Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Volume 32.5 - Graduation Arc - Chapter Aft


"The Irregular at Magic High School" is now complete. This is the end of the series. 
The first edition of the first volume was published on July 10, 2011… It's been a whole nine years. I can only thank you, my readers, for following me this far. 
I'm in a state of being overcome by emotions right now, and not a single witty word has come out of my mouth. 
I am simply filled with gratitude for all of you. 
For nine years, I've written 32 volumes of the main story, one SS volume, and three spin-off volumes, for a total of 36 volumes. To all of you who have read this book, my heartfelt thanks. 
Truly, thank you very much. 
I'll sincerely appreciate your continued support in the sequel. 
(Tsutomu Satou) 



1 Week, 4 Days ago

Oh god…..c’mon dude!!!!!!!!!  you don’t know about that?!!!! well…..i don’t feel sorry for Masaki because he is a godamn idiot!!! so’ do u really think the story is over??? LOL!!!!!!!!!! drum rolls please…............. so the author is writing a new sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!11 name: MAHOUKA KOUKOU NO RETTOUSEI MAGIAN COMPANY the first vol was released on the 10th of this month and the first ch of the first vol is present on this very website link: the link of the official fandom where the summary and the illustrations of every vol are present:

1 Week, 5 Days ago

m not crying.. m not crying…. huhuuu ;( okay, I admit it. M crying. I wanted it to never end. Till this date, have not been able to find a novel/manga this satisfactory. M heartbroken. Feels worse than a break up. Wish it continued (fingers crossed. what if the author feels like writing more? Well, there’s no harm in hoping, right? ) P.S. Thank you, translators. U did a great job. Ouch, seriously that hurts. P.P.S. Feel bad for Masaki. But m loyal to Tatsuya x Miyuki. Wish there were more intimate scenes between the FL and ML.

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