Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Volume 32.5 - Graduation Arc - Chapter Ep

The two who entered a high school that teaches magic as a brother, that is an imperfect irregular student, and as a sister, who is a flawless honor student, had graduated. 
Not as brother and sister, but engaged to each other. 
Not as an inferior student, but as an outstanding student. 
As an honor student that remained as an honor student until the end. 
Was already mentioned what happened to Tatsuya and Miyuki and the people involved with them, but let's look back again here. 
While Tatsuya entered the Magic University, he only minimally attends the lectures and spends most of his time in his laboratory in Miyakijima. He often quit midway through the course, and his credits were not good, and he was definitely a poor student in terms of grades at the university. 
Unlike Tatsuya, Miyuki continues to be an honor student in the university. However, she and Tatsuya act separately more and more often than not, and Miyuki, who had envisioned a "campus life for both of them", was getting frustrated in that regard. 
Lina, who was entrusted with the role of escorting Miyuki, is always with her at the Magic University. Because of that, the two of them, Miyuki and Lina, were secretly referred to as the "white lily and the golden lily" and were eye candy and a target of delusions of the other students. 
Honoka and Shizuku have no distinctive university life at the University of Magic. However, outside of the university, Shizuku began to attend meetings related to the Stellar Reactor Plant, which is sponsored by the Kitayama family, as a substitute for her father, and Honoka began to accompany her as a caretaker and bodyguard during those meetings. And, of course, in Miyakijima too. 
In addition to quietly attending the University of Magic, Erika also travels around Japan on long vacations. Her father told her that she "should train in Japan before the rest of the world" - or rather, he had talked her out of it after an argument. Just before her first summer vacation, she furiously said, "I'll beat that shitty dad before I graduate from college". 
Leo became alienated from his friends from First High. Erika is not happy about it —though she never talks about it. The magical-related knowledge he learned at the High School associated with the Magic University is of little use in his classes at Rescue Academy. There's a lot to remember, and it seems that he's desperate to become a full-fledged rescuer. 
Perhaps the most drastic development was the relationship between Mizuki and Mikihiko. At some point, Mizuki began to attend a vocational school from Mikihiko's parents' house. Rather than living together as a couple, she began to help Mikihiko and with his family's work as she learned about ancient magic. 
Mizuki's house and Mikihiko's parents' house were close to each other, but, in this day and age it was safer for a young girl to stay there than for her to come home late. So she became a live-in at the Yoshida family's house. 
Mizuki's parents had taken the stance that as long as they "take proper responsibility", Mikihiko's father was more confused than Mizuki and Mikihiko when he heard that statement. 
After losing a fist fight with Tatsuya, Masaki was treated by the First High doctor, Asuka Satomi, after that incident, and in April, without any particular hospitalization, he was successfully admitted to the Magic University. He did not completely give up on Miyuki because of the fight with Tatsuya; he takes advantage of Tatsuya's frequent absence to approach Miyuki and is repeatedly chased away by Lina, without learning a lesson. 
Meanwhile, a young girl often enters and leaves the room that Masaki rented for attending the University. When it's said "frequently", it doesn't mean every day or three times a week, in the true sense of the word. But if the other person is a high school student that lives in Kanazawa, you could say "frequently" if it happens even once every two weeks. 
Two beautiful girls come and go in Masaki's room. One of them is his oldest sister, Ichijou Akane, who is in the third year of junior high school. The other, however, is not a blood relative. If you put aside the fact that she is only a third year junior high school student, just like Akane, she was someone who would be considered a concerning company by a third party. 
The identity of the beautiful girl who travelled a long way to Masaki's room with Akane, or rather escorted by Akane, is Liú Lì L?i. She is a former National Recognized Strategic-Class Magician who defected to Japan from the Great Asian Union. 
Liú Lì L?i currently resides with the Ichijou family and attends the same school as Akane. 
And naturally, she is remotely monitored by the National Defense Force. 
Naturally, when she visits Masaki's room, she is also monitored from a distance. Although accompanied by his sister, a high school girl from Kanazawa commuting to a male university student's home in Tokyo may be a morally dangerous picture, but the fact that it's not a problem under the military's surveillance is, so to speak, like an official recognition of the same. Perhaps the National Defense Force thinks that if Masaki continues to be a close friend of Liú Lì L?i, they can incorporate this exiled strategic level magician into the Japanese war effort. 
Speaking of Strategic-Class Magicians, Major General Saeki's plan for a treaty to control strategic class magicians was eventually abandoned without being signed. Germany, France, and the Greater Alliance moved to promote it, but the USNA, the New Soviet Union, and the United Kingdom, which had promised to cooperate with them in the first place, strongly opposed it, so no agreement was reached. 
Perhaps not so much because of this, but because the countries of continental Europe, especially Germany and France, are tightening their hold in regards to magicians. 
Saeki was dispatched to Hokkaido and returned to Tokyo within a year, but by then her influence had been wiped out from the central government. 
The Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion was expanded and reorganized into the Independent Magic-Equipped Regiment, and Lieutenant Colonel Kazama, Saeki's confidant, was promoted to colonel and then appointed regimental commander. In return, he was asked by the army commander-in-chief, General Soga, to cut ties with Saeki, and Kazama accepted this condition. 
Kazama's subordinates from his battalion days, Sanada, Yanagi, and Yamanaka, remained in the Independence Magic-Equipped Regiment, while Fujibayashi, his second in command, retired from service in the National Defense Force. 
After removing her military uniform, Fujibayashi accepted Maya's invitation to move in with the Yotsuba family. While working on the "Information Network Research", a project given to her personally by Maya, the head of the family, she often works with Tatsuya and is considered a member of his team. 
Two years of seemingly peaceful days passed in this way. 
And two years later. The last year of the twenty-first century. 
The year 2100 AD. 
Miyuki and Lina come to Miyaki Island just as the spring vacation begins. 
Tatsuya has passed most of his second semester exams and immediately after holed up (hikikomori joke) on the island. He's allowed such behavior given the huge achievements he has left behind, apart from his college credits. 
The year before last, he established a mass production technology for artificial relics with magical preservation effects. 
Last year, he proposed and proved the"Theory of Pushion Wave Event Interference strength". 
The university authorities couldn't complain about the piling up successive accomplishments he has. 
This time, Miyuki and Lina didn't come to this island in the Izu Archipelago for a visit. They both and Tatsuya had been working on some sort of large-scale magic all along. 
And today, April 1 at 5:00 am. They were putting the finishing touches on this large magic. 
Tatsuya, Miyuki and Lina, consecutively, descend the stairs that lead deep underground. Beyond this, there is a special prison that was built for the confinement of serious criminals with extremely high levels of Mental Interference type magic. 
"Minoru and Minami are sleeping here…" 
In front of the door, Lina let out a mumble to herself. As she said, this prison had been the bedroom where Minoru and Minami had slept peacefully since the summer of three years ago. 
Tatsuya, who was carrying a small travel bag in his left hand, enters after opening the door with his right. 
Miyuki and Lina follow with a quiet (meek) expression on their faces. 
Out of the corner of their eye, the three of them saw Minoru and Minami sleeping snuggled up in a double bed of good taste. 
Minoru and Minami were lying in a sideways hugging position, with Tatsuya and the others facing Minami's back, and Minoru's face. 
Minoru and Minami appearances hadn't changed a bit since three years ago. They hadn't consumed any food or water, but they hadn't lost any weight, and they didn't look debilitated from sleeping for a long time. 
It was as if time had stopped. 
Miyuki refers to Tatsuya in a manner that has finally taken root in the last two years. 
"They're both alive, right?" 
"They must be alive. Before they fell asleep, I analyzed the magic sequence that Minoru showed me, and it seems that it is magic that slows down the spiritual time to a level that is more like desaceleracion magic than hibernation. As the spiritual activity slows down, the body's physique time also slows down. I would say it has the same principle as your Cocytus." 
"Spiritual activity is slowing down? So neither of them does think?" 
"Minoru said he was dreaming, but I guess he was really just looking for a peaceful sleep with no suffering. However, Maybe the parasite can dream in this state." 
"I see…" 
Miyuki mutters in pain. Lina has a similar look on her face. 
"We need to wake them up." 
"Yeah. They don't have to keep sleeping anymore. Miyuki." 
At the sound of Tatsuya's voice, Miyuki nodded firmly. For the past three years, two and a half years to be exact, Tatsuya had managed to find time in his busy schedule to figure out the principles and system of Minoru's hibernation magic. 
The results were programmed into Miyuki's CAD system. 
"Minoru-kun, Minami-chan, wake up. It's morning for you two." 
The activation sequence released from the CAD in Miyuki's hand. 
The construction of the magic formula was completed in an instant. It's the accumulated result of repeated practice from yesterday. 
And then Miyuki's Mental Awakening Magic is activated. 
A magic that counteracts the effects of Minor's Spiritual Deceleration Magic. This was the "solution" that Tatsuya came up after analysing Minoru's magic. 
"U… Hmmm." 
Minami was the first to show signs of waking up. 
But Minoru was the first to open his eyelids. 
"Yes, Minoru. it's morning already. 
"What do you mean…?" 
Minoru sat up with a look of confusion on his face as he tried to understand the situation. 
Minoru's movements must have stirred Minami to start moving around. 
Minami, who raised her upper body and turned around, muttered Miyuki's name in a half asleep voice. 
Shortly afterwards, Minami was fully awakened by the shock. 
"Go- good morning… Tatsuya-sama too!? Why are you all here!?" 
Minami hurriedly tried to get up, but staggered on the way. Minoru, who has already stood up, supports her from the side. His body does not appear to be affected by long-term sleep. 
"Let's talk about the details after you two change clothes." 
Minami was wearing an elegant negligee, reminiscent of a wedding dress, made of layers of pure white organdy that was transparent but did not reveal any of her skin, while Minoru was wearing a brilliant white, open collar pajama made of glossy fabric. 
While their nightwear does not expose skin, it's undeniable that it's uncomfortable to be in front of Tatsuya and the others who are in outside clothes. 
Tatsuya handed over the bag that he was holding. There were changes of clothes for the two of them inside. 
"We'll step out of the room for now. Call out when you've finished dressing. Don't worry about the time. You can take a shower if you want." 
"That's not necessary… No. I understand." 
Minoru wanted to hear what he had to say right away, but he felt that Minami wanted to change her clothes, so he decided to follow Tatsuya's instructions. 
It took them less than five minutes to get dressed. There is no signal that either of them had used the shower. 
The only thing is that Minami has properly fixed her hair, and has also done her make-up enough as by etiquette. 
Minami didn't seem to care about changing clothes in the same room with a man. 
Minoru must have been embarrassed, as his face has traces of blush. 
"Now, Tatsuya-san. How did you wake us up?" 
"That first? Don't worry, we didn't wake you up in a way that would cause any side effects." 
What Minoru was worried about was the possibility of Minami's spirit being damaged by being forced to interrupt the Spiritual Hibernation Magic. 
'—I understand. I believe in you." 
However, since Minoru didn't feel anything, there is nothing wrong with Minami from a logical standpoint. Minoru accepted Tatsuya's words of "no side effects," while leaving the technical question unanswered. 
"'Then why did you wake us up?" 
"We have a new option for you to choose, other than keeping you sleeping. You can choose this option or go back to sleep. I wanted to make sure you had a choice." 
"A new option, is it…?" 
Minoru repeated Tatsuya's words with a look of disbelief on his face. 
"If you're willing to listen to me, follow me." 
Tatsuya signals Miyuki and Lina out of the room —out of the special underground prison first. 
Tatsuya, who had his back turned, turned around, holding the open door with his hand. 
Tatsuya, with his back facing, held the open door in his hand and turned around. 
Minoru stepped a feet out hesitantly, and Minami followed him. 
The place Tatsuya had taken Minoru and Minami to was not the West Bank area where the Yotsuba family's facilities were clustered, nor was it the East Bank area where the plants were lined up. 
It was the south bank area where no buildings had yet been built, just a flat, cleared area. 
A large submarine, about 170 meters long and a maximum width of about 20 meters, is landed there. 
"What the hell is this…?" 
"The name is "Takachiho". It was converted into a spaceship from the new Soviet Union's "Kutuzov" submarine that I sank in an attack on this island three years ago. Even though I said that is a spaceship, it only has a small thrust, enough to maintain itself in the earth's satellite orbit." 
"…What the hell are you going to do with something this big?" 
"I will use it as a satellite orbital station. No, it's more appropriate to call it a space residence than a space station." 
"Are you going to launch this into… space? How the hell… you are going to do that?" 
"We're magicians. So the means is already assured." 
Tatsuya replied to Minoru's stunned tone of voice with a natural expression. 
"A thing this big, with magic?" 
"Of course I'm not going to launch it as it is." 
Tatsuya didn't show any particular pretence, he just pointed his right hand toward the giant submarine that had just landed on land. 
The submarine "Kutuzov", or the spaceship "Takachiho", is quietly being disassembled. 
Instead of falling wildly, each part is arranged on the ground in an orderly fashion, as if laying out the parts that are about to be assembled. 
It took about a minute or so, and "Takachiho" was transformed into parts up to ten meters square 
"We will move the parts in this way to an altitude of 6,400 kilometers and reassemble it there." 
Tatsuya now points his left hand at the parts lined up on the ground. 
Then the large spaceship is assembled, as if the scene we just saw was played backwards on a 3D video. 
The time required for the assembly was about half that of the disassembly. 
As expected, Minoru was also at a loss for words as he and Minami looked up at the submarine-looking spaceship with a dumbfounded expression on their faces. 
"Minoru, Minami." 
"Ye- Yes. What is it?" 
It was Minami who replied disconcerted She had not yet forgotten the customs of her maid days. 
"Unfortunately, there is no place on earth where you both can live in peace." 
Minami nodded, her expression disappearing. 
Minoru pondered with a serious look, as he seemed to have an idea of what Tatsuya is going to say by now. 
"Indeed, you could continue to sleep like before. If the times change, there may be a country where parasites can live normally." 
"But it's not now. In this age we would become wandering exiles." 
Minoru anticipates Tatsuya's line. 
"That's right." 
"Then why don't we try living in space… Tatsuya-san wants to say that?" 
"It's a little different. Even if you go into space, it doesn't mean you can't come down to earth. If my calculations aren't wrong, you should be able to come and go from here to here pretty freely — five times a day, to be specific. It's just a safe place to live… Well, for lack of a better word, I'm suggesting that you have a "safe house" in space." 
"Aren't we going to be trapped in space forever, right?" 
"I don't plan to exile you out to space." 
Firmly holding Minoru's gaze, Tatsuya gave an emphasis in this statement. 
However, there was some hidden meaning in Tatsuya's words. He wasn't trying to hide something, rather it was the USNA government's action against the Parasites that was on his mind. 
The U.S. government had sent Raymond and the other parasite survivors into space one by one aboard a Mars exploration vessel. It was a blatant expulsion from Earth, provided with life support and the means of communication, but not with means of return. 
"Nevertheless, I hear that Raymond was happy to get on a spaceship. He originally had a dream of exploring space through magic. That had come true in an unexpected way. He might be happy now, in a way." 
But Tatsuya had no intention of letting Minoru, or even less Minami, fall into that kind of circumstances. 
"Takachiho's power source is the stellar reactor. With Minoru's magic power, it should work just fine. The ship is also equipped with a solar power generation system as an auxiliary energy source. The interior of the ship is designed to maintain the same gravity as the ground through an artificial gravity system that uses an artificial relic. You should be able to live comfortably for about a hundred years." 
"Can we get supplies from the surface?" 
"That's why we developed the magic of the virtual satellite elevator. This elevator can be used to move goods to and from the ground as well as to travel back and forth." 
"Even this… You mean that, it is for our sake?" 
Tatsuya nodded silently, without looking away from Minoru's gaze. 
Minoru turns away and wipes his eyes with his sleeves. When he looked to his side, he saw that Minami was silently crying. 
"…Minoru-kun, Minami-chan, please take a look inside. I designed the interior. I hope you like it." 
Miyuki's eyes were a little red, probably because of infectious crying, but she smiled brightly and invited Minoru and Minami into the spaceship "Takachiho". 
When they came out of "Takachiho", Minoru and Minami stood side by side in front of Tatsuya and looked straight up at him. 
"Tatsuya, we're going into space. No, please take us to space." 
"It's not up to me to send you up into space. I'll just build the ship there. It's Miyuki and Lina who will take you into space." 
"I understand. Tatsuya-san, Miyuki-san and Lina-san, I'm looking forward to your help." 
Minoru and Minami happily bowed together. 
The parts of the disassembled spacecraft were laid out on the ground again. 
One of them is an airtight chamber that can be re-entered into the atmosphere, which Minoru and Minami had entered in it. 
"Then, I'll start the countdown." 
As soon as Tatsuya announced that, Psion light flooded out from the entirety of Miyuki and Lina bodies, who were facing each other about two hundred meters away, with the group of parts in between. 
As the light seared, a huge geometric pattern emerged on the flat, leveled ground. The shape, which was based on a regular octagon inscribed in a circle, contained all the parts of a spaceship inside. 
It was a huge magic circle. 
It wasn't a magic circle handed down in ancient magic, but an engraved magic circle that Tatsuya had designed from scratch. 
"…eight, seven, six, five, four." 
As the countdown progressed, the magic circle was filled with event interference strength. 
When Minoru entered the airtight room, he understood what this magic circle was. 
This was a magic circle for super-large, super-long distance "Mock-Teleportation". 
In addition to the "Mock-Teleportation", it also incorporates a process that gives speed to orbit a satellite after the movement is complete. 
"Three, two, one." 
Tatsuya's count goes on. 
At the moment the final count was announced. 
Minoru and Minami are enveloped in a unimaginable massive magic. 
The parts of the spaceship "Takachiho" disappeared one after another from the ground. 
Finally, just as the airtight chamber with Minoru and Minami on board disappeared, Tatsuya extended his left hand to the heavens. 
His "eyes" continue to trace Minoru, Minami, and every single part of "Takachiho". 
The magic is released from Tatsuya to the top of the heavens. 
"Regrowth" is activated. 
His unique magic reconstructed a spaceship of 170 meters in length, 6,400 kilometers away. 
—A minute later, Tatsuya's transmitter received a call. 
"Tatsuya-san, this is Minoru." 
As expected, it was the voice he was waiting for. 
"Miyuki-sama, this is Minami." 
Miyuki's terminal received a call from Minami. 
"Everything is fine. The solar panels have also finished deploying normally." 
"The Stellar reactor has safely started up. Artificial gravity is also occurring without problems." 
The voice was received by all three of them, all three on earth. 
Tatsuya, Miyuki, and Lina sincerely patted their chests. 
Thus began a new "era" for these Magicians, spanning the world and the space. 
[Continued in "The Magian Company"] 


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