposition magic, construct ― complete)

Now it's the little finger.

The substance decomposition magic is activated. The large CAD which Bezobrazzof was in turned into dust without trace just like the laboratory.

(Personal Data Fortification Decomposition Magic, construct)

With this he extended the thumb and all his right hand fingers extended.

Because the magic of decomposition for the information body was activated, the Data-Fortification that protected Bezobrazzof's whole body fell off.

(Body information structure decomposition magic sequence, construct ― complete)

Tatsuya squeezed his right hand firmly again. It's like crushing something invisible.

Mist Dispersion hit Bezobrazzof's body directly.


The magical defenses of Bezobrazzof's personal laboratory disappear.

The roof of the laboratory, the walls, all the structural materials and equipment, and furniture are destroyed to sand.

The large CAD he was lurking into collapsed, losing its outline, the case, the console, and the electronic circuits.

At this stage Bezobrazzof finally realized the strange happening. However, immediately after recognizing it, he had been cut off the connection forcefully with the running CAD, and it greatly impacted his mental state.

Perhaps he was fortunate that his consciousness had become uncertain and he was less in pain and despair.

Bezobrazzof's vision of his body and his clothes became blurred, his form was distorted, its color fading, and at a moment it burned together with a tiny fleeting flame, he disappeared from this world.


Even if Bezobrazzof is killed, the battle is not over. Parasites that have landed on the island must also be cleared up, but Tatsuya's priority is the new Soviet base and submarines that have launched missile attacks. These two both would be hard to be handled by anyone except Tatsuya.

There's no option of not fighting back. Leaving it as it is would only invite more trampling. The only one who protects your dignity is yourself. This is the same whether for individuals or nations.

He picked up Silver Horn again. Unless it is an opponent with extremely strong magic power such as Bezobrazzof, gun-shaped CAD is easier for aiming-image for long-range magic sniper.

Tatsuya turned back to the south. He knew that the submarine was lurking underwater there after it launched the bombardment missiles. Not more than five minutes have passed since it launched the missile. It shouldn't have gone far.

(―Ship name Kthozov. 40 km south of Miyakijima, depth of 50 meters in water. Currently suspended)

The submarine Kthozov was not moving from where the missile was launched. Whether it's as Tatsuya worried that it's preparing for second wave missile launching, or whether it's ordered to observe the measure of the battle. In any case, it's good for Tatsuya having it staying in the deep water.

(Retrieve submarine information structure)

Tatsuya investigated the structure of the submarine, paying particular attention to the propulsion device.

The propeller of Kthozov is a non-electromagnetic water jet. Electromagnetic propulsion engines are the mainstream in modern military fleets, but it's perhaps on the contrary using the non-electromagnetic to avoid magnetic detection. Regardless of the reason, it's better for him that the mechanical parts are replaceable. ― In terms of breaking it down.

(Decomposition level, disassembling parts)

Disassembling parts that are designed to be replaceable from the beginning is less difficult and less burden for Decomposition.

Tatsuya pulled the Silver Horn trigger.

Massive damage to the Kthozov propulsion system happened. Although it does not cause fatal damage to the hull, underwater repair is impossible.

If it's left like it is, it will be stranded on the sea. Kthozov, which doesn't have a nuclear engine, also doesn't have a device for seawater-oxygen exchange. Eventually, the oxygen in the ship would be exhausted and the crew would be wiped out. Kthozov has no choice but to surface.

Just in case, Tatsuya subsequently destroyed all the missile launchers in the submarine. Even if it's said destroyed, it's not rough measures as far as blasting or disassembling it, but rather breaking the hatch opening-closing mechanism. Now there's no longer any concern about attacks from bombardment missiles.

Tatsuya turned direction without waiting for Kthozov to emerge.

Using Silver Horn to aim the target over 1,700 km north-northwest, 150 km west of Khabarovsk and the Birobidzhan missile base.

(Traceback missile information)

The information of the hypersonic missile that was decomposed is traced back to the past with Elemental Sight.

In a moment, he traced back the missile, which reached a maximum of 20 mach in 5 minutes, and reached the underground silo where the missile launched.

From there, he broadened his vision horizontally.

Tatsuya's mind looks like an aerial photograph ― but sees through the underground ― that forms the image.

(Confirm 6 unmanned missile silos underground)

Birobidzhan missile base has six underground silos. Surprisingly few. The bases may spread those out in case of enemy attacks. Perhaps they have the idea that spreading mobile silos by geographic distribution is to avoid total annihilation rather than preventing them from being neutralized before launch. A strategy that only a large country could afford.

Even if he's going to destroy those, any other bases still could attack him. When it happens, he'll handle it too. This current situation is where he should pull the trigger which can be considered as an admonish too.

(Aiming, 6 underground silos)

There were other missile control facilities underground, but this time he removed manned facilities from the target.

He has to remove targeting those manned facilities to avoid problem's escalating. Tatsuya decided that it's enough of these 6 mobile silos for his purpose.

(Mist Dispersion, activate)

Tatsuya casted Decomposition into target to the elemental levels.

In Birobidzhan, which is 1,700 kilometers away, six underground silos were blown away by something other than missile malfunction.

None of the people at the site understood that it was an explosion due to a pressure increase that instantly vaporized solids such as large amounts of metals and synthetic resins, element / compound semiconductors, plywood, and artificial stone.

The dust that erupted was like an eruption without a fire.


[1] 特撮; tokusatsu; special effect like Kamen Rider


[3] 生体発火; seitai hakka; Bio Ignition, as literal would be Living Body Ignition, which is different with 人体発火; jintai hakka, as literal would be Human Body Ignition; or as we know as Human Ignition, which Minoru often used as variant of Spark

[4] The actual line: 魔法という技術の不思議なところだ hahaha

[5] This paragraph phrases the 事象干渉力 which Phenomenon Interference Power instead of 事象改変力 which Phenomenon Rewriting Power. Is this a new term?

[6] 不安定➝不安; unstable ➝uncertain/anxiety

[7] A third degree burn is also called a full thickness burn. Your skin contains 3 layers. A third degree burn occurs when all 3 layers are burned. This may also include damage to the bones and muscles. A third degree burn is the most serious type of burn.

[8] TLN:

[9] it's shrapnel.

[10] it's not Thunder³ but simply 3 x Thunder

[11] Here's the actual line quote プラスマ雲が数秒で直径五メートルまで縮小、いや、圧縮される

[12] If it sounds funny, it's actually is: 『シンクロライナー.フーション』を無効化する手段があるなら、その「無効化手段」を無効化する魔法; it can be simply translated as "nullify that method" but then the nuance would be lost

[13] This is Tuman Bomba Genesis process



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